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    Crime House - QUEEN KILLER

    Clip Description

    QUEEN KILLER part 1

    Custom *

    Customer’s Review:


    MODELS: Annbelle, Tim


    Amazon, Knife, Stabbing, Blood, Navel. Belly, Stomach, Belly Button, Stabbed to the belly, Pain, Agony, Death Stare

    Important key elements of the custom:

    - oiled (sweaty bodies)
    - emotional, lustful acting, animalistic, over-the-top
    - protruding, clearly visible ribs, heavy breathing, lustful
    - death scenes: arching, writhing, moaning, NEVER TOUCH THE WOUND, arms/legs outstretched, visble ribs


    The war between the amazons and the brotherhood is raging all over the world. Every country has an amazon tribe and every tribe has a queen. The queen is special. She wears a necklace that protects her. As long as she wears the necklace she cannot be killed. There is only one weapon that is powerful enough to kill a queen. It is a knife with special powers. Like cryptonite will kill Superman, this knife weakens the mind of a queen. If knife and queen are in the same room, the magic will spoil the mind of the queen. A deep desire to be killed grows in her. Tease the queen with the knife over naked body. If you find her weak spot, she will finally remove her necklace. After that she can be killed like every other amazon warrior. This knife is called QUEEN KILLER.

    The queen is already dressed as the amazon warrior queen (see above): loincloth, necklace, barefoot, war paint.

    She walks through the room, she is clearly excited, like she´s waiting for something. The mobile rings and the queen answers the phone. She listens and finally replies: "Don´t be silly, I am the Queen and I will kill him!" She hangs up.

    An agent enters the room. The queen smiles and approaches him. Suddenly she stops, her eyes widen. She looks down and sees the knife (close up on knife). She takes a deep breath, the knife already unleashes its magic. The queen feels so horny! She wants to die!!! She wants to be stabbed with this big knife in her bellybutton!!! She knows it´s a trick from the knife, but she can barely fight her lust to be killed! She won´t remove her necklace! Never!!!

    The agent approaches, the queen breathes heavily. Sucking in her belly deep in and out, slowly. Her ribs protrude so clearly with every breath! She stares at the agent as he shows her the knife! Slowly he glides it over her naked body and the queen gets more and more aroused.

    The agent starts searching for her weak spot. First he tries her heart. He places it at her left breast and pokes slowly. The queen moans slightly and breathes heavy. In and out her belly, deep, slow! It looks like this is not her weak spot, so he glides down between her ribs. Again the queen moans and we see the tip of the knife right between her gorgeous ribs, which protrude so clearly!!! Her body is so sweat!!!

    But still it does not seem to be her weak spot! So he glides it down from between her breasts, slowly down. The queen barely can control her lust now. As the blade glides into her bellybutton she moans loudly. Her breathing becomes faster and deeper. Ohhh, so wants to be stabbed there so badly! She wants to feel the blade in her guts!!! But no, she won´t take her necklace off! The agent teases her more, poking her in the bellybutton. This goes on for some time. The queen is full of lust to die, to get stabbed in her bellybutton. Her body is so sweat!!!

    Finally she licks her lips, raises her arms slowly up. She rips off the necklace and throws it away!!! Closeup of necklace on the floor.

    She keeps her hands behind her head, like she is offering her bellybutton now to be stabbed! She is totally horny now and wants the blade inside her!!

    The agent loves how the amazon queen is offering her naked body to him. He teases her more and pokes only slightly, playing with her lust and her bellybutton. Finally the agent stabs the knife deep inside her bellybutton.

    "OOUGHHHH!!!" The queen grunts loud and her eyes open in shock and pain! The agent holds the blade as they look and each other eyes for some seconds. Then he pulls it out. The queen grunts again!! The agent takes some steps back. The queen breathes heavily and looks down her belly. Her bellybutton is bleeding. She stares at the agent in disbelief and finally sinks to her knees. She NOT touches the wound! NEVER!!!

    The she falls on her back and starts to writhe, arch and moan in agony. More blood flows from her wound. LONG SCENE of arching, moaning, lustful, squirming, different camera angles, CLEARLY VISIBLE RIBS, NOT TOUCHING THE WOUND, arms and legs outstretched.
    After some minutes blood flows from the mouth of the queen from both sides.

