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    Crime House - MAD FAN

    Clip Description

    Fetish Elements:
    Sexy boots, white mini skirt, black leather jacket
    Death Fetishes:
    Manual Strangulation, Garrote Strangulation, Choking, Fighting for the life, Many legs kicking and jerking in different poses, kissing before death vore legs views, death stares

    A rock singer comes back to her hotel exhausted after a concert. She still wears the clothes she had used for her appearance: Black knee-high leather boots, black net tights, a short white fabric mini skirt and a fashionable black leather jacket, including a black leather top. In her hotel room, she orders some sandwiches at room service. Meanwhile, a mad fan had sneaked into the hotel. He has noticed her order in the kitchen, dressing up as a waiter and bringing her the food to the room. When he enters, she doesn't notice the deception. He musters her from top to bottom, watches all her steps and is greedy for her. She sits down, starts eating and looks at him questioning. Suddenly, her phone rings. She goes to the desk and gets in touch. He follows her, then touches her ass and waist from behind. She turns around, yells at him and gives him a resounding slap. Immediately, he attacks her. A hard battle while standing begins. Then he bumps her to the ground, sits down on her. He holds her arms: "You dirty slut, what are you doing now? You're mine! ' She screams, kicks him, can free herself and tries to reach the door. He gets up, follows her, grabs her, turns her over and boxes his fist in her face. She staggers, falls to the ground. She moans, is all dazed. Then he steps with his foot still in your stomach. She screams, writhes in pain. Crawling, she tries to reach her phone. He takes his belt, puts it around her neck from behind and pulls slowly. She fights back, barely gets any air left. Just before her end, he stops, kisses her, then pulls the belt firmer again. He does that twice. After that, he knows no mercy. He pulls more firmly the belt. She's fighting for her life, getting weaker and weaker, starting to wheeze. Eventually, she dies in agony with her eyes wide open. He gets up and leaves her lifeless body in the hotel room

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    Clip Duration:      12 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4637.74 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - MAD FAN

    Crime House - MAD FAN

    Crime House - MAD FAN

    Crime House - MAD FAN

    Crime House - MAD FAN

    Crime House - MAD FAN
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«All the girls were fantastic! Clothing, film quality, camera angles were all great! Good work! »
Customer’s Review 

Special Offer: Purchase it today just for 21$! Basic Price is 29$ for this long show full of effects and deadly-illusions! Don’t miss this pantyhose lawlessness!!!
Models: Judy, Maria A, Annabelle, Yana, Kate Steals
Fetish Elements: 
40 minutes of great pantyhose death scenes!
All kinds of pantyhose manipulations: taking on, taking off, redressing, brown pantyhose, white pantyhose, black pantyhose
Lots of foot fetish: foot masturbating, foot fetish lesbian games, foot in vore and peril situations!
Females in Peril: capture, falling  through the earth, floor-swamp, flying to the sky, loosing shoes during peril-death 
Furniture eating girls with much legs scenes, foot-scenes, cannibal scenes, vore scenes 
Manual Hanging Scene
Garrote Strangulation Scene
Theatre Grotesque Death Emotions: from happiness to fear, surprise, death stares with opened eyes and tongue out 
Great Bodypile in pantyhose! 
Scene 1: girls are sitting down in a room waiting to audition for a dance role. They are talking to each other when the camera tells them they need to introduce themselves and show off their body. They are all told they need to look uniform so to take off their pantyhose they have on and  put on the tan pantyhose that is on the table for them. After they each put on their tan pantyhose do the following: (please get some close ups of them changing from black or white pantyhose into the tan pantyhose-especially Judy) 
- Have the girls start off sitting. Individually, have the camera start with a close up of them taking off their shoe,model their feet and legs and pan up to their waist. When the camera gets there have the girl stand up and lift her skirt to show their butt then pan to their face and have each girl say their name and blow a kiss
- They are told they will do different dances. All the girls are told to dance at the same time however they want. ( get close ups of feet, legs, and face) next, they are told to dance sexy( more close ups). Then they are told to line up and tap dance ( I liked your Mr. Sandman song from the 3rd video). They dance for a little while with some closeups of them, then they start to disappear (please get closeups of feet and face as they go and each girl screaming or yelling with their voice fading away as they disappear . Make sure they lose shoes as they disappear) 
- a hook comes out and grabs Annabelle pulling her out of her shoes and off screen.
- girls become scared and stop dancing, they are told to start again 
- Close up of Steals feet dancing, then her face looking scared. She throws her arms in air and falls through the floor
- The 3 girls go to the floor and look down where she fell to see if they see where she went. Then they start to dance again and force themselves to smile
- Next Yana floats away (long close up of feet coming out of shoes)
- The girls look up and then dance. A hook comes out to grab Maria. She grabs Judy’s hands and asks “me?” Judy let’s go and says “you”. Maria is pulled out of shoes and off camera
- Judy dances and celebrates  and blowing a kiss to the camera. Then she looks scared and waves “goodbye” and she floats out of her shoes and away 

Scene 2: vore scene. (You did a great job with the table and blanket. I really liked the scenes where Vika and Judy were eaten and pulled in on their backs with wiggling feet. Please use table and blanket again )

The girls are back in the room sitting down. They are talking about what happened during the dance. The camera tells them that none of them qualifies for the role. They all look sad and beg for another chance. Judy stands up and shows her butt saying “look how sexy I am!” The camera tells them it’s ok, he has good news. That if any of them can stay in the house all night long they can win the role. They ask why is that so hard? The camera tells them the house is haunted. They discuss it with each other and all agree. The camera tells them “good luck”

The girls decide to all stay together. They start to joke. Annabelle says “I think I have the nicest butt” she pulls up her skirt and shows it off. They laugh . Judy gets up and slaps her butt. They all laugh and pull up their skirts to compare butts. Then Judy sits down, takes off a shoe and says “ I have the best legs and feet” they all take a shoe off and put their legs beside each other to compare them ( get a shot of all their legs and feet together) After this they all sit down
- Yana stands up. She says she doesn’t think the house is haunted and wants to explore it. They tell her she’s crazy and wave good bye. Yana goes to the room with the table. She hears a noise. She asks “who’s there?” She gets down on the ground to look under the blanket. Something grabs her arm and begins to pull her under. Her shoes come off and she is slowly pulled under with her kicking feet the last we see
- The others girls start to wonder where Yana is. They decide to go look. Maria says she will stay. They leave,  Maria checks to see that she’s alone. When she realizes she is she starts to rub her pantyhose crotch. She gives herself pleasure but then hears a knock on the door. She goes to it “hello?” She opens the door and sees nothing. She starts to walk away and hears another knock. She sees nothing again. She turns around and asks if anyone is there. What she does not see is a rope slowly being lifted over her head. Then it starts to choke her as it pulls her to the floor. Her shoe comes off and she is dragged kicking and screaming through the door. The door shuts behind her as her feet disappear and we hear her scream. 
- The other 3 girls walk into the room with the table calling for Yana. Annabelle says “she must be back in the main room” Judy says “I think I heard Maria,  let’s go back” Steals says she will stay there in case she returns. Annabelle and Judy leave. Steals looks at the table and sees Yanas shoe. She walks to it “yana are you there?” She gets down on her knees by the table . Her arm is grabbed.  She smiles “yana is that you? Quit playing games!” Then she realizes she is being eaten and she asks for help. It slowly pulls her under as she loses her shoes and wiggles her feet until she is gone. 
- Annabelle and Judy return to the main room. They both sit on the couch. Judy says “ I bet they all left. It’s just ya two.” Annabelle says “that is not bad” with a smile and slips off her shoes and puts them on Judy’s lap. Judy likes it and takes off her skirt. Judy then takes off her shoes and puts them on Annabelle’s lap. Annabelle takes off her skirt too. Both women rub each others crotch with their pantyhose feet and give each other an orgaism. When they finish they hear a scream. The stand up and act scared. From the waist down they now only wear their pantyhose. they walk into the room with the table. Get a Close up of their legs as Annabelle trips over Maria’s body laying on the floor dead. Judy helps her up and They see Maria’s lifeless body being pulled under the table, they watch until her feet are swallowed and run from the room.  They run into the main room. They are panicked. They try to get out but the doors won’t open. Judy bumps into the trashcan. She reaches down to move it and her arm is grabbed. It slowly starts to pull her in. Annabelle tries to help. She grabs her feet but cannot hold on and let’s go and falls down. She watches Judy’s legs kick and feet wiggle as she cries for help until Judy is gone. Annabelle runs to the door which opens. She runs to the room with the table. She looks around the table  calling Yana and Steals. She gets yanked down and pulled under the table legs first. She struggles and pulls herself free. She now runs back to the main room. Annabelle goes to the trashcan to see what’s left. “Judy? Where are you?” The trash can grabs her and pulls her in head first. The last thing we see is her feet wiggling as she cries for help 

Scene 3. All the girls are pilled-on top of each other in a stack. They can be top less or not but no skirts or shoes, only pantyhose 


And Just For 10$!!

Brave Cowgirl: Lilia
Villain Girl: Maya
Tournament #1 winner: Luiza
Tournament#2 looser: Yana
Cowgirl’s Boyfriend: Alex

Fetish Elements: 
Shooting, Duel, Cowgirls, Bargirls, Jeans, Hat, Realistic weapon, shooting to the heart, surprise reaction, postmortem views 
From Customer Review
«After this the world never be the same, after this some dreams came true....

Your cowgirl video 1 is absolutely stunning!
Thank you that it was made in a promised short time and some great parts of film are extra (i. e. one more short girls’ gunfight and cowgirl being horny at the moment she is watching their duel).

I hardly can choose what props and elements are the best. Just everything is wonderfull – the clothes of the girls like their tight trousers, boots, hats, elegant blouses, guns. 

Simply all the intentions and wishes are fully realized, the desired atmosphere is achieved. The both girls are beautiful, very tender. They perfectly express their characters – eagerness and naivety of the “spoiled” cowgirl and experience, calm and arrogance of the villain. The concentration before the fight, surprise of the loser, quick death scene and (again) the winner’s calmness. All  this is perfectly played». 


