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    Crime House - MIRA GREEN KILLS

    Clip Description



    Fetish Elements
    Girl Killing a girl, Girl Killing a man, Strangulation, Garrote, Sex Imitation

    The contract killer Mira is hired by a secret organization to retrieve stolen microchips with secret data and to kill everyone connected to the theft. To do this, they
    have hired contract killer who has been diagnosed as clinically insane and who has a reputation for completing all orders quickly, quietly and very professionally.
    She loves to sadistically strangle her victims. For this she uses a garrotte with wooden handles. Sometimes she also strangles her victim with her hands.
    Mira receives various details about her order in an encrypted message on her computer. It is about three microchips that the secret organization absolutely wants
    to have back with all the necessary means. The message says that these are owned by three rival Mafia bosses. There are two male clones and one female clone
    who were also trained as killers. As she reads, Mira says to herself that she has never killed Clone and is really excited about how that feels. Then she receives
    pictures and the whereabouts of the clones / mafia bosses. It will be a great fight, Mira says to herself.

    Mira gets additional information from all three owners of the microships in order to plan and carry out their orders accordingly.
    The secret organization wants to be informed via mobile phone after every job has been completed.
    Mira puts on her killer outfit, a bikini slip to tie, a leather bra, tight wetlook leather pants, black leather boots and a black leather jacket.

    She puts on tight black leather gloves and opens her leather jacket. She takes out her instrument, a garrote with wooden handles, stands in front of a mirror, puts the
    garrote around her neck and pulls herself on, imagining how she will strangle her first two victims. Then she puts her hands around her own neck, sees her reflection
    in the mirror and imagines killing the third owner of a microship.Then she puts the garrotto in her leather jacket, takes her cell phone and sets off for her first

    1. Microchip

    The contract killer is standing in front of the door of the apartment, in which the first of three microchips should be located. she takes a master key out of her pocket and quietly opens the door. The room is still empty. She hides behind a curtain (or something similar). Suddenly the first clone comes into the room unsuspecting. it is a woman in a leather outfit. Mira knows that she has to be careful and carefully sneaks up on her from behind. Then Mira puts the garrote around her victim's neck and pulls tight. The female maffiabos tries to fight back and they fight briefly, but Mira is much stronger. When the resistance slowly subsides, Mira throws her on the bed, sits on top of her and tucks her arms under her legs. Then she completely puts the garrote around her neck again and pulls it tighter and tighter until she has killed the woman and her saliva comes out of her mouth and her tongue hangs out of her mouth. To be on the safe side, she tightens the garrotte again. mira searches the room and finds the first microchip. Then she calls her client and tells him that she has the first chip and the owner is dead and she enjoyed strangling her. Then she says, hopefully the second Mafiabos / clone is a little stronger so that it lasts longer and laughs.

    2. Microchip
    The second mafia boss / clone seduces her and goes with him into the room, where she is undisturbed. She slowly undresses, puts on her leather boots and leather gloves. She asks him about the microchip and he looks at a safe so that mira knows. Then she pushes him on
    the bed and rides him wildly. She chokes him while fucking first, spelerich with her hands and enjoys the sex. She asks him about the combination. He refuses. Mira beats
    him until he tells her this. Then she takes her garrote out of her leather jacket, which has meanwhile been put on. She puts the garrote around his neck, pulls tight and
    strangles him with it. Despite being hit, he still fights hard and Mira pulls closer and closer and enjoys looking him in the eye. He slowly gets weaker and she lets go of it
    for a moment and tells him that she gives him another chance and lets go for a moment, he tries to prevent her from killing him, can briefly put her hands around her neck,
    but is already closed weak, so that he has no chance and gives up and Mira finally strangles him with the garrotte while he is still twitching and saliva flows out of his
    mouth. Then it pulls tighter until his tongue is slack and she is sure he is dead.
    After killing him, she opens the safe and finds the second microchip. She calls her client again and tells him that she also has the second chip and that she also killed the
    owner and that he was also strong, but still had no chance and she could strangle him with her Garrote. Her client says to Mira that he is very satisfied and hopes that she
    will also do the last job so well and find the microchip.
    3. Microchip
    The last microchip is in the hiding place of the third mafia boss / clone. Mira dresses up as an escort girl who is booked by the Maffia boss (killer outfit, black leather boots,
    wide belt, leather jacket and lingerie). The mafia boss opens the door for her and invites Mira. He offers her alcohol. While he gets the drink, she puts on her black leather
    gloves. When he comes back, she tells him that she likes leather gloves and that she likes to wear them. They drink together, then he leads them into the bedroom.
    There's a big mirror there. She brutally throws him on the bed and sits on him, puts his arms under her legs and puts her hands around his neck, squeezes hard and
    begins to choke him. He fights and can free himself and tries to escape. She takes her garrotte out of her leather jacket and puts it around his neck from behind, chokes
    him with it and brutally pulls him back on the bed, sits down on him again, hits him in the face a few times, puts the garrotte completely around his neck again and keeps
    choking him to weaken him. When his resistance subsides, she tells him that she is a professional killer and has the task of handing the microchip over to her client
    and that he wants to know where it is. tell me and I'll let you live Unsuspectingly, he reveals to Mira where the chip is hidden. Mira opens her leather jacket and
    show him her bare tits, then she takes her garrotte again, first holds it in front of his face and to him that she will now kill him with it. Mira puts it around his neck and
    chokes him to death until he only twitches and saliva runs out of his mouth. Then Mira searches the hiding place and finds the third microchip. After the murder, she
    masturbates, rides on a pillow and strangles herself with her hands and with the garrotte.
    Everything happens in front of a large mirror.

