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    Crime House - 5 Women Shot Dead Cocktail

    Clip Description

    angelina, luiza, pola, juliana, arya
    the best clip in «shot dead cocktail» from crime house ever:
    - 5 models
    - bodypiles
    - shootings with gun, two gins and with machine gun
    - 10 different locations
    - 25 death shooting scenes
    - 41 female death!
    - pov shootings
    - man killing *****
    - full nude content
    - different death fetish situations and clothes:
    stockings, pantyhose, mini dresses, long evening dresses, jeans shorts, full nude content.
    shootings in the breast, shooting in the back, shooting in the stomach, headshots, quick deaths, long deaths and many other surprises!

    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4431.02 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime House - 5 Women Shot Dead Cocktail

    Crime House - 5 Women Shot Dead Cocktail

    Crime House - 5 Women Shot Dead Cocktail

    Crime House - 5 Women Shot Dead Cocktail

    Crime House - 5 Women Shot Dead Cocktail

    Crime House - 5 Women Shot Dead Cocktail
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Starring: Mary, Nata, Hass

Fetish elements:

Firefight, bad girls , action, shooting, sword, shooting to the chest, pantyhose, jeans shorts, leggings, blood, closed-eyes death stare, opened-eyes death stare, interrogation, begging for life, 3 girls were shot, brave girls, action girls with guns


Special agent was sent to find secret location of weapon stores from three female assassins from terrorist group.

He entered the headquarters and met active resistance:

Brave Mary tried to kill him by gun but after firefight was deadly shot to her breast twice and died in sexy pose. The agent searched for the intelligence info in her clothes stripping her body and touching it.

Leader of this group, Nata, was redressing in the bathroom when heard noises. She left bathroom topless in her pantyhose only, with sword. The special agent opened fire. She beat off bullets handily by sword but missed and got two bullets in her tits and slowly died.

Hass joined the deadly firefight but lost all her bullets. She had not bullets any more and she was helpless. The special agent went to her, threated by gun and asked:

«Where the key from the map?»

She didn’t know it. She would be glad to tell to save her young life but she didn’t know. He asked and asked again. She said that she didn’t know. When she started to beg for life he shot her three times. She was shocked and paralyzed by pain and horror. She died…

    3  Shotdead Cocktail - 25 female deaths in this video!

starring: hass, inga gros, angelina tihnenko (new model!!!), Kit

this is our first «shot-dead cocktail» made with professional camera with 3 *****.

this is really hot one! Great quality, great acting, different poses and sexy reactions. Many ****'s death. 

death stares, crazy poses, ***** killing *****, man killing *****, many reactions, agonies, bodies.

shooting, shooting in back, shooting in the chest, long death in agony, quiqk sudden death, ***** shooting each others,  carrying bodies, crying and shouting  and voices of agony, sexy clothes, execution, bodypiles.

    Legend Of Jack 1 Paradise - LEGEND OF JACK 1: PARADISE
Super sexy long movie with 3 scenes of mass murder and 1 strangluation scene!
Stangluation, Mass strangluation, shooting with no *****, shooting with *****, bodypiles!
According to the story, Stingy Jack invited the Devil to have a ***** with him. True to his name, Stingy Jack didn’t want to pay for his *****, so he convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin that Jack could use to buy their drinks. Once the Devil did so, Jack decided to keep the money and put it into his pocket next to a silver cross, which prevented the Devil from changing back into his original form. Jack eventually freed the Devil, under the condition that he would not bother Jack for one year and that, should Jack die, he would not claim his soul. The next year, Jack again tricked the Devil into climbing into a tree to pick a piece of fruit. While he was up in the tree, Jack carved a sign of the cross into the tree’s bark so that the Devil could not come down until the Devil promised Jack not to bother him for ten more years.
Soon after, Jack died. As the legend goes, God would not allow such an unsavory figure into heaven. The Devil, upset by the trick Jack had played on him and keeping his word not to claim his soul, would not allow Jack into hell. He sent Jack off into the dark night with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put the coal into a carved-out turnip and has been roaming the Earth with ever since. The Irish began to refer to this ghostly figure as “Jack of the Lantern,” and then, simply “Jack O’Lantern.”
Crime House and Dark Rooms productions decided to tell this story about Halloween Stingy Jack in death fetish way:)
One Day Jack was drinking with Devil and Devil promised he would never take him to Hell.
When Jack comes to paradise four sexy angels met him and said «go away!»
Angry Jack imagined massacre in paradise. In his dreams he ********* angels, shot them with machine gun (no ***** effects) and shot them nude with machine gun (with great and realistic ***** effects).
Episode includes 4 death scenes:
1)      Before meeting with Devil Jack imagined how he ********* a waitress when he had no money for beer.
2)      When Jack is in paradise he ********* four sexy angels  and made great DEAD ANGELS BODYPILE.
3)      Jack killed 4 angels with Russian Second World War  machine gun
4)      Jack killed 4  nude angels and made bloody dead angels bodypile.
 Jack was shunned from Paradise.
Fetish elements:
Sexy angels, Oktoberfest waitress, *************, mass *************, dead angels bodypile, ********* angels, shooting without *****, shooting with *****, stockings, legs, death stares, playing with bodies ******* reactions, shooting reactions, great Halloween atmosphere

