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    All content is consensual and is acted out by models of legal age.

    Most Recent Crime House Videos! more
     TRUTH OR DEATH Stabbing With Orgasm
    30 minutes

      TRUTH OR DEATH Stabbing With Orgasm - CUSTOM MOVIE
Starring: Pola, Juliana and Nata 
Bloody triple stabbing with stabs to the belly, bellybutton, chest and with explosion of body
Bloody. Great Acted. Girls feel pain and orgasm during terrible sacrifice.
30 minutes movie
Great long stabbings, reactions and bloody bodypile in very erotic poses

Three girls and the guy play «Truth or Dare» game. During they share their fantasies they open strange world of death fetish fantasies and stabbing sexual fetishes. Girls want to be stabbed like pigs in their last sexual game…
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    20 minutes


Starring: Marianna, Erika Korti, Aleksandra, Kit, Anatoliy

19 minutes 

3 long and hard strangulation scenes

Many carryings, strippings, playing with bodies, bodypiles, nude content


Clothes and image:

Marianna. Young female bailiff. Wears sexy black pantyhose, white shirts and black miniskirt.

Erika. Young shopaholic. Wears black minidress and high-heel shoes.

Aleksandra. Erika’s sister. Wears green minidress.





Marianna was choked, then she was garroted. Long strangulation scene in different poses and angles. After death she was stripped full nude (long scene of stripping her).

Erika and Aleksandra were knocked out. Two man were strangling them at the same time. Aleksandra died first. Erika had long agony near her sister’s dead body. Erika did great leg shoe and strangulation reaction.

When all were dead, killers made bodypile and then carried bodies out.



Two shopaholic sisters had trouble with their bank credit. Bailiff Marianna went to their apartment for property register but when she saw many brand-things from shops she decided to take them to herself.

But suddenly two big men appeared in the flat. They are from collecting agency and they have another methods to take the property. They attacked all three women including bailiff. They don’t know what is law. They strangle girls very cruel, take all clothes to sell it by webstore and take bodies to sell them for meat-café and for human organs black market.

Fetish elements: strangulation, choking, garroting, office skirt, office suit, death stare, tongue out, leg jerking, knocking out. Knock out. 2 men kill 2 girls, bodipile, carrying bodies.
    18 minutes

Starring: Nata and Hass
Custom Clip 
17 minutes 
10 scenes
20 deaths 
Exotic, grotesque poses, expressive reactions, deadly surprised emotions, agonies, bodypiles, bottom up bodypiles and ultra sexy poses
Stabbings and shootings!
Catfightings to the death!


FULL HD, Great CameraWork, Best DarkRoom traditions

100% death fetish clip!

Scenes detailed descriptions: 
Scene 1. 

Nata is holding a gun, her legs spread apart. Nata aims to shoot (at an off-screen, unseen enemy), but she is shot in her lower belly, making her gasp with her eyes and mouth wide open and she puts her hand where she was shot. She stumbles and then falls to the floor into this pose. Pictures show facial expression when shot, body reaction, and death pose.
Hass comes in and gets on her knees beside Nata and checks her, Hass\\\'s legs are spread apart while on her knees. Hass grabs the gun and aims, but she is also shot in her lower belly, making her gasp as her head and shoulder fling back (her face looking at the ceiling), her back curved and ass sticking back a little and she puts her hand on her lower belly. The camera shows a good profile view of Hass.  Hass then falls forward over top of Nata (do not cover Nata\\\'s crotch). Hass has her ass in the air and her legs spread apart.

Scene 2. 

Nata is aiming (similar to first sample picture) but gets shot in her belly and reacts (second sample picture) and she falls to the floor in this death pose (third sample picture) , with one knee forward propping up her hips and her legs still spread apart.

Hass is aiming and also gets shot in her lower belly.  Hass falls to the ground and begins to writhe, squirm and roll around slowly as she has her hand on her lower belly (keep hand on belly entire time).  While Hass is writhing, she rolls over face-down, lifting her ass up into the air (camera shows nice view of her ass), then rolls completely over onto her side and back. Hass moans and makes sexy sounds (moans and other sexy sounds) as she writhes, arching her back up, her legs spreading apart often (camera shows between her legs and good views of her belly, hips, and ass while she is writhing.
After writhing, squirming, and rolling over for about 15 or 20 seconds, Hass gasps very loudly with her eyes and mouth open wide as her back arches very high and her legs spread (similar to photo below), then after a pause for 2 or 3 seconds, she slowly exhales with a soft, sexy moan as her body slowly relaxes (not sudden drop), as her eyes roll back and she goes limp, her leg falls to one side into her death pose and has a good death stare. 

