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    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Hitman39s Dreams Dream 4

    Clip Description

    Alexander entered the building, and found the *****' apartment. He knocked on the door...

    anna opened the door, and received a bullet in the chest from alexander's silenced gun. She gave out a gasp as the bullet ripped through her body, right in the center of her chest. ***** Immediately started spreading onto her lovely, white blouse. Another shot sent her down in a sofa in the living room. Then, maria had heard the commotion in the living room and came running to see what was going on.
    she screamed when she saw anna sitting in the sofa, bleeding from the two bullet wounds. Alexander ordered maria to sit next to her friend. Maria started to beg for her life, and she was also begging alexander to help the bleeding anna. But alexander had absolutely no plan of leaving any of the two ***** alive. He pointed the gun at anna again, and gave her two bullets in the heart. Anna jerked and went still, leaning her head backwards over the back of the sofa. Then, alexander pointed the gun at maria and gave her two shots in the chest, maria's body jerked from the impacts from the hot bullets.
    alexander stood there for a while, watching the dying maria next to her already dead friend in the sofa. Maria looked at alexander and she managed to ask who he was, and why he was doing this to them.Alexander just smiled and said: -revenge, my dear! Revenge...He then he finished maria off with another two bullets through her heart. She finally came to rest leaning onto anna's shoulder. Alexander was smiling as he took the camera and took numerous pictures of the dead *****, before making his way out of the apartment building.”

    fetish elements: shots in the chest and in the heart, gun with silencer, white blouses, black skirts, stockings, heels.

    starring bella belaya and kristina malina

    run time: 14:11
    495 mb

    Clip Duration:      14 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv483.06 MB

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    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Hitman39s Dreams Dream 4

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Hitman39s Dreams Dream 4

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Hitman39s Dreams Dream 4

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Hitman39s Dreams Dream 4

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Hitman39s Dreams Dream 4

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Hitman39s Dreams Dream 4
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