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  • Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile
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    Crime House - Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile

    Clip Description

    Crime house summer season: unhappy birthday

    4 young women ********* one by one, bodies are stripped and lift to one place for 4-women’ mega sexy bodypile!

    it’s the most sexy crime house clip.

    introdusing new model – anna rose.

    luiza celebrates her birthday in the cottage and invites her 3 best friend. They have fun, but they don’t know a maniac-strangler is walking near the house.

    he attacks poor g...Rls one by one and brutally ********* the, with his strong deadly hands. His first ****** was angelina. She came to the kitchen for some water when he surprised her, grabs to the floor and ********* slowly. Angelina makes very sexy agony and dying face.

    luiza goes to the first floor to have a little rest. She takes off her shoes and massages her feet. Maniac surprised her, attacks and after a fight he ********* her. She does active legs kicking, her tongue out from her mouth. Dead one! Her topless body in black stockings is lying on the bed.

    hass goes outside to have a smoking break. Smoking kills! Maniacs ****** her and snaps her neck.

    ann doesn’t understand where are the *****… in this time the maniac is carrying bodies to the living room, stripes them and makes a bodypile of young *****’ corpses. Ann comes back and sees her friends naked and dead in pile of corpses. She is in panic but too late. Maniac grabs her and strangler to her death. He takes off her clothes and puts her in the bodypile. 4 dead g...Rls in one pile now!

    - all ********** scenes are long and very sexy – different angles and body views. Death stares, naturalistic death reactions,

    - all *****’ dead bodies are carried and lift

    - -all body is stripped

    - great ultra sexy bodypile

    fetish elements:

    **********, death stare with open eyes and tongue out, death stare with clothed eyes, lifting bodies, carrying dead *****, black stockings, bare legs, foot fetish. Short party’s dresses, many dead poses, fear, fighting for life, sounds of *******, underwear, stripping bodies, playing with bodies, touching bodies, smoking ****, 4 ***** bodypile.

    price: 24.00
    run time: 23:00 minutes
    file size: 462 mb format: .Mp4
    category: strangluation, *******, dead play, necro

    Clip Duration:      23 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4462.54 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile

    Crime House - Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile

    Crime House - Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile

    Crime House - Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile

    Crime House - Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile

    Crime House - Unhappy Birthday 4 Bodypile
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    It39s Too Expensive Bitch - Another story about houselady and her maid.

the other name: «it’s too expensive, bitch!»

young but very rich woman, a wife of famous art-businessman has a meeting with an art-collector. But her maid greta is in cahoots with adventurer. She let him to enter the villa as a collector, and he ********* a woman to steal the expensive picture (1 million $ price). The ********** scene is very long and you can see every kicking motion of dying woman.

but a  a criminal also ********* a maid: he doesn’t want to share with her. He strips bodies and foes away with the picture.


**********, black pantyhose, kicking legs, short dress, short skirt, high heels, ****** in glasses, stripping bodies, dead poses

    Death Kaleidoscope - This movie includes 12 independent clips with short scenes of two sexy **** death:

! Shooting (no-***** bit bullet sound effects, like in crime house shot-dead cocktails) – shooting in busts, headshots, in the back. Super surprised reactions, fear and terror before death, begging for life. Gi....Ls look very sexy and innocent  - bare legs, sexy socks, underwear, topless. They cought by surprise in their own home! Different interesting home furnishings are used: the piano, teeter-tooter, the staircase.

! Neck-breaks   with crunch sound and amazing death stare

sta.......Bing to the stomach and long agonic death, dead body postmortem writing, death stares

throat cut  - with panic, pain and death reaction

synchronous shots to two g.....S

ch.....Ng on the bed

st.....Ling g....L when she was swinging on a swing.

very fresh exotic video

23 female ultra sexy, good acted deaths

if you like many short deaths in one clip check our "shot-dead cocktails" category! Don't miss our other summer seasons clips!

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