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    Clip Description


    Cast: Max and Mira Green


    «First, thank you for update on the movie and delivering it within a few days of the update. It sounds like the business is doing well. Congratulations on the success of the film company, I hope it keeps up! I look forward to future productions with you guys.

    The film was outstanding! The acting was awesome, especially the opening of the movie, loved it! The disemboweling scene was over the top, very realistic. Awesome job by your props and makeup crew, they do excellent work! That’s not an easy special effect to pull off but your actors and crew made it amazing! The camera angles and shots were perfect».

    Customer’s Feedback and Review

    binding, sacrifice, chloroform, blow, stabbing unconsciousness, guts, agitating, dismemberment, taking out the intestines, sawing, saw, a lot of blood

    Scene 1

    One of the male actors who is Miras boyfriend sees her and another man holding hands walking down the side walk. They don’t see him. He follows them and sees them flirting with each other. Mary goes into the other mans apartment to hook up. Miras boyfriend goes home devastated. Mary comes home to her boyfriends place. He follows her to the bedroom and confronts her about her cheating. She slaps him and he loses it. He’s gonna make her pay for being unfaithful to him. He knocks her out. She falls to the floor. He takes her by the legs and he drags her body out of the room. Her arms drag above her head. He drags her into the living room. Camera views at the floor level of her body and belly. He goes and gets something to wrap her body up so no one sees him leave with her. He wraps her body up.

    The next scene he’s carrying her body into a room. In the room there is a table set up that has shackles for her arms and legs. He lays her out on the table. He takes all her clothes off. He takes each arm and secures them above her head and then secures her legs. Her body is fully stretched out. Head to toe camera pans of her naked body. But before he guts her he enjoys her body some. He takes his hand and rubs her stomach, circling her belly button with his finger. He rubs her tits. He takes his fingers and gently presses down on her belly on several different areas. He then takes both hands and puts them on her sides and squeezes her belly gently. Next we get a point of view from Mira, as if looking through her eyes. She’s waking up and the camera view goes from dark to light as she opens her eyes looking up. Mira looks around at her situation. She lifts her head and looks down to her feet. If you could get a shot from her point of view as she looks down her body to her feet, the shot shows her her belly rising and falling rapidly as she sees the her boyfriend standing at the end of the table at her feet. (See the example photo attached) He’s staring at her. She struggles against the restraints but can’t get free. Her boyfriend walks to the side of the table as she’s struggling. Mira asks him what he’s going to do to her? Camera views of her belly rising and falling because shes breathing hard. He places his hand on top of her stomach as she struggles to get free. He tells her that he can’t believe that she had the guts to cheat on him. She arches her back raising her body off the table. She’s trying to get his hand off her. Mira tells him that she’s glad she cheated on him. He angrily presses her body back down with the hand that’s on her belly. He tells her that he is the last person she’s gonna chest on. He keeps his hand on her stomach. She asks whats he’s going to do to her. He takes his hand off her belly and then slowly runs his finger down the middle of her belly, he stops at her navel and fingers it as he tells her he’s going to cut open her belly and slowly gut her like a pig. She starts to struggle and beg him not to kill her. He takes a cloth and holds it over her nose and mouth. She slowly stops struggling and goes unconscious.

    Opens with camera views of Miras body. She’s still unconscious. Her boyfriend Is standing over her with a knife in his hand. He takes the knife and slides it up and down the middle of her belly. He circles her navel with the knife. He takes the knife and places the tip on her upper belly just below her sternum. He presses down and the knife slides in to the hilt. We see the hilt of the knife press down against her belly. He pulls the blade down the middle of her stomach. As the hilt of the blade gets to her navel. He twist the knife several times. This causes Mira to let out a Ugg! Sound as she wakes up. He finishes the cut all the way down to her pussy. He pulls the knife out as she groans. He then takes his hands and opens her belly up. He reaches in her belly and starts to pull out her guts. Mary squirms in pain. He holds a hand full of her guts as she looks up at them. He drops the guts back on her belly as he finishes pulling them out. Her head rolls to the side, eyes open. Finally he’s done and he drops her guts Into a bucket on the floor. Mary’s still alive. He finally takes the knife and stabs her in the chest between her tits and she dies. The camera pans over Mary’s gutted body. Her boyfriend now has to get rid of Mary’s body. The final scene is Mary’s boyfriend walking up to her body with a long saw. We see him place the saw across her stomach over her navel as if he’s going to cut her in half. The last scene is a an overhead view from the chest up. Her body rocking back and forth as her body is cut in half.



