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    Clip Description

    Starring: MIRA GREEN, LI, MAX, ALEX
    Two Brave Sexy Girls kill 6 men shooting, beating, stabbing and crushing their eggs to bloody mess!!!!

    «What an INCREDIBLE film!! I've watched it many times already. Just outstanding. I particularly like Mira Green's acting (played the role to perfection) as well as Max's reactions. They both really sold id. Li and Alex were wonderful as well. Thank you guys so much - I am a very happy customer!»
    Customer’s Review

    Story: Mira Green and Li serve justice against a gang of rapists. Each encounter will be one woman vs. one man. The woman will win each encounter with some sort of brutal groin attack as a finishing move.

    Actors: Mira Green and Li as vigilante women. Max and one other man (strong/tall/tough-looking actor preferred) as rapists/criminals. Each man will play the role of three criminals. Please have the men wearing different masks or balaclavas and different clothes for each role if needed.

    Location: Takes place outside (similar to Covid Massacre).

    Note for the groin attacks: The main thing that’s important to me is that the ballbusting attacks look very hard and as realistic as possible. Please make note of both points throughout the movie:
    • I would really like the actresses to kick with the momentum of her whole body to make it look like she’s putting her full force into it (not simply lifting up the leg while the rest of her body stays still). She should naturally move her arms and body as she’s kicking, and grunt/yell “hi-yaaa!” as if she is kicking for real).
    • Also, please have the woman’s foot or knee make contact from underneath his balls (not from the front like a push-kick). The male actor may wish to wear a groin cup for his safety, so that the woman’s kicks can look more painful.

    Introduction scene (1-2 minutes):

    The introduction scene is just a black screen with a few pages of text that appear on the screen. Please have a woman’s voice reading the text as it appears:

    “My city used to be peaceful and quiet. The perfect place, really.

    But lately, it has been anything but that. A gang of six notorious rapists has haunted the city. They have kidnapped over a dozen women and held them captive. Raping them, violating them, doing unspeakable things to them, until they are never the same again.

    Our corrupt justice system has turned a blind eye since the criminals are wealthy and influential. These assholes fill the pockets of the police and the judges with money.

    And so that’s where my friend and I come in. My name is Mira Green. My friend is Li. Some might say that we are just ordinary women. And they might be right. But I would say we’re smarter, tougher, more lethal...

    ...and we know exactly where to aim. This is our story of justice. This is our story of revenge.”

    (Throughout this scene, while the woman is reading, there is some ominous music in the background. Occasionally, we hear a man laughing evilly in the background. We also hear some occasional female voices crying out in the background, out of fear or pain, or pleading some lines like “No please, don’t hurt me!” “You can’t do that to me!” etc.)

    Scene 1 (4-5 minutes, starring mostly Mira Green and criminal #1 played by Max):

    Wardrobe: Mira Green and Li are wearing normal casual clothes. Both are wearing skimpy lingerie underneath. This scene will focus on Mira Green’s first encounter.

    Mira Green and Li are hiding out at the location where the rapists are.

    Mira Green: Are you ready to do this?
    Li: Of course. Are you ready?
    Mira Green: Hell yes. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.
    Li: There are six of them. Let’s split up. Three for you, three for me.
    Mira Green: You got it. I’ll meet you back here afterwards. Just be careful.
    Li: You be careful too. And Mira Green…
    Mira Green: Yes?
    Li (smiles): Make it hurt. You know where to aim to finish them off.
    Mira Green (smiling back): Of course, where else? I wasn’t born yesterday.

    Li disappears, and Mira Green sneaks up to encounter the first thug.

    Mira Green taps him on the shoulder. He turns around, surprised.

    Thug: What the hell are you doing here?!
    Mira Green: What, don’t you like what you see?

    She takes off her clothes and strips down to her lingerie. The man lets down his guard and is staring at her. She smiles at him. Suddenly, she delivers a hard front kick to his balls while yelling, “Hi-yaa!”. (Important: Camera angle must be filmed from a very low angle between the man's legs, but behind him, so that you can see Mira Green’s kicking leg coming up between the man's legs. Please remember to have the actress kicking with the full momentum of her body!)

