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    Most Recent Crime House Videos! more
    12 minutes

Starring: Unholly Polly, Demonica, Billy Brag
TAGS: Demonica, Unholly Polly, Gore, Pantyhose, Shooting, Police Stories
Two successful, dangerous, highly paid female spies are rejoicing over a successfully completed mission, for which a large payment has just been transferred to their account. Girls love money and greedily take on any task. But they don’t have time to enjoy the anticipation of how they will manage the big money when they suddenly hear the sounds of an alarm siren. An enraged, ultra-strong and brutal security guard sneaks up behind you and instantly cuts the alarmed girls' throats. But he deliberately runs the knife blade across their necks so that the girls survive and remain conscious, only wounding them without hitting the arteries. Bleeding, the girls try to continue the battle and engage in a shootout. But the attacks and wounds disoriented them, so the guard was left with a great advantage and riddled them with bullets, but still left them alive to finish them off one by one after snide phrases. When they are dead, he strips the bodies down to their tights.
    23 minutes



Starring: Li, Janina, Unholly Polly, Billy Brag


Elements: Firefight, Many Wounds, Bloody, Shooting, Emotional Deaths, Agonies, Death Stares, Chest Shots, Pussy Shots, Bodypile



Shooting, Fetish Focus, Blood, Death Stares and Great Death Scenes are in old-school Crime House-Dark Rooms style but with our new cinematic experience! Highly Recommended for purchasing!




Three daring girls escape from prison where they were imprisoned for hooliganism. The escape is almost successful, but it is not enough for the girls to be free. They want to get into the main office of the prison warden, get a plan and keys to all the cells in order to free other prisoners and start a real riot. They tear off their prison robes and remain naked to wear sexy costumes made entirely of pantyhose. This is their feminist rebellion and flash mob, imitation of Kubrick’s criminals, worship of freedom, sexuality and independence.

They also got weapons - three pistols, and feel like brave, daring and invulnerable rebel girls with pistols.

However, everything changes when the alarm rings and an armed guard enters the premises. Janina is the first to panic and rush into battle, but fear and shock force her to be careless. Li and Polly duck for cover. Janina was bold and perky, but when she came face to face with danger, she lost her skill and was the first to be riddled with high-caliber bullets that pierced her lower abdomen, chest and other parts of her body, including her vagina. She squirmed in shock, making frightened and painful grimaces, bulging her eyes wide, grunting and convulsively clutching the wounds of her completely damaged body, fell on her side and was still shaking. She was ashamed in front of the girls that they saw her so frightened, a loser, pathetic and having met her death so dishonestly. Finally, after the agony, the end comes to her and she died with her eyes wide open.

Polly is shocked by Janina's death, because the deceased was their unofficial leader. Polly comes out of cover, trying to shoot back, but the next round of bullets falls on Polly. The girl was confused by the thought that her inevitable end had come. After all, if it weren’t for this escape and escape, she would soon be released. She looks at Janina's corpse and realizes that in a matter of seconds she will be just as dead. She makes an expression of despair, pain and resentment, blood flows profusely from her mouth and she falls on her back to suffer and agonize before the end.

Li leans out of her hiding place and is shocked to see her dead friends. She's scared like a hunted rabbit. The realization of the deadly trap has not yet come and she heroically rushes into battle on adrenaline, but the guard shoots her at point-blank range many times. Being the youngest of all three girls, Li is most indignant at death and, already mortally wounded, tries to shoot, but her weakening hand lets go of the gun, and the girl falls dead with the most stunned death stare.

The guard looks at three dead girls dressed only in pantyhose lying in bodypile.
    20 minutes

      SLAVES ELIMINATION - Kira Sekira, Li, Mira Green, Plastic Bag, Female Killer in Leather
«I just watched it, it looks really nice, thank you, especially outfits are exactly as I wanted and everything is exactly according to the script. Please pass on my thanks to the actresses and the entire crew, very good job.»
Review of Customer

Three ACTRESSES are required:
    1) Guard (outfit similar to attached but with belt in panties and everything dark).
    2) Slave (higher rank, outfit similar to attached but with belt in jeans and jeans should be darker, t-shirt dark).
    3) Slave (lower rank, outfit similar to attached but with belt in jeans).

