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Crime House - OMBILIANT

Clip Description


CAST: Mira Green and Alice M
Fetish Elements
Girl Kills a girl, Choking, Strangulation, Playing With Body, Much Playing with a bellybutton
Two young girls are in a boarding room at a rich girl's school, a barefoot pimbeche blonde with a cropped top and mini-shorts that reach up to her stomach contemplates her belly button in the mirror and brags about her new extra expensive piercing she received for her last birthday, her comrade in student clothes with a skirt who has always been secretly jealous of her roommate daddy's girl asks her what is the point of wearing a jewel of such value if it is to remain hidden most of the time under clothes but the girl with the piercing taunts her by telling her that you have to be a perfect and pure woman to be able to wear a jewel of such an exception and that her rival is certainly not the case, the other furious girl starts insulting her with trash and a fight ensues, at first the blonde has the top hitting the jealous girl in the face but the other girl the grabs her with both hands, squeezing her neck tightly, the blonde with nd eyes in shock collapses on her back to the ground and fights for her life trying to push her opponent back but the other girl is stronger than her and her strength starts to fail her opponent takes advantage of this moment of weakness to gain the advantage by sitting on her at waist level blocking her arms at her sides with her legs to prevent her from using her hands to defend herself and she squeezes her neck harder and harder of his victim who begins to turn pale and his tongue begins to come out of his mouth.
After a while the beaten girl hardly moves because her opponent seems to have broken her trachea by squeezing her throat and starts to drool, her head leans to the side and drool runs down her throat. plays her eyes rolls back like she's having a seizure but her tormentor doesn't care and goes on for more belly humiliations and punishments she humiliates him by removing her mini shorts and top short revealing her little white panties and her bra cruelly exposing her abdomen, the poor girl finds herself in her underwear totally vulnerable and at the mercy of her pitiless opponent, the bad girl calls her "pathetic" and "weak" after that she starts by manipulating and looking at her victim's piercing more closely with her vicious fingers. The blonde too weak to act upright obviously no longer has the strength to move her arms which have remained at her sides or her legs and seems to have turned into a real helpless rag doll. She slowly chokes on her own slime and gasps desperately for oxygen, the mean girl lets out a mean little laugh mocking her victim and says "I'm going to finish you" she then has fun sticking her pointed finger deep in the navel of her paralyzed prey and gently moves it inside turning it and stinging sometimes while the blonde suffocates in silence at one point she puts her finger buried in the navel of the agonizing girl and has fun stinging it over and over and saying "what's that mouse hole?" After a while her victim inflates her belly and exhales one last time through her bubble-creating drool, the mean girl then in synchronization pushes her finger deepest into the girl's navel as she exhales and makes a little vicious laugh at the same time saying "shhh .. die bitch!" the blonde lets out a last gasp.
(make a camera angle so that we can see the belly from the side with the finger pressed to see the belly which inflates and exhales one last time)
She stays like that with her finger for at least 2 minutes and then pulls it out sharply while verbally humiliating her by saying "big tummy".
She then takes the pulse of the defeated girl with her fingers, she lifts the arm of the corpse and drops her lame hand on the belly of the victim who is nothing more than a pile of inert meat, she puts her arm back to the ground along the body and look down the side of the abdomen to see if it is still moving and sees that her victim is gone for good, she then removes the belly button piercing from the dead girl then pulls out her phone and takes a compromising photo of the navel and also removes the panties and bra of the dead girl so that she finds herself totally naked and vulnerable making sure not to change her initial position, she also checks if she is wearing any other jewels on her to steal, she decides to have a little fun with the corpse before getting rid of it, she sits down next to the body and looks into the dead woman's navel with a little superior air and notices that the bottom navel is dirty, she takes a cotton swab and a cleaning and decides to clean it completely and to subject her rival to a final examination of the most humiliating, she takes her time while making the knuckles and each fold and inspects the depths with the help of tweezers she removes the potential dirt encrusted in the hollows while verbally humiliating