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    Crime House - MIRA VS LUIZA

    Clip Description

    Starring: Mira Green and Luiza
    Fetish Elements:
    Catfighting, Stabbings, Fighting With Knives, Much Blood, Great Stabbing Scenes
    Mira Green is an experienced cop. She has a very good reputation among her partners, but her good work has also made her several enemies that are dangerous. Mira´s does not use guns that often, instead, she has specialized in fist and sword fighting, and that is why she loves to collect them. That is the reason why she has 2 small swords on her apartment.
    Her enemies are dangerous, and one of them decides to hire a professional killer, Luiza, who also specializes in sword fighting, because she loves to stab her victims through their bodies and watch them bleed to death (SHE IS NO PSYCHO, so no expressions like Max in “Stabbing in the Rain” PLEASE). She also carries 2 swords, in case she loses one for a moment during battle, just like Mira.
    1. Mira arrives to her apartment back from work, she seems tired after a long day of paperwork and no action at all, she seems pissed about it and says: “What a boring day! I could not fight anyone. If only I had the chance to use my swords someday.”
    2. Mira goes to her kitchen, serves herself a glass of water and takes a couple of sips while she looks at her phone. She smiles a little since she saw something funny.
    3. Suddenly, Mira hears a noise that comes from the living room. She seems kind of curious and scared at the same time as she leaves her glass of water on the table (she makes the expressions from the pictures below as she walks towards the living room)
    When she hears the noise.
    4. Mira walks inside the living room, and the first thing she sees is Luiza, who is holding one of her swords while the other is left on the couch.
    5. Luiza says: “Finally, you notice that I am here.”
    6. Mira responds: “Who are you? How did you get in here?”
    7. Luiza points at Mira with her sword and says: “A good killer can get inside any place, and… well, I suppose that you know who I am now. I am Luiza and I am here to kill you. Just imagine this inside your body.” Mira makes the expression from the picture below.
    8. Mira says: “I don´t know who hired you, but you are making a big mistake. Maybe we could reach an agreement?” While she says that, Mira slowly walks to the place where she has one of her swords.
    9. Luiza responds: “I don´t think so. You will die today.” After that, Mira grabs her sword and challenges Luiza by saying: “I told you this was a mistake, I was saying that for your own sake, since no one beats me with swords. Let´s see who stabs who first.”
    10. Luiza tries to attack first, going straight for Mira, while Mira defends herself using her excellent sword fighting skills. Both of them fight hard and get near each other with their swords clashing against each other. Mira smiles and says: “Not bad, but not good enough.”
    11. Mira believes that she has the perfect moment to attack and stab Luiza, but the problem is that her rival has studied her techniques very well and knows what Mira is about to do.
    12. Mira tries to stab Luiza on her chest, but Luiza wisely dodges the attack, spins and appears right behind Mira. Mira quietly says: “Shit!!!” as she knows what is about to happen.
    13. Luiza strikes first, as she stabs Mira in her back, with the sword coming out of her chest, between her breasts, almost getting her heart. Mira is shocked, as she makes a face of surprise while she slowly turns her head down to see the sword that came out of her chest. (See the picture below to see the expression on Mira´s face and the place where the sword should come out from) The sword is fully red, full of blood. The blood is dripping from the sword and Mira´s shirt starts to turn red all around the wound. (Take a good shot of the sword that went through the chest of Mira.)
    14. Luiza smiles and whispers on Mira´s right ear: “Not bad, but not good enough, Mira.” She says that as Mira is processing what just happened, static because of what happens, as blood starts to come out from her mouth.
    15. Luiza leaves the sword inside Mira´s body, as she watches her walk a little, trying to breathe. Luiza just crosses her arms and watches Mira walk away to take some distance.
    16. Mira is far from defeated, as she spits some blood and recovers her posture. She looks at Luiza and says: “Now you have no sword. It´s my turn.”
    17. Mira grabs her second sword and now has one sword on each hand, since she never dropped the one she had first. Luiza is scared, but she has no place to hide.
    18. Mira goes straight for the attack, EVEN WITH A SWORD STUCK INSIDE HER CHEST, that does not slow her down and attacks Luiza.
    19. Mira stabs Luiza in the belly, with the sword coming out of her back. Mira twists the sword as Luiza grunts and gasps for breath. (Luiza makes an expression like the picture below) The sword starts dripping the blood of Luiza, as the shirt turns red because of the blood from both sides of the body. The sword is also fully red, full of blood.
    20. Mira leaves the sword inside Luiza, punches her in the face, making Luiza turn her back on Mira, who takes advantage and stabs Luiza with her other sword, in the back, with the sword coming out of her chest. (Literally same place where Mira was stabbed) Take good shots of the swords that went through the body of Luiza.
    21. Mira whispers to Luiza´s right ear: “I want to see if you can resist as much as I can.” While she says that, Luiza spits blood from her mouth, as some of it falls on her shirt. She is stunned as she has the same expression as the one from the picture below for a few seconds.
    22. Mira takes the sword out of Luiza´s back, and leaves the other sword stuck inside her belly.
    23. Luiza knows she has no sword, and realizes that her only choice is to use the sword that is stuck inside her belly. Luiza slowly takes out the sword from her body, while she screams in pain and drops blood from her mouth nonstop.
    24. Luiza finally takes out the sword, which is dripping blood, as she tells Mira: “I can still fight. No problem at all.”
