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    Crime House - Shotdead Cocktail 12

    Clip Description

    Starring: Luiza, Juliana, Marina, Annabelle
    Fetish elements: non-***** shootings, sexy lingerie, black stockings
    34 death scenes
    POV gun shooting
    4-Grisl bodypile
    Many different reactions, quick death, slow death, agonies, death stares, sexy poses and many other traditional shot-dead cocktail surprises by Crime House

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4904.7 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - Shotdead Cocktail 12

    Crime House - Shotdead Cocktail 12

    Crime House - Shotdead Cocktail 12

    Crime House - Shotdead Cocktail 12

    Crime House - Shotdead Cocktail 12

    Crime House - Shotdead Cocktail 12
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    Neighbour - This clip has no description.

    Proof Of Murder - Long time  - No classic Style Shooting. 
Starring: Angelina
We collected all sexy fetish elements in shooting genre: good shooting effects. 3 sexy bullets in her white blouse, silencer gun, contract murder reason, scared and surprised ****, 3 bullets to her body, much emotions, sexy long agony before death, office look, stripping body, taking off her pantyhose when she is dead, deaths stare, carrying dead body, photos of dead **** in different poses, much touching dead body!
Young smart manager knows too much about crime business process of big company. So big boss orders contract killer. Assassin surprises her in her apartment when she is still working after her business day. She shoots 3 times in her and after she is dead he must hate some photos as a proof of murder. 
But his boss is esthete and fetishist and pays extra bonuses if he takes photos of dead people (especially young females) in erotic and elegant poses. Killer decides to find the most sexy pose playing with her…

    Office Shot Dead Cocktail - 4 Models
22 Scenes

    5 Women Shot Dead Cocktail - Starring:
angelina, luiza, pola, juliana, arya
the best clip in «shot dead cocktail» from crime house ever:
-	  5 models
-	bodypiles
-	shootings with gun, two gins and with machine gun 
-	10 different locations 
-	25 death shooting scenes 
-	 41 female death!
-	pov shootings
-	man killing *****
-	full nude content
-	different death fetish situations and clothes:
stockings, pantyhose, mini dresses, long evening dresses, jeans shorts, full nude content. 
shootings in the breast, shooting in the back, shooting in the stomach, headshots, quick deaths, long deaths and many other surprises!

    Tv Show - TV Show
Starring: Marina, Nata, Annabelle
Shooting Fetish elements:
Stomach shooting
Chest Shooting Back Shooting
Shooting by Shot Guns
Playing with dead *****
Super sexy clothes



	Three stupid media chicks are on TV Show «Live Show Flat». Suddenly crazy fan Chaim breaks into the scene. 
	He just wants to be famous but producers didn’t let him to casting.  ***** laugh at him and say him «Fuck you»! What a mistake. He takes a revolver and…
	He kills Oksana by headshot (long, super sexy, grotesque headshot scene). Than he shoots Katya to her stomach, to her chest and to the back (sexy long shooting scene with nice pain and surprise reaction and exotic button-up death pose, ***** effects + animated ***** effects). 
	He kills Vika by shotgun, quick by dynamic shooting scene mith slow-motion bullet time effect, flying body and exotic death pose. 
	All **** are dead in nice different poses and super sexy death stares. 
	Fedor, a strange male  member of  Live Show, comes for some beer, he is glad to see chicks dead. 
	Chaim stripes bodies and plays with them. Low rating of this stupid TV-show for housewives becomes 100% raining with three absolutely nude dead young female bodies in *****.

    Bodyguard - BODYGUARD

If you like classic elegant erotic shooting please don’t miss this great shooting clip in best traditions of DARKROOMS PRODUCTION

Fetish elements: surprised shooting, shooting in the stomach, shooting in the chest, long agony, surprised face, death stare, sliding along the wall, freeze look, *****, very good acting

Bodyguard has a mission: he guards beautiful young woman, a ******** of big businessman, There is insecurity in the city. They are in the safehouse, ********. He watches a strange dream. 
First scene. Dream. She is nude, she comes to him for making love, but he takes a silencer gun and suddenly shoots her into her stomach. She is very surprised, slips to the floor in agony shaking her body and watching to her bloody belly. He shoots her to her heart. After a very erotic twist she is dead with great death stare. 

Second scene. 
He ***** up. He hears shooting outside. He says to her they must go. She quckly takes on raincoat  over her sexy  nightgown and comes to the window to take her mobile phone but takes a bullet to her chest by sniper. She is surprised and confused, she needs some time to realize what happened. Bodyguard stands her to the wall and sees tragic picture. She is fatally wounded in the chest. Her death is rather long, she slips to the floor and dies after painful agony. 


    Shooting In The Office - Three young women (office and secretaries fetish dressed) were shot during office invasion.

    3 Women Shot Dead Cocktal 2 - Our another sdc set for you!

much more interesting situation where sexy women are killed by gun without ***** and special effects. All attention is at sexy poses, dynamic death, reactions, fear, death stares, different clothes.

it’s very hot and sexy!

    Machine Gunned Both Parts - About 100 deaths. Many death scenes. Custom video. Three models are playing being machinegunned (POV, killing each other). Many exitic death poses. agonies.

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