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    Most Recent Breathplay Xiaomeng Videos! more
     Xiaomeng Tape Mummification Practice
    44 minutes

      Xiaomeng Tape Mummification Practice - I have been practicing mummification using electrical tape recently. Of course, it is not difficult to wrap a mummy, but to create a smooth and shining tape surface needs quite some skills. Thanks to Xiaomeng, I can do this all day.

This video shows how far I’ve got now. Xiaomeng was put inside a sleep sack stocking as her protective layer, then was wrapped by black electrical tape from ankles to neck. Later on, her feet and head were also wrapped, and the only open slit was at her nose. Anyway, she had to keep breathing fresh air to survive. Although still far from perfect, I was satisfied with her black expressionless face.

Naturally, the fun wouldn’t simply stop here. I put her next to a pole and wrapped her to it, so that she can’t escape from the next breathplay joys, or torments. Another piece of tape can seal her breath with nearly no air staying in her lungs, and a swim cap allowed her to rebreathe her own air a little bit, only prolonging her suffering. A gas mask with a rebreather bag gave more visual feedback: The lens of the gas mask were getting increasingly damp, and the internal fog was becoming thicker and thicker, which indicated how stale the air was inside the gas mask and the rebreather bag.

When I finally rescued her from her cocoon, she was completely wet in her sweat from head to toe.  Xiaomeng New Full Body Latex Suit Breathplay
    40 minutes

      Xiaomeng New Full Body Latex Suit Breathplay - I bought another full-body black latex suit for Xiaomeng. Like the red one, it has a hood connected to the catsuit, with a perfect fit to her body. I can’t wait to play with her.

She was fixed to a bondage frame, and we began with a mouth opener and a nose hook. I also clamped her tongue so she couldn’t retract it. This is the best posture to play her mouth with a dildo gag, and to see her reactions to a vibrator. A nice warm-up.

Then for the actual breathplay, I used a swim cap, a breathplay hood with no hole, and a pinhole hood. When these silicone or latex items were put over her head that was already covered by latex, the airtightness was perfect. With the swim cap and the breathplay hood, she can rebreathe a little bit of her own air, whereas with the pinhole hood rebreathing is barely possible but she has to inhale extremely strongly to get a little fresh air, but this is only possible if the pinholes were nicely aligned with her mouth. In fact, in the first few attempts, the pinholes mismatched her mouth, and she can hardly get any tiny drop of air. In the last round, we checked this carefully so that Xiaomeng can offer you another great show of several minutes’ suffering under the pinhole hood.
     Xiaomeng in Latex Hood Hide and Seek
    43 minutes

      Xiaomeng in Latex Hood Hide and Seek - Xiaomeng wants to play hide and seek, but I don’t want to hide. What should I do? Just make her unable to see and limit her time!

She wears a red latex suit, with the hood integrated into the suit, leaving only her mouth exposed. Her arms are bound behind her, and then her head is covered by another layer of red latex of a red breathplay hood. This hood has a small hole in the breathing chamber at the front, but it’s positioned high, so when she inhales hard, it sticks to the latex material of the inner hood instead of aligning with her mouth. Undoubtedly, she won’t be able to last long in this setup. Want to take off the hood? She can’t do it herself, so she has to catch me. Even though she can’t see, she might find me if I make some noise. If she catches me, I’ll take the hood off for her. If she can’t, well, she’ll have to fend for herself...

The game is short. What if she hasn’t had enough? Fix her to the bondage frame and continue with more intensity. Use the same breathplay hood for a few more rounds, then switch to the hellishly difficult pinhole hood, with a ball gag inside. What? The ball gag leaks air and helps you breathe better? Okay, let’s remove the ball gag and do it again…  Xiaoyu Secrets Under Latex Enclosure
    26 minutes

      Xiaoyu Secrets Under Latex Enclosure - Thanks to the client who ordered this custom video.