    Star - Pop star


amazing angelina


two new actresses:

russian and italian actress and  fashion model pola


 angelina plays famous but stupid pop-star. She is in the cottage with her pr-manager (pola) and image-maker (juliana). They are discussing new concert and pr-campaign when mad fan with gun breaks in the room  and shoots poor pola to the chest.

when pola is dying other **** are in stupor. The next ****** is juliana: she gets a bullet to her stomach and slowly dies on the bed. Then the maniac puts angelina’s throat and strangkles her on the bed. He takes her bra as a fan’s fetish element, takes ****’s bodies and makes a bodypile on the floor.

 fetish elements in pola’s death scene:

character: business ****, rich ****

look: white blouse, black office skirt, high heels.

death scene: one bullet shot to her chest, surprised reaction. She stands up in stupor, falls to her knees first and than falls to the floor.

fetish elements in juliana’s death scene

character – young , a little bit stupid ****

look: very jeans micro shorts and white t-shirt

death scene – surprise, taking a bullet to her stomach, agony, dying with surprised face

fetish elements in angelina’s death scene:

character: very rich glamourous pop-star

look expensive lingerie

death scene  - long  manual **********, legs kicking, tryong to escape, panic, tongue out, death stare

postmortem manipulations  - stripping dead body, making bodypile

fetish elements: shooting, *************, death stares, death reactions, fear, horror, *****, shooting to the chest, shooting to the stomach, sexy clothes, legs, bodypile

price: 15.00
run time: 11:00 minutes
file size: 400 mb	format: .Mp4
category: shooting, **********

    Machine Gunned Both Parts - About 100 deaths. Many death scenes. Custom video. Three models are playing being machinegunned (POV, killing each other). Many exitic death poses. agonies.

    Shooting In The Office - Three young women (office and secretaries fetish dressed) were shot during office invasion.


 Starring: Nata







A nurse come s home after work dressed in a real nurse uniform ,
white panty like in dr .Rip and black pantyhose ( like Nata wears in Docters apointment)
she is going to sit on her sofa to relax , but she does not know that an intruder is in her home.
Suddenly he attacks her  and begins to strangle her from behind with a stocking.
During strangle show some close up from her face , eyes open some tongue out an upskirt vieuws.
After a few minutes the nurse is unconsoius.
the intruder picks her up and lays her down on a table .
He removes her pantyhose  now showing her white panty .
He start to playing with her body and suddenly the nurse wake s up , the intruder takes her panyhose and begins to strangle the nurse again ,(this time from different angles if possible) also showing some facial close ups , tongue out crossed eyes and upskirt vieuws , after a long strangle  she dies with eyes open and tongue out.
After the strangle the intruder  thight the pantyhose on her neck , opens her nurse uniform spreads her legs , looks at her for a while and leaves,
Then showing her body from differnet angles

    Shotdead Cocktail 12 - SHOT-DEAD COCKTAIL-12
Starring: Luiza, Juliana, Marina, Annabelle
Fetish elements: non-***** shootings, sexy lingerie, black stockings  
34 death scenes
POV gun shooting 
4-Grisl bodypile
Many different reactions, quick death, slow death, agonies, death stares, sexy poses and many other traditional shot-dead cocktail surprises by Crime House

