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    Clip Description

    You will meet dasha and taya again in our new custom video "deal".
    taya plays a role of the spy here, and dasha - a role of her informer.
    so, dasha hurries to the meeting with taya to handover the next part of classified documents and to receive money. But taya has other plans, she decided to get rid of dasha. While dasha opens an envelope and finds there usual paper instead of money, taya shoots twice at her stomach with a silenced gun. Surprised dasha drops the envelope and falls on the floor, she creeps to the door holding wounds...
    taya watches dasha with pleasure . Dasha calms down near the door and taya approaches her to be convinced that dasha is dead.
    then dasha gives taya an unpleasant surprise, she shoots in taya's stomach from a hidden gun with the last bit of strength.
    and what have we got as a result?
    two beautiful, sexy *****, shots in the stomach, a long agony, sexual clothes. This clip is in the best traditions of agasverus!

    fetish elements: shots in the belly, white blouse, black mini skirt, pantyhose, gun with silencer, long sexual agony, heels.

    starring: dasha and taya

    run time: 16:08
    1571 kb

    Clip Duration:      16 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41534.24 MB

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    Irina 2 - A maid comes in the hotel room to prepare it for a new guest. Unfortunately she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. A ****-agent can't perform her mission in presence of the maid in the room. These circumstances become fatal for the maid.

fetish elements: shooting, binding, erotic maid suit, stockings, heels.

subtitles: english

starring: irina

run time: 05:28
521 kb

    Her 18th Birthday - Starring:  gina gerson and jasha.


a young **** celebrates her 18th birthday, when she is getting abducted from the birthday party by a guy who has loaned her ****** some money. The ****** has not paid money back in time, so the guy decides to take his pretty, young ******** hostage to get his money back.

the guy tells her that it is a surprise and takes her away from the party blindfolded. She thinks it's the continuation of the evening party and goes with him, waiting for the promised surprise. When he takes off the blindfold from her eyes, she doesn't understand that she was abducted. But the guy explains that it is a surprise for her ******. If during an hour her ****** will not transfer money to the bank account of the guy, he will kill her.

so her ****** has an hour to buy out the ********, but he doesn’t hurry up to do it.

one hour later the guy understands that the ****** is not going to buy out the ********. The guy regrets that have to kill so beautiful ****, comes up to her and strokes her with the gun. She decides to offer herself as a ransom. He understands that she is the worthy ******** of her ****** and doesn't accept her offer. He takes a few steps away, turns around and puts three bullets in her chest. The last shot in the heart causes her to fall on the bed. After a while she becomes silent, and then the guy sits near her, closes the eyes and caresses her, then leaves.

fetish elements:  3 shots in the chest, white blouse, white stockings, heels.

language: russian.

subtitles: english.

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