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    Crime House - LIKE an ANIMAL

    Clip Description

    C U S T O M
    Starring: Katya Steals and Alex
    Fetish Elements:
    A sudden attack, an attempt to escape, a shock reaction, foot-dragging, dragging over his shoulder, jerking her legs, forcing rough stripping, cutting her throat, a lot of blood, sweating, sniffing and playing with your body, eating your body, cannibalism, vampire bite, wrap the bloody corpse in film, enjoy it.

    She is a young urban woman. Her interests are social gatherings, shopping, gossip, spa salons. He is an animal, a monster, a monster, a predator man. All the ancient instincts in it. He is a vampire, a cannibal, a rapist, a butcher, a devourer. There are no ethical norms and rules in it. He absorbs his prey like a piece of meat. He is a dog, a wolf-cannibal, a hunter without borders.
    He traces her in her house. He makes his way noiselessly, like a predator, dressed only in a cellophane suit. He pounces at her suddenly, from behind, and she immediately feels like a helpless fallow deer in the tenacious pitiless paws of a hungry tiger.
    He drags her into his den. There is already prepared cellophane, so as not to stain the furniture from her blood. He zealously strips her, kisses him in the face, sniffs, snarls. Then he sharply cuts her throat with a knife, substituting her face under the fountain from her blood. She is shocked, life flows out of her with the flowing blood, her eyes are bulging, and she does not believe that this is happening to her actually. You do not need to visit safari and jungle to become a victim of an animal - a fateful fate found it in a big safe city.
    He plays with her body. Sniffs, tastes, smeared in her blood. Then he takes off the cellophane, to feel the body of her smooth helpless dying flesh. He clings to her thigh with his fangs and starts greedily to eat her leg. He enjoys raw fresh meat, then pierces his teeth in her neck and starts to drink blood. The bite revitalizes her for a moment, she realizes herself engulfed forever by the victim. She does not notice how helplessly excited, how he awakened in her the primitive female sacrificial beginning, devoured her, defeated her, killed her, ate her ...
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    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4480.53 MB

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    Crime House - LIKE an ANIMAL

    Crime House - LIKE an ANIMAL

    Crime House - LIKE an ANIMAL

    Crime House - LIKE an ANIMAL

    Crime House - LIKE an ANIMAL

    Crime House - LIKE an ANIMAL
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