    Then she calls her client again and tells him that she has all three microchips. she describes to her client on the phone exactly how she killed the third owner. The client tells mira that he is very satisfied and that she has already planned for the next murder. Mira wants to know how to do it. her client tells mira that she strangles her victims so professionally that mira should do the same thing again, also for future assignments
    Please provide everything with subtitles.

    Outfit of Mira: lingerie (Bikini string, leather bh), black leather jacket, tight leather wetlook leggings, belt, black leather boots and very short gloves.


    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41003.76 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - MIRA GREEN KILLS

    Crime House - MIRA GREEN KILLS

    Crime House - MIRA GREEN KILLS

    Crime House - MIRA GREEN KILLS

    Crime House - MIRA GREEN KILLS

    Crime House - MIRA GREEN KILLS
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«Scene 2 is also incredible of course, the first part showing Mira and Polina having devious activity together is very exciting, and i definately loves what you did with the banana! definately much more interesting than dildo ! well done, and thank you for this upgrade (improvement point : adding nose pinching to the choking to make it look like more realistic and also having polina tied to the bed, so she can't defend herself).
The second part of the scene with Annabelle is also one of my favorite, love the police costume, the props, the action, Annabelle is a very talented actress and i really LOVE her death stare !»
From Customer’s Review

Strangulation, Choking, Neck Break, Pantyhose Fetish, Choking With Plastic, Choking With Legs, Foot Fetish, Masturbation With Dead Girls’s Legs