    The man falls to the floor, grabbing his groin in pain. “You bitch!!” he yells. They begin to fight. The two of them fight for a few minutes, and are evenly matched. During this fight, there are a variety of attacks, like a normal fight. (Mira Green should perform only rare groin attacks here...mostly kicks and punches to head, face, body, etc.). Feel free to choreograph as you wish...does not have to be too complex or fancy.

    Near the end of the fight, Mira Green is finally able to stun the thug. She now gets ready to finish him off with three front kicks to the balls. (Again, please remember to have Mira Green use her whole body’s momentum to make these kicks look realistic and painful!)

    Before she does this though, she starts to remove her bra and panties so that she is nude (she can leave her shoes on if she prefers). As she is doing this, please freeze the screen and have a voice-over with Mira Green: “You might ask why I’m doing this. And the answer is simple - I want to make these assholes see what they’ll never again be able to enjoy.”

    Mira Green lands her first groin kick, and this first kick causes him to clutch his balls (he is still standing) and he moans in pain: “Ughh, you fucking bitch...”
    (Please film this first kick from any mid to low angle. The camera should be relatively close to the actors, but still able to see all of Mira Green’s face and body as she kicks. Basically showing off her face and body as she kicks.)

    Mira Green smirks (please show a close-up of her facial expression), barely gives him a few seconds to recover, and then kicks him in the balls a second time without mercy. He reacts in even more pain: “Ugghhh, my balls….my fucking balls….”
    (Camera angle for this second kick should be from a different angle.)

    A small amount of blood (CGI blood) starts to form around the pants of his crotch.
    The thug pleads: “No more, please, no more...I’m sorry…please I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry...”

    Mira Green finds his groin pain amusing and can’t help but giggle a little. Then her facial expression turns serious again, and she winds up and delivers a third and final kick (castration kick).
    Important: This kick is clearly the hardest of the three and castrates him instantly. It even lifts him off the ground a little, and a distinct crunching sound effect is heard. Please show multiple instant replays of this final kick, all from different angles. The final replay angle should be the classic low angle between the man’s legs, so that you can see Mira Green’s kicking leg coming up and also her facial expression (exact same as the very first kick early on in the scene). In each replay, Mira Green should look as if she’s putting her full force into the kick, and she should yell, “Hi-yaa!” or something similar. Upon contact, there is a small splash of blood.

    The man crumples to the floor, gasping for air and shaking slightly. A pool of blood forms around his crotch area.

    Mira Green mockingly says: “I’m pretty sure I got both of them”. Her attitude now is satisfied and smug. She walks around his quivering body slowly, with various shots showing off her body as she does this. He passes out, and she walks away, satisfied.

    Scene 2 (3-4 minutes, starring Li and criminal #2 played by Max):

    This scene will be very similar to Scene 1, with only minor differences. Li approaches criminal #2. He sees her and is defensive at first, but then Li starts to seduce him. She strips down to her lingerie. Li gets in very close, pretending she’s going to kiss him. When the man is distracted, Li knees him in the balls multiple times in a row. Each knee should be shown from a different angle, including showing a shot of Li’s face as she knees him, a shot from behind her at the level of her butt, a shot from behind the man so that you see her knee coming up, and a shot from a low angle from the side. The knees should look sudden and painful and should appear to make contact. As the man crumples to the floor, Li should have a satisfied look on her face.

    Once the man recovers, the fight and it is a more or less evenly matched. Li stuns him at the end.

    She will also finish this thug off with three groin kicks in a row (like in Scene 1). Like Mira Green, please have Li remove her bra and panties at this point. Freeze-frame while she is stripping, and have Li doing a voiceover, saying, “I never miss an opportunity to give a man one last look before I destroy him.”

    Then very similar details and similar camera angles as Scene 1’s triple groin kick. Again, emphasis on low angles (including between the man’s legs) and having the groin kicks look painful and realistic, with the foot coming up from underneath the balls. Also some CGI blood.

    After Li finishes him off, she can say something sarcastic or humiliating while walking around him slowly. A few camera shots of her body here would be nice.

