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    All content is consensual and is acted out by models of legal age.

    Most Recent Crime House Videos! more
     Unhappy Birthday 3
    18 minutes

      Unhappy Birthday 3 - Unhappy Birthday 3
Starring: Nadya, Christy, Nancy, Marianna, Alex
4 deaths:
Gas in sauna
Strangulation + neck break 
Strangulation from behind on the staircase

Full Nude Bodypile on the table 
Clothes: 1)Topless 2)Sexy dress 3)Nude in stockings 4)Cocktail dress


4 Girls have fun in the big cottage.  Christy has a birthday party and she invites her friends. «What about boys?» – her friends wonder.
Christy says she has a great surprise for them.  She called her ex-boyfriend for money as a whore. Her friends are surprised how she could be in love with such disgusting man. She answered he was lucky handsome businessman but she was so bossy and had so much power at him that he has become such a insignificant person. Girls are proud of Christy  - she is real bitch who can break men!
But her ex boyfriend had his own plan. He decided to kill them all.

If you like this clip please also check another our films:
Unhappy Birthday (Our Bestseller ever)
Unhappy Birthday 2  GHOST 3
    8 minutes

      GHOST 3 - GHOST 3
Starring: Nancy, Christy and Annabelle
Strangulation by invisible ghost, leg jerking, tongue out, taking off panties, sexy lingerie, death stares, bodypile
Movie with English subtitles

College student found tree dead bodies of girls in the room in sorority. All thought it was overdose. But when police examined bodies they  saw  traces of choking.
We can see that tragic night in the room. It was not maniac  - it was invisible ghost-strangler. He strangled them one by one…

If you like this movie please check
Ghost 2
     Strange Day
    13 minutes

      Strange Day - STRANGE DAY
Fetish elements:
Shooting by silencer, noir, contract killer theme, white blouses, elegant death scene, long death scene, 

Two sisters was preparing to university. Their mother and father went away, so they were alone in the flat. They knew that the guy from neighborhood should come in and check the electricity. He was electric. 
He liked the younger sister till his school years. 
But it was very bad and very strange day. Killer came to sisters’ flat and killed them from silencer. 
The younger sister opened the door being sure it was the neighbor guy but it was a killer with a gun. She made brilliant surprised reaction before death. 
The older sister went out of her room and being shot to death by killer too. 

When the electric came, he saw terrible scene. The girl he liked was dying with a bullet in her left breast.

If you like this movie please check out
Betty Golden Collection
One killer for two sisters
Lawyer, lawyer 2
    26 minutes

      SMOKING KILLS MEDLEY - Starring: Pola, Nika, Mary, Nata

Fetish elements:
Shooting Stabbings Last smoke before death Smoking cigarettes
Searching for the flash card, touching and stripping dead body
Shooting to the chest, dying in the bath, full nude, smoking girls, dying girl with cigarette, agony, death stare, long death from shooting, silencer gun
The room where crime woman is hidden. She is sitting at her PC and she is searching at the google map location where her organization is going to hit. She is going to the window and she is smoking a cigarette.
We show the killer who takes her photo and sees her location in his devise. He shoots her to the chest when she is smoking cigarette. When she is falling, the smoke comes out of her mouth. The cigarette is still is her hand. She is still alive.
Killer sits down near her and asks some questions about the organization. She answers, coughing. The killer takes a cigarette and gives her to the mouth to let her do some tightening with smoke. She dies with opened eyes and mouth and clods of smoke are still near her face. Killer puts the cigarette to her mouth and goes away.


Lady boss is too rude with her employee. He decides to kill bossy bitch. She is smoking a sigarette during her death. The smoke is going out her wounded belly.
Lusty sexy spy had a hard day in her dirty work. Now she can relax in the bath with a cigarette. But killer surprises her in her bath  - where she’s so helpless, so nude and wet. It’s her private territory  - she can’t do anything to save her life. He is quickly as an animal. Silencer noise  and… hard pain in her chest! Shot… but not dead yet. She is in deadly agony. Killer hates when girls smoke. He decides to have fun with her bad habit and suggests her have her last cigarette while she’s dying!

Starring: Nata
Woman  was smoking a cigarette near the window and gets a bullet from the sniper.
    14 minutes


Starring: Nancy, Pola and Charlie

Strangulation in the car and great Hanging scene in the forest!

Beautiful road horror movie!

Fetish elements:

Strangulation in the car, legs jerking, death stare, tongue out, trying to escape, forced to stropped for full nude, hanging on the tree (full nude!), carrying, putting bodies to the car trunk



Pola and Nancy are hitch-hitchers. They are walking by the country road searching for a car to travel to the town. They saw an ad where the robber was wanted. Regard was 50 000$.