Mira arrives at the house of the woman the psychiatrist told her, she checks the address on the note she takes from the psychiatrist office, she notices the dozens of pantyhose drying on the clothesline in the garden. She smiles in anticipation; she is very excited to meet that other woman who loves pantyhose as much as her. Cam show the house. Fading black Opening Cam show the house (6 hours later) A policewoman (Annabelle) arrived at the house. She knocks at the door, no answer, the door is not locked, she enters and call for someone… no answer, she investigates further in the house and soon she finds the corpse of Polina in the bedroom, tied on her bed, her body is fully encased in pantyhose, even her head is encased into a pantyhose, and she have a dildo inserted into her mouth (The dildo bulge against the pantyhose covering her head). Annabelle check the body of Polina, no doubt, she’s dead, her face is deformed by death under the pantyhose material which cover her head, and her eyes are crossed. She has probably been choked with the dildo. Closeup on the dead woman’s feet. Dozens of pantyhose are lying all around. Annabelle tries to figure out what has happened. Cam show a quick flash back of the murder…. Mira and Polina, both encased in pantyhose… having fetish activity together. At some point Mira tie Polina, and she dive the dildo into the mouth of her Polina who loves it at first but start choking on it… Mira smile to her in arousal and let the dildo deep into the mouth of Polina who choke to death. Then Mira stare over Polina while she dies. Annabelle cannot imagine what has happened… she panics, she takes her radio and call for reinforcement “Officer Annabelle to central, I’ve found the body of a woman, send reinforcement….” “A female voice responds “all units are busy… we send you someone as soon as possible… stay in position officer” then Annabelle grabs her gun and she check the rest of the house. She went in the bathroom, the curtain of the shower closed… she notices a pair of pantyhose on the floor, she grabs it and smell it… she frowns in disgust, the pantyhose has been used and it’s quite smelly. But before she can stand up, she is attacked from behind, Mira was in the shower (she’s still encased in pantyhose from head to toes from her previous time with Polina), and she use the shower curtain to bag Annabelle dead… Annabelle • Nudity : YES • Simulated Female sex (housewifekiller) masturbation (killer) • Foot fetish • Choking with dildo • Suffocation with shower curtain • Neck snap Mira Green Annabelle Xena Polina Wood Two women playing pantyhose encasement together. Odinoot custom script PANTYHOSE MANIAC ver 1.3 unvoluntary drops her gun… and try to catch her radio, but she also let it fall on the floor… she is dragged into the shower with her aggressor. One of her shoes fly off, revealing her black pantyhose clad foot. She struggles bravely… but vainly… The two women are entangled together. Mira has her legs crossed around Annabelle who fight frantically, Annabelle is wrapped into the shower curtain. She claws and scratch the pantyhose encased body of her aggressor and tries to unclench the feet of Mira from around her hips. Closeup on Annabelle’s exposed foot sliding madly over the floor. Her toes spreading and curling. Closeup on Annabelle’s face deformed by the curtain material pressed hard. The fight is intense … but eventually, Annabelle’s struggle decreases as she weakened herself… Mira maintains her victim in the same pose, holding the shower curtain pressed firmly over her victim face. Eventually…. Annabelle relaxes and lay motionless over her killer. Mira breath deeper from her fight and she takes off the pantyhose covering her head. Her bodies shake from adrenalin and arousal, she stands up and stares over her victim. She looks a bit scared by the policewoman body, she realizes she just killed a woman of the law… she timidly uses her foot to reveal the face Annabelle, revealing her death stare, Annabelle has her tongue sticked between her teeth making her expression looks a bit silly… Mira check Annabelle’s pulse with her toes, she cannot detach her look from her latest victim, then she notices that she has lost one shoe during the fight, revealing her black pantyhose clad foot… “interesting, I wonder if pantyhose is part of the uniform?” She bites her underlips and smell the pantyhose clad foot of Annabelle, the smell is so intoxicating that she looks lost in bliss. “Wow… was a long day of work isn’t it? I’m glad you came here to play with me!” She takes off the other shoe of Annabelle and sniff her pantyhose clad soles in ectasis. She moves her hand between her legs to stimulate her crotch area (simulated) Suddenly, a female voice comes out from the radio… “reinforcements are on their way officer… Stay in position” Mira realize that the policewoman has called reinforcement before… she grabs the radio and respond, “Roger that - Waiting for backup.” Mira looks at Annabelle and say, “I always dreamed to be a policewoman!” Fading black Opening Xena is arriving at the house she looks bored and distracted, she enters the house and quickly find the other policewoman (who is Mira wearing Annabelle uniform). Mira looks worried she say to Xena “are you alone?” “Angelina responds “every units were busy, I was the only one available in the sector” Mira feels reassured, she says “Perfect I’m glad you join me there, the bodies are upstairs, follow me” Xena follow her into the bedroom where Polina is still lying dead over her bed, but there is also Annabelle encased in tan pantyhose (Mira has swapped the clothes) Annabelle is posed in suggestive pose. Like she had erotic asphyxiation. “Two women? I thought there was only one body” Xena is surprised but Mira quickly responds “No, it was a mistake… “ Odinoot custom script PANTYHOSE MANIAC ver 1.3 Xena and Mira investigate the room, Mira is trying to convince Xena about what happened, “I think these two were having sex together, this one has tied her friend and put the dildo in her mouth, then she accidentally killed herself with autoerotic asphyxiation. The tied woman was unable to take off the dildo from her mouth and choke on it”. Xena agrees with Mira’s version “you’re probably right, look at these poor girls, seems they had crazy time before dying” then Xena take off the pantyhose from Annabelle head, revealing her head, “Yeah, I think they have enjoyed their last time” respond Mira with a smile, meanwhile Xena is taking her smartphone to take a picture of Annabelle face to check her identity with the police application. “What are you doing” ask Mira “you don’t remember the procedure? We have to identify the victims.” Mira realizes that Xena will soon discover that Annabelle was the policewoman sent at the house earlier. She must react quickly… she walks behind Xena, and before Xena can check the answer from the Police station, Mira twists her neck on a side “SNAP” Xena have no time to say a word…she falls on the floor, with her neck snapped and her body twitching from nerves impulse…. Mira is starring at her... Xena is not dead yet, she is unable to move, unable to speak… Closeup on Xena’s face looking stunned in surprise and agony. she stares over Mira in disbelief… Mira smile to her, she looks amused. “Mind if I borrow your shoes officer? Your teammate’s shoes were not my size” she says while taking off the shoes she stole to Annabelle… (Mira is wearing Annabelle’s pantyhose). Then Mira takes off the shoes of Xena “Oh my god… this is my lucky day!” she says while revealing the tan pantyhose clad feet of Xena. Xena feet are tensing and spasming from time to time, Mira watch closely she admire the slight movements of death… and take few whiffs of Xena toes in the process. Closeup on Xena’s feet twitching, With Mira starring at him closely. Eventually, Xena stops moving for good… Mira put Xena’s shoes, and smile “this is better, thank you officer, I’ve to leave, but don’t worry, reinforcement will arrive soon... or not…” she laughs and leave the place. Fading black