    COVID MASSACRE (Blood and Bullets)



    Clip Duration:      21 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41019.83 MB

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A bitch from a criminal grouping is calculated in her apartment and brutally slaughtered in the shower. Two knife blows in the chest! Shock reaction! Groans and rattles! Hell is a painful death! Creeping out of the shower! Wet dead body on the tile floor


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25 minutes long

4 sexy actresses: Oksana, Juliana, Angelina and Marina

Spy plot, office style, girls with guns fetish elements

3 amazing shootings + 1 sexy strangling scene

Oksana is shot in her chest, marina is strangled to death after fight, Angelina and Juliana are shot by one bullet while making love and then shot to their breasts

Much long sexy agonies before death

You will see all «dead» girls with opened-eyes death stare and closed-eyes death stare

Stripping bodies, touching bodies, carrying bodies, closing eyes, checking pulse

Very well made FX-effects, bullets effects, blood and art-elements like in crime comics for adults



                Angelina is a mob boss hiding out in secluded place with 3 body guards. There is a hitman from a rival mob family that is hunting her down and has finally found her hideout. Angelina has one of her body guards (Oksana) guard the outside to keep the hitman from sneaking up on them and has Marina guard the living room. Angelina has a thing for her body guard Juliana and she has her go to the bedroom to have sex with her. (Just story). The hitman reaches the house and then with a silencer machine gun. He sees Oksana on the porch and riddles her with bullets before she has a chance to react. She dies slowly and painfully with eyes closed.

Back in the house Marina is sitting on the couch or chair watching TV. The hitman sneaks up behind her and strangles her. She puts up a good fight and manages to break free. She then tries to use hand to hand combat on the hitman. The hitman then manage to take out a wire or string from his pocket and wraps it around her neck and slow strangles her to death. She dies with eyes opened. He lays her on the couch or chair in a position to make it look like she’s asleep to prevent anyone knowing he’s there and checks for a pulse and then closes her eyes and moves slowly to the bedroom.

Back in the bedroom Angelina and Juliana are in bed naked and Angelina is on top of Juliana and rubbing her pussy with Juliana’s. (You can fake it if they won’t do it) The hitman sneaks in the room and shoots Angelina in the back and the bullet goes through her chest and hits Juliana right in the center of her chest. Angelina falls in the position in the photos. They then die slowly and painfully. The hitman approaches the girls and see’s that they are still alive and Angelina begs him to spare her life and tries to offer him a job with better pay if he does. He refuses and shoots Angelina once more in the chest and then shoots Juliana as well in the chest to finish them off. He checks her pulse and then Juliana ‘s to see if they are dead and closes their eyes.  (Get some good body shots and close ups of the face before he closes their eyes.)

He then goes and undresses the other two girls and places them in the bed on their backs right beside Angelina and Juliana. Have it where all girls  belly buttons are showing with no belly button rings and don’t get any blood on the belly buttons and face but you can get lots of blood everywhere else. After the deed is done he takes some pictures of all the girls for proof and then calls up his boss Makarov to tell him the job is done.


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CAST: Annabelle and Cameraman (POV with gun)


Fetish Elements:

Shot-Dead Cocktail, POV Shooting, Shooting with no blood and fx effects, shooter-game, Annabelle

The plot:

«I would like to take up the idea of dueling in video games.

We could do some sort of stripper combat.

During duels, you run out of ammunition.

So you surrender by raising your arms.

Don't hesitate to make it last a little while.

Each time you are hit, you collapse to the ground.

But at the start of the new duel, you would have lost a piece of clothing.

Here is an example : You are dressed in a leather jacket, a top, a skirt, boots and sunglasses

Duel 1: Dressed completely with glasses.

Duel 2: Without the glasses.