Xiaoyu-senpai was fully covered by latex: a latex catsuit, latex socks, latex mittens, and a latex hood with only nostril openings. That’s not the end. I added another layer over her head, a latex micro-perforated hood. The combination of the nostril openings of the inner hood and the micro holes of the outer hood led to a great restriction to her breathing. As time passed, Xiaoyu became more and more uncomfortable. She wanted to take of the hoods, at least the one outside, but this was not possible with the latex mittens on. So she tried to first take off the mittens. Will that really work?

Level up. I added an armbinder on her so that it is more difficult for her to escape from the latex enclosure. Can she free her arms and take her hoods off?

Xiaoyu didn’t seem to be in a good state in general. She didn’t even say a single word during the play. What happened to her? Are there any secrets under the latex enclosure?
     Xiaomeng and Her New Kitty Mask
    36 minutes

      Xiaomeng and Her New Kitty Mask - Look at this new full-head kitty mask of a “harness ball gag” theme. Xiaomeng’s collection is expanding.

A dog bondage set was put on her and transformed her into a latex kitty. She crawled here and there but didn’t raise her head very often because of the weight of the mask. That’s not good and she should be trained better. First with a whip, and then with a plastic bag, her breath became heavier and heavier, and her body became hotter and hotter.

Keep on going. The plastic bag was replaced with two layers of heat shrink bags. Nearly no rebreathing volume and high breathing resistance made Xiaomeng very dizzy. Finally the opposite applied to her. A breathplay hood with a big air pocket and a breathing hole was put on her head. The pocket can collect a huge amount of stale air with high CO2 concentration, which increases the urge to breathe, but as long as she can inhale and exhale deep enough, she would still get some fresh air in every breath to sustain herself. She actually did a good job and lasted quite long under the hood, over 8 minutes. That must be very painful, so I decided to give her some pleasure and break her vulnerable breathing balance. Now you can see once again what a magic wand means to someone under breathplay.

Hope you enjoy the video!  Xiaoyu Tight Vacuum Compression Sextet
    23 minutes

      Xiaoyu Tight Vacuum Compression Sextet - Xiaoyu-senpai got a kind order for a vacuum bag custom video. The content was quite straightforward. She was going to be compressed in a vacuum bag for six times in three different outfits: a zentai suit, bikini-like underwear, and a tank top and shorts. The client preferred to have her compressed as tight as possible, and therefore we used techniques such as breath holding and re-vacuuming right after exhaling. 

She had quite some fun during the shoot, and at the end she finished with dark grey lips!
     Xiaomeng White Latex Nun in CO2 Hell
    47 minutes

      Xiaomeng White Latex Nun in CO2 Hell - A white nun is supposed to be holy. However, if the white color comes from a sexy latex catsuit, and if she is handing over a whip to you, what should you do? Xiaomeng sacrifices herself as a gift for you, so let’s play with her.

Getting down on her hands and knees, she started first with whipping, spanking and vibrating. She got more and more aroused and massaged herself with a vibrator. That was not allowed because I shall be taking control, so I gagged her, locked her to the X-cross, and continued vibrating her. Later her sight was deprived, and the tube gag was replaced by a harness ball gag, to make her more restricted and more sensitive to the stimulation. She received a nice intense orgasm.

A nun shouldn’t masturbate, right? So she must be punished for her bad behavior. A thin transparent breathplay hood was put on her head. It has a small air bag in front with a breathing hole. She always had to breathe in stale air full of CO2 from the bag before she can suck in some fresh air from outside. What? She was still masturbating and got another intense orgasm? The punishment must be leveled up.

Now her hands were tied behind her back, so absolutely she can’t masturbate anymore. The thin hood was put on her head again but this time with the breathing hole at the back side. This way, for every breath, she was nearly rebreathing all her own air, and only a little bit fresh air may come in from the backside of her head if she inhaled really strongly. Carbon dioxide built up quickly inside the hood, and Xiaomeng suffered minute after minute inside such a CO2 hell.  Xiaoyu Empty Lung Film Dressing Blackout
    21 minutes

      Xiaoyu Empty Lung Film Dressing Blackout - Long time no see! This is again a custom video. Thanks a lot, to all the fans who support us.