Video should start with the Guard walking (please show actual walk) and then entering the room where lower rank slave stands straight with her hands behind her head being disciplined by higher rank slave who is responsible for torturing lower rank slaves all day long. After seeing the guard higher rank slave quickly corrects lower rank slave's position and also stands with the same position (hands behind head) in line with her. The Guard asks higher rank slave if she remembers that this slave needs to be executed in an hour. Higher rank slave confirmes and ensures that everything will be ready. The Guard leaves the room.

Higher rank slave checks the time. She explains to her slave that she's going to be executed today and that the more problems she's going to cause the more painful this is going to be. She should keep her hands behind her head all the time and listen to the orders and then everything should go fast and easy. Then she orders her to kneel and leaves to bring the gag. After putting the gag on the mouth they are going to the execution place. This should be quite long and slow travel.

After arriving at the place of the execution higher rank slave orders her slave to clean up this room and prepare everything. She is getting more and more nervous as time is running out, so she shouts and rushes her slave. Lower rank slave is really scared, she should keep her hands behind her head if she happens to be empty-handed, but she forgets about this all the time which makes higher rank slave even more angry. Finally everything is ready when higher rank slave realizes that she has no handcuffs.

The Guard is coming to check if everything is as expected. Higher rank slave immediately runs to her slave, helps her to stand in proper position and then she does the same thing. The Guard is really angry that lower rank slave is not executed yet, there is definitely a delay. She says that higher rank slave is going to be punished for this. Then she orders to keep lower rank slave in line and she leaves to find the handcuffs. After she returns, together with higher rank slave they place lower rank slave on the chair with handcuffs for her execution.

After the slave is placed correctly The Guard orders higher rank slave to put the bag and keep it. After some time she orders to release it. Higher rank slave explains that that's because lower rank slave was not obedient enough so this must be more painful. This put-release sequence should happen three times. After that the Guard orders to put the bag permanently using lower slave's belt. She instructs higher rank slave how to do this properly. Higher rank slave should choke lower rank slave with this belt and the Guard should supervise this process and give "how to" orders.

After everything is done the Guard decides to take a few selfies with the executed slave and the higher rank slave, just for fun and to show other guards. Of course higher rank slave needs to be punished for the delay. The Guard orders her to keep her hands behind her head and they are going to the cell where higher rank slave will be whipped for the rest of the they. They leaves the room and video ends.  REAL DETECTIVE
    22 minutes

      REAL DETECTIVE - A creepy police thriller!
A policewoman, alone without reinforcements, decides to enter the lair of the notorious serial Ripper, but does not calculate her strength and herself takes the place of the victim… This time the maniac knows no limits in his monstrous methods of reprisal…
    14 minutes