Duel 3: without the jacket.

Duel 4: without the boots

Duel 5: without the top.

Duel 6: without the skirt.

Duel 7: without the bra»

CAST: Mira, Li, Nadya

Fetish Elements:
Headshot, Death Stares. Catfighintg, Bondaged, Kidnapped, BDSM, Shooting to the chest (lots), shooting to dead body, strangulation, strangulation face (crossed eyes, tounge out). Passed out, neck to the neck, stabbing, cruel, stockings, leather, fighting to the life, girl kills girl, Mira Kills Li, Mira is near to kill Nadya, Nadya Kills Mira 

We fade on as Nadya is outside on her phone holding a pistol with silencer. We hear her say that she’s tracked Mira down but she’s got a hostage. They tell her to use whatever force is require to take Mira down.
Nadya Enters the house
We cut to Mira who is dragging Li into a room by her hair, Li has her hands tied behind her back. Mira has a silenced pistol tucked into her skirt and is carrying a suitcase with her. Mira tells Li to shut up or she’ll have a hole in her head.
Mira peaks out of the door and sees Nadya walking around so quickly hides the suitcase and forces Li to her knees and stands behind her waiting for Nadya to enter. 
The camera follows Nadya as she Enters the room where Mira is. Mira holds Li’s face up so she can beg Nadya to save her life. Mira kneels beside Li grabs her face and slowly licks up from her jaw to her cheek. Mira tells Nadya to put her gun on the floor and kick it away. Nadya does as she’s told. Mira laughs, telling Nadya she should have put a bullet in her when she had the chance. Mira and Li look at each other, Mira blows Li a kiss before firing a single shot to the side of Li’s head killing her instantly. Li’s eyes open wide and blood pours out of her mouth before she collapses onto her side (eyes wide open, mouth slightly open). Mira aims her gun at Nadya and tells her not to move. She rolls Li onto her belly and removes the rope that bound her hands together. She grabs Li’s face and tells Nadya that she failed to save Li. Mira stands up then uses her foot to roll Li on to her back. A couple of overkill shots make Li’s body twitch, reacting to each shot. A close up on Li’s face sees more blood come out of her mouth eyes remain open. 
Mira then walks over to Nadya, gives her the rope and tells her to tie her hands together, she tells Nadya to face the door and puts the gun in her back of her head and tells her to move. They walk out of the room and into another. Mira demands that Nadya helps her escape or she’ll end up just like Li. Mira walks away from Nadya, Nadya seeing an opportunity to take control kicks Mira between the legs. Mira drops her gun and holds her pussy in pain (close up of eyes crossed in pain) Mira collapses to Her knees. Nadya rushes to pick un the gun, she instantly presses it again Mira’s forehead (who’s still kneeling holding her pussy) and demands she unties her wrists. Mira does as she’s told. Once she’s finishes she drops the ropes to the floor, Nadya calls her a good girl before hitting her on the top of the head with the bottom of the pistol knocking Mira out. Mira’s eyes cross and her tongue comes out before she collapses onto her chest with her butt in the air with her tongue still out (see attached image) camera is behind Mira to get a view of her bent over as Nadya walks behind her and comments that only a slut would fall in such a humiliating position. She then uses her foot to push Mira onto her back. Nadya says that she best check for any weapons and undresses Mira down to her lingerie and stockings (Nadya spreads Mira’s legs apart – making the comment that she bets Mira is used to spreading her legs). She Finds a knife tucked into one of her stockings, she throws it to the side. Camera pans Mira’s knocked out body, eyes rolling, tongue still out. Before fading to black.
The Camera pans Mira laid on a bed spread Eagle with her arms and legs tied to the 4 corners of the bed. She is blindfolded and gagged (see image for gag example). Mira is still unconscious. 