Cast: Judi, Max, Alex
«I'm surprised on the attention to detail. This is exactly how I imagined every scene. Thanks a lot.»
Customer’s Review 

Judi is a prostitute that was hired by a mafia boss. In reality, she is an assassin and her mission is to kill that man. The clip opens with Judi and the mafia boss entering a house. In the living room, the boss’s bodyguards are just chilling there. The boss brags about the woman he is going to fuck and tells his bodyguards to look at her. The bodyguards start talking dirty to her and asking her to remove her clothes. They even started groping her and harassing her. Although Judi was uncomfortable with that situation, she played along, trying to not look intimidated. The boss ordered her remove her clothes while dancing, and the bodyguards were all hyped about that. She did just that, but as she was getting off her bra, the boss ordered her to stop, arguing that he would be the only one to see her naked. The bodyguards were disappointed, but the boss didn’t care and told them to stay vigilant while he took Judi to a room to have some fun. Once both were inside, the boss locked the door, sat on the bed and with a gun on his hand and ordered Judi to continue the erotic dance. Judi obeyed and took her bra off and after a little more dancing, she finally removed her panties and continued dancing while fully naked, with only her high heels on. The boss was really turned on and Judi was aware of that. She knew the man had completely lost his judgement and that the time to attack was close. Judi walked close to him, grabbed him by his hands and pulled him towards her, making him stand right in front of her. Then Judi kissed the man. Now the boss was turned on even more. While still kissing him, Judi slammed his balls with a knee thrust. The man bent over in paint and then Judi slammed his face with another knee thrust. The guy fell to the floor, semi-unconcious. Wasting no time, Judi sat on top of him, locked his arms with her legs, and started strangling him with her bare hands. Since the guy was not very strong and was already weak because of the blow to his head, he was unable to get her off him. He resisted though. He struggled with a lot of strength, trying to push her away. Judi had a hard time keeping her grip on his neck, but as the seconds passed, the man got weaker. Finally, after a brief period of seizures and drooling, the boss was dead. Meanwhile, in the living room, one of the bodyguards heard a lot of noise coming from the room and decided to go check what was going on. Judi hadn’t even caught her breath back when she heard the bodyguard knocking the door. Since the boss was not answering, the bodyguard got desperate and started to knock harder and asking for his boss’s response in a  louder, more desperate way. Judi was nervous. She knew she had no time to dressed, so she grabbed the boss’s gun, loaded it, and waited behind the side of the bed while crouching, so if the bodyguard managed to enter, he wouldn’t see her right away. The bodyguard forced the door and entered with his gun ready to fire. He looked down and saw his boss was dead. While he was still looking at him, Judi got up from behind the bed and fired many shots at the guy, (here, I would like to see Judi shooting him with camera right behind her, so we can see her body on one side of the screen and on the other the guy being shot. The point of this scene is to see that this guy is being killed by a beautiful, naked woman). The bodyguard didn’t have the time to react. With his back against the wall, he was moaning in pain and started to slowly slide down the wall (here, before he starts going down, I would like to see a really short scene of Judi reloading her gun while we hear the guy moaning in pain. Then I would like to see a static scene with the camera on the floor, in which we see the guy sliding down the wall and then writhing in the floor on one side of the screen, and on the other, Judi walking towards the door, getting ready to get into an another gunfight with the rest of the bodyguards, waiting for them while holding her gun and taking cover with her back against the wall. The point of this scene is to see that guy in pain and dying and that Judi doesn’t even have time to care about the man she just fatally wounded. She most go on). The living room was completely silent. It