Well, this shoot was quite tough for Xiaoyu. Our client was curious on how a blackout and subsequent wakeup look like under extraordinary circumstances: when Xiaoyu is standing, has no air in her lungs, and cannot breathe at all. X-cross and film dressing have been chosen for this purpose. 

Before we actually went for the “research”, we bound Xiaoyu to a chair and covered her nose and mouth with film dressing under different durations, from short to long, three times in total, in order to warm her up. Next we stood her to the X-cross and covered her airway with film dressing for three times again, asking her to keep full lungs, half lungs, and empty lungs of air, respectively, in order to adapt her body and mentality gradually to the extreme conditions of no air and no breathing.

Finally she was ready for the last round. She knew that she would blackout for the first time by film dressing covering her nose and mouth, and she knew that that might be very painful. The fact is, that was even more painful than what she thought. After she breathed out air in her lungs and got her airway covered, she held her breath actively for more than a minute. There were a few contractions but in general she was still under control. However, once she can’t suppress the urge to breathe, things started to go wild. She can’t help sucking in void harder and harder, and the negative pressure made her lungs burning and a drumming in her ears. She gradually lost control to her limbs and started dancing on the X-cross. She faded away, hanging powerlessly at her wrists.

When we brought her back, she was quite exciting and happy. You can see that from an earlier GIF post on X by herself. She felt so fresh and comfortable to breathe air again. “It was extremely tough before blackout, but the recovery was quick and there is no headache afterwards at all, unlike blackout induced by rebreathing”, said Xiaoyu.

I hope you enjoy the video. By the way, a footage of a failed blackout attempt can be found on our X post as well.
     Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout
    41 minutes

      Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout - (Before the shoot…)
―Me: Xiaoyu-senpai, your loyal fan has placed another custom video order.
―Xiaoyu: Oh really? What’s the content?
―Me: It’s sports, anaerobic exercise…
―Xiaoyu: Um…
―Me: Let me see… there are eight different exercises… and you’ll need to wear a latex suit, and put on a latex breathplay hood with only a small breathing hole…
―Xiaoyu: Ummm…
―Me: …plus it has to be an uncut shot without any editing.
―Xiaoyu: Ummmmm…
―Me: So let’s get prepared then…
―Xiaoyu: Hey, are you serious? This… it’s practically impossible to complete, right?
―Me: Your fan said if you get tired, you can take a break, it’s okay, as long as you don’t take off the hood…
―Xiaoyu: But that’s still not possible… Ah… hey… wait…

(During the shoot…)
―Xiaoyu: (I would never do anaerobic exercise again… I would never do anaerobic exercise again… Ah… Hah… How many more sets of burpees are there… I can’t do this anymore… I can’t jump anymore…)

(After the shoot…)
―Xiaoyu: Finally, it’s over… I can finally take a breath… The fresh air is so sweet…
―Me: It’s not over yet!
―Xiaoyu: What? Why?
―Me: We said you could take a break but not remove the hood, right? You secretly took it off twice during the shoot!
―Xiaoyu: No… I didn’t, I just couldn’t bear it and lifted the edge at the neck to take a few breaths, I didn’t take off the hood at all…
―Me: That’s still a violation, and there must be consequences. You lifted it twice, so you’ll rest under the pinhole hood twice!
―Xiaoyu: No, please…

(Tricked onto an inflatable sofa, hands bound behind, wearing a red pinhole hood…)
―Me: Hmm, first time wearing this hood, you’re doing pretty well. Your lips have turned completely purple, huh!
―Xiaoyu: (panting…)
―Me: Huh? Why did you collapse? Blackout again??
―Xiaoyu: (Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?)
―Me: Well then, for the second round, and also the last punishment for this episode, I’ll add another layer for you. Wear the breathplay hood over the pinhole hood!
―Xiaoyu: Wait… wait a minute… is this even possible? Stop…