Starring: MaryAnn, Marina Steffi, Max
«Dude! You nailed it. It was really good. Specially the twisting her head off effect. Turning her head 360 degrees. The effect was incredible! You special effects guy is awesome. The acting of both girls, the direction the atmosphere was superb. That’s why I like to do these stories, voyeurism of watching the victims going through the routine. Unaware the horrible fate that await them (combined with my foot fetish of course ). The build up is important, and you nailed it. Congratulations to you and your team. Give a kiss and a hug to the two actresses on my part for putting their heat and souls into playing the parts. I’ll give them a nice foot massage as a thank you »
Review From Customer
Two girls arrived home from working at the perfume counter in a department store. Like in the 80’s they would be wearing professional clothes. Wearing pantyhose but extra sheer so that the feet are seen clearly. One is wearing some low heel mules or slides, the other flat pumps. They’re roomates and their feet are killing them after working long hours standing. They sit and chat. While they talk, they dangle shoes from toes, and dip feet in and out of their shoes. One of them gets up and goes to the kitchen while the other stays in the couch. Let’s shoes fall and rests her feet on Coffee Table. The house becomes chilly. Both girls feel the change in temperature. The girl in the kitchen goes to check the thermostat, after the girl in the couch shouts to her to check it.  A demon appears from behind the couch, girl feels something behind her, scared she puts her shoes on and stands up, tries to run but the demon in a flash appears in front of her, and grabs her by the neck and squeezes real hard.  The poor girl didn’t know what hit her. Her throat is completely shut out by the pressure. He starts to lift her up slowly, the heel of her feet slip out of her flats. He lifts her up a bit more. With her toes she is able to make the back of her flats slip back on. But as squeezes harder, and her body starts to go into spasms, her toes move causing the back of her shoe to slip on and off. Her tongue comes out far. She tries to call for help, but only gags come out of her mouth, since no air is passing through. As he squeezes harder, her eyes rolls back as the throat cartilage of the throat gives in and breaks. Her toes spread forward causing the flats to come off and just dangle from her toes, then a sickening crunch is heard as the demon finishes her by breaking her neck vertebrae. Her body relaxes at the same time a faint gurgle comes out of her mouth. The shoes fall off, and the soles of her feet and body relax, with her toes twitching a bit. Her eyes are open and her tongue hangs by the side. After, the demon sits her on couch, straightens her head and poses her by putting her shoes on, and crossing her legs. The leg that is over and has the foot dangling, he pulls the heel cup of the shoe a bit so that the shoe is left dangling from the toe. He grabs a magazine and puts it on her lap and places her hands on the sides so that it looks like she is grabbing it. The demon struggles a bit to keep her head straight since it flips around due to the neck being broken. Finally he points her face down as if she would be reading the magazine place on her lap. The hair hides her distorted dead stare.

The other girl, comes back and tells her that she doesn’t know what’s going on with the thermostat, since it’s still cold. She doesn’t answer. She looks at her, and calls her again. No answer. She touches her shoulder and shakes her a bit and her head tilts backward and to the side, with faint cracklings heard from the broken bones of her neck, and revealing her death stare. The face pale, and the neck bruised from the pressure and bone breaking in the neck. The shoe that was dangling from the toe falls off. She puts both hands on her mouth in disbelief and as she turns around to go to the phone to call the police, she runs into the demon who grabs her by the throat with one hand. He starts to lift her up slowly. Her feet leave the floor. Her mules managing to stay on her feet but struggling to stay on. It was the sheer will of her toes that would keep those shoes on. Her gags keep coming out of her mouth as he squeezes harder, her face turning red first, her tongue coming out and her eyes opening wide. Her hands squeeze his arm to no avail. She suddenly sees what looks like a long and thin knife in front of her face. Since she can’t talk she shakes her head to plead with him not to kill her. The ice pick enters her open mouth and pierces the back of her throat and through the back of her brain. Her eyes roll back, her hands let go of his forearms and her arms flop to the side. Gurgles come out of her mouth and a little bit of blood trickles from her side of the mouth. Her feet relax in the air, and gravity takes a hold of her shoes. They simply slip off and fall off revealing her soles since her toes have no force anymore. A little twitches of her toes, and then her feet relax totally as the gurgles subside.  He sits her on the couch also with her feet resting on the coffee table. He rests the feet of the other girl again in the coffee table. Both next to each other with their eyes open and tongues out.

The demon grabs the head of one of them head from both sides and twists it so hard that the head goes around 180 degrees. A sickening crunch is heard. Her dead toes spread in reaction and relax. The demon gives the head another twist, causing the toes again to spread and wiggle, the crunch sounds again accompanied by a gushing sound of flesh and sinue being teared. As her head is tored off her dead body, her toes then relax. Then with the same long knife he stabbed the woman through the mouth, he grabs the other girl’s hair, pulls head back exposing her throat and starts to cut the throat of her corpse. Though she’s dead faint gags come out of her dead mouth, and her toes twitch. He cuts deeper, and as the knife reaches the bone, he drops knife, grabs her head and twists it around. Her toes spread and then relax. A noise of flesh tearing is heard along with crackling sounds of the neck vertebrae breaking. Twisting her head off like a bottle cap. The demon leaves their heads next to their headless corpses. Both corpses posed with soles propped up in the coffee table.  Cannibals 4
    21 minutes