Once, a car is moving. They are happy. A man agrees to hitch up them to the town. When they are inside the car, the driver  suggests them sex for money. They see his face – he is the robber from the ad! They blackmail him and asks for money or they call cops.

He stops the car and starts to strangle Pola. Nancy escapes from the car and runs to the field and then to the forest. The robber slowly strangles Pola to her death and runs for another girl.

He seeks her in the forest. She realizes she is in the deadly trap and starts to strip for full nude to make the man kind to her. She suggests him to fuck but it’s too late. He hangs her in the tree.

He carries dead nude bodies to the car trunk…


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Agent strangled in her car

Businesslady strangled in her car

House of 8 corpses (part 2)

Handcuffed and hanged

All our hanging clips  Little Red Riding Hood
    6 minutes

      Little Red Riding Hood - Little Red Riding Hood
Starring: Red Hood and the Wolf
Little Red Riding Hood, chasing,  stalking, animal attach, torment, tear-claws blood, gore, wounds, death stare, truing to escape

Beautiful horror adult fairytale about last walking of  Little Red Riding Hood in night forest full of beasts.
     ARCHER 2
    20 minutes

      ARCHER 2 - ARCHER 2
Three girls were hinted and arrowed to death!
Fetish elements:
Clothes: boots, bikini
Death fetishes: arrow shots, belly stabbings, pulling out arrows from the flesh, bodypil, bondage by hands, long deaths, running away, trying to escape

3 sexy exotic dancers were just walking and having fun where the archer (well known from THE ARCHER movie) decided to go for hunt…

If you like the movie
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And also
    15 minutes

      CALL GIRL - CALL GIRL (custom clip)

Clip with Special Offer! Purchasing it just now!

Starring: Mary and Alex

A guy invites call0girl for some role playing in choking games.

He looses control!

Choking for knocking out!

Suffocation for knocking out

Games turning to real strangulation!

Stripping panties during strangulation!

Much limp fetishes!




Girl is escort ordered for fun. She ok to play. Many chokeout in different positions--between each choke, girl rests/recovers on bed. At first she is excited and gets into it, but later gets more scared. Bed or couch as prop. Girl is ok with rough and wants to please, but he will go too far. Main positions: girl standing, then sitting on edge of bed, then lying on bed in different positions for most. Alot of close crotch/ass views. Starts out with the red tights/ bikini type top, then topless, then down to panties at end. Camera views are action when being choked and when asleep/resting. I put “dialog” english but no problem doing all in russian or whatever language...same point. This is rough...not need exact. Outfit red tights (1 below), V style panties (pink, white shiny, black--2 below), tight bikini/sports type top (no pic) Girl walks in ready for fun. Says..“Frank says you can do WHATEVER you want” Camera view close, low, looking up...she smiles and runs hands up and down her body. Shes liking it. Slowly takes her top off. Spins...nice crotch and ass shot. GIRL “what do you want to do to me?” Sits on edge of bed, legs spread. Smiling. Camera shots between knees low looking up (crotch to head) and side view. Man sits behind. Rubs shoulders, she loves..getting into it..opening and closing legs. MAN says, “I gonna choke you a little”. GIRL “mmmm”. He puts hands around her throat and squeezes. She slowly goes from excited to scared (no tongue out when choking). Jerks and moves legs. 30 seconds atleast of this, she slowly passes out and he lets her drop back on to bed.Man to camera “I know I said you could have her but you know I like to wear them down a little first and play a little”. Nice moving closeup of her on back asleep..feet up to head..slow. Breathing. He sits behind and wakes her up. She smiles, runs her hands up and down her body, digging into her crotch. GIRL “mmmmm, ...i’m yours. Do you want me? Please”. He puts his hand around her neck and slowly starts squeezing. SIDE STRANGLE (like pic below) She likes and arches legs-pushing forth. She goes from moving sexy to panic scared. Slowly passes out and legs drop. Nice crotch shot (like pic) of her breathing. Slow body pan from feet up to head. He again wakes her up with light slap. She smiles, tired/scared, but still willing to play. GIRL,“Can we have fun now?” She runs her hands up and down body. Turns over on belly. He rubs her ass (or she does) and she loves it, moving ass into air. She moans and gets into it more. He shoves her head into pillow, so she can’t breathe. BELLY STRANGLE. Now shes arching her body up and down, like shes fucking the bed.kicking, struggling, starting to twitch. Long struggle to slowly drop. Nice ass shot and body pan as she asleep. He rubs her shoulders, ass and turns her over. She slowly wakes..scared but trying to please...weak smile--still thinks playing. Grabs by shoulders...TO CAMERA “see she's still good.” Rolls over to back and sits behind her. He whispers to her “hold your breathe again sweetie” and puts hands loose around neck. She smiles and says “why don’t you stop playing and fuck me now”, runs hands down body. This makes him mad. He squeezes hard and she jerks quickly. MOSTLY STRANGLE ON BACK. He sits behind and hands around throat. her legs apart. low crtch looking up. hands on throat. tighter. struggle...legs open closed..arching alittle...gasping. She quickly starts twitching..hands clenched. He holds her until she collapses breathing and arching hard but still awake and moving he laughs. Pulls off her pants while she squirms. he runs hands down and up her body...then back to neck. tight again. Pulls her up sitting up... She scared, but tries to be sexy. GIRL “you wouldnt hurt me, that would be such a waste. Take me”. He squeezes hands on neck again, this time HARD and pulling her up. Twists neck slow and up, she struggles, legs spasming. Slow crack as he tries to break her neck, lets her fall back on bed. She falls back on back but not dead, just paralyzed. Breathing hard, legs twitching, arms flailing/moving. He watches her helpless as she twitches on back, he rolls her to belly to see/grab her ass, then back on back again(camera pan body, crotch, ass). Realizes he has to finish her. MAN ”this is so sad, cant leave you like this sweetie, you missed out frank”. Runs hands slowly down her twitching body. Sits behind and clamps hand over mouth/nose so she cant breathe her eyes bug and twitches become frantic. She arches up but cant do anything else. helpless. slowly slows , twitch slows..more crtch. He lets her go and watches her twitches/moves slow and stop. She is done. Her eyes are open dead. He lifts head up once, runs hands on her body and lets her drop to make sure.
    21 minutes