Scene 3. 

Hass is shot in her lower belly, making her react with a sexy squeal as her body reacts (ass and hips thrust back, her back arched) as she puts her hand on her lower belly.  She is shot again under her breast, making her body react (similar to first photo). She stumbles and then falls into this pose (second photo):

Hass has one final gasp, her hips lifting into the air a little, then she exhales with a sexy, soft sigh and relaxes her body, her hips sink back down.  The camera shows 3 good camera angles, one showing between her legs and her ass, from above her, and also of her face and ass in the background.
Nata walks in and gets on her knees beside Hass.  Nata checks on her, then slowly rolls Hass over (pulling on her hips). Camera shows Hass\\\'s hips and ass as she is rolled over, her legs still open.  These sample pictures show good camera angle of Hass, Hass being rolled over, and the new pose for Hass:

Nata is then shot in her lower belly, making her react, then she falls over top of Hass 
Scene 4. 

Hass and Nata are holding fake knives, and they get locked together (holding each other\\\'s wrists), and push up against each other, legs spread apart. Camera shows profile view and also behind as they struggle with knives.  Then the girls fall to their knees, similar to these photos:

Nata forces her knife between them, the knife low to the ground, both girls have their back curved and ass sticking out some, with legs apart.  Nata slowly overpowers Hass, forcing her knife upward, closer to Hass\\\'s belly, then she thrusts upward, stabbing Hass below her bellybutton, making her gasp and squeal as her back curves down more (hips thrust upward).  When Nata pulls the knife out, Hass exhales with a moan and goes limp, slumping onto Nata.  Nata holds her up for a few seconds, then lets Hass fall backward, her legs tucked under, into the pose in the sample picture.  One sample photo shows a good body reaction from an upward stab to her lower belly, her back curved down some, her ass out, and legs spread.  The second photo is the death pose after falling back.
Nata then rolls Hass over into this pose and several camera angles are shown, including between her legs and good view of her ass.
Nata gets on one knee in a victory pose over top of Hass (see sample photo).  Nata does not know Hass is still alive and has a knife.  Hass surprises Nata with a stab to her lower belly, making her gasp.  After reacting to the stab, Nata slumps to the side of Hass, with her leg over Hass.  See sample photos for victory pose as well as death pose (body pile where their ass is still showing):

Several camera angles are shown, showing good ass views and between their legs.

Scene 5. 

Nata shoots Hass in her lower belly, Hass puts her hands on her belly, and then Hass falls slowly to her knees, her legs spread (similar to first photo).  Then Hass\\\'s eyes go cross (cross-eyed, similar to second photo), and then she slumps forward, her hips and ass high in the air, her legs spread, similar to the third photo (her legs spread, back curved down):
Camera shows good angles, including between her legs, camera low to ground and looking up between legs, camera angle from over top of her looking down, profile view, and of face with ass in background (about 10 seconds).

Nata walks to Hass and nudges her hips , which very slowly makes Hass\\\'s hips sink down to the ground (camera from behind showing her hips sink down).  Then Nata uses her foot to slowly roll over Hass into a new pose. Pictures show camera angle after her hips sink down to the ground, being rolled over, and the new death pose for Hass.
Nata is then shot by off-screen, unseen enemy and she falls.

Scene 6. 

Hass and B are standing near a couch (or bed).  Hass is shot in her lower belly, making her react with a loud gasp (eyes and mouth wide open), then a sexy moan, then she falls forward (over the edge of the couch, or off the bed), so her upper body is off the end, her face and shoulders on the ground, but her hips and ass are propped up in the air and her legs spread (see sample pose pictures).  Camera angle showing between her legs, from above, at floow level showing her face with her ass and hips in the background, similar to these deaht poses and camera angles:
Nata is then shot, making her react in a similar way as Hass. Nata falls back and is either draped back over the couch arm, or draped off the edge of the bed, her legs spread far apart, her back arched over the edge. One leg can be propped up on back of couch or someting else.  Both Hass and Nata are close together, but not covering each other.  See these sample pictures for Nata, either one will work.  Both girls should have a nice death stare.

Scene 7. 

Nata is holding a knife and Hass walks in holding a gun.  Hass shoots Nata in her lower belly, making her moan and put her hand on her belly, then she falls to the ground on her back and is limp.  Nata is still holding the knife.  Hass does not know Nata is still alive.  Hass walks over and sits on Nata, similar to these pictures:

Nata is still holding her knife, she wakes up without Hass knowing.  Nata reaches around and stabs Hass in her lower belly (or in her side), making Hass react with a gasp, her back curved, her face looking toward ceiling, similar to this pose:

When Nata pulls the knife out, Hass exhales with a sexy moan and goes limp, slumping forward, her legs still straddling Nata.  Hass\\\'s ass still propped up into the air.  After camera gets several good camera angles, including between her legs and also floor level showing her ass and hips in the background, then Nata sits up, similar to these photos:     
To make sure she is dead, Nata stabs Hass in her lower back, making Hass softly gasp and lift her hips and ass up into the air a little, then exhale with a soft sexy moan as her eyes go cross and she dies. Nata then gently rubs her hands down Hass\\\'s body, and then fondles her ass some.  Then Nata very slowly rolls Hass off to the side into a new death pose with legs spread apart far and knee bent, similar to this pose:

Nata then holds her lower belly, falls back to the floor, and begins to write and roll around, her legs spreading apart, arching her back up, rolling on her side and twisting, rolling over and lifting ass and hips into the air, similar to these sample pictures:
Then, Nata suddenly gasps very loud and lifts her entire body up, her legs spread.  After a pause for a few seconds, she slowly exhales with a soft sexy moan and relaxes her body down as her eyes roll back (not a sudden drop or plop to the floor). 

Scene 8. 

Both girls are on their knees holding knives.  They get locked together, pushing against each other, then they fall over to the floor and begin rolling around, one girl on top, then the other, and sometimes both on their side, their legs intertwined.  These photos show the action:

Hass finally gets the advantage, she gets to her knees, Nata still on the floor, her legs spread apart.  Hass gets her knife free and with Nata\\\'s legs spread far apart, she stabs her below her bellybutton, making her gasp and arch her back up, her legs still spread apart.  Sample photos show Hass on her knees, Nata has legs spread apart, and her reaction to being stabbed:
When Hass pulls the knife out, Nata exhales with a sexy moan and her eyes roll back and she goes limp.  Hass gets beside her (opposite side as camera) and runs her knife across her body while camera shows good view of her belly and between her legs.  Hass does not know that Nata is still alive.  Hass gets on top of Nata straddling her (similar to first photo), and leaning forward so her face is close to Nata, similar to second photo (talking trash to her), Hass\\\'s ass is up in the air, her back curved downward.
Hass does not know Nata is still holding a knife.  Nata is playing dead, and without Hass knowing, she sneaks a knife underneath Hass.  Nata surprises Hass with an upward stab into her lower belly (below her bellybutton), making her gasp as her back curves downward more, her eyes and mouth wide open (camera must show her body when stabbed).  Camera shows view of her face with ass in background, a good profile view (showing knife in her belly), and a good angle from behind, showing her ass and up close between her legs.  After the camera views, Nata puts her other hand (opposite side of camera) on Hass\\\'s lower back, then pulls her downward onto the knife more, making Hass gasp and moan in a sexy way, then she exhales and  her eyes go cross and her tongue sticks out as she goes limp, slumping forward over top of Nata.  Hass\\\'s ass in the air.  Sample photos show facial reactions for Hass and her death pose on top of Nata.
Scene 9. 
Hass is standing guard, her legs spread apart.  Nata is holding a knife and sneaks up from behind.  Nata puts one arm around Hass\\\'s neck, then reaches around with the knife and stabs her below her bellybutton, making her gasp and arch her back, her ass pressing into Nata. Sample pictures show good pose while standing guard and sneak frorm behind, arm around neck and curving back, and good sample picture of lower belly stab and body reaction. The fourth sample picture shows a great camera angle looking up between her legs before she slides down and while she is sliding.  Other good camera angles are from the front, and also a profile view with the knife in her belly.
Hass moans, puts her hand on her wound, then Nata pulls the knife out, which makes Hass moan.  Hass then slowly slides down to her knees, her legs spread apart.  Nata then gets on her knees behind Hass.  Nata reaches around Hass again and stabs her in her lower belly again, with a similar reaction to this sample picture:
After Hass reacts to the second belly stab, her legs begin to spread apart as she slides down to closer to the ground. Nata then slowly pulls Hass back on top of her.  Nata stabs her in the bellybutton, making Hass gasp as her back arches upward, legs spread, then after a pause, she slowly exhales with a sexy sound and goes limp.  Sample pictures show Hass with legs spread and a great camera angle between her legs, and the final belly stab and reaction.
Nata then fondles Hass for a few seconds while camera shows between her legs and another good body view.  Then Nata slowly rolls Hass into a new death pose (sample pictures):
Nata is turned on.  She gets on all fours over top of Hass (who is dead), Nata\\\'s legs are spread apart.  Nata puts the knife in Hass\\\'s limp hand. Nata moves the knife up and down her body, then she stabs herself below her bellybutton (while Hass\\\'s hands are on the knife), making Nata react with a sexy moan and a little sensation of pain as her back curves downward. Camera shows view of her face with ass in background, a profile view, and a view from behind (showing ass and between legs).  Nata then pulls the knife out with a sexy moan. Nata is very turned on.  She then stabs herself again in her belly, making her gasp with eyes and mouth wide open, then she has a pleasureful look. She pulls the knife out and her eyes roll back as she exhales with a soft sexy moan and goes limp, slumping forward over the top of Hass.  Nata\\\'s ass is in the air, her legs spread (Nata should not cover Hass\\\'s crotch).
Scene 10. 
Hass and B have knives and get locked together.  Hass pushes Nata back over the couch cushion, Nata\\\'s back is arched over the cushion and her legs are spread far apart.  Hass is between her legs (there is a gap between them so camera can see Nata\\\'s belly and between her legs).  They push up onto the couch even more and Nata is over the couch arm, her legs spread apart, and Girl is is over top of her.  Nata\\\'s legs are spread apart, one leg on the back of the couch.  Sample pictures show pushing over couch, and up over couch arm while fighting with knives:
Nata drops her knife, and Hass pushes over the couch arm.  Hass then stabs Nata below her bellybutton, making her gasp as her back curves over the couch arm even more.  Hass pulls the knife out, making Nata moan.  Hass moves back (not blocking camera view) while Nata holds her belly and writhes, her back still curved over the couch arm, her legs spread.  Nata twists, lifts her body up, lifts her legs as she writhes.  Sample shows back arched over couch arm and also writhing, lifting legs, lifting body up.
Hass then gets near Nata\\\'s face and moves the knife up and down her body, then stabs her in the bottom cleavage of her breast, making Nata gasp loudly as she arches her back high and lifts her body up, one leg on the back of the couch as she lifts up, then when Hass pulls the knife out Nata\\\'s eyes instantly go cross as she exhales with a sexy sound and her body slowly sinks back down (not sudden drop) and she is left draped backward over the couch arm, one leg on the back of the couch, legs open wide. Sample pictures show arching back and lifting up when stabbed in breast, and several samples of death poses draped back, one leg up.
Camera shows 8 seconds of showing her dead body, with a good view between her legs, from above, and another showing her face with her eyes crossed.
Hass then pulls and pushes Nata off the couch, and Nata slowly rolls over and falls to the floor, one leg still up on the couch (see sample picture of new death pose).  Hass then puts one leg up on the couch into a victory pose (see sample picture).  Then Hass is shot in her lower belly by an off-screen, unseen person and Hass reacts with a gasp (eyes and mouth wide open) as her back curves.  Hass falls forward over the couch cushion, her legs spread apart, her ass in the air.  She rolls over with her back curved over the couch arm, legs spread, as she writhes, lifting leg, turning from side to side (showing views of her ass), her hips and legs are off the edge.  Hass is shot again in her lower belly, making her react, back curving over the cushion.  She then turns over, her legs spread far apart, ass in the air.  She wants to end it, so she grabs the knife on the couch cushion.  With her back curved downward, she stabs herself in the bottom cleavage of her breast, making her gasp, then her eyes quickly go crossed and tongue out as she exhales with a sexy sigh and goes limp, her ass still in the air.  Sample pictures show the new death pose for Nata, Hass\\\'s victory pose, Hass falling over the couch arm, Hass writhing, then final death pose and facial expression for Hass.



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9 stabbing of Nata  CLEANERS
    3 minutes

      CLEANERS - Experimental shooting shot movie!
Juliana (bodygiard), Marianna (clubgirl), Annabelle (danser). Pola (girlfriend), Kit (security), Serge (rich man), Evgeniy (dead killer). Mike (killer), Alex (partner) 

Only 3 minutes long but very interesting and very original and expensive to do mass shooting story with new shooting technology: All Film is shot in 1 frame!
Man kills girl to her head
Man kills female bodyguard 
Man kills man
Man shoots the girl to her chest
Man shoots the girl to her mouth 
Man shoots man
POV death 
Man shoots dying girl 

POV Shooting only!
1 scene. Killer’s POV
Killer and his partner ruch to the night club. They are contract killer and must kill rich man. They enter to bathroom and see clubgirl on the toilet. HeadShot!
They meet the female bodyguard in the hall and shoot her.
They go to the disco. The target with a stripper and his girlfriend are there. They shoot the man dead, then shoot the dancer and then make scared girlfriend to play with dancer’s body a little and then strip together. They kill her by shooting to her opened mouth.
They are ready to leave the location but  security comes and shoots the partner dead and then the killer.
The POV death scene made like in PC games.
The last second the kills sees is the dead body of dancer and security… touching her tit!
It was reincarnation! The soul of killer went to security. The young man goes to the hall and sees dying bodyguard. She begs him for help, but he shoots her dead and touches her breasts…
This movie is very dynamic .

If you like mass shooting and search for the long professional films please 
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    22 minutes


Young sexy sporty wife.

Business lady.

Upset man.


22 minutes for this interesting story with FAT STRANLIG SCENES!

Death of businesswoman in business black shorts, black pantyhose, white blouse.

Death of pretty young girl who wants too much.



Starring: Top model Annabelle and pretty blonde Mary



Mary is young wife who wants to divorce and sell her flat. It’s the flat of her ex-husband’s father. The husband has good memories about this calm place and asks to leave him alone in this flat. He remembers good moments (interesting flashbacks). But his wife is interested only in money and calls realtor.

When the husband sees young business bitch (realtor) who can sell his favorite flat even today he decides to go to far for his home protection. When the wife goes for the documents the husband attack realtor and starts to choke her.

Business girl fight as strong as she can but what can she do against crazy strong man? Her young body has few minutes for resistance but it looks like agony of headless chicken! Her face comes blue with red.


Face, feet, legs, fool weigh, all body, close ups.

The wife comes back and sees woman’s corpse. No more realtors is in the house – just dead worm bluefaced body with death stare.

The housband catches his wife and starts to kill her in the kitchen.


In standing position. In sitting position, garrote pose, death stare.

When she is dead, he puts banana to her mouth.

The following theme is body views in different angles and bodypile, playing with bodies, stripping them.

It is place where his father lived.

It’s not for sale.



Unhappy Christmas

Stocking Fetishist

Unhappy Birthday  ANIMAL INSTINCTS
    11 minutes


Brand New Movie

They are sexy helpless girl. He is an animal with knife!


Multy Stabbing to the back, to the chest and to the belly.


Bloody Horror

Starring: NEW MODELS Adult Star Erika Korti, Alexandra and charismatic Anatoliy  


Stabbing Attack



Erika is relaxing with her laptop watching erotic films. She lives with her friends in sorority. Her best friend is smoking a cigarette at the balcony. Suddenly mad maniac enters the apartment. He is watching in her sexy body and doing something strange.

Suddenly he rushes to her and stabs many times to her back. She is frightened to death, feels animal pain in her back and full body and deadly surprises. Her murder isn’t a man – he is bastard, he is wild monster. He put her to the floor and stabs to her chest.

Poor girl tries to call for help and she shouts as loud as she can but nobody hears her. She is crawling to the balcony but the animal seats on her and stabs to the back more and more.

She dies with pretty death stare with wide opened eyes and open mouth bleeding. Maniac sports with her still warm fresh body. He bites her ass, juicy paws her corpse and plays with it like a dog with a favorite toy.

Aleksandra returns from the balcony and sees terrible scene. Her neighbor is dead, wet and bloody-red and furious man is sitting on her. She cries and rushes to the exit but a man jumps to the sofa attacks his prey in jumping  like a cheetah to antelope.

He stabs Alexandra with many hits. Blood. Scream. Pain. Agony. Trying to escape. Horror Apocalypse. DEATH.

He tears his shirt and starts to smash himself with their sticky blood. Blood of girls is on his body. It’s triumph of monster. It is his hour of madness.





    11 minutes

      PATRIOT - PATRIOT (2 doctors shot!)
Starring: Christy, Marianna, Kit, Anatoliy 
First Shooting Movie with Marianna! 
Bloody Shooting 
Clothes and image:
Sexy Doctors and Nurses Uniform 
Black Stocking 
Body Pantyhose 
Sexy Lingerie 
Shooting to the belly 
Shooting to the heart 
Shooting to the chest 
Agony before death 
Blood effects 
Death stare 
Bobby is a son of old redneck. His father was in war and had psychological trauma. He is proud he is old soldier and wants his son go to the army.
But his son, medical student, doesn’t want to go to the army. His girlfriend (she is a doctor) promised she had a communication in a military hospital and doctors can help him to miss  the army for money.  
Bovvy wakes up with his girlfriend and her friend when his father enters the house. Father is proud of his son and want him to go to the army just now. Girls dress in the doctor uniform, put on stocking and pantyhose’s and laugh at Bobby’s father and his old-fashioned words about patriots, Cold War, danger from USSR side and so on. Father sais that it’s better to be killed on war than leave without army. 
Girls whisper to Bobby: Don’t worry! Will help to slope the army!
Father hears it and looses control:
 «What?! Slope the army?!»
Boddy’s girlfriend decides to be honest:
«Army is only for rednecks!»
Old Father can’t stand it and shoots to the girl’s belly. She is in shock and abony and asks for help. 
«Help her!» - father plays the game. «Help her, son! Take my gun and attack me! Imagine that I’m the enemy of the state! Save your girlfriend!»
Son only begs father to stopю
«You see he is helpless and can’t save you because you helped him to slope the army!» - says father and shoots the girl to the heart. 
Then he shoots her friend, another girl. 
Son understands that he can stand the violence and he understands his cruel father. He loves his father. He takes father’s gun and kills the girl to the head. 
But the war lessons are not over. Father wants his son to show him how can he mock enemy bodies. Bobby strips corpses. 
«You’re ready to the war, sonny!»  - son goes to the army with father’s gun and the father stays with dead bodies….

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    19 minutes

Starring: Annabelle and Mary
Good sound effects of shooting (silencer guns shooting, gun shooting)
15 scenes of deadly adventures of two young sexy and brave police girls!
Police girls, shooting, POV shooting, quickly death, bad girls, good girls, firefights, black pantyhoses, different death stares, checking bodies, no blood effects 
Scene 1. POV . Gangster shoots 2 police girls, checks their dead bodies, closes their eyes, checks pulse and does some manipulations with bodies. 
Scene 2. POV. Police girls are talking, thee are surprises by gangster, they have no time to do something and they are killed. 
Scene 3. POV. Gangster shoots two police girls from behind. Surprise reaction. 
Scene 4. POV. Gangster sees how police girls are checking his safe house. He kills them. 
Scene 5. POV. Annabelle enters the gangster’s safe house. He kills her. Mary follows her, sees the dead body, starts to check it and she was killed too. 
Scene 6. POV.   POV. Mary  enters the gangster’s safe house. He kills her. Annabelle  follows her.  She sees the dead body, starts to check it and she was killed too.
Scene 7. POV. Police girls are going to kill gangster but they have week position and gangster kills them first. 
Scene 8. POV. Police girls are discussing how to catch gangster. Too many words, too little actions. Bad for them! Gangster chaises and kills them. 
Scene 9. POV. It is firefight between gangster and police girls. Gangster wins. Police girls are dead. 
Scene 10. Annabelle has an information that her partner Mary is traitor. She kills them, check her body searching stolen information but doesn’t find it. She realizes she killed innocent police girls and kills herself, shooting herself to the head. 
Scene 11. Mary has an information that her partner Annabelle  is traitor. She kills them, check her body searching stolen information but doesn’t find it. She realizes she killed innocent police girls and kills herself, shooting herself to the head.
Scene 12. Mary has an information that that her partner Annabelle  is traitor. She wants to talk about it with Annabelle but the bad girl shoots her in her stomach. Mary shoots Annabelle to the head. She finds stolen documents and dies in the agony. She did her last job and killed the traitor. 
Scene 13.Annabelle  has an information that that her partner Mary   is traitor. She wants to talk about it with Mary but the bad girl shoots her in her stomach. Annabelle  shoots Mary  to the head. She finds stolen documents and dies in the agony. She did her last job and killed the traitor. 
Scene 14. Annabelle and Mary were killed by a spy.  

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    18 minutes

Starring: Aleksandra, Erika Korti, Christy, Kit
Clothes and image:
Sexy Short Jeans Shorts
Students Home Look
Strangulatioon, Choling, Stripping, Bpdypile 
3 Students have a problem: their computer is broken. It was course works and important documents in it. They decide to call service but they are greedy and they choose the most cheapest offer.
When the master comes, it seems he is not in computer theme it all. When Erika tells he is not professional, he losses control and strangles poor girl. She tries to call for help but she can’t. He kiils her, stripes the body and waits for his new victim. 
The same sad end waits for all 3 girls. But when 3 nude strangled bodies are on the floor he decides to proof himself he is a good master and starts repeating works. 

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Last Picnic
    10 minutes

Starring: Marianna (NEW ACTRESS – sexy club blonde), Juliana, Pola, Annabelle, Serge (NEW ACTOR – handsome brutal professional actor), Alex

Clothes and image:
Sexy Christmas dress
Club mini dress
Long legs
2 men killing girls one by one
Two men visit night club to invite girls to their party. They have money and think the world is their property. They see three sexy girls dancing in the dance floor. But their meeting skills are not so good – first they do is paw girls’ asses and suggest money for sex. Girls send them to hell.
When men are at the bar alone, after their unlucky experience they decide to take fun in another way – just kill all girls in the club.
Juliana goes to sing at karaoke, Pola gors to the bathroom to take cocaine, Marianna stays on the dancefloor to relax. 2 men rush to karaoke room and strangle poor Juliana after her bad song. Then they go to the toilet, strangle Pola and break her neck. They return to the clubzone and see Marianna dancing alone. They catch her and strangle brutally.
Waitress sees the murder scene and becomes a the following victim.
Men strip dead bodies and leave four nude dead girls in the club.
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    9 minutes






Inessa goes to the Whites for a cup of tea. Inessa is a friend of family, but she has strange imaginaition about good friendship and tempts her best friend’s a husband. She wants to fuck him behind her friend’s back. When a wife see this terrible scene, she looses control, grabs a knife and rushes  to kill them both, but husband uses Inessa sitting on him as a human shield. Wife stabbed her to the back and then killed her to her tit. Wife tried to kill husband, but he drew the knife and stabbed her to the stomach and then to her big breast  – to the heart. 

Housband desided to use bodies of his loved ones rationally – he made furniture of them! 

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    30 minutes
      Ritual - This clip has no description.
     Foot Fetish Maniac
    19 minutes
      Foot Fetish Maniac - FOOT FETISH MANIAC

When a woman was sleaping in her bedroom, foot fetish maniac entered the room. He touched her feet and tickled. First she enjoyed it ******** but when she  **** up she was in panic, but he catches her legs. Attacked her and ckoked. Then he started to caress her dead body, her legs and feet. He opened a wardrobe, found her cocks, white stockings  and stockings with flesh color. She was his dead doll, just a toy and he started to try to her socks and stockings, massage her dead feet…

All  19 minutes you can enjoy ************* scenes and much dead games with leg-fetish and foot-fetish attention!

Fetish elements:

*************, red sexy lingerie. ******** ****, dead ****, death stare, legs kicking, different dead poses, foot fetish, white stockings, stockings, socks, dead feet massage, body touching, playing with dead body.  

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Price: 14.00
Run Time: 19:00 minutes
File Size: 450 MB	Format: .MP4  Horror Time
    14 minutes
      Horror Time - Horror Time

Starring: Hass and Juliana

Fetish elements: adult students, stockings, *************. *******, death stare, ************* reactions, bodypile, carrying body


One more cruel page of Yellow Press

 Nick and his girlfriend like horror films. Nick loves horrors so much that he dreams about glory of serial killer from slashes. The couple invited their friend Katty to watch horrors together. Nick has many unknown but very scary gore movies and slashes with R21 rating  in his collection.  They watch «Sheriff, Mr.Jonson» by Crime House Production tonight. Nick enjoys how killer ********* ****. Katty is very scared and goes to the bathroom. Dark side orders Nick to follow her and… he srangles her in the bath!

He enjoys real *************, to see how the real **** reacts, to look at her dying face with tongue out, to feel her kicking body. After she’s dead he takes off her clothes and carries her to the bedroom to show to his girlfriend. He isn’t that Nick-good boy any more. It is his first day in new cosial role – the dangerous mad serial killer.

 He attacks poor Natasha, his girlfriend and ****** her near Katty’s dead nude corpse. He  rips her stockings.

He leaves two corpses on the bed and goes to the city for new victims.
     Captured Factory 2
    14 minutes
      Captured Factory 2 - CAPTURED FACTORY 2
Starring: Hass, Angelina, Christy, Kit


Dr.Ko’s Captory of clone-making was stacked by two intruder (watch it in CAPTURE FACTORY. Dark Rooms store) 

After 3 best female guard were strangled, captor management invited 3 cruel female mercenaries:
Hass (played by Hass)  - brave biker girl. Skills: Machine gun shooting, hunting, chasing, fighting.
Fox (played by Angeline) – guard, military girl. Skills: Fighting.
Snake (played by Christy) – guard, manager. The daughter of Dr.Co. Lazy. Sadistic, rich, glamorous. Her father didn’t want her to be in the factory but she liked to kill and manage. 
Agent 0014 was sent to kill all guards again and steal new flash with clones-code. 
He attacked Hass from behind when she was on her boke. It was very hard to kill Hass, but he chose very good position to send this bitch to the God. 
He took machine gun from her dead hands and went to kill Fox. He attacked her and crashed her neck with machinegun strangling her. All she could is just to jerk with her long legs in boots. He threw her to big industrial fan to slash her face. Poor shake was still alive with her throat broken and faceless. After a terrible agony she dies. 
Only Snake were alive. Easy target. Rich bitch was making selfies when Agent 0014 attacked her. She tried to escape but she ran to the cowardly girl and strangled her. 
He decided to eliminate corpses and put them to the fan to slash bodies like forcemeat. 
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SPACE INTRUDER  Killer Absolution
    6 minutes
      Killer Absolution - Introdusing new model mary!

this stylish erotic movie is based on the famous game «hitman absolution». It’s dark, gothic thriller with head shot, ch...King, bodies carrying and funeral entourage

young cruel murder loves beautiful rock brunette. She is his partner. He is going to leave city forever and decides to have a last meeting with his g...Rl. They choose abandoned monastery as a place for meeting – this place has a very big value for them both: one day he saved her life and kept her there in safe from enemy organization.

but she lied all the time. She invited him to the last meeting just to lure him into a trap… she and her new partner from enemy organization, female killer dressed in fetish nurse costume, are waiting for him to shoot him to the death. When he came to monastery, his g...Rl is waiting for him in red dress. They are dancing last time saying good buy when a female killer suddenly appears. But he has great instincts and kills her. Headshot, long ****** headshot, made like in games. May be her reaction to headshot is too long, but she feels strong fatal pain and shock realizing her end with a 45 mm bullet in her brains!

she is dead. And now is time for revenge to the traitress.   It’s not easy choice – he loves her, but he doesn’t forgives. He ch....Kes her very strong with all his power he acquired in assassin-******. She can’t do anything to get free, and just writings in agony and horror of her mortal fail, last fail in her life. She dies with a face full of hopeless looking with her death stare to the sky where the court is waiting for her…

he carries two corpses to the corner of the prayer hall. Long time ago people repented and prayed here, and now he has just committed a mortal sin. He puts his dead lovely doll to the throne as a symbol of her roual value for him and throws to her legs a corpse of nurse-assassin as a symbol of treachery and discord…

now two bodies are resting in pease in this gloomy forgotten old gothic building. They conceived a murder but became victims. They didn’t expected death. Now they are like sculptures lost forever…

fetish elements:

sexy red dress, fetish nurse, long headshot scene, *******, death stares , carrying bodies, sexy sitting and lying death poses.


gothic location looks like old church, expensive postproduction effects (thunder and lighting), interesting plot with bad ***** as victims.

    Welcome to Crime House
    Crime House Fantasy Studio (also Crime House & Crime House and Dark Rooms) is independent production company with female death fetish orientation. Crime House does very erotic stuff, but not porn. Why we advice to offer our videos? 1. SEXY VICTIM-ACTRESSES ONLY 2. REALISTIC DEATH SITUATIONS 3. GREAT ACTING 4. CSGFX EFFECTS 5. NEW MODELS EVERY WEEK 6. ALL DEATH FETISH GENRES 7. NOT PORN BUT VERY-VERY EROTIC AND HOT 8.RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPE HOT MODELS 9. WE DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY SEXY DEATH 10. ALL MOVIES ARE MADE IN VERY HIGH QUALITY

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      TRUTH OR DEATH Stabbing With Orgasm

    TRUTH OR DEATH Stabbing With Orgasm

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