    Tv Show - TV Show
Starring: Marina, Nata, Annabelle
Shooting Fetish elements:
Stomach shooting
Chest Shooting Back Shooting
Shooting by Shot Guns
Playing with dead *****
Super sexy clothes



	Three stupid media chicks are on TV Show «Live Show Flat». Suddenly crazy fan Chaim breaks into the scene. 
	He just wants to be famous but producers didn’t let him to casting.  ***** laugh at him and say him «Fuck you»! What a mistake. He takes a revolver and…
	He kills Oksana by headshot (long, super sexy, grotesque headshot scene). Than he shoots Katya to her stomach, to her chest and to the back (sexy long shooting scene with nice pain and surprise reaction and exotic button-up death pose, ***** effects + animated ***** effects). 
	He kills Vika by shotgun, quick by dynamic shooting scene mith slow-motion bullet time effect, flying body and exotic death pose. 
	All **** are dead in nice different poses and super sexy death stares. 
	Fedor, a strange male  member of  Live Show, comes for some beer, he is glad to see chicks dead. 
	Chaim stripes bodies and plays with them. Low rating of this stupid TV-show for housewives becomes 100% raining with three absolutely nude dead young female bodies in *****.

    Last Dream - Custom video

starring: betty

a young woman is walking home when see a strange say dream when she is in great mood is dancing topless when suddenly shot dead by a hitman … she doesn’t understand why she has such a strange and dark feeling. But it wasn’t  just coincidence. She is shot by this stranger in real life. She is in shock and she is slowly dying in a bullet in her chest.

 fetish elements: two shooting scenes, shot dead, blonde, surprised death stare, surprising before death, jeans mini shorts, white blouse

    Newsman - NEWSMAN
The new article of Yellow Press Newspaper – NEWSMAN



Starring: Hass, Anna, Juliana


************* from behind, manual *******, shooting (long sexy scene with surprise reaction, agony and sexy falling), death stares, 3 victims, legginses, short dresses, high heels, taking photos of dead bodues, sexy poses, bodipile, beautiful location, VERY HIGH QYALITY


It’s summer time in Paris.

Sexy, young, rich TV star Sheila Levansky  has her vocation in France. She has many fans all over the world. Café «La Sensation» is one of seldom places where she can rest without press.

But if you saw «Double Sensation» by Crime House you know about crazy newsman who makes sensations himself and sells them for world redactions for huge money. He found Sheila in that quite place for some fatal photoset…

He attacked her from behind and ********* her. Poor young star! What a unrespectable horrible death – to be ********* in her twenty two just for being corpse in Yellow Press covers!

Young waitress was a witness of this crime – Newsman ****** her.

Another witness – married Paris woman was shot twice in her chest  while her riding bike.

To make sensation more hot and sexy Newman stripped bodies and made sexy body pile in café.



    Deadly Home Invasion - Sexy tall russian brunette with long legs

starring: luiza, angelina and kit

two ***** live together in the flat. They are young, beautiful. Their casual lifestyle is facebook, clubs, parties, college. So, it’s typical life, it’s typical day. Angelina is using her fitness machine,  luiza is relaxing in the bed next room and chating with her friends. It’s summertime. Birds are singing sings on the street, the sun is shining so brightly! Does this pretty day look like the last day in their young lives?

a man with a gun enters *****’ flat. Angelina gets a bullet in her stomach first. Her neighbor luiza is running iut  when she hears a bang but she gets a bullet too. They are suffering in agony. Why, why this warm sunny day is so cruel for them? They ae lying on the floor and  bleeding out together. They are begging for mercy but a murder shoots them ******.

they are dead with surprised faces. Their leggy bodies are still warm and sexy. A man carries corpses to the hall, strips them and puts into the wardrobe. Birds are singing their summer songs, indifferent sun is shining for all living people but not for the ***** any more. They are dead sitting in the dark wardrobe.


fetish elements

ultra sexy jean shorts, fitness clothes, shooting, *****, begging for life, deat stares. Body dragging, postmortem stripping, touching dead bodies. 

very realistic sexy movie made in 1980-s american slashers  and italian giallo style

    3 Women Shot Dead Cocktal 2 - Our another sdc set for you!

much more interesting situation where sexy women are killed by gun without ***** and special effects. All attention is at sexy poses, dynamic death, reactions, fear, death stares, different clothes.

it’s very hot and sexy!

    Black Crane 3 - BLACK CRANE 3
Custom Video
************* in the car
Expressive ********* death stare
Much pantyhose fetishes
Foot fetishes and playing with dead body 

The Black Crane: Target/Client 

The prelude: The Black Crane was relaxing nude. Painting her toenails. She found it relaxing. It was the aniversery of her mothers death. When the Black Crane was in jail and known as Charlotte Bedlam at that time still she got the news that her ****** died of a terminal disease. Was no cure for it. Its the only remorse she felt. She received a white envelope with an image of a crane on it of her newest target: 

Target/Client Name: Dorene Fantasia 
Age: 40 
Work details: she is a secretary at a company called Wavetech Inc. 
Home address: 31 Pen St. 
Coltanier City 
Family Status: Single 
Orders: This may sound like a unsual assignment in compare to your other ones. You may find it interesting. Your newest target is also the client. She is dying from a terminal disease. No cure. She wants to die by her own way. You killing her. She likes horror movies and doesnt mind what kill method you choose. Kill any witnesses if they are above the age of 18. Notify the "Tidy Up Service" to help tidy things up after you have taken out your target. 

The Black Crane looked over every detail that was supplied of her newest target. She hoped her target wore pantyhose and hoped her feet were smooth and sexy. She was going to make sure that Dorene didnt really suffer for long. I guess this assignment was going to hit what ever heart she had inside of her. 

That fateful Monday morning came. Around 7am Dorene walked into the garage to get into her car to go to work or have it in her mind too anyways. She knew the Black Crane was coming for her. She got into her car, she tried to open the garage door but it wouldn't open. She didn't know why. In the passenger side seat she saw a pair of her tan colored pantyhose. She said " time to become necro I guess" A voice from behind her seat said " time to become a sexy dead doll".The Black Crane wrapped her own beautifully smelling black colored pantyhose around Dorene's throat! She kept it wrapped nice and tight around Dorene's beautiful smooth throat. Her sexy tan pantyhose in cased legs kicked wildly as mixed emotions traveled through her mind. She was so frightened of dying but it was either that or suffering through the disease. The Black Crane didn't loosen the pantyhose around her throat at all. Her fears and worries were the last thoughts that went through her mind as her eyes rolled back into her head from the pain of the *************. When The Black Crane saw that Dorene went limp she then released the hold of the pantyhose. Dorene was now a sexy and dead target. The Black Crane looked into the mirror and looked at Dorene's lifeless eyes. Her heels didn't come off during the kill because they were heels with straps. 

The Black Crane got out of the car. Dragged Dorene's corpse to the bedroom. She flopped her body onto the bed. She stripped Dorene till she had just her tan colored pantyhose on. She unwrapped her pantyhose from Dorene's neck and put the black colored pantyhose back on her sexy legs. She then said "now I feel elegant and hot again. It’s time to enjoy what's in front of me." She rubbed up and down Dorene’s pantyhose cased legs. She put her smooth pantyhose cased feet to her face to breath in the smell from her hose and heels. She then put Dorene's feet down to her pantyhose incased crotch area. She could feel herself getting wet down there as she had an orgasm. She covered Dorene's body with a sheet and called the "Tidy Up Service". Before leaving she said "you have a sexy feet dorene. Im glad I was able to enjoy them and give you your death wish." Then she left.

The End!
Note: If you like this video please also check «Agent ********* in her car»

    Crazy Casting - Both parts
6 deaths
shooting stories
Playing with bodies 

In the first part 3 female singers are shot during casting.
In the second part 3 fe,ale casting producers are shot by singer.

    Office Killer - OFFICE KILLER
Starring: Angelina & Luiza
 Great movie with noir atmosphere.
Fetish elements: office clothes, pantyhose, feet (many views of feet of alive and dead females), silencer shooting, head shot, backshots, begging for life, carrying.
NOTE: If you like this style of videos please check out our another shooting video with office style:
Shooting in the office, Crime and Punishment, Divorce.

Two office women are working late at the office. 
 Angelina is in the office with her shoes off working on the computer. The killer enters through the door and orders Angelina to stand up against the wall, yelling at her and inquiring about the whereabouts of a certain computer disk. Angelina is terrified and pleading with the killer that she does not know where it is.
 During this, Luiza casually walks into the office through the door and closes it, not realizing what is happening yet. She is carrying her shoes and some folders. She stops short when she finally sees Angelina and the killer and realizes what is happening. She also becomes terrified asking what is going on. The killer orders Luiza against the wall next to Angelina. He begins again yelling where the computer disk is.
 The camera is stationary behind the killer, at an angle and distance where both Angelina and Luiza can be seen head to toe.
 The killer now orders both women to turn and face the wall. He shoots Luiza twice with a silencer pistols. She lets out an "Ugh" with each hit. She arches her back slightly and drops her shoes and the folders she is still holding on to. She slumps down the wall  down to her knees and then her upper torso collapses sideways to the floor (legs bent and soles of feet facing out towards camera). She is dead before she even hits the floor. Open-eyed death stare.
 Angelina seeing this is terrified out of her mind. She now turns around and faces the killer begging for her life. In mid-sentence, the killer shoots her once in the head, showing a single forehead bullet hole with a blank stare. She falls back against the wall and slides down the wall and crumbles very limply onto the floor next to Luiza. She is dead before she hits the floor with open-eyed death stare.
 The killer drags Angelina out of the room by her ankles. The camera remains fixed on Luiza as she still lays dead on the ground. After dragging Angelina into another room, the killer returns and drags Luiza out of the room by her hands or wrists.
Both women are laying side by side on their backs in another room. The camera is stationary at a low angle/position, back far enough where both women are in view, with pantyhosed soles of feet facing the camera. The killer removes both women's clothing except for their pantyhose and bra. He lifts up their upper torso to remove their blouse shirts (still with open-eyed death stare and ***** visible from mouth and forehead bullet-hole). The killer inspects the clothes for the computer disk but cannot find it. He places the clothes inside a bag.
The killer now drags both bodies by their arms/wrists (very limply) down a long office hallway. The camera is stationary at one end of the hallway at a low angle, capturing the soles of the pantyhosed feet as they are dragged away. In this scene, the bodies are actually being dragged further away from the camera as the camera is stationary and does not follow the dragging. 
 Both bodies are then seen being dragged into the bathroom. Both bodies are placed into a single stall to conceal them. 
Run Time: 17:00 minutes
File Size: 700 MB	Format: .MP4
Category: Shooting

    Bride - Based on the play of aleksandr ostrovskiy the poor bride. 
the plot. The poor bride larisa is the youngest da...Ghter in the family. She has no any dowry, so she has to marriage a rather poor functionary karandishev. But she doesn’t love him, escape the wedding to meet the rich playboy she loved. But after a night with him rich man said he is married. Dishonored and shamed larisa decided to become a kept woman and to escort rich businessmen to europe and usa trips. But karandishev catches her on the river beach and says that he is inlove with her and wants to kill playboy. She is too rude with him, she sais he is just  wretched clerk, but she is a thing, but expensive thing, too expensive for him. 
he kills her in the back…
of course crime house made this story more erotic, and the death scene more agonistic and long. 
let's see how noble aristocrat **** directly writhes in agony, her white dress is up, her bust is bare, she is slowly dying in the arms of men she didn’t love!
fetish elements
shooting in the back, white elegant dress, surprised reaction, long death, touching dead body, bust, *****, ***** from mouth, death stare.
if you kike this type of video (elegant shooting, sexy white clothes, death reactions) check also  last dream and home not alone.

    Killing Love - Custom video
last betty’s job in  crime house!!
betty becomes a jealous ****** of a man who loved her and was sure she had another lover.

he suddenly shoots twice her with gun. She makes great death reaction! It’s very emotional  movie with wonderful acting.

it’s last video with model betty for this year, don’t miss it!

fetish elements:

pov shooting, *****, emotions, death reaction, white sexy clothes.

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