Nadya Slowly runs her pistol up Mira’s leg. Over her pussy and up her whole body before pushing the pistol against her temple. Nadya pushes Mira’s head with her gun to wake her up. Mira gains consciousness and panics as she doesn’t know what’s happening. Nadya Demands Mira tells her where the suitcase is. She removes the gag and blindfold and places them beside Mira. Again, Nadya demands Mira tells her. She forces the pistol into Mira’s mouth. She holds it in there for about 5 seconds (Mira staring at the gun then into. Nadya’s eyes) Nadya then starts slides the pistol in and out of Mira’s mouth (like oral) Nadya tells her that that’s all her mouth is good for as she isn’t telling her what she wants to know. Nadya tells Mira to open her mouth and stick her tongue out, Mira does as she’s told, Nadya put the gag back into Mira’s mouth. She then runs the gun down Mira’s body and slides it into her panties. Tell me or I’ll shoot, and no games or I’ll make your last moments alive agony. Mira nods, signaling that she’s ready to tell her. the gag is removed again and Mira finally tells her (the wrong place as she wants Nadya to leave the room) Nadya leaves the room to retrieve to suitcase. Once she’s left we see Mira manage to get a hand free. She rushes to Untie her other hand and legs. We then see Nadya look Where Mira said realising she’s been tricked she rushed back to confront Mira. When she enters Nadya sees the empty bed.
Mira suddenly appears behind her and using one of her straps starts to strangle Nadya. Nadya manages to break free, the girls start fist fighting/attacking each other exchanging punches, grabbing hair, rolling around on the floor etc. Mira manages to get on top of Nadya punching her and strangling her. Nadya barely conscious manages to get Mira off her. Mira asks Nadya how she’d like to die. Mira goes to attack Nadya again. Nadya dodges her attacks before punching/kicking Mira several times. Mira falls to the floor and tries to crawl away. Nadya follows her as she slowly crawls towards the door. Nadya opens the door and tells Mira she can leave only if she tells her where the suitcase is. Mira admits defeat and tells Nadya. As Mira puts her head past the door Nadya slams it shut on her head. Mira’s eyes cross as she slumps to the floor on her belly her body is twitching/convulsing. Nadya grabs her hair and walks her (Mira crawls on her hands and knees) into another room with a sink/bath. She’s not finished with her yet. Nadya turns the taps on and forces Mira’s head into the water. Mira struggles, she manages to get her head out of the water a couple of times but each time Nadya forces her head back in. Finally, Mira’s body weakens a few twitches before going still. Nadya pulls Mira’s head from out of the water, as Nadya is holding Mira’s head Mira’s mouth opens, her tongue comes out and water pours out of her mouth. Mira has her eyes closed and her tongue far out. Nadya Holds her head up before allowing Mira’s body to fall back so she’s on her side. Nadya rolls Mira onto her back and checks her eyes (see attached image). 
Nadya, thinking she’s killed Mira leaves to collect the suitcase, she gets the suitcase and opens it to check it’s what she’s after (we don’t see inside, just Nadya looking). In the background we see a wet Mira standing holding a knife. She screams at Nadya that this isn’t over and she’d rather die than know Nadya got away with her suitcase. Nadya tells her that can be arranged. Mira runs to attack Nadya, Nadya swiftly turns and shoots Mira in her heart stopping her immediately. Mira shocked looks down at the hole in her chest before looking back at Nadya, blood flowing from her mouth. Nadya fires again near her heart. Mira collapses to her knees as Nadya walks up to her. Mira grabs onto Nadya and look up to her, she begs Nadya to make her death fast and painless. Nadya tells Mira how pathetic she is, grabs her head and snaps her neck. Mira falls onto her back, her body twitching. Nadya kicks Mira’s legs open so they’re spread really wide. She then grabs the knife out of her hand. Nadya holds the knife and slowly inserts it into Mira’s neck. More blood comes out of her mouth her eyes stare into the camera shocked before rolling/crossing. Nadya removes the knife (Mira’s body jerks at its removed) Mira’s body is still twitching so Nadya; tells Mira ‘you deserve this you fucking bitch’ before forcefully slamming the knife into Mira’s heart. Her body jerks again before going still. her eyes are crossed and her mouth slightly open with blood coming out of her mouth. Nadya stands up in between Mira’s spread legs and fires 3 more bullets into Mira’s body. Her body twitches with each shot. Nadya collects the suitcase and leaves. The camera pans Mira’s spread eagled body with shots of her whole body and close ups of spread legs and face. 


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