her on the shape of her navel telling her that it is weird and badly cut at birth, after that she has fun for a good 5 minutes trying to bring out the navel from the dead girl using her fingers and putting her sharp fingernails inside and deep in different positions to give the navel various shapes and rounded, she also has fun pushing her index finger deeper into the navel and as the dead girl can no longer challenge and protect her belly, her fingers easily penetrate the tender flesh of the belly, which causes dull noises due to the absence of muscle and resistance, the a mean girl sketches teasing little laughs, she lies down on her body with her head at belly level and also blows raspberries on the navel with her mouth while laughing and also sometimes plunges her tongue inside and kisses the belly , she is completely nuts after she sits on the body at the pelvis and continues to torture and manipulate the navel by stretching it with her fingers as if she wanted to open the navel, after a while the navel starts to be pink and she continues until it turns red to destroy the navel of the dead woman she despises so much by saying "I don't see that your navel is special, it's just a small one yucky sausage "she even takes a sharp object and pushes it into the location of the navel piercing she stole. Once the navel is red she has fun running her fingers on her stomach to the navel and probes it with the tips of her fingers while humming and also scratches the stomach with her fingernails.
She also does not hesitate to take her smartphone and film up close (done in pov at this point) the navel while pricking it with the pointed object in different places saying "Poke" and laughing at the same time. (Stop the pov)
Then she takes a stethoscope and listens to the inside of the belly in different places and also on the navel while feeling the belly a few times with her fingers and laughs at the noises that this can cause in her abdomen. After that she stops filming and ends up getting bored and sits on her bed and makes a phone call to a contact to get her navel pierced and put the one she just stole there while specifying that she has already chosen and received her piercing model while placing her feet as a sign of domination on the belly of the dead woman who is staying at the foot of the bed, at the same time she tries to push her big toe completely inside the navel of his deceased victim. She takes the opportunity to light a cigarette and smoke at the same time. After a while she removes her feet, she lies down on the bed with her feet in a fan and her head above the body of the deceased and uses the belly button of her victim as a human ashtray by dropping the ashes from her cigarette right into the room. navel of the corpse while continuing to telephone, she sometimes spits into the navel until it is full. After a while she hangs up and lowers herself to the level of the corpse and has fun crushing her cigarette right in the navel soiled with sputum and ashes of the dead woman and slowly pricks in several different places of the navel by moving and turning the butt inside, she has fun creating a mixture of viscous and sticky mud inside the navel, after a while and once the navel is really sticky she pushes the butt well into the lower part of the navel so to himself that he does not move any more while saying "splash" then she looks at her work and says "it is less pure now". She then takes a lipstick and writes "Waste" circling the desecrated navel like a target. Once done, she takes her smartphone and photographs the belly as a whole and the navel up close as a souvenir.
Excited by this feeling of power and to humiliate even more and conclude this beating she takes a last glance in the navel to check if the cigarette is still in place by sketching a small grin of satisfaction by patting the belly lightly, she goes up then at the level of the victim's head and kisses the poor girl on the mouth smiling proud to have destroyed the life of the most popular girl in the school and says "Goodbye darling" to her, closing her eyes.
Satisfied, the disturbed girl with macabre and sordid intentions gets up, and looks at the poor girl's lifeless body for a long time with a perverse air, then she spits one last time into the violated navel while standing, having taken care to aim before , without the slightest respect and consideration for her opponent, she leaves the room shaking the piercing she stole as a sign of a trophy, leaving the girl humiliated and soiled that she will make disappear later in the night.
(Take overviews of the body and in particular the belly and the destroyed navel, make close-ups of it by fading to end the scene)

Clip Duration:      32 minutes
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Crime House - OMBILIANT

Crime House - OMBILIANT

Crime House - OMBILIANT

Crime House - OMBILIANT

Crime House - OMBILIANT

Crime House - OMBILIANT
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