Full way from sexy girl to roast meat


Rich prelude before cannibal eating


Cut throat

Eating, bloody naturalistic eating

Full way from sexy girl to roast meat



Two sexy rich girl invite a student to their house. Poor girl thinks they are repetitors and wants to study Italian language. But they are cannibals…  HOUSE OF 8 CORPSES part 2
    19 minutes

Part 2
Starring: Veronica, Nancy (NEW!), Christy, Hass,  Alex, Kit, Charlie, Nadya, Annabelle, Marianna, Pola
Great Bodypile Strangulation, choking, car strangulations, stockings, body carrying, red dress, trying to catch the phone,  leg jerking, tongue out, sexy lingerie, strangulation from behind, great crying and shouting before being strangled,  stripping dead body, death stares

8 Girls missed during their corporative travelling to the hunter cottage. All of them were strangled for strange rich man’s order. This story shows first 4 murder scenes. 

Marianna  was choked on sauna
Pola was strangled in the garden
Annabelle was garroted in her car 
Nadya was choked on washing machine
All bodies were placed in the HUGE BODIPILE 

If you like this movie please check
HOUSE OF 9 CORPSES (All 3 Parts!)

    Random Crime House Clips more
    10 minutes


Starring: Aleksandra, Erika Korti, Christy, Kit
Cruel Games
Bondaged stripping with teeth
Shooting to the mouth
Russian Rolette
Shot by gun
Nude content
Putting rea package to dead mouth
Putting sweets to dead mouth
Courage with dead bodies
Death Stares
Young couple visit their friends to have a cup of tea. But when the girls sees the weapon and money she changes to the crazy evil bitch. Crazy tea party begins!
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UNCLE JOE  Crazy Casting
    19 minutes
      Crazy Casting - Both parts
6 deaths
shooting stories
Playing with bodies 

In the first part 3 female singers are shot during casting.
In the second part 3 fe,ale casting producers are shot by singer.
     Foot Fetish Maniac
    19 minutes
      Foot Fetish Maniac - FOOT FETISH MANIAC

When a woman was sleaping in her bedroom, foot fetish maniac entered the room. He touched her feet and tickled. First she enjoyed it ******** but when she  **** up she was in panic, but he catches her legs. Attacked her and ckoked. Then he started to caress her dead body, her legs and feet. He opened a wardrobe, found her cocks, white stockings  and stockings with flesh color. She was his dead doll, just a toy and he started to try to her socks and stockings, massage her dead feet…

All  19 minutes you can enjoy ************* scenes and much dead games with leg-fetish and foot-fetish attention!

Fetish elements:

*************, red sexy lingerie. ******** ****, dead ****, death stare, legs kicking, different dead poses, foot fetish, white stockings, stockings, socks, dead feet massage, body touching, playing with dead body.  