    Scene 3 (starring Mira Green and criminal #3 played by Max:

    Back to Mira Green. Mira Green is now dressed in a different set of lingerie (no street clothes). She sneaks around and suddenly criminal #3 appears.

    They fight. Fights should be similar to above with a variety of attacks. However, this time, the criminal has a slight upper hand. The criminal finally appears to stun Mira Green. However, just before he knocks her out, she quickly delivers a groin kick which stuns him. She then punches him in the face several times, then gives him a harder groin kick (low camera angle). As he clutches himself, she pushes him and he falls back. Now scared of her, tries to scoot back away from her.

    Mira Green then removes her bra and panties.

    She starts walking towards him with a vengeful and determined expression (she is about to stomp on his balls to castrate him). (Please show various camera angles showing her marching towards him, including a close-up of her butt and legs as she walks, and various other angles to show off her body and attitude.)

    (Important: The camera angle is very important to me for this next scene. For this next scene, the camera should be pretty much POV from the man’s perspective (as close to the ground as possible, looking up so you can see all of Mira Green standing in front of him).
    When Mira Green gets to him, she lifts her leg up high (her knee should be close to her chest). She says, “Hope you enjoyed having your balls, asshole!” She then stomps down hard and fast on his balls, and stomps a few more times angrily. As she’s stomping repeatedly on his balls, her expression changes from angry to satisfied, until she’s smirking by the end. Finally, Mira Green turns around so her back/butt is towards the camera, and stomps down one last time on his balls. A squishing sound is heard as she grinds her foot for a few more seconds and castrates him. Please add a some CGI blood as this happens. And remember, please keep the camera angle from the man’s POV perspective for the majority of this scene (from the ground, looking upwards at Mira Green). It should look like Mira Green is stomping down with great force, with her arms/shoulders naturally moving a bit as she stomps.

    (The camera angles you used in my previous custom with Annabelle and Vika were perfect for this scene!)

    The thug passes out from the pain, with CGI blood still oozing from his groin.


    Scene 4 (starring Li and criminal #4 played by other male actor (not Max)):

    Back to Li. Li is now dressed in a different set of lingerie (no street clothes). She sneaks around and suddenly criminal #4 appears.

    Like Scene 3, they fight (feel free to choreograph as you wish) and the man has the slight upper hand. This scene should be very similar to everything in Scene 3, with Li suddenly incapacitating the man with a few groin attacks, stripping nude, walking towards him and doing a very similar stomping finishing move with CGI blood added. Similar camera angles too. Maybe Li could say something different before stomping him, like, “Time for a sex change, asshole!”

    Scene 5 (starring Mira Green and criminal #5, who has a large gun and is played by other male actor (not Max)):

    Back to Mira Green. She is now dressed in yet another different set of lingerie. She is now carrying a pistol/handgun. (Meanwhile, criminal #5 will have a large shotgun type of gun in this scene, and also a knife in his belt/back pocket).

    She is sneaking around, trying to find criminal #5, when suddenly, she hears a loud gunshot and bullets hit something near her. She takes cover and sees criminal #5 shooting at her with a large gun.

    They exchange gunfire, moving around and hiding behind walls/objects/terrain. She seems somewhat overwhelmed, since his gun is much stronger. Finally, Mira Green runs out of ammo (gun has an empty “click” when she tries to shoot again).

    The man laughs and approaches her, pointing the gun at her. He tells her to drop her handgun and strip naked. Reluctantly, Mira Green removes her bra and panties, looking somewhat angry/unhappy.

    Then he walks right up to her, unzips his pants, tells her to get on her knees, and says, “You know what to do. Hahaha” (implying that she will have to give him oral sex). She drops to her knees, and pretends like she is about to service him.

    However, she suddenly grabs the knife from his belt and stabs upwards into his crotch several times (please show various camera angles, including from behind the man’s legs so you can see Mira Green stabbing upwards). The man gasps and reacts in pain, clutching his groin and dropping his large gun. He stumbles backwards several steps. There is some blood dripping from his crotch.