(The “happy ending” of our purple-lip senpai returns once again…)  Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay
    39 minutes

      Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay - We found an old but nice clip in our archive by chance, and we decided to edit and offer it with a sharp price! There’s no need to say too much about the content. Key words are latex catsuit, condom hood, kigurumi mask, rope bondage, plastic bag, heat shrink bag, breathplay hood with breathing hole blocked, vibrator, and orgasms. Now you may already guess what happened…

    Random Breathplay Xiaomeng Clips more
     Xiaomeng Anaerobic Exercise and Rest Part 2
    29 minutes
      Xiaomeng Anaerobic Exercise and Rest Part 2 - The effect of the last anaerobic exercise and rest was very good, so Xiaomeng is planning to do an anaerobic exercise again. Putting on her latex catsuit and breathplay hood, taking a few deep breaths through the small breathing hole, Xiaomeng got the hole blocked and her exercise started. This time she performed high knees, side lunges and lunge stretch. Again, it didn’t take long before Xiaomeng really need a rest, but she chose to have an “anaerobic orgasm” with a vibrator first…
After that, several rounds of “anaerobic rest” were taken with a timer of about 2 minutes to 2 minutes 30 seconds. Sometimes Xiaomeng was in a very good state, and she can even continue to “rest” after the countdown is over. Sometimes she was in a very bad state and cannot hold on after only 1 minute, maybe because she didn’t take a good breath before closing her breathing hole…
When do you think will be the next anaerobic exercise?  Xiaomeng Bagged Five Times
    22 minutes
      Xiaomeng Bagged Five Times - “You know, heat shrink bags do not really like bags”, said Xiaomeng after her last breathplay, “I can’t breathe. There is no air. You have to allow me to breathe, even if there is no oxygen in the air but only carbon dioxide…” Oh, really? Then let’s go for another session with normal bags.
In our first video longer than 20 minutes, Xiaomeng is bagged for five times in a row! Dressed in a Japanese sailor uniform and bound to a chair by pink ropes, her head is first covered by a transparent plastic bag which is sealed by a pink collar. An easy one. The second scene is similar, although a hairnet is added on top of the bag to reduce its size. At the third time the bag is sealed by black tapes which make it tighter than using the collar, and the hairnet is also applied. In the fourth scene, an open-face hood is used to restrict the bag, forming only a small air pocket in front of her face, something that you barely see elsewhere. Lastly a black trash bag is used, together with both the tape and hood. Since she claims that she can enjoy rebreathing carbon dioxide, in most times she is allowed to get some fresh air only after three or even four minutes…
Screaming, struggling, and exciting. Xiaomeng did a great breathplay!
     Xiaomeng in Blue Zentai Vacuum Packed and Swim Capped
    31 minutes
      Xiaomeng in Blue Zentai Vacuum Packed and Swim Capped - For a long time Xiaomeng has not been packed in a vacuum bag, so we did it again in this video. She was totally enclosed in a blue zentai, lying inside a vacuum bag, and compressed for four times. Enjoy her reaction! There were a lot of struggling and screaming.
After the vacuum bag came a black silicon swim cap. She was still in her blue zentai and had a white water polo cap on her head already. I put the black swim cap on her face and watched her struggle. She was tied by a rope so that she cannot use her hands to remove the swim cap at all. After several rounds of breathplay with the swim cap, Xiaomeng was totally exhausted and finally went blackout*.
*You are hereby notified that the blackout in THIS video is artistic fantasy, and nobody is in real peril.  Xiaomeng First Time Mummified Breathplay
    13 minutes
      Xiaomeng First Time Mummified Breathplay - Xiaomeng is wearing a sexy white Japanese-style gym suit and white knee socks. Then she gets wrapped by cling film from head to ankle. An extra layer of black tape is covering her whole head, depriving her sight and leaving her only a slit at nose for breathing.
This is her first mummification experience. She is really exciting and moaning all the time! Things become more interesting when I paste another stripe of black tape on the breathing slit. As you may already know, Xiaomeng is used to rebreathing, but vacuum or high breathing resistance is not her type of breathplay. Therefore she struggles quite a lot and is turned on at the same time. I tease her by putting the extra tape on and off and observe her reaction. I am sure that you want to see that with your own eyes too.