    25. Mira goes for the same attack, and successfully stabs Luiza in the chest, with the sword coming out of Luiza´s back (check picture below to see where I want the stab to be)
    26. Luiza opens her arms, and drops her sword as the force of the stab pushes her a little. She coughs even more blood as she looks at Mira´s face in pain.
    27. Mira was smiling at Luiza´s suffering face, but her reaction changes instantly, as she notices that Luiza is holding her arm, so she cannot take out the sword. (Take shots of the arms of both models at that moment, also from the sword, the shirts of both models red because of the wounds, as well as a good expression of doubt from Mira, like she does not understand what is going on)
    28. Mira asks Luiza: “What did you let me stab you?”
    29. Luiza just headbutts Mira, finally takes out the sword that was still stuck inside Mira´s chest, and then takes out the sword from her own chest. Now Luiza has 2 swords in hand and Mira has none. (Mira makes the following expression when Luiza takes the sword out of her body, as she also coughs blood that falls on the floor and her shirt.)
    30. Luiza quickly reaches Mira and stabs her in the back, with the sword coming out of the left breast of Mira. (Mira is stunned as her clothes are even more red, full of blood. The sword is dripping blood and she makes the following face when she gets stabbed)
    31. Mira tries to walk, but Luiza has a good grip on the sword and does not let Mira get away. Luiza takes the sword out of Mira´s body and Mira turns around.
    32. Luiza stabs Mira again, with her 2 swords at the same time. (Check the picture below to see where she gets stabbed).
    Both swords come out of Mira´s back (have a good shot of both swords full of blood going through the back of Mira) Mira makes the following expression when she gets stabbed:
    33. Luiza takes both swords out of Mira´s body, and says: “I know that is not enough.” Luiza is heavily injured too, and struggles to breathe, but can still get her job done.
    34. Mira struggles to move, and grabs her chest, where she has the VERY FIRST WOUND, as it keeps squirting blood with no end. She tries to cover the wound with her hand, but the blood keeps coming out, dripping now over the hand of Mira.
    35. Mira cries and screams in agony, as she looks to Luiza and begs for mercy: “Okay, you won, you are the best. Please, let me live and I will pay you better than the man who hired you.”
    36. Luiza drops the sword from her left hand, puts her hand on Mira´s right cheek, kisses her, smiles at her, and finally stabs her with the other sword right on the heart.
    37. Mira is left with her eyes wide open, as tons of blood flow from her mouth like a waterfall (exaggerate with the blood). Mira gurgles because of the blood.
    38. Mira is done, she kneels down, but uses the last of her strength to grab the sword that Luiza dropped and stabs her very well.
    39. Luiza did not see that coming, as she puts an expression showing she is amazed. She did not expect that at all!! She cannot stop the blood that comes out of her mouth like a waterfall.
    40. Luiza cannot stop panting and grabbing the wound, as blood cannot stop flowing out of her body. Her eyes are wide open too.
    41. Luiza still has some energy left, and pushes Mira, who falls to the ground. By pushing her, the sword comes out of Luiza´s body, as Mira did not drop it.
    42. Luiza realizes that she must finish Mira, so she uses one of her swords to stab Mira to death. (Luiza stabs Mira between 10 and 15 times, like the final scene from “Stabbing in the Rain”)
    43. Mira finishes like the picture below. Completely obliterated. (Leave her with much more blood on her mouth at that moment.)
    44. Luiza struggles with the pain, drops her swords as she puts her left hand on the wound from her chest, due to the fact that tons of blood keeps coming out of her body.
    45. Luiza grabs her phone, and calls the person that hired her to kill Mira. Luiza says: “It´s me. I did it. Mira is dead, let me send you a picture of her dead body. One last thing… I am badly injured and bleeding way too much. I am heading to you place, please have a doctor ready for me or I will die too.”
    46. Luiza takes a picture of Mira, as Mira´s dead, bloody and wounded body has already formed a HUGE pool of blood on the floor all around her, as blood keeps squirting out of each and every single one of her wounds. (Please exaggerate with the amount of blood and the size of the pool of blood.) Take a big shot for a lot of seconds of the dead body.
    47. Luiza says: “You were one hell of a rival. Sweet dreams.” And finally leaves the room with tons of pain while grabbing her wounds. (Show with the camera her back full of wounds and blood while she prepares to leave, maybe 10 or 15 seconds) Also take a good shot of how her body finished.

    Clip Duration:      11 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4627.75 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - MIRA VS LUIZA

    Crime House - MIRA VS LUIZA

    Crime House - MIRA VS LUIZA

    Crime House - MIRA VS LUIZA

    Crime House - MIRA VS LUIZA

    Crime House - MIRA VS LUIZA
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Starring: Judi, Sally, Max
«Crime House does it again! Ugine and team have produced a PHENOMENAL film that is much more than just a collection of fetish elements. ‘Female Strike Force’ is a film that creates and sustains a mood that transforms your typical ninja plot points into a highly charged erotic narrative about two ambitious women—masterfully played by Judi and Sally—who arrogantly misjudge their skills and suffer humiliation and defeat! The film has one of the best garroting scenes I’ve ever witnessed, and its iconic ending will stand the test of time. You’ll come back to watch it, again and again! Great job, Ugine, and thank you! You remain a fantastic partner in producing videos for this genre.»
First Customer’s Review 
«The movie is GREAT, really liked it. I think you captured very well the script, and added some nice scenes.»
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Fetish Elements: 
Ninja Cosplay, Fighting, Beating, Strangulation, Shooting to the stomach, Headshot (after death), naked corpse, Imitation of sex with corpse, Necro 
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