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    Clip Description

    Starring: yasnara


    a ****-spy feels that she was being followed. She comes into her room and calls to her boss. At that moment a stranger attacks her and puts her to ***** by **********. He binds her hands, lifts her on his hands and puts on the bed. He searches her room while she is ***********.

    after a while the **** ***** up and tries to get out of the room. But he catches her when she tries to open the door by tied hands behind her back. He grabs her, puts the gun straight her back and shoots three times. Then he puts her on the sofa and shoots at the heart. He leaves her lying on the sofa with tied hands and goes away with the stolen laptop, because it contains important information about other spies.

    fetish elements: **********, shooting, shots in the back and in the heart, binding of hands, lifting and carrying of the body, death stare, pantyhose, black miniskirt, high heels.

    language: russian.

    subtitles: english.

    run time: 13:07 minutes
    file size: 415 mb format: .Mp4

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4415.93 MB

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    More Red - A group of bad guys invited a ****. They told her, that wanted to make a fiction film about execution of a pioneer ****. She had to pose in front of the camera. But actually they had an order for shooting of the real execution.The **** didn't guess it. She had still joked, laughed and bravely posed, when got the first bullet. Bad guys made the movie, and the **** got the bullets.
it's a funny clip, made in a manner unusual to us.

fetish elements: shot in the back (1 shot), shots in the chest (4 shots), stockings, short skirt, soviet pioneer uniform, high heels.

starring: linari and jasha

language: russian.
subtitles: english.

run time: 06:08 minutes
file size: 337 mb 	format: .Mp4

    Clones Hunt 3 - Starring: yasnara and jasha.


the clones hunt continues in this clip. The clones have become not so primitive already, they are developing. They become to realize that they are threatened. Therefore the hunter must first kill the guards now to get to the main clone. He sneaks to the first clone-guard and breaks the neck. Then he ********* the second clone. When the main clone feels the danger, she pulls out the gun and waiting for the hunter. But the hunter is more cunning than the clone, he kills her by three shots in the chest.

fetish elements: killing of three clones; shooting in the chest, breaking the neck, **********, stockings, heels, beautiful lingerie, tight vinyl dress.

language: russian

subtitles: english

    Bastards - Starring: yasnara


****** and son enters an apartment for robbery. ****** Teaches his son to be a burglar and thief. They are sure there is nobody in apartment. So they make many noise in courage when they find money, phone and laptop. But ****** hears a water from the bathroom. They understand they are not alone… *** looks into the bathroom carefully. He saw a **** preparing for the meeting. She is in sexy lingerie, black stockings and with evening make-up. They can just leave her  place with good loot but they decide to kill her. Son is happy when ****** says about killing!

when she leaves her bathroom bastards catch her and *****. Beautiful diligent rich **** is in shock! She can’t  resist. Two men attack her unexpectedly! When she stops moving and closes eyes  intruders think she is dead. They put her body to the bed, ****** looks for more money but son starts to play with her body. He puts one her stocking off. But she comes to life! Bastards attack her together: son ****** her with her stocking, ****** holds her jerking legs.  Poor ****  twitches, shakes, rattles trying to fight for her life. But she can’t  help herself – it’s no way to change her predestined tragic end. Soon she is dead. Her eyes are opened. Bastards leave body is sexy ****** pose and runs away. 

fetish elements:

two killers one ******, stockings, ******* by bare hands, ********** by stocking, lingerie, sexy open eyes death stare.

language: russian

subtitles: english

resolution: 1280*1024

    Pose For Me Baby - Starring: yasnara and tais.


the **** photographer invites beginning model to make a portfolio for her. She photographs model some time and promises her the great future as model. The **** model poses with enthusiasm and doesn't think of any danger. Photographing interrupts when the gun appears in hands of the **** photographer. She shoots at the model breast three times. After the third shot she takes the camera again and continues to photograph.

fetish elements: shot in the chest, heels, stockings.

language: russian.
subtitles: english.

run time: 08:49 minutes
file size: 327 mb 	format: .Mp4

    Hideandseek - Hide-and-seek

starring: bella belaya and jasha.


we are glade to invite you to "unknown moscow" once again, to the den of the maniac , where katerina has fallen prey of his game ("no exit"). 
the katerina's ****** twin elena is the police officer-detective. She's alarmed by disappearance of the ******, and, making investigation, she finds his den. But will be able she to stop cruel games and to get out alive from there? After all when the maniac suggests to play, it's impossible to say "no". And elena becomes involved in game. She couldn't imagine, that simple children's "hide-and-seek" can be so dangerous and terrible. And a rate in this game is her life! 
so, the game is beginning!
one, two, three...
i charge the gun and go to look for...

language: russian.
subtitle: english.

fetish elements: shooting, panty hoses.
resolution: 1280x720

run time: 11:47 minutes
file size: 313 mb

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