This is one of our early works exported in VGA resolution, so we want to share it to you again with a discounted price!
     Xiaomeng Autoerotic Breathplay
    15 minutes
      Xiaomeng Autoerotic Breathplay - Xiaomeng has been suffering quite a lot from previous breathplay sessions, and this time she begs for some pleasure. That’s fine, let’s give her an award for her hard working all the time.
Xiaomeng is wearing her latex catsuit and is not bound this time. She pleasures herself using a vibrator during the course. In the first half of the video she is wearing a gas mask. To make her breath heavier I use a condom to close the free end of the hose. It is fun to watch the condom inflating and deflating. In the second half she puts on her breathplay hood and continues to enjoy her arousal under a low oxygen level. Well, does she enjoy more or suffer more? How many orgasms does she reach?  Xiaoyu Sobbing Quietly in Vacuum Bag
    21 minutes
      Xiaoyu Sobbing Quietly in Vacuum Bag - Finally, Xiaoyu-senpai wants to try a vacuum bag with empty lungs again. In this video, she has been vacuumed and compressed for eight times.
Part 0. Warming up.
Xiaoyu was wearing a panty, pasties, and a masquerade mask, and lying inside a vacuum bag. Air was sucked out until no air was left inside the bag, not even in her lungs. She started her struggling early but got into the right mood for vacuum breathplay. She was ready for more.
Part 1. No air.
She changed her outfit to a blue zentai. The smooth suit made it easier to have any residual air extracted and allowed her to move her arms and hands a bit in the vacuumed bag. She was compressed four times in a row. Each time I prolonged the time of extracting to make sure her lungs were empty. She can hardly make any sound, not more than a very short “Ah”. Of course, with no air in her lungs, she can’t stay long in the vacuum bag, but every time I released her as late as possible. 
Part 2. Little air.
I wanted Xiaoyu to stay longer inside the bag, so I decided to do three rounds of vacuum bag with a little air left. In the first time I asked her to hold some air in her lungs and I extracted all other air out of the bag. It didn’t work very well that she can’t keep all air in her lungs due to the strong negative pressure in the bag. She got nearly empty lungs at the end and started to panic quickly. In the second round I shortened the vacuuming time and she eventually reserved enough air to persist longer. Of course, this only means she suffered longer before she was released. 
Xiaoyu was exhausted already before the last round, and for the first time she collapsed completely during breathplay and started crying. I just continued as planned. She kept on sobbing quietly inside the vacuum bag and seemed not being affected by the lack of oxygen at all. Her zentai hood was stained by her tears. After a while, she suddenly stopped crying and started breathing heavily and seriously. She commented afterwards that when she was sobbing, she was naturally out of breath and became slow to react to the increasing carbon dioxide level. Only at a certain late moment, she suddenly realized her predicament and had to adjust her breathing rhythm.
I felt sorry to the crying Xiaoyu, but she said crying in a vacuum bag was also a unique experience to her. Do you like it?

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      Xiaomeng Tape Mummification Practice

    Xiaomeng Tape Mummification Practice

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      Xiaomeng New Full Body Latex Suit Breathplay

    Xiaomeng New Full Body Latex Suit Breathplay

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      Xiaomeng in Latex Hood Hide and Seek

    Xiaomeng in Latex Hood Hide and Seek

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      Xiaoyu Secrets Under Latex Enclosure

    Xiaoyu Secrets Under Latex Enclosure

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      Xiaomeng and Her New Kitty Mask

    Xiaomeng and Her New Kitty Mask

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      Xiaoyu Tight Vacuum Compression Sextet

    Xiaoyu Tight Vacuum Compression Sextet

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      Xiaomeng White Latex Nun in CO2 Hell

    Xiaomeng White Latex Nun in CO2 Hell

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      Xiaