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    Most Recent Crime House (Dark Rooms&Yellow Press) Videos! more
     MACHINE GUNNED 6 Fill Clip
    62 minutes

      MACHINE GUNNED 6 Fill Clip - 1 hour!
About 180 death scenes!
4 actresses!
Spies, Gangsters & Soldiers - 3 girls in a series of sketches where they portray spies, gangsters, and army chicks.

Scene 1 – Mary sneaks in to steal some papers.  Guards Hass and Tora catch her and as she surrenders they have her face the wall and frisk her, then machine gun her.  She slides down the wall onto the floor and her dead body twitches for several seconds before Hass riddles her some more.  As Hass and Tora stand over the dead body, the cameraman mows both of them down and they fall into a body pile.

Scene 2 – This time Mary makes a run for it and is machine gunned down by the guards.  Her body twitches so Tora stands over her and riddles her over and over again (overkill).  As she finishes, the cameraman mows her and Hass down who fall into a body pile on top of Mary.  This time Hass and Tora's bodies twitch and so the cameraman has to blast them (and hits Mary's body too) again.

Scene 3 – In this version, Mary fights back and shoots it out with Hass and Tora.  Mary hits Hass but is then mowed down by Tora.   Tora really blasts her so she goes down dead.  Hass's body twitches a bit so Tora finishes her off.  Tora drags Mary's body on top of Hass's, then riddles the bodies.  As she does so, the cameraman mows her down (in the back) and she falls onto the body pile as the cameraman continues to fire, which makes all of the bodies shake.

Scene 4 – Mary the spy is caught between the two guards, as they prepare to fire, she suddenly drops down and Hass and Tora accidentally machine gun each other.  Both bodies twitch so Mary riddles them some more, one at a time.  She blasts Hass so that her body rolls across the floor forming a pile with Tora.  The cameraman mows down Mary who falls into the pile.  Mary's body twitches a lot so the cameraman blasts her and the pile some more.

Scene 5 – Mary again surrenders, so Hass and Tora have her face the wall.  As Hass frisks Mary, Tora machine guns them both.  It's important that they bounce around touching against each other much of the time.  As they fall, Tora keeps shooting them.  She finally stops just as the cameraman mows her down.

Scene 6 – Mary is trapped by the guards and as they close in, she raises her gun and machine guns herself to death.  The guards are surprised and a bit disappointed since they wanted to shoot her.  Tora walks over and riddles Mary's body.  Hass mows down Tora, who falls on top of Mary then riddles her body, also hitting Mary's dead body.  The cameraman then mows down Hass who also falls on the body pile.  Hass twitches quite a bit so the cameraman riddles the body, also hitting Tora and Mary's dead bodies.

Scenes 7-12, same as above with girls switching parts, and Tora being the spy.

Scenes 13-18, same as above with Hass being the spy.

Scene 19 – All 3 girls are spies and get caught by the cameraman and shoot it out, all of them going down in a hail of bullets.  The bodies twitch so the cameraman riddles them.

Scene 20 – All 3 girls are spies and this time when caught, they surrender.  The cameraman has them face the wall and then machine guns them in the back.  They fall into a twitching heap, which the cameraman riddles some more.  Mary's body still twitches a little bit so she is blasted one more time, but some of the bullets also hit the other bodies.

Scene 1 – Hass and Tora are sitting playing cards when Mary comes in.  They both stand and raise their hands but Mary mows them both down.  Hass twitches so Mary shoots her some more.  The cameraman then blasts Mary who falls across the bodies forming a pile.  Cameraman riddles body pile.

Scene 2 – Mary and Hass playing cards when Tora comes in.  She makes them stand facing the wall, then executes them by machine gunning them in the back.  They fall in a pile.  Cameraman then mows down Tora.  Mary's body twitches so the cameraman riddles the pile.

Scene 3 – Tora and Mary are playing cards when Hass comes in.  Without even standing, Mary goes for her gun and Hass mows her down.  Distracted by mowing down Mary, Hass is then mowed down by Tora, falling on top of Mary.  Tora is pretty happy at coming out alive, but then the cameraman mows her down and she falls on top of the pile.  She twitches so the cameraman riddles the pile.

Scene 4 – All girls a playing cards, when cameraman makes them face the wall and executes them, and the fall into a pile.  They all twitch so she shoots them some more.

Scene 5 – Mary machine guns Tora and is captured by Hass.  Mary is taken to wall and is machine gunned (executed.)  After the shooting stops she falls and her body twitches a bit so another burst is given.  After that the body is still.  Cameraman then machine guns Hass.

Scene 6 – Tora machine guns Hass and is captured by Mary.  Tora is taken to wall and is machine gunned (executed).  After the shooting stops she falls and her body twitches a bit so another burst is given.  After that the body is still.  Cameraman then machine guns Mary.

Scene 7 – Hass machine guns Mary and is captured by Tora.  Hass is taken to wall and is machine gunned (executed).  After the shooting stops she falls and her body twitches a bit so another burst is given.  After that the body is still.  Cameraman then machine guns Tora.

Scene 8 – All 3 girls are executed one after the other.  The bodies falling to a pile.  Mary gets it first,  then Hass, and finally Tora gets it.  The girls are brought in one at a time, mowed down, and the bodies left to pile together.

Scene 9 – As Hass is getting machine gunned by the cameraman, Mary pushes Tora onto the line of fire, causing her to be machine gunned also.  As she steps closer to get a better look at the shaking bodies, she gets too close and steps into the line of fire.  All 3 girls shake and shudder as the fall into a body pile.

Scene 10 – Mary is about to execute Tora when Hass bursts into the room and machine guns Mary.  Although mortally wounded, as Mary starts to go down she manages to machine gun.  Hass blasts Mary again and Mary dies falling into a heap on top of Hass.  Her dead body convulses in death.  Tora walks over and riddles the bodies, and is then machine gunned by the cameraman.

Forearms - I'd like each scene to be one continuous take with no stops or edits.

Scene 1 – Mary shows her arms and the camera lighting makes the hair glisten.   Suddenly the cameraman machine guns her and dies face down, arms extended.  She can even take off one glove and tug at her arm hair, as long as both gloves are back on when the machine gunning occurs.

Scene 2 - Tora shows her arms and the camera lighting makes the hair glisten.   Suddenly the cameraman machine guns her and dies face down, arms extended.  She can even take off one glove and tug at her arm hair, as long as both gloves are back on when the machine gunning occurs.

Scene 3 - Hass shows her arms and the camera lighting makes the hair glisten.   Suddenly the cameraman machine guns her and dies face down, arms extended.  She can even take off one glove and tug at her arm hair, as long as both gloves are back on when the machine gunning occurs.

Scene 4 – Tora machine guns Mary.  She then takes off one glove and plays with Mary's arm hair.  She puts the glove back on and is then machine gunned by Hass.  Hass then takes off one glove and checks out Tora's arm hair.  She puts her glove back on and is machine gunned by the cameraman.  

Scene 5 – Tora and Mary machine gun Hass.  They then take off one glove and check out Hass's arm hair.  They then check out each other's arms as well as their own arms.  Next they put their gloves back on and promptly shoot each other to death.  The camera gets a nice view of all of their arms.  They twitch a little so the cameraman then riddles the bodies.

Scene 1 – All 3 girls attack the cameraman.  The scene is viewed strictly from the cameraman's point of view.  They hide, duck, crawl but eventually, one by one the girls are all mowed down.

Scene 2-3 – Same as Scene 1, but with some variation.

Scene 4 – Tora and Hass attack Mary.  Hass goes down and Tora uses her body to block the bullets.  As Mary shoots at Tora, the bullets hit Hass's body, which jerks to the impact.  Eventually, Tora makes a break for it and manages to mow down Mary.  The cameraman then mows down Tora.

Scene 5 – Same with Hass and Mary attacking Tora.

Scene 6 – Same with Mary and Tora attacking Hass.

Scene 7 – All three girls are huddled together setting an ambush for the cameraman.  But the cameraman is behind then and she sneaks up on them and machine guns them in the back.  They fall into a body pile and twitch, somewhat excessively, so the cameraman riddles the pile.

Scene 8 – Mary and Hass are walking towards the camera.  Tora is a few steps behind them.  Suddenly Tora opens fire mowing them both down.   They shake and bounce together and fall in a pile.  Tora stands over the pile and riddles it, but is then mowed down by the cameraman, falling into the pile herself.  She twitches so the cameraman riddles the pile.

Scene 9 – Same as above with Hass mowing down Tora and Mary.

Scene 10 – Same as above with Mary mowing down Hass and Tora.

Final Scene.
All girls walk toward the camera, smile and say something nice and are then promptly mowed down by the cameraman.  They twitch and are riddled some more.  First is Hass,  then Tora, and finally Mary.  At the end they are in a body pile.  Lots of lingering forearm close-ups before cameraman riddles the bodies.

•	Gloves in every death scene
•	Everyone dies in every scene
•	Plenty of forearm closeups of both living and dead
•	Lots of shaking, pained expressions, and (moans, groans, grunts, aarrrgghhhh type stuff)
•	Obvious, sometimes excessive dead body twitching
•	Mix of eyes open/eyes closed death stares
•	Lots of in the back shooting
•	Lots of face down final positions
•	Legs and Bellies and Arms
•	Body piles  ANIMAL INSTINCTS 3
    14 minutes




Regular Price is 20$ for it’s VERY EROTIC CONTENT!!!


Woman in sexy lingerie is relaxing at her apartment when she gets  a call from her friends. They say her new boyfriend is rushing to kill her. He got mad and he is ill of strange virus when a human turns into brutal cruel crazy animal. She thinks it’s a joke but…


Clip contains:

THE BEST STRANGULATION with fighting, trying to escape, fighting for life, many angles and emotions




     Murder In The Club
    13 minutes

      Murder In The Club - MURDER IN THE CLUB

Starring: Nadya, Christy and Annabelle


Christy is VIP bad girl, the leader of femmene special secret organization. She is the boss for her the best security girls – her personal slave and her personal guards. When she hears strange noises she orders her girls to go and check.
Nadya, the brave guard, goes to the hall of club for searching. Killer was waiting for her behind the wardrobe. He strangled her with a rope from behind and hanged her.
Slave Annabelle went for her hunt and saw the hanged Nadya. «Oh, the end of stupid brave bitch» - she says and go to the hall, when the killer attacks her and breaks her neck.
He goes for Christy’s sole. She shoots him by gun but he is too strong and bullets can’t kill him. He slowly strangled her by her own jewels.

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Eliminate Mistress  NIGHT IN THE HOTEL
    11 minutes

-	Brand New Movie - 

Do you like classic giallo films or spy thrillers? This film is for you!
Two long great strangulation scenes!
Many angles of murder process and manipulations with dead sexy bodies

Two Russian spies (Anastasia is as spy and Marianna as translator) are alone in the hotel in UK after their dangerous mission. They have husbands in Moscow but dangerous situations and always stress made them  relax and have a night together as lovers. They envoy of each other after sex.  Anastasia asks Marianna to go and bring something to dring. The girls does it and Anastasia stays alone in the number. She doesn’t know that the killer is near… 
She is relaxing with her eyes closes. She hears steps and thinks it’s her lover. She is too relaxed. 
«Dear…» she whispers, opens her eyes and sees the terrible face of mysterious stranger. She cant’s even cry – he starts to strangle her. 
She tries to escape and starts to kick and jerk with her body as a crazy. You will see many great poses of desperate dying woman in strangulation agony. He strangles her to the death. She was so brave ans strong but dies like week helpless baby.  Killers plays with her dead body, takes off her panties and puts her in face-down pose. 
The translator comes to the room. She sees her naked friend and her bare ass. She realizes she is dead, surprises and… 
Of course she is the second victim
     My Living Dolls
    17 minutes

      My Living Dolls - Starring:
Nica, Mary, Christy, Nadya, Tora, Annabelle, Kit
2 great strangulation scenes
Living dolls
Deadly injections
3 neck breakes
Moving naked dead bodipiles
Dead girls and living frozen girls in one bodypile
All girls die in the end
 The living frozen girl with a Dictaphone in her belly! When you push it she says: «Mummy!» like dolls do it!


A man has a installation of dolls. He invites his female friends to show his modern collection. But the don’t know it’s not just a product of art but dolls made from real girls. They also don’t know thy are following victims of this terrible maniac and they are next dolls.

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Mannequin Maker

19 $ first weekend! Basic Price is 29$! Save 10$ buing it now!  Orphan
    15 minutes

      Orphan - Orphan

Starring: Masha, Tora, Annabelle, Kit



Strangulation by gas in the cooker

Family theme



The soldier- deserter after concussion rushes into the civilian house. He had never had a family, so it’s seems to him that he found his  family.

Two rich sisters and their maid seems to him as his daughter, mother and wife. He terrors them and calls: my daughter, my lovely wife, my dear mother! They are frightened and they say he is mad man. He is sure they are his relatives, but they can’t accept his feelings and starts to kill them one by one.

First he chokes the maid in the cooker, after he strangles another girls…

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    25 minutes

Starring: Nadya
Custom Clip
Amazing 25 MINUTES LONG clip about many scenes of killing of young secretary with bow and arrows!
Arrows to the chest, arrows to the back, arrows to the pussy 
Some strangulation scenes!
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    6 minutes

      Insidious Girlfriend - INSIDIOUS GIRLFRIEND
What to do when your girlfriend becomes a contract killer and wants to kill you?

Fetish elements:
Ultra Classic Dress
DeadSkirt Style
Death Stare 
Cinematic Clip 

	When a killer Kit sees how his girl who has just nicely talked with him is going to shoot him to death, he quickly takes a gun. She shoots first but she looses. He strikes her to her breast. And one more time. After her surprise about her lost she falls dead. He takes off he shirt and call to his boss to tell about this accident. She as a killer!

	It’s great HD thriller with great slow-mo shooting scene and long body views. 
If you like this clip don’t miss
    8 minutes

New Model: NIKA!

Starring: Nika, Nadya, Annabelle, Kit
Fetish elements:
Dynamic realistic shooting 
Shooting through the glass door with great effects
Silencer gun
Shooting to the heart, to the back, to the head, to the chest
Bag girl killed 

Three girls were friends. They worked as strip dancers in night club. But one of them (Nika) met a rich man, married him and bought the night club. When she became a boss the decided to … kill her ex-friends. She hated them all the time. She ordered a killer she knew. 
He came the club and shot two girls doing his order. He shot nude Nadya and Annabelle in her black stocking. But he decided to over his killer-career and… to kill Nika too. He surprised her from behing and shot to her back. She was shocked, tried  to say something but he shot her to her head. 
He stripped her body and decided to burn in…

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    27 minutes

      FOUNTAIN - Perverted Horror Film About Strangulation

27 minutes film!

The movie contains special offer inside!

Fetish elements:

Strangulation with a broom

Poking your head in the freezer

Fracture of neck

Agony after death

A corpse falling from the closet (super scene!)

Strangulation through the glass with the collapse of the breasts

Strangulation in the air

Neck Break


Separation of corpses

Games with corpses

Fountain of dead women

Fracture of neck

A bunch of corpses


The man has a serious psychological trauma after the divorce. He is going to rent an apartment. Girls come to him on an ad. He compares them with his wife and brutally kills. Student Kate, he brutally strangled in the kitchen. A divorced woman, Nicole, he strangled terribly in the room. Then he killed a rich lady. After that, he built a terrible fountain of dead girls. When his wife came for things, she saw a terrible sculpture. He broke her neck and threw her body into the Fountain. The corpses crumbled, forming a chaotic heap. Tom lays down in a pile, taking a call from the new victim, promising that the apartment is waiting for her "Fountain".





    Random Crime House (Dark Rooms&Yellow Press) Clips more
    16 minutes
Starring: Annabelle, Luiza, Juliana 
Billiard looser can’t stand how girls won him in billiard pool at his friend’s eyes  and decides to play his own game. He machinegunned two billiard club girls  and strangled to the death the third girl.  
Fetish elements
Dynamic machine gun action (no blood) 
Body stripping
Sexy spanking of dead girl  Helpline
    11 minutes
      Helpline - HELPLINE

At her first shooting day  for Crime House she showed she can play garrote very well!

Fetish elements

Death fetish elements: Garrote, *************, Double *************, *******  A man makes **** to kill her friend, **** ********** ****, man ********** ****, office *****, short mini skirts, ltgs, leg kicking, death stares, cat fighting, hair pulling in agony, snatch legs during *************, aggressive fighting. 
Also contains: Dialog between victims before murder scene (with subtitles), conversation between killer and victims, from good **** to killer, betrayal, panic, begging for life, from bad **** to dead ****. 

Dasha and Julia work in psychological helpline. They receive calls from people in desperate  situations who want just to speak. Julia has more experience at this job and she teaches her younger employee how often they have to speak with very strange mad persons. 
Dasha has a call. It is a strange man who has obsession to kill women. He also wants Dasha to kill Julia. He says that when  he was a child he had cruel ******, ****** and granny and he became cruel misogynist. He breaks to helpline’s office to the *****, treats with a gun and  orders to Dasha to ******** Juliana with her  headphones.  
Julia is sure that Dasha isn’t going to do this. But it’s a big mistake. Dasha doesn’t take a break for reflection and starts to ***** poor Julia with her hands.
«Sorry, I haven’t got a choice!» - she says while ******* her college and friend very hard. 
«Bitch stop it! No!» - It was the last Julia’s words. It is long catfighting and ************* scene. Julia fights as she can, snitches Dasha’s legs and pulls her hair, kicking her legs and makes scared ******* face with her eyes wide opened. She wheezes, shakes her body and dies in very impresseve sexy pose with great death stare and legshow.    
Dasha removes her hands from  dead Julia’s neck. 
«I killed my friend! Are you happy?» - she asks the psycho. 
«No I am not»  - he answers spitefully. «I said to garrote her with headphones » and he starts to ******** Dasha with headphones. Dasha is helpless now. She is a ****** and she lifts her kegsh high kicking them fast and aggressively doing great deadly impressive at her face. 
When this crazy man finished her he looks at two very sexy young dead  women in very short skirts.
    14 minutes
      Firefight - FIREFIGHT
ONE OF THE BEST OUR CLASSIC SHOOTERS EVER! We did this film in classic death fetish traditions, taking the most favorite fetish elements in one movie!
Fetish elements:
Type of killing: Much shooting with *****
Clothes: White shirts, black miniskirts, black stockings, high heels 
Death stares: Open eyes, closed eyes 
Postmortem –stripping, touching

Great erotic shooting spy thriller

First part. Shoot out. 
The movie starts when 3 sexy female agents are waiting for their enemy – agent 0016.
They are special female army, machines for killing. Well educated in prestige special high ******, very sexy and smart they seduce their victims, take all they need and then.. kill! But agent 0016 is very professional contract killer from Mi6. 
During shooting out and firefight he kills them all  - Juliana falls by shooting in her back, Luiza was wounded in her arm, then she gets bullet to the chest and then to the neck (bullet time slow motion effect). 
Hass takes the bullet in her bellybutton and then falls by headshot. 
Second part. Postmortem. Agent 0016 checks  dead bodies. He searches for secret flashcards, documents, so he needs to dresses them for nude staying their nude corpses inly in black stockings. He closes their eyes, puts bodies in different poses.  Legend Of Jack 1 Paradise
    21 minutes
      Legend Of Jack 1 Paradise - LEGEND OF JACK 1: PARADISE
Super sexy long movie with 3 scenes of mass murder and 1 strangluation scene!
Stangluation, Mass strangluation, shooting with no *****, shooting with *****, bodypiles!
According to the story, Stingy Jack invited the Devil to have a ***** with him. True to his name, Stingy Jack didn’t want to pay for his *****, so he convinced the Devil to turn himself into a coin that Jack could use to buy their drinks. Once the Devil did so, Jack decided to keep the money and put it into his pocket next to a silver cross, which prevented the Devil from changing back into his original form. Jack eventually freed the Devil, under the condition that he would not bother Jack for one year and that, should Jack die, he would not claim his soul. The next year, Jack again tricked the Devil into climbing into a tree to pick a piece of fruit. While he was up in the tree, Jack carved a sign of the cross into the tree’s bark so that the Devil could not come down until the Devil promised Jack not to bother him for ten more years.
Soon after, Jack died. As the legend goes, God would not allow such an unsavory figure into heaven. The Devil, upset by the trick Jack had played on him and keeping his word not to claim his soul, would not allow Jack into hell. He sent Jack off into the dark night with only a burning coal to light his way. Jack put the coal into a carved-out turnip and has been roaming the Earth with ever since. The Irish began to refer to this ghostly figure as “Jack of the Lantern,” and then, simply “Jack O’Lantern.”
Crime House and Dark Rooms productions decided to tell this story about Halloween Stingy Jack in death fetish way:)
One Day Jack was drinking with Devil and Devil promised he would never take him to Hell.
When Jack comes to paradise four sexy angels met him and said «go away!»
Angry Jack imagined massacre in paradise. In his dreams he ********* angels, shot them with machine gun (no ***** effects) and shot them nude with machine gun (with great and realistic ***** effects).
Episode includes 4 death scenes:
1)      Before meeting with Devil Jack imagined how he ********* a waitress when he had no money for beer.
2)      When Jack is in paradise he ********* four sexy angels  and made great DEAD ANGELS BODYPILE.
3)      Jack killed 4 angels with Russian Second World War  machine gun
4)      Jack killed 4  nude angels and made bloody dead angels bodypile.
 Jack was shunned from Paradise.
Fetish elements:
Sexy angels, Oktoberfest waitress, *************, mass *************, dead angels bodypile, ********* angels, shooting without *****, shooting with *****, stockings, legs, death stares, playing with bodies ******* reactions, shooting reactions, great Halloween atmosphere
     She Was Too Rude
    15 minutes
      She Was Too Rude - Warning!
hard  and hot   content! Full nude! Only 25 seconds for foreplay, 8 minutes str....Ngl....Tion scene and 6 minutes for stripping, playing with a corpse and nude dead  body views. 
new model juliana acts perfect classic ********** scene. 
plot: young rich woman was to rude with bellhop. The young man lose control. 
fetish elements:
must have for all stra....Lations fans: business clothes, white blouse, black stockings, high heels, death reactions, dying wheezing, surprised face, long, very long agony, legs kicking, death stare (super sexy!), Stripping for full nude, different position of dead body, ne....Cro games.  Space Intruder
    17 minutes
      Space Intruder - SPACE INTRUDER

Starring: Hass, Masha, Nata, Pola

Super sexy fantastic *************

4 ***** were ********* in the spaceship!

Fetish elements:

 - 4 garrote ************* from behind

 - long agonies

 - aggressive ************* fetishes  - legs kicking, twitching,  agonies, death stares,

 - sexy clothes – leggy ***** are in mini dresses, miniskirts, Masha’s character is in stockings

 - bodypile

-sci-fi elements

2020 year. NASA found the planet looks like the Earth! After intergalactic communication the first tourism delegation was sent to the Earth with four pretty diplomatic *****.  But the secret terroristic organization by Dr. Ko decided to stop the  initiative and start a war. They sent a special agent (the training of him you can see at SIDE EFFECTS movie) who entered the spaceship and… ********* all ***** one by one. See this fantastic very erotic ************* adventure!


THIS FANTASTIC STRANGULATION MOVIE IS IN «MUST HAVE» in ************* lovers collection. You will LOVE it and you will be surprised, WE PROMISSE!

    Welcome to Crime House (Dark Rooms&Yellow Press)
    Crime House Fantasy Studio (also Crime House & Crime House and Dark Rooms) is independent production company with female death fetish orientation. Crime House does very erotic stuff, but not porn. Why we advice to offer our videos? 1. SEXY VICTIM-ACTRESSES ONLY 2. REALISTIC DEATH SITUATIONS 3. GREAT ACTING 4. CSGFX EFFECTS 5. NEW MODELS EVERY WEEK 6. ALL DEATH FETISH GENRES 7. NOT PORN BUT VERY-VERY EROTIC AND HOT 8.RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPE HOT MODELS 9. WE DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY SEXY DEATH 10. ALL MOVIES ARE MADE IN VERY HIGH QUALITY

    Featuring 279 Clips / 4404 minutes of video!

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      MACHINE GUNNED 6 Fill Clip

    MACHINE GUNNED 6 Fill Clip

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      Murder In The Club

    Murder In The Club

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      My Living Dolls

    My Living Dolls

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      Insidious Girlfriend

    Insidious Girlfriend

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      Gossip Girls

    Gossip Girls

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      Strangler Under the Coach

    Strangler Under the Coach

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      Happy Hanging

    Happy Hanging

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