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    Crime House - JUDI IS A KILLER

    Clip Description

    Cast: Judi, Max, Alex
    ęI'm surprised on the attention to detail. This is exactly how I imagined every scene. Thanks a lot.Ľ
    Customerís Review

    Judi is a prostitute that was hired by a mafia boss. In reality, she is an assassin and her mission is to kill that man. The clip opens with Judi and the mafia boss entering a house. In the living room, the bossís bodyguards are just chilling there. The boss brags about the woman he is going to fuck and tells his bodyguards to look at her. The bodyguards start talking dirty to her and asking her to remove her clothes. They even started groping her and harassing her. Although Judi was uncomfortable with that situation, she played along, trying to not look intimidated. The boss ordered her remove her clothes while dancing, and the bodyguards were all hyped about that. She did just that, but as she was getting off her bra, the boss ordered her to stop, arguing that he would be the only one to see her naked. The bodyguards were disappointed, but the boss didnít care and told them to stay vigilant while he took Judi to a room to have some fun. Once both were inside, the boss locked the door, sat on the bed and with a gun on his hand and ordered Judi to continue the erotic dance. Judi obeyed and took her bra off and after a little more dancing, she finally removed her panties and continued dancing while fully naked, with only her high heels on. The boss was really turned on and Judi was aware of that. She knew the man had completely lost his judgement and that the time to attack was close. Judi walked close to him, grabbed him by his hands and pulled him towards her, making him stand right in front of her. Then Judi kissed the man. Now the boss was turned on even more. While still kissing him, Judi slammed his balls with a knee thrust. The man bent over in paint and then Judi slammed his face with another knee thrust. The guy fell to the floor, semi-unconcious. Wasting no time, Judi sat on top of him, locked his arms with her legs, and started strangling him with her bare hands. Since the guy was not very strong and was already weak because of the blow to his head, he was unable to get her off him. He resisted though. He struggled with a lot of strength, trying to push her away. Judi had a hard time keeping her grip on his neck, but as the seconds passed, the man got weaker. Finally, after a brief period of seizures and drooling, the boss was dead. Meanwhile, in the living room, one of the bodyguards heard a lot of noise coming from the room and decided to go check what was going on. Judi hadnít even caught her breath back when she heard the bodyguard knocking the door. Since the boss was not answering, the bodyguard got desperate and started to knock harder and asking for his bossís response in a louder, more desperate way. Judi was nervous. She knew she had no time to dressed, so she grabbed the bossís gun, loaded it, and waited behind the side of the bed while crouching, so if the bodyguard managed to enter, he wouldnít see her right away. The bodyguard forced the door and entered with his gun ready to fire. He looked down and saw his boss was dead. While he was still looking at him, Judi got up from behind the bed and fired many shots at the guy, (here, I would like to see Judi shooting him with camera right behind her, so we can see her body on one side of the screen and on the other the guy being shot. The point of this scene is to see that this guy is being killed by a beautiful, naked woman). The bodyguard didnít have the time to react. With his back against the wall, he was moaning in pain and started to slowly slide down the wall (here, before he starts going down, I would like to see a really short scene of Judi reloading her gun while we hear the guy moaning in pain. Then I would like to see a static scene with the camera on the floor, in which we see the guy sliding down the wall and then writhing in the floor on one side of the screen, and on the other, Judi walking towards the door, getting ready to get into an another gunfight with the rest of the bodyguards, waiting for them while holding her gun and taking cover with her back against the wall. The point of this scene is to see that guy in pain and dying and that Judi doesnít even have time to care about the man she just fatally wounded. She most go on). The living room was completely silent. It was obvious the other bodyguards heard the gunfight. While still taking cover, Judi looked into the living room to see if the guys were there. They were not, so she decided to leave her cover and hunt them down. As soon as she was exposed one of the bodyguards opened fire at her. She quickly got back in cover and started firing back. After a brief gunfight, Judi shot the guy in the balls. The bodyguard dropped his gun due to the shock and bent over, screaming in pain and terror to what that beautiful woman just did to him. He fell on his knees while still bleeding, but the gunfight continued (again, while this happens I would like a scene where the guy is just dying there and Judi keeps fighting the other guy). The last bodyguard was really skilled. He forced Judi to leave her position and almost shot her before she got cover again behind the corner of a wall. The guy got overconfident. He had killed a lot of tough men before, therefore, a beautiful naked woman would be no match for him. He walked towards her position without care. Judi was taking cover just next to the corner of a wall, and as soon as the guy turned her way, she grabbed him and shot him point blank many times in the stomach while still holding him. Moaning in pain, weakened and dying, the guy slowly slid down Judiís naked body, trying to grab her in order to stay up while she looked down at him with anger and disgust (here, I would like to see Judi adopting a sexy pose. Her body must always be visible while the guys slides down on her. Also, we must see her holding the gun all the time. The point of this scene is to see the man defeated by a beautiful woman). Finally, the guy is just laying down on the floor gasping for air. Judi decides to finish him off. She puts her high heeled foot on the guyís chest in a dominant way, and ends his life with a shot to the head (this last scene I would like to have a static camera angle from the floor, where we can see the guy laying down on the bottom part of the screen and Judiís legs and lower torso rising up, and her hand holding the gun while shoots the guy). She did it. She killed 4 tough men by herself while completely naked. Now she goes to get her phone and talks to her boss (female boss). While she was telling her what happened, she heard the guy she shot on the balls still growling in pain. She told her boss to hold on, grabbed her gun again and walked towards him. The wounded guy realized she was aware he was still alive, and as she walked towards him to finish him off, he started begging for his life. Judi didnít even listen. She shot him in the head killing him, and then went back to her phone to continue talking with her boss. She hang up, took a last glance to the dead guys, and walked out the place.


    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
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    Crime House - JUDI IS A KILLER

    Crime House - JUDI IS A KILLER

    Crime House - JUDI IS A KILLER

    Crime House - JUDI IS A KILLER

    Crime House - JUDI IS A KILLER

    Crime House - JUDI IS A KILLER
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