was obvious the other bodyguards heard the gunfight. While still taking cover, Judi looked into the living room to see if the guys were there. They were not, so she decided to leave her cover and hunt them down. As soon as she was exposed one of the bodyguards opened fire at her. She quickly got back in cover and started firing back. After a brief gunfight, Judi shot the guy in the balls. The bodyguard dropped his gun due to the shock and bent over, screaming in pain and terror to what that beautiful woman just did to him. He fell on his knees while still bleeding, but the gunfight continued (again, while this happens I would like a scene where the guy is just dying there and Judi keeps fighting the other guy). The last bodyguard was really skilled. He forced Judi to leave her position and almost shot her before she got cover again behind the corner of a wall. The guy got overconfident. He had killed a lot of tough men before, therefore, a beautiful naked woman would be no match for him. He walked towards her position without care. Judi was taking cover just next to the corner of a wall, and as soon as the guy turned her way, she grabbed him and shot him point blank many times in the stomach while still holding him. Moaning in pain, weakened and dying, the guy slowly slid down Judi’s naked body, trying to grab her in order to stay up while she looked down at him with anger and disgust (here, I would like to see Judi adopting a sexy pose. Her body must always be visible while the guys slides down on her. Also, we must see her holding the gun all the time. The point of this scene is to see the man defeated by a beautiful woman). Finally, the guy is just laying down on the floor gasping for air. Judi decides to finish him off. She puts her high heeled foot on the guy’s chest in a dominant way, and ends his life with a shot to the head (this last scene I would like to have a static camera angle from the floor, where we can see the guy laying down on the bottom part of the screen and Judi’s legs and lower torso rising up, and her hand holding the gun while shoots the guy). She did it. She killed 4 tough men by herself while completely naked. Now she goes to get her phone and talks to her boss (female boss). While she was telling her what happened, she heard the guy she shot on the balls still growling in pain. She told her boss to hold on, grabbed her gun again and walked towards him. The wounded guy realized she was aware he was still alive, and as she walked towards him to finish him off, he started begging for his life. Judi didn’t even listen. She shot him in the head killing him, and then went back to her phone to continue talking with her boss. She hang up, took a last glance to the dead guys, and walked out the place.



Tatiana (NEW MODEL – available for customs)
Bounty (NEW MODEL – available for customs)
Merci (NEW MODEL  - available for customs)
Mira Green as a killer
And also Max and Tim in episodes 

Fetish Elements: 
Female Killer, Strangulation, Choking, Interesting situations of strangulations, stalking, bodypile
A group of four country girls have fun in billiard bar. bargirl Bounty only has time to pour drinks. Maniac killer Mira Green hides under the table. She attacks girls one by one catching the situations when another girls don’t see the murder scenes. Where did all girl disappear?      
Great bodypile in the end

CHOKING MIX (All parts)
Unhappy Birthday (All parts)
Unhappy Christmas 
House Of 7 Corpses
House Of 8 Corpses 
House Of 9 Corpses

Starring: Mira Green, Bella Lenina
«First of all, let me say thank you, this is really amazing job !
Scene 1 remain my favorite, i love every aspect of it, Bella is playing like a pro, love her expression and how she play the therapist, really AMAZING, she played it exactly how i've imagined it ! This is stunningly hot! And Mira is OMG, she is the perfect pantyhose maniac, she play it perfectly the WHOLE film, every expressions, every look, every moves, she is the perfect maniac ! I really loves that first sequence where she tries to resist, and gradually unleash her craziness ! WOW WOW WOW! The sexual element is also perfectly suggested, not too much, just enough to look realistic and intense!
So thank you for that incredible therapist session and the overhall details, the props are also exactly like in my imagination»
Customer’s Review 

Fetish Elements
Pantyhouse, Foot Fetish, Legs, Pantyhose Fetish, Tied, Bondage, Bagging, Suffocation, Masturbation, Simulated Female masturbation (killer only). Foot fetish (feet smelling and toes sucking),Bondage (chair) 


Mira is awaiting in the waiting room of her psychiatrist. She’s reading a newspaper where the cover shows the pics of a janitor of a gym club the title says, “A pervert janitor murder 2 customers of the gym club.” Mira makes a subtle smile while reading the details of the article. Her psychiatrist Bella opens the door of her office and invite her to enter. Mira thanks her to receive her without appointment, Bella invite her to sit on the couch. Bella says she was supposed to meet another patient, but he has not shown, so It is not a problem. Mira starts telling the psychiatrist about her fetish for pantyhose, and women who wears them. Bella crosses her legs and ask her to keep going. Mira is visibly distracted by the legs of Bella, but she starts telling what recently happened in her life: ” Not long ago, I was at the gym club… and I was staring over the legs of the other women who were wearing pantyhose. i… was feeling like a pervert…” Bella (who is also wearing pantyhose of course) notice that Mira is watching her legs and feet, she pretends to not notice it and tells Mira to not be ashamed by her dreams and fantasies… it is perfectly normal to look at other women. “There is nothing to be ashamed of, lot of women have a fetish for pantyhose, i’ve another patient who loves pantyhose just like you” says Bella “oh… really??? A woman… like me??? That’s great. I would love to meet her” say Mira visibly interested… But Bella quickly responds: “Oh, I’m afraid this is not possible, I can’t give you her name, but I can show you how I’ve helped her with her fantasies”. Mira is a bit disappointed to not have the name of that other pantyhose lover, but she asks “Hum… ok… what kind of help are you talking about?”. Bella starts dangling one of her shoes, she feels a bit aroused about Mira and decide to play a bit with her pantyhose fetish. “Oh it’s pretty simple… I can help you to explore your fantasies, to be yourself” say Bella while taking off her shoes. Mira cannot detach her look from her psychiatrist feet. “Do you like my feet?” ask Bella Mira face blush she’s disturbed, but she responds “n.. no.. I mean…y… yes… “.Bagging with plastic bag Mira Green Bella Lenina Odinoot custom script “Would you like to touch them?” Continue Bella with a warm smile. Mira hesitates… “oh…i… don’t think this is appropriate…I…” Before Mira can finish her sentence, Bella moves her pantyhose clad foot in front of Mira, she’s bending her foot sensually closer from Mira’s face… Mira try to resist “Please doctor… I can’t… I “but she can’t hold herself and eventually, she presses her mouth and nose over the pantyhose clad soles and toes of Bella and sniff the foot in delight… Mira is kissing the feet of Bella, Bella closes her eyes in pleasure, she really enjoys having her feet worshipped that way. Mira cannot stop kissing and smelling the feet of her therapist, she whispers: “Are you sure you can’t give me the address of that other woman who love pantyhose like me?” Mira tries to seduce Bella to have the address, she starts sucking her toes … “I told... you… I can’t… this is part of the medical confidentiality.” Respond Bella who have some difficulties to stay concentrated while having her toes sucked like that. Mira has to change her method, she suddenly stops and stand up in front of Bella, “I suppose… I should be more persuasive” she undresses herself, keeping only her pantyhose, she looks very serious and sensual, very different from her previous state. Bella watches her the whole time, she enjoys the show. Bella smile to her she still thinks he control the situation. Mira smile to her in return, and takes some of her clothe to tie Bella on her chair, she keeps the things sensual the whole time, so Bella let her do… Even when Mira takes off Bella’s glasses, Bella appreciates it “Is it part of your fantasies?” Mira respond... “a part yes” Closeup on Bella smiling gently while having her glasses removed. … Bella is so excited to be tied that she does not notice that Mira is hiding something in her back. Mira suddenly pulls a plastic bag over Bella’s head and bag her to death…. Bella quickly realizes that something is wrong… she starts struggling like a crazy… but she is too well tied… she can only kick her legs and feet in front of her… “And this is the other part of my fantasies” say Mira. Closeup on Bella feet and legs kicking in front of her. Meanwhile, Mira is having incredible time while holding the plastic bag tight over her victim face. She stares over Bella face deformed by plastic; Mira looks curious and excited at the same time. She holds the bag pressed hard, so Bella face is very deformed. The struggle of Bella turns more and more panicked and frantic but eventually, she relaxes on her chair, Mira is watching her face closely as she lives her last moment mouth half opened from arousal…. Bella’s struggles stops but her body twitch and spasm from erratic nerves impulse. Closeup on Bella’s feet shaked by death spasms Eventually, Mira pulls off the bag, and stare over her dead face with a huge smile… Closeup on Bella face deformed by death; eyes wide opened and crossed, face shiny from the sweat of her struggle inside the bag. “Thank you, doctor, I feel much better now!”. Mira hold Bella’s feet and suck her toes in delight, she is masturbating herself to orgasm while doing it (simulated) Then she went to Bella’s desk and check on her computer if she can find the address of the other pantyhose lover That Bella has mentioned before… she finds it and write it on a paper, “See that wasn’t so hard after all… “ While checking the desk, she finds a used pair of pantyhose in the trash bin, Mira sniff it and looks at Bella’s body and smile as she gets an idea. Fading black Opening Bella is lying dead on her chair, the used pantyhose found in her trash bin has been pulled over her head and Mira has put her glasses back over the pantyhose mask. Mira gives one last passionate kiss on the pantyhose clad mouth of her dead psychiatrist, then she leaves the room, she takes a last look behind before leaving the place…. Of course, everything accuses the other patient who was supposed to come that day.




