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    Crime House - BOILER POINT

    Clip Description

    Cast: Juliana, Max

    «This was amazing! You did excellent as always, thank you very much! Also very cool music at the beginning with the boiling water, really well done.

    Thank you!»


    Strangulation, Garrote, Foot Fetish, Tongue Out, Foot Fetish, Playing With Feet

    Juliana enters the room in a business suit with a short skirt, barefoot wearing the sparkly high heel pumps. And a silk scarf tied super tight around her throat like a choker
    she sit at the desk and cross your legs showing them off from all angles, and dangle the heels from her feet with great close ups showing off the arches of herr feet dangling the heels. Really great close ups and teasing with her legs and feet
    Afew moments later she look at her coworker , and pretend to strangle herself with the scarf to taunt them, saying “wouldnt you just love to strangle me to death with my own scarf?”
    She take the scarf off and set it down on the table then the coworker unexpectedly grabs the scarf and throws it around her neck
    The most brutal grotesque strangle ensues, with her sticking her tongue out as far as she can searching for air, and wide eyed expressions With legs and feet flailing everywhere. She then throws her legs on top of the desk and loose a heel, the other dangling from her toes, we are treated to great close ups of feet kicking frantically showing off the soles and arches of her feet.
    Throughout the film we see super intimate face close ups of her staring into the camera with bulging eyes, tongue sticking out as far as possible and making crazy gagging noises. Eyes turning red with tears coming out from the strangle
    At the end of the strangle, in a super intimate closeup she dies with red eyes wide open and tears running down her face. But the killer knows there’s is still life left in her. She then pulls the scarf harder three times, each time squeezing juliana's tongue out even further and eyes bulging wider. The final time squeezing every last bit of life out of her with one final deep gagging sound, tongue fully extended and eyes wide open staring at the camera with tears rolling down your face. her sexy legs and feet are shown toes pointing then finally coming to rest.
    She then ties the scarf tight around julianas neck and leaves her here in the chair. The camera pans around your body showing your face with eyes open and tongue out as well as feet on the table in closeups. She then plays with feet before leaving her there.

    Clip Duration:      24 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41255.71 MB

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    Crime House - BOILER POINT

    Crime House - BOILER POINT

    Crime House - BOILER POINT

    Crime House - BOILER POINT

    Crime House - BOILER POINT

    Crime House - BOILER POINT
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