    Mira Green picks up the gun, aims for his right shoulder, and shoots. Then the left shoulder. Each shot to the shoulder causes the man to release his grip from his balls. Finally, she aims for his head. (Please show POV from the perspective of the gun, with a crosshair centered on his head.) However, Mira Green then smiles an evil smile (please show a closeup of her face), and decides to slowly lower her aim down to his balls. Camera angle should show her lowering her gun slowly. Please also show an additional camera angle with POV from the perspective of the gun, with the crosshair now on his groin.

    The man realizes what she is about to do and looks panicked, pleading for her to spare him.

    Mira Green smiles and says, “I’ve always wanted to do this.” and then pulls the trigger, blasting off the rapist’s genitals. Please show multiple instant replays of this from various angles (from the side, from behind the woman, in front of the woman, etc.). Basically angles that show off Mira Green’s body, with some angles also showing the impact of the shot to the man’s balls. If you can add special gore effects in this scene similar to COVID Massacre, that would be great!

    The man reacts in extreme pain, grabbing his empty crotch and eventually bleeding out. Mira Green casually tosses the gun on the ground and slowly walks around him, watching him bleed out. She says, “Sorry, but you won’t be using that anymore.” Please show various camera angles showing off her body, including some low angles, as she walks. She should be looking pleased with herself.

    Scene 6 (starring mostly Li and criminal #6 who is played by other male actor (not Max)):

    Back to Li. She is also now dressed in yet another different set of lingerie. She is also now carrying a pistol. (Criminal #6 will be armed with a pistol as well).

    Similar to Scene 5, once Li encounters Criminal #6, they have a gunfight and hide behind various walls/objects. This time, however, Criminal #6 manages to shoot the gun out of her hand. He points the gun at her and walks up to her. Li puts her hands above her head, pretending to give up.

    The man says, “Actually, I have a better idea. Strip for me.”

    Li looks unhappy, but has to obey. She removes her bra and panties. Similar to Scene 5, the man walks up to her, unzips his pants, tells her to get on her knees, and says, “You know what to do. Hahaha” (again implying that she will give him oral sex). She drops to her knees, and pretends like she is about to service him.

    Suddenly, she grabs the pistol from his hands and inserts the barrel of the gun into his unzipped fly/zipper, pointing it directly against his groin. The man is terrified, and starts pleading with her.

    Li slowly stands up, still aiming the gun into his pants. She slowly walks a few steps, keeping the gun in place, forcing him to take a few steps with her as well. He is very nervous at this point.

    Li: “What do you think should happen to rapists?”
    Criminal: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, It was a mistake!”
    Li: “You didn’t answer my question. What do you think should happen to rapists?”
    Criminal: “Please, please don’t shoot my balls, I’ll never do it again! I promise, I’ll never do it again!”
    Li smiles and says, “I know.”

    Then she pulls the trigger, shooting one of his balls. The man yells in agony. She pulls the trigger again, shooting his other ball. (Please add gore effects or CGI blood). Please show multiple instant replays of these two gunshots, with different camera angles.

    The man collapses to the floor, writing in pain and clutching his groin.
    Li: “I got both of them.” She giggles. “You’re lucky I let you keep your cock.”

    Then Li pauses and thinks. “Actually, never mind. Might as well finish the job.” She walks over to him, sticks the gun back in his unzipped fly, and says, “Say goodbye to your cock.” and pulls the trigger. If you can have some sort of gore effect for this final shot, that would be great. This scene should be dramatic.

    Similar to scene 5, Li casually tosses the gun on the ground and slowly walks around him, watching him bleed out. She says, “I love it when the punishment fits the crime.” Please show various camera angles showing off her body, including some low angles, as she walks. She should be looking pleased with herself.

    Mira Green and Li meet back up (both are nude). Both are looking proud of themselves for a job well done.

    Mira Green: “How was your mission?”
    Li: “Gave the rapists what they deserved. How about you?”
    Mira Green: “Got them all where it counts.”

    The two women smile at each other, and both walk away. Please show different camera angles as they walk away, including close-ups of each woman’s butt and legs, close-ups of the breasts, and each woman’s face (smug/confident expression).


    And Other Our FEMDOM content!

    Clip Duration:      25 minutes
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