      Cannibals 4 - DEADLY PRIVARE LESSONS

Full way from sexy girl to roast meat


Rich prelude before cannibal eating


Cut throat

Eating, bloody naturalistic eating

Full way from sexy girl to roast meat



Two sexy rich girl invite a student to their house. Poor girl thinks they are repetitors and wants to study Italian language. But they are cannibals
    8 minutes

      BOUNTIFUL HARVEST - Two crazy fermers stabbed to death two city girls who were lost in the countryside for the ritual to make the harvest bountiful...  DEATH MATCH
    46 minutes

      DEATH MATCH - Elements: MMA, Kicking, Boxing, Fighting to the death, Choking, Blood, Death Stares, Non Fatal Battles, Fatal Battles  


Experienced champions female  fights to the death find themselves powerless against young crazy girl fighters with no pity and no rules...
    10 minutes

      MUMMY GUTS - The horror episode about crazy drunk son stabbed his mother and took out her guts.  BLOODY NAVELS HASS
    16 minutes

      BLOODY NAVELS HASS - The episode of the movie about belly stabbing with Hass.

    Random Crime House Clips more
     MAD FAN
    12 minutes
      MAD FAN - MAD FAN 
Fetish Elements:
Sexy boots,  white mini skirt, black leather jacket
Death Fetishes:
Manual Strangulation, Garrote Strangulation, Choking, Fighting for the life, Many legs kicking and jerking in different poses, kissing before death vore legs views, death stares

A rock singer comes back to her hotel exhausted after a concert. She still wears the clothes she had used for her appearance: Black knee-high leather boots, black net tights, a short white fabric mini skirt and a fashionable black leather jacket, including a black leather top. In her hotel room, she orders some sandwiches at room service. Meanwhile, a mad fan had sneaked into the hotel. He has noticed her order in the kitchen, dressing up as a waiter and bringing her the food to the room. When he enters, she doesn't notice the deception. He musters her from top to bottom, watches all her steps and is greedy for her. She sits down, starts eating and looks at him questioning. Suddenly, her phone rings. She goes to the desk and gets in touch. He follows her, then touches her ass and waist from behind. She turns around, yells at him and gives him a resounding slap. Immediately, he attacks her. A hard battle while standing begins. Then he bumps her to the ground, sits down on her. He holds her arms: "You dirty slut, what are you doing now? You're mine! ' She screams, kicks him, can free herself and tries to reach the door. He gets up, follows her, grabs her, turns her over and boxes his fist in her face. She staggers, falls to the ground. She moans, is all dazed. Then he steps with his foot still in your stomach. She screams, writhes in pain. Crawling, she tries to reach her phone. He takes his belt, puts it around her neck from behind and pulls slowly. She fights back, barely gets any air left. Just before her end, he stops, kisses her, then pulls the belt firmer again. He does that twice. After that, he knows no mercy. He pulls more firmly the belt. She's fighting for her life, getting weaker and weaker, starting to wheeze. Eventually, she dies in agony with her eyes wide open. He gets up and leaves her lifeless body in the hotel room

If you like this clip please check out another clips by this customer just for 10$
Undercovered Investigator
Father’s Revenge
Angry Boss
Battle In Sexy Boots
Greedy Client  Alibi
    21 minutes
      Alibi - Alibi

Starring: Luiza and Angelina

(Models are available for customs again again!)


20 minutes long

Gloves fetish, gagging fetish, choking, strangling to death, suffocation


When a husband knows his wife cheating him, he decides to kill her. He decides to imitate maniac and kills not only his wife but a girl next door too. He uses black cloves

Bright, long, sexy clip


     Do It Like My
    22 minutes
      Do It Like My  - Do it like my ******
den and his girlfriend elvira are jet set students. Den’s ****** is a high official in government.

they study in prestige college where all teachers give them high marks only for their money and status.

but ekaterina, the young  economy teacher doesn’t value students according money of their parents. She needs knowledge.  Den and elvira fail their  test and decide to take a cruel revenge. They sneak into her apartment for massacre. If something go wrong, den’s ****** will help as usual!  Famous layers , friends in police… young people feel free and impunity. They watch «a clockwork orange» and trust in «ultra violence way» and every time courage…

ekaterina  comes home with her friend. Our friends are happy to see two ***** instead one. More ***** – more funny, isn’t it? Show begins. After short malicious conversation with hyper politic, like rich cruel teenagers from  rublevka or knightsbridge can speak, dens starts to ***** his teacher and elvira takes fun with her friend. After ******* aleksandra can escape and ****** elvira. Elvira is already near to be dead, and den is speaking about the art  and doesn’t help. Suddenly he shoots ekaterina and poor good young teacher has terrible agony and dies after painful shock.

they ***** her friend to take off her clothes and to play with her corpse. Then they throw lots who will kill another ****. Sexy elvira, the ******** of academician – rich, polite but very cruel sado **** wins. She shoots 3 times in ****’s body but den end her with headshot.

two dead fresh *****! Oh, it’s time fun and selfie with bodies. Elvira takes off her clothes and starts doing selfy with corpses. But… awareness of the offense comes. What have they done? Judgment… police… prison. No more shopping in new york, no more clubs in london, and black caviar in moscow manors…

 elvira is in panic! She is not bad cruel sexy bitch any more! She wants to come back to a hour elier and replay her life. Den calls his ****** and asks for law-support. But ****** tells to kill elvira as a witness and accomplice, play with dead bodies and show him this necro-party by video-chart.  Den does it. He forses elvira to take her clothes and shoots her to the neck. The gork has a freeze-look before death and now she is a third sexy corpse on the floor. Den plays with bodies but…. ******’S words was just his **** hallucination. ******’S true words are: «the cruel bustard! I won’t help you any more! You are not my son»! Den is seating near corpses depressed. Prison is waiting for him. Nothing is waiting for three young and beautiful ladies…

fetish elements:

bad ****, couple of killers. Three dead *****, shooting, hedshot, shooting, bloody, stocking, freeze look, begging for life, death stares, bodypile, playing with bodies, necro playing. Bad ****’s death.  SPACESHIP INDIGO Part 1
    8 minutes





Customer’s Review:

«Just watched that first episode and - wow!!!  Just wow!!  It’s totally amazing!

Brilliant visual FX, beautifully filmed and edited, lovely fast action with quick kills and great reactions... and the girls are totally stunning!  You’ve absolutely captured the atmosphere and style I was after, and there’s a great flow to it all.  Locations work really well too»



The First Episode of BIG MOVIE!


Starring: Mia, Laura, May,  Elvira Twins, Sally, Irene, Annabelle, Maria, Pola, actresses of mass scenes




Killing Scenes:

Neck Snaps, Strangulation, Choking, Shooting with blasters



SpaceShip «Indigo» was attacked by enemies intruders






     Killer Absolution
    6 minutes
      Killer Absolution - Introdusing new model mary!

this stylish erotic movie is based on the famous game «hitman absolution». It’s dark, gothic thriller with head shot, ch...King, bodies carrying and funeral entourage

young cruel murder loves beautiful rock brunette. She is his partner. He is going to leave city forever and decides to have a last meeting with his g...Rl. They choose abandoned monastery as a place for meeting – this place has a very big value for them both: one day he saved her life and kept her there in safe from enemy organization.

but she lied all the time. She invited him to the last meeting just to lure him into a trap… she and her new partner from enemy organization, female killer dressed in fetish nurse costume, are waiting for him to shoot him to the death. When he came to monastery, his g...Rl is waiting for him in red dress. They are dancing last time saying good buy when a female killer suddenly appears. But he has great instincts and kills her. Headshot, long ****** headshot, made like in games. May be her reaction to headshot is too long, but she feels strong fatal pain and shock realizing her end with a 45 mm bullet in her brains!

she is dead. And now is time for revenge to the traitress.   It’s not easy choice – he loves her, but he doesn’t forgives. He ch....Kes her very strong with all his power he acquired in assassin-******. She can’t do anything to get free, and just writings in agony and horror of her mortal fail, last fail in her life. She dies with a face full of hopeless looking with her death stare to the sky where the court is waiting for her…

he carries two corpses to the corner of the prayer hall. Long time ago people repented and prayed here, and now he has just committed a mortal sin. He puts his dead lovely doll to the throne as a symbol of her roual value for him and throws to her legs a corpse of nurse-assassin as a symbol of treachery and discord…

now two bodies are resting in pease in this gloomy forgotten old gothic building. They conceived a murder but became victims. They didn’t expected death. Now they are like sculptures lost forever…

fetish elements:

sexy red dress, fetish nurse, long headshot scene, *******, death stares , carrying bodies, sexy sitting and lying death poses.


gothic location looks like old church, expensive postproduction effects (thunder and lighting), interesting plot with bad ***** as victims.  AS HE SAID 2
    60 minutes
      AS HE SAID 2 - AS HE SAID 2
35$ first 5 days!
The Regular Price is 45$! – High Budget Production
The film was shooting 6 cinema shifts in different locations 
1 Hour Movie! 12 actors! 
The Next Part of Franchise About Crazy Family!
Script By Bob Crane
«Dark Rooms does it again and goes in to the studio and comes out with another full length fetish movie…   Well done to this production team their hard work as the story unfolds..  The cast turns in an amazing performance.  All of the scenes are woven together in a  splendid film.  The story does justice to the first effort as our diabolic family returns in this amazing sequel.   Many thanks bringing this from paper to the big screen!!!!!»
Bob Crane’s Review 
Rebecca…………………Scarlett Fandera
Judi, Nadya, Tanya, Angelina, Sally, Li, Louse, Bella Lenina

Stocking Party, Slasher Plot, Garrote Strangulation, Stabbing, Harpoon, Knocking Out, Dragging Body, Masturbation and Web Cam scene,  Shooting, BIG NUDE 8 DEAD GIRLS BODYPILE 
Nadya was strangled from behind with garrote by Scarlett . Unsuspected girl was doing sexy show by webcam when was long brutally strangled
Judy was knocked out after searching Nadya’s dead body 
Li was stabbed to her back for going topless in the house
Sally was stabbed to her belly button by billiard cue
Angelina was stabbed by harpoon in the swimming pool
Bella Lenina was forced to stripped full nude by Scarlett for her sexy lingere and stabbed by big knife to her chest
Louse was bandaged and bagged 
Tanya was hanged with her month sewn up with threads
Judi was shot by gun to her chest trying  to escape (classic slasher scene in the car)


After massacre of 8 girls in the winter house crazy family of cultists worshiping the righteous snowman sell cars and devises of killed girls. But money is near to be ended! The father decides to rent the house again but this time he asks his family to be more careful and not to hurt guests. 
Another 8 girls arrives to the house for stocking lingerie party. Judi celebrates her office  promotions and arranges a corporate bachelorette party. Scarlett can’t stand seeing sexy girls with beautiful lingerie. She founds them dissolute and not deserving of life. Her brothers support her in the murders, and her father has no choice but to conceal the crimes of his family….

SYNDICATE (All Parts!)

    Welcome to Crime House
    Crime House Fantasy Studio (also Crime House & Crime House and Dark Rooms) is independent production company with female death fetish orientation. Crime House does very erotic stuff, but not porn. Why we advice to offer our videos? 1. SEXY VICTIM-ACTRESSES ONLY 2. REALISTIC DEATH SITUATIONS 3. GREAT ACTING 4. CSGFX EFFECTS 5. NEW MODELS EVERY WEEK 6. ALL DEATH FETISH GENRES 7. NOT PORN BUT VERY-VERY EROTIC AND HOT 8.RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPE HOT MODELS 9. WE DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY SEXY DEATH 10. ALL MOVIES ARE MADE IN VERY HIGH QUALITY

    Featuring 965 Clips / 16587 minutes of video!

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      Cannibals 4

    Cannibals 4

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