In some saloon in the south of Texas a young cowgirl sits. She wears tight, light brown leather trousers with elegant black boots and a very tight satin white blouse put into the trousers. At her waist there is a gun holster. 

In this village a dead or alive competition takes place. Its winner will get a big sum of money at the end. But first each participant of this tournament must go through the several deadly gunfights (three rounds) in order to kill the opponents, get to the final, beat the last rival and win the prize. On the door of the saloon there is a big notice which announces the competition. 

The young cowgirl decided to participate in this hazardous tournament. 
She is the youngest daughter of a rich landlord so she is also a little bit spoiled. She starts to be bored with her comfortable life and desires to have some risky adventure. So when she was announced about this competition she immediately decided to participate in it.  She has always been skilled at gun shooting but so far she fired just on nonliving targets or she hunted animals so she finds this competition as a good opportunity to try shooting in some more exciting way. 

Now in the saloon she waits for the first round of the tournament. 

And well.... she is not scared at all..... instead of being nervous she rather feels very horny. Even now when the decisive moment has arrived she cannot help considering this precarious gunfight just as ane erotic fun for her.  

So she sits frivolously in the chair with her legs put widely apart and drinks some whisky that is on the table beside her. And she cannot resist touching and stroking slightly her lap and inner sight of her thighs. Then she slowly unfastens one more button on her blouse. Her charming throat and gentle chest so far fully revealed is now exposed even more provocatively. And she continues touching her throat and chest tenderly with her eyes delightfully narrowing and being full of irresistible desire. 

During these sensitive whiles her boyfriend enters the saloon. When she sees  him she immediately stops playing with herself and sets the look of good girl. But her blouse stays unfasten..... 
Anyway... she is not much impressed by her boyfriend. He does not represent a true man for her. She rather treats him like a younger brother.... But he is worried about her girlfriend and tries to warn her. 

A female villain is the first opponent of our young cowgirl. 
The villain is a gorgeous young woman too. She is in a tight black blouse, light blue jeans and boots. She is widely known as a very good shooter that has already killed a lot of people in the gunfights.

“Hi dear.... You are really courageous I must admit. But you do not have a chance!” the villain says to the young cowgirl. 
“Hmm.... probably I am just looking at the first victim of this whole action. My fingers are already itching” answers the cowgirl very provocatively just to challenge her rival. 

Then both female gunslingers take their guns out of their holsters. And the villain is much faster. The villain’s bullet hits the young cowgirl in her chest. When she is hit she just make very silent and short scream like she suddenly got scared of something. Then she falls on her back and is in a painfull agony. Her vital organs are damaged so her body uncontrollably jerks for a while, she gasps confusedly and then dies, her gun still lying in her hand. She has her hands and legs wide spread and her dead eyes stare emptily on the sky. Even now her dead face with open mouth has the marks of a big surprise. The blood is oozing on her chest. 

So the villain not the cowgirl slowly blows the smoke from her gun. The cowgirl’s boyfriend rushes to her lying body. But he can just see that she is dead.

The villain also slowly approaches to the cowgirl’s corpse. She kneels down to her lifeless body and she touches scornfully cowgirl’s cold chin. She takes the cowgirl’s abandoned gun and looks at it with a pleasant expression. 

“Oh, sweetheart, I can still feel the warmth of your fingers on the handle....” the villains says with a satisfied voice looking at the cowgirl’s gun.... 
“Well.... you know” continues the villain now to the desperate boyfriend. “This game is not for such rookies. She should have realized it.....What a waste, then, such a nice body....”. And she stands up and slowly leaves the place. 

And her boyfriend is not just a coward. So his thoughts starts to be filthy..... 

The elements should be:
- confidence of the young cowgirl and feeling horny before her gunfight starts that is both expressed in touching herself and also in a short dialogue with her boyfriend and playing how she blows out the smoke from her gun at the end of duel,
- cowgirl sitting on chair frivolously with her legs apart,
- kissing her boyfriend good bye when she leaves to have the gunfight, 
- her slow walking to the place of gunfight with both hands on her hips, 
- smiling at her boyfriend closely before the fight starts, 
- girls verbally provoking each other before the gunfight,
- detailed shots on the standing girls, their faces/eyes/lips and whole bodies, their legs standing wide apart, fingers ready near the handle just before the gunfight starts, “leg through” shots can also be,
- short realistic and surprised agony of the cowgirl with a short and silent scream at the beginning, gasping, body jerking, 
- lying on back, death stare, leg show, legs apart, mouth open (blood oozing from mouth possible),
- tight clothes in the cowgirl style (the young cowgirl who lose the gun battle in light blouse), waist or shoulder gun holsters, gloves, jeans, blouses etc., 
- blood on cowgirl’s chest,
- a desperate boyfriend at the end and a sarcastic talk of the female winner over the cowgirl’s corpse,
- boyfriend cannot help touching dead girl’s body (full nudity is not necessary),
- please, subtitles 

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