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    Crime House - Deadly Home Invasion3

    Clip Description

    This clip has no description.

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
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    mp4433.16 MB

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    Crime House - Deadly Home Invasion3

    Crime House - Deadly Home Invasion3

    Crime House - Deadly Home Invasion3

    Crime House - Deadly Home Invasion3

    Crime House - Deadly Home Invasion3

    Crime House - Deadly Home Invasion3
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    No Rookies In The Business - It’s very fresh, beautiful, elegant, super sexy movie for everybody who like fantasies about young sexy female stabbings with great death stares, death reactions, good acting and many exotic dead-body views.

julia came home in the evening after work. She was a little bit tired after a long day in her office, so she decided to change her office look to indoor clothing. Her young body needed a rest. The next day should be very important  - the presentation of her research at the board of directors. Her parents were very proud of her! Smart and talented  indeed!

when she took of her skirt, shirt and one stocking she heard strange noise. She got nervous and went to hall to check is anything ok. But it wasn’t ok! The man with a knife rushed to her. Julia got panic, did a few steps back but the intruder caught her and stabbed two times to her stomach!

omg, hellish pain and animal fear! She… such a successful **** was stabbed by kitchen knife write to her stomach! Knife blade was deep into her body. Spaghetti eaten by her at her business-lunch, 4 coffee mugs and vegetable salad in her stomach met coarse knife, ripped her tender flesh. What was stronger - terrible pain or fatal fear of death?

she wanted to build a career, to get married and to become a ****** later. She did not want to die young. But the villain stabbed her one more time and scrolled knife. Internal bleeding and painful shock made her fall to the floor and agony. While she was twitching in her death throes, cynical killer started while in her bag. He found the research and came out leaving her still life. She was no hope for help. She was to weak to crawl to the phone. She I tried to endure the pain, but ***** flowed from her mouth and wounds, after some her last terrible moments she died. Her body was in strange ridiculous erotic pose, in one stocking, with surprised wide opened eyes to be found by her relatives.

fetish elements – stockings, ***** from mouth, gore, stabbing, surprised before death, young pretty ******, home alone situation, home invasion situations, deadly poses, agony before death.

    Deadly Home Invasion - Sexy tall russian brunette with long legs

starring: luiza, angelina and kit

two ***** live together in the flat. They are young, beautiful. Their casual lifestyle is facebook, clubs, parties, college. So, it’s typical life, it’s typical day. Angelina is using her fitness machine,  luiza is relaxing in the bed next room and chating with her friends. It’s summertime. Birds are singing sings on the street, the sun is shining so brightly! Does this pretty day look like the last day in their young lives?

a man with a gun enters *****’ flat. Angelina gets a bullet in her stomach first. Her neighbor luiza is running iut  when she hears a bang but she gets a bullet too. They are suffering in agony. Why, why this warm sunny day is so cruel for them? They ae lying on the floor and  bleeding out together. They are begging for mercy but a murder shoots them ******.

they are dead with surprised faces. Their leggy bodies are still warm and sexy. A man carries corpses to the hall, strips them and puts into the wardrobe. Birds are singing their summer songs, indifferent sun is shining for all living people but not for the ***** any more. They are dead sitting in the dark wardrobe.


fetish elements

ultra sexy jean shorts, fitness clothes, shooting, *****, begging for life, deat stares. Body dragging, postmortem stripping, touching dead bodies. 

very realistic sexy movie made in 1980-s american slashers  and italian giallo style



6 scenes

5 Girls

20 deaths

Much limp fetishes, touching bodies, erotic stimulation, female last orgasms. Non-porn at all, but very  erotic. See famous Crime House models (Luiza, Angelina, Mary, Marina, Tora) simulation their pre-death orgasms before their death.

Shooting (no blood effects, machine gunned, death by  strong orgasms, knocking out, fights )