    Again after some minutes she arches her back very high, screams LOUD and then spits a lot of blood from her mouth. She collapses back, dead.

    Some more views of her bloody, dead body. And the necklace on the ground. Then fade to black.



    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4568.3 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - QUEEN KILLER

    Crime House - QUEEN KILLER

    Crime House - QUEEN KILLER

    Crime House - QUEEN KILLER

    Crime House - QUEEN KILLER

    Crime House - QUEEN KILLER
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Custom *
MODELS: Judy, Nata, Max 
Office, Office white blouses, office white shirts, office black skirts, black pantyhose, black stockings, shoes with high heels, glasses, spectacles
Cord strangulation, garroting, choking, strangling in the office, agony, death stare, trying to escape, stabbing from behind, knife between breasts, knife between tits, blood, gore, shock reaction, death with tongue out, postmortem stripping, necro stripping, exotic dead poses, full nude

Judy and Nata are smartly dressed business women in an office. Both wear glasses and have their hair up.  As they work at their computers we see medium close-ups of their faces. The phone rings. Judi answers, nods and says "OK". "The boss wants to see us" she tells Nata. They exchange a concerned look to each other. They walk to the boss's office. He tells them he has worrying news. Someone has been selling information to their rivals. They must find out who has betrayed the company and the traitor must be punished. Again Judy and Nata exchange a look.  The boss tells Nata to fetch some papers from another part of the building and Judy to return to her desk to look through some computer records. 

Judy returns to her office. She looks tense as she sits at her computer.  Her boss comes in. He tells her there is no need to worry, he has found who the traitor is. It is Miss Volkov  A look of relief comes over Judy’s face. But then he says: "But it wasn’t just one person Miss Petrov. It was two. You have also betrayed us and you must pay the penalty." Judy protests that she's innocent but the boss moves towards her threateningly. "What are you doing?" she cries. Then she sees him produce a cord.  She shakes her head - please no -as he brings the cord towards her neck. Suddenly he wraps it round. Jude's eyes widen in shock. Her hands reach up to her neck as she desperately struggles. The boss moves behind her chair to get a better grip. Her eyes are full of panic, fear and agony. In the struggle, and as she claws at her neck and his arms, her blouse falls open and a little later one of her breasts falls out of her bra. 

After a long struggle she begins to weaken. The boss moves to the front again. He wants to see her final moments. Judy looks up at him, her eyes are in despair, pleading for mercy. He tightens the cord even more. Her eyes bulge, they go cross-eyed, her toungue shoots fully out. She is going. She knows it. She realises she is about to die. Her body twitches for the last time and then she is still. Her face is frozen in a look of total surprise, her eyes very wide, her mouth open in an O shape. The boss gazes at her dead body in the chair.  He pulls her bra down, exposing both her breasts. Then he leaves.

Nata comes in. She tells Judy they have to leave immediately. Then she sees Judy's body. In panic she turns to escape. The boss appears and grabs at her, causing her blouse to fall open. She gets away and runs down a corridor and into another room, closing the door. Her back is against the door to keep it closed. She listens for sounds. She can't hear anything. Perhaps he has gone. Suddenly Nata’s eyes and mouth widen in shock. She lets out a terrible cry, her body shakes, her eyes bulge, roll and go cross eyed, her tongue shoots out. She is in agony and disbelief. After a while her body stops shaking. Her senses are scrambled but through the agony and shock she finally realises what has happened. She slowly looks down. The metal tip of a blade is protruding from between her breasts. She has been impaled through the door. She is horrified. She gasps and groans, eyes rolling in agony. The boss appears in front of her, watches her contorted, stupid expression, enjoys the fact that she is looking at him in fear and desperation, and that he will be the last thing she sees. Her final expression is a death stare of total shock, eyes very wide and cross eyed, her tongue fully protruding. She is still upright, pinned to the door. He pulls off her clothes. Then he brings in Judy's body, now fully naked, and places it at the feet of Nata's upright dead body, her face looking up at Nata. The camera surveys their naked bodies and shocked stares of death.  The traitors have paid the penalty.

Blood Heel (Dark Rooms)
Persecution Mania 

*The script, model choice and fetish elements list were done by customer who donated some funds and got the clip the customer wanted to see!
You can do your custom order too! Inside the video you will find custom-ordering instructions!

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