DON’T miss our another ************* great work with many fetish surprises –


Price: 14.00
Run Time: 19:00 minutes
File Size: 450 MB	Format: .MP4  Star
    11 minutes
      Star - Pop star


amazing angelina


two new actresses:

russian and italian actress and  fashion model pola


 angelina plays famous but stupid pop-star. She is in the cottage with her pr-manager (pola) and image-maker (juliana). They are discussing new concert and pr-campaign when mad fan with gun breaks in the room  and shoots poor pola to the chest.

when pola is dying other **** are in stupor. The next ****** is juliana: she gets a bullet to her stomach and slowly dies on the bed. Then the maniac puts angelina’s throat and strangkles her on the bed. He takes her bra as a fan’s fetish element, takes ****’s bodies and makes a bodypile on the floor.

 fetish elements in pola’s death scene:

character: business ****, rich ****

look: white blouse, black office skirt, high heels.

death scene: one bullet shot to her chest, surprised reaction. She stands up in stupor, falls to her knees first and than falls to the floor.

fetish elements in juliana’s death scene

character – young , a little bit stupid ****

look: very jeans micro shorts and white t-shirt

death scene – surprise, taking a bullet to her stomach, agony, dying with surprised face

fetish elements in angelina’s death scene:

character: very rich glamourous pop-star

look expensive lingerie

death scene  - long  manual **********, legs kicking, tryong to escape, panic, tongue out, death stare

postmortem manipulations  - stripping dead body, making bodypile

fetish elements: shooting, *************, death stares, death reactions, fear, horror, *****, shooting to the chest, shooting to the stomach, sexy clothes, legs, bodypile

price: 15.00
run time: 11:00 minutes
file size: 400 mb	format: .Mp4
category: shooting, **********
    13 minutes


Nata is stabbed by intruder. This fetish clip shot in POV style. No blood effects, just stabbings. 
1 scene – Nata is stabbed many times  during kitchen cleaning 
2 scene  - Nata is stabbed in her head during washing dishes
3 scene  - Nata is stabbed in her back in the kitchen 
4 scene  - Nata is stabbed many times during her web-surfing on her bed
5 scene  - Nata is stabbed in her heart. Quick death
6 scene. Nata commits suicide with her knife stabbing herself many times in her stomach and breasts
7 scene. Nata was stabbed in her heart incidentally
8 scene. Nata stabs herself to her neck 
9 scene (bonus) Nata was poisoned by milk. Very sexy reaction and death stare

If you like how Nata plays death please go to
And check out 7 deaths of spy  RUNAWAY
    12 minutes

Starring: Nadya, Christy, Hass

Custom Movie


It is new word in shooting genre by Crime House

We decide to change our shooting style and make it very realistic, dynamic, smart and very sexy special for shooting lovers!


Two girls ran away from a rich man. He loved Hass but she and her friend stole his money from bank card and ren away to the small time. They stayed in a little motel where he couldn’t find them. They are sitting in cheap café to celebrate their victory. But contract killer find them…

We have 3 scenes made in slow motion to let you look all detail of this shooting execution. We see how bad girls are scared. Christy tries to run away and kiler shoots to Hass’s breasts. Poor girl turns in deadly jumping and falls over the table. Killer comes to her, shoots to her chest one more time and treats Christy.

Christy is in panic. She repeats: «No, no please!» but killer shoots her. Bullet makes her fly to her back. Killer shoots her to the mouth.

Young sexy waitress comes to the café. Killer doesn’t need any witnesses. He shoots her to her chest.

Killer stripes bodies to stay them in sexy exentric  body pile.


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    Welcome to Crime House
    Crime House Fantasy Studio (also Crime House & Crime House and Dark Rooms) is independent production company with female death fetish orientation. Crime House does very erotic stuff, but not porn. Why we advice to offer our videos? 1. SEXY VICTIM-ACTRESSES ONLY 2. REALISTIC DEATH SITUATIONS 3. GREAT ACTING 4. CSGFX EFFECTS 5. NEW MODELS EVERY WEEK 6. ALL DEATH FETISH GENRES 7. NOT PORN BUT VERY-VERY EROTIC AND HOT 8.RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPE HOT MODELS 9. WE DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY SEXY DEATH 10. ALL MOVIES ARE MADE IN VERY HIGH QUALITY

    Featuring 300 Clips / 4738 minutes of video!

    Recently Added Clips - Click To See The Full List! more
      Unhappy Birthday 3

    Unhappy Birthday 3

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      GHOST 3

    GHOST 3

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      Strange Day

    Strange Day

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      Little Red Riding Hood

    Little Red Riding Hood

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      ARCHER 2

    ARCHER 2

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      HOUSE OF 8 CORPSES part 2

    HOUSE OF 8 CORPSES part 2

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      HOUSE OF 8 CORPSES part 1

    HOUSE OF 8 CORPSES part 1

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      Massacre Of Maids

    Massacre Of Maids

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      Family Affair

    Family Affair

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      Spy Stories 1 2

    Spy Stories 1  2

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