Part 1 - Infiltration
Theme - special agent infiltrating the crime syndicate's HQ, eliminating as many enemy clone agents (girls of course) as he could find, using his power fists that will send the girls flying, or weapons like pistols, machine guns, swords, etc.. He then carefully searches some of the bodies (enjoying the touch of their sexy bodies and pantyhose-covered legs in the process) until he finds a special entry pass card on one of the dying enemy agents for entry to the next section of the HQ. He sends one of the dying clone girls' lives away by rubbing her crotch and giving her a massive orgasm before she dies.
Clothes - similar to Clones 2 - white shirt/blouse, black miniskirt, black high heels and long dark-colored sheer stockings (NOT opaque tights) or dark-colored sheer pantyhose (note - those girls wearing pantyhose don't have to wear panties)
Part 2 - Elimination
Theme - special agent uses the pass card to gain entry into an area where young clone call-girls are gathered in different rooms. Some are just relaxing in a room while others are walking around, talking to each other or sleeping in another room, and still others are playing with themselves in front of webcams as part of a paid online live chat service, the primary source of this crime syndicate's revenues. Special agent kills all of them with guns, machine guns, power fists, bare hands and arms (for strangulation), neck snaps, etc. and he also used guns to destroy the computers. In the room with the most girls in it (the webcam room), he drags / carries them to the center of the room, checks out each dying girl, opening some of their clothes, For the one or two that are not yet dead but are moaning and rolling around in pain, he interrogates them as he touches their sensitive body parts, and rubs their crotches until they give out the answer he wants (where the ringleaders are located), and then they either die after a forced orgasm or get neck-snapped by special agent. 
Clothes - casual clothes of any color; mini dresses, jean shorts, bra/bikini and panties, very short shorts, mini skirts, camisoles, heels, sneakers, flats, flip-flops, etc. (just wear something that makes them look leggy and sexy, but NO SCHOOL GIRL look or long socks)
Part 3 - Termination
Theme - special agent arrives at an office/conference room where the 5 girl ringleaders are found. No clones - they are the originals from which the clones are made. They are all shocked at how this special agent could single-handedly breach their premises and reach deep into their lair.  They all try and run for their guns. He approaches one of them (Masha please) and knocks the gun off her, and then knocking her out as he hits her head against a wall. The others try and hide behind cover to shoot him but they all miss. He shoots down 2 girls in sequence, scoring 2-3 hits on each of her chests and torso, leaving them writhing on the floor in pain. He then scores a couple of good shots on the fourth girl, sending her flying onto a table/sofa, and leaving her twitching as she dies. He tries to shoot the last girl but runs out of bullets, so he dashes to her, knocks her down and strangles her until she too is breathless and convulses. He then humiliates each of the girls, opening their clothes, touching their sexy bodies and sensitive areas. For the KO girl (the first girl - Masha) who's about to wake up, he carries her next to the safe, lays her down, removes her heels and interrogates her for the safe's password, which she refuses to give, so he tickles her hose-clad feet and legs and even her crotch and kisses her toes until she couldn't stand it anymore and gives out the password. He goes to the safe and takes the criminal evidence papers of the syndicate, while the girl silently gets up and tries to put her shoes back on to leave, only to be discovered by the special agent who then shoots her several times on her back (or snaps her neck) and she twitches and dies lying on the floor, one shoe off and one shoe on. Special agent then touches her feet and legs one more time before leaving the scene with the papers. Mission accomplished.
Clothes - sexy office girl / provocative secretary clothing, light-colored pantyhose (no panties) or stockings, high heels.
Fetish elements - death, KO, death twitches, legs kicking/convulsing, writhing in agony, moaning softly and sexily, closes eyes, opened eyes, mouth / lips open, undressing, body searches, disheveled clothing, ffondling legs,  forced orgasm before death, light foot/leg tickling to accelerate death or for interrogation, long pans of death scenes, multiple girl deaths. 
THE PRICE HAS SALES TILL MONDAY. REGULAR PRICE IS 23$ for many models, many scenes and ultra erotic content.

    Good Buy My Love - Good buy my love!
starring: pola and kit.

full nude content

it’s sad story about jealous young man and his pretty innocent girlfriend. She is in love, she is gong to marry him but once the usual domestic quarrel because of his jealousy went to far… first they fought ant then he started to ***** her. He got. He has gone mad. He ****** her very long. It took him 10 minutes long to kill his girlfriend! 10 minutes long! What a painful death! He pressed to her throat not very strongly to enjoy her trying to escape, kicking and agony more time. When she is dead he understood his terrible mistake. He striped her body for hugging and caressing her nude dead still warm body last time. Good buy, my love, good buy!

this clip made based on different fetish elements. You will see:

 - much foot fetish, feet in agony, feet kicking, dead feet

 - legs fetish, kicking legs in different position

 - face suffering  - eyes wide open, tongue out of the month, mimic, suffering, death stare

 - pov views of *************

 - dead body in different sexy poses

 - stripping dead body

 - caressing with nude corpse

 - very long ************* scene

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