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    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Double Murder In The Sauna

    Clip Description

    Double murder in the sauna

    starring: taissia shanti and amrita.


    a successful **** marina decides to relax in a sauna. And her helper tatiana experiences sexual interest to her. Tatiana decides to use the good moment to enjoy watching furtively for marina. She masturbates and enjoys, she doesn’t see that a killer has come to the sauna. He shoots three times in the tatiana’s chest and carries the body to the mini-pool, to seat her body. When marina comes out of the sauna, she sees that her assistant is killed. She runs to tatiana and at this moment she gets two bullets in the back and falls on the floor. After that she gets one more bullet in the chest.

    fetish elements: shooting two *****, nude, shots in the chest, shots in the back, lifting and carrying the body.

    language: russian.

    subtitles: english.

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4411.45 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Double Murder In The Sauna

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Double Murder In The Sauna

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Double Murder In The Sauna

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Double Murder In The Sauna

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Double Murder In The Sauna

    AGASVERUS PRODUCTIONS - Double Murder In The Sauna
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    Knife And Bullets - A **** in a business suit and gloves is searching a room. She is a spy. She has a gun with silencer and she have to find something...

a guy comes in the room and asks her what she is doing here. She lies about just accidentally going into the wrong room, hiding her gun behind the back. He doesn’t believe her and asks again. She tries to get her gun up, but he throws a knife in her stomach. She pulls out the bloodied knife and it falls to the floor. She drops on her knees and falls face down. He walks behind her and shoots her in the back. He turns her body over and takes the shoes and her stockings off. He takes the suit off also. Then he asks her who sent her and she answers.  He shots her stomach. She asks if she can pleasure herself last time. He waits. She starts rubbing between her legs. As she climaxing, he shoots her in the tits and chest.

fetish elemenst: shooting and stabbing clip! Shot in the back, shot in the stomach, shots in the breast, knife in the stomach. Business suit, black gloves, stockings, gun with a silencer; undressing (shoes, stockings and suit).

subtitles: english.
starring: yasnara

run time: 13:28
850 kb

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