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    Crime House - THE CLOWN NIGHT

    Clip Description


    Custom by xj900

    22 minutes

    "Which answer the age old question - what motivates unstoppable serial killers! )) At least now we know!"

    From xj900 review

    Starring: Luiza, Li and Alex

    Fetish Elements:

    Man Stabbed

    Nude girl suffocated by pillow after her masturbation!

    Girl was drown in the kitchen sink


    Starts with a residence of two young female students. Еhey are nurses. It is night and they are returning to their hall of residence or flat. On the way they bump into someone they know on his way out to the grounds for a sly smoke. He warns them with a smirk on his face to watch out the Clown Killer has escaped, he could be anywhere, but the two girls just laugh and donít take him seriously. One also admonishes him as heís sneaking out for a sly smoke and puff on a cigarette in the garden, she tells him that it is a filthy habit and it will be the death of him.

    From then on the action jumps between the guy in the gardens lighting and puffing on his cigarette, and the two girls entering their apartment. I was thinking that either some interesting clothes have arrived in the post, or else theyíve been shopping and have brought some glamorous outfits to change in to later.

    One girl puts somethings away and is busy in the kitchen putting something on the stove to cook for later, whilst the other one announces that she is going to have a shower.

    Cuts back to the guy, still puffing on his cigarette, when he hears something moving off to the side just out of his vision but which attracts his attention. Cut to the girls doing girly things then back to the man, but this time shown from the PoV of the Clown Killer. Ie the camera becomes the Killer. We see something at the bottom of the screen moving, a flash, then the guy grunts in surprise, looks down, touches his stomach then brings his hands up which are now covered with blood. The cigarette drops from his mouth and his expression is one of surprise as he slowly sinks to the ground and out of sight (heís just been fatally stabbed in the stomach)

    Cut back to the apartment. Girl who was in the kitchen has gone into the bedroom and is trying on some glamorous party clothes that they have brought or else has arrived in the post (ie parcel). Something extremely sexy and glamorous here, I was thinking slinky blouse or tank top, micro skirt or hotpants, and some over-the-knee sexy boots? She clearly loves dressing up and looking very sexy and glamorous! And we the audience like to see her looking so, too!

    Other girl is in the shower having a very sexy shower and clearly touching herself with the water and getting more and more turned on by the experience! (Going to call her shower-girl from now on!)

    Clothing girl has been admiring herself in the mirror, then still dressed in her glamorous clothes she runs back to the kitchen. As she leaves we see the face of the Clown Killer in the window who has been watching her the whole time in through the window and she hasnít seen him

    Girl is busy in the kitchen whilst shower girl is having a very sexy shower. She eventually gets out of the shower, towels herself dry and then wraps the towel around her and goes back into her bedroom. If youíve got a full-length mirror, show her slipping off her towel and admiring her superb, beautifully slim body in the mirror, she clearly likes what she sees and starts to touch her breasts, clearly becoming more and more turned on.

    She canít take any more, and still naked, goes to her bed, lies down on it and continues to sensually play with herself, eventually she slowly slips a hand between her legs and starts to masturbate.

    Cut to kitchen girl who is trying to do half a dozen things at once.

    Cut back to shower/bedroom girl who is continuing to masturbate. Lost in pleasure she closes her eyes and eventually with a gasping shudder, climaxes herself. She opens her eyes, looks up and sees the Clown Killer inside her bedroom standing directly over her (another big jumpy moment for the audience!) looking at her very closely Ė I was thinking the camera shows this from her PoV so that we see what she sees, ie the features of the Clown Killer looking down on her, appearing upside down to her.

    Her eyes open in wide surprise, panic and terror, but before she can cry out the Clown Killer, with deceptive speed, grabs a pillow and presses it down firmly over her face to smother her.

    (Cue now lots of struggling and frantic kicking as she tries to break his grip, lots of shots of her legs wildly kicking and flailing about. I was thinking if needs be use a breathing tube for the actress off to the side away from the camera so we canít see it, but mainly show her naked body and legs gyrating about anyway. Death scene can take a good few minutes, I know your actresses love to writhe and jerk about, all the time the Clown Killer firmly holds the pillow over her face, cutting off her air supply.)

    Eventually though, all good things come to an end, her kicks, jerks and attempts to escape become weaker and more and more desperate, as she runs out of air and finally after a few more jerks and twitches, goes very still and dead.

    Clown Killer holds the pillow over her face just for a little bit longer, in order to be sure, before slowly removing it. We see her face, her contorted features wide-eyed and frozen with fear and terror for ever, her mouth open (but donít shower her tongue hanging out!). The Clown Killer straightens and stands over her corpse for some time, cocking his head slowly from side to side, looking down at it as though savouring it or contemplating it as a work of art. He gives no other reaction, but the audience must know that he is clearly pleased with his handiwork.

    Meanwhile the glamorously dressed girl has finished in the kitchen, goes back into the lounge and turns on the TV or else (even better) her personal computer/PC. She flicks through a few channels but there doesnít seem to be anything on worth watching at the moment.

    She goes back into the kitchen to see how the cooking is going. Something is different to how she left it, although she doesnít notice it immediately. Then eventually she realises Ė the sink is full of water, she was sure it was empty and dry when she left to go into the lounge.

    She pauses, shrugs and is about to pull the plug out and empty it when without warning the Clown Killer appears from behind and clamps his hand firmly over her mouth to prevent her from crying out.

    Cut to a dramatic close-up of her face and how she goes all wide-eyed with complete terror and fear. She tries desperately to break his killer grip, but he clearly is stronger than her and she is unable to weaken his hand around her mouth.

    They struggle for a bit just so that the girl can realise how futile it is for her, then he deliberately and firmly pushes her head down into the sink and holds it under the water.

    Cue lots of burbles and glubs as she slowly drowns. However again what you could do is focus in on her lovely booted legs as they struggle and kick against him, squirming, ever more frantically trying to break his killer grip and free her head/push up and out of the water.

    Drowning (like the asphyxia before) takes a good few minutes, but eventually like her flatmate before, we see her lovely beautifully booted legs eventually become weaker and her kicks more sporadic, become eventually a series of jerks and twitches which eventually die down and stop altogether, as her body goes all limp and saggy.

    Clown Killer holds her head under for a bit, just to make sure that she is dead, then hauls her out and easily puts her over his shoulder (if possible, otherwise just do a drag) and lifts/drags her body in to the lounge. The body of her flatmate (shower girl who got smothered in the bedroom) is there too and waiting for her, the Clown Killer has seated it down on the sofa, her expression still dead and starring.

    The Clown Killer puts the body of her drowned friend (again with death stare, show it clearly on her still-wet face) down almost gently on the sofa as well, and then sits down on the sofa between the pair of them.

    Slowly he looks from one to the other and then back, as if to check. Then he flicks open the PC and dials up something on the net for the three of them to watch.




    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
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    Crime House - THE CLOWN NIGHT

    Crime House - THE CLOWN NIGHT

    Crime House - THE CLOWN NIGHT

    Crime House - THE CLOWN NIGHT

    Crime House - THE CLOWN NIGHT

    Crime House - THE CLOWN NIGHT
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