Starring: Lili and Vika

Vika is a victim!


Car Strangulation






Cut Throat

Great Killing Mix!


1.      Business lady was strangled in the car

2.      Young girl was shot in apartment

3.      Girl in sexy dress and stocking was strangled on the chair with her hands tied

4.      Sexy girl in denim sexy shorts was garroted  from behind

5.      Sexy college girl was bagged

6.      Young innocent girl was cruelly stabbed with her  falled trying to escape!

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*NEW! Crime House returns after long shooting-break!*
Custom Movie
1.Judi strangles Annabelle
2.Judy crashes Annabelle’s neck
3. Annabelle shots Judi
4. Annabelle downs Judy


Office Clothes – Jachets, Blouses, Skirts, Black Stockings, Office Shoes, White panties, glasse
Great office atmosphere !

Death Scenes:
Strangulation, legs jerking, strangulation in different poses, garrote with a computer cord, crashing neck, neck break, deadly domination, fighting to the death, shooting, shooting to the knee, shooting to the leg, great pain, head shot, long postportem agony after agony, death stare, drowning, foot fetish, leg fetish

Basic premise is two rival office workers spend a dull day in the office fantasising over how to kill their rival (in a kind of fantasy dream sequence).
Both actresses in silk satin blouses, business skirt suits (skirt and jackets satin lined), white satin panties, glossy stockings or pantyhose, heels, braless etc.

 	Girl 1: Uses a stocking to garrotte/strangle Girl 2 on the sofa. Lots of leg kicking, gagging sounds, tongue out and upskirt panty shots. Once her victim is dead she is dragged away by her feet making her clothing ride up even more. Death stare, tongue slightly protruding.

 	Girl 1: Fights and pushes Girl 2, her rival, to the floor. Girl 1 presses her foot/stiletto on her rivals throat. Girl 2 begs for mercy - like "No! Please! No!" Before Girl 1 presses her foot down on Girl 2's throat to 'foot strangle' her. Again, leg kicking, gagging sounds, tongue out, upskirt panty shots. Again, dragged away by her feet to make the clothes ride up. Death stare, tongue slightly protruding.

 	Girl 2: Knocks out and drags her rival by her feet into the bathroom where there is a bath full of water. Girl 1 is held over the bath where she begs for mercy. Again, something like "No! No! Please! No!". Her head is pushed under water to drown her. Girl 2 lifts Girl 1's head out of the water a few times to make her suffer which means her victim begs for mercy each time (No! Please! No!) while Girl 2 taunts her about her pending death. Again, lots of leg kicking, upskirt panty shots, wet blouse/jacket. Clothes all ruffled up in the struggle. Once drowned Girl 1 is turned over into her back so she is arched over the side of the bath with her head and arms in the water. Death stare.

 	Girl 2: pulls a gun on her rival and shoots her in the kneee making Girl 1 collapse. Girl 1 is on the floor dragging herself away. She is on her back, legs slightly apart to show panties, she's shaking her head frantically and lifting one hand up as if to shield herself from the coming bullet. Again, she begs for mercy, "No!... No!..... Please! No!" Before being shot in the forehead. Blowing her back to the floor dead. Arms above head. Dragged away by her feet so clothes again ride up. Death stare.

 	Camera then cuts back to both girls in the office with wry smiles on their faces.



Starring: Xena and Max



The contract killer Xena is hired by a company that develops male clones for use in silent combat. The company wants to verify that their clones are working properly. For this they have hired a contracted murderer diagnosed as clinically crazy, who has the reputation to strangle her victims sadistically and thereby to feel sexual arousal.

The details of where the killer finds her victim (room number and picture of her assignment) are in the letter. Xena looks at the picture and says to herself that she will enjoy killing the two clone.

Xena puts on her killer outfit, a bikini slip to tie, a leather bra, tight wetlook leather pants, black leather boots and a black leather jacket.

She puts on black tight leather gloves and open her leather jacket. She takes her tat tool, a garotte with wooden handles out, stands in front of a mirror, this puts itself the garrot around the neck and pulls over, imagining how she will strangle the first clones. Then she puts her hands around her own neck, then her seal image, imagining herself strangling the second clone.

1. Clone
The contract killer stands in front of the door of the hotel room where her first clone victim is, she takes a fake key from her pocket and softly opens the door.The room is still empty. She hides behind a curtain (or similar). Suddenly, the first clone comes unsuspecting into the room. The contract killer creeps up behind him and puts the garrot around his neck and pulls tight. The clone tries to fight back, but the killer is much stronger. As the resistance slowly fades, she throws him on the bed, sits on him and clamps his arms under her legs. Then she puts the garrote around his neck again and pulls tighter and tighter.The clone is fighting and it looks like it is getting weaker, but it manages to break free. Xena pulls the clone back, sits back on him, tucks his arms under her legs and now puts her hands around his neck and presses until she kills him and saliva comes out of his mouth and his tongue sticking out of his mouth . He defends himself but has no chance against them. Then she calls her client and tells him that she killed the first clone and that it was still too weak despite the fight and that she enjoyed strangling him. Then she says, hopefully the second clone is a little stronger and laughs.

2. Clone
The second clone seduces her and goes with him to the room where she is undisturbed. She slowly undresses, puts on her leather boots and leather gloves. Then she pushes him on the bed and rides him wildly. She chokes him while fucking first spelerich with her hands and enjoys the sex. Then she takes her garrote out of the leather jacket that she has put on in the meantime. She puts the garrote around the neck of the second clone and tightens it, choking him with it. He fights hard against it and Xena pulls tighter and tighter and enjoys looking him in the eye. He slowly gets weaker and she lets it loose for a moment and says to him that she gives him another chance then pulls tight again, he tries to prevent her from doing so, can put his hands around her neck for a moment, but is already too weak, like that that he has no chance and gives up and Xena finally strangles him while he is still twitching and saliva flows from his mouth. Then pull it tighter until his tongue is limp and she is sure that he is dead.

After she is finished, she lifts him on the bed and puts hims hands around each end of the garrote still wrapped around her neck. It looks as though he is still trying to strangle himself in death. Then she masturbates on his corpse.

After killing the clones, she calls her client and tells him that she also killed the second clone and that it was stronger than the first, but still had no chance and she was able to strangle him with her Garrote. On the phone, she describes in detail how she killed both clones. Then she asks her client for new instructions and a job to test even more clones and then strangle them too until they are strong enough to prevent them. Xena receives the new instructions and prepares for her new jobs

The victims should shrug and defend themselves properly against. Xena and in the end saliva should run out of the mouth so that it looks even more real.Then she masturbates on his corpse.

Everything happens in front of a large mirror.

Outfit of Xena: lingerie (Bikini string, leather bh), black leather jacket, tight leather wetlook leggings, belt, black leather boots and very short gloves.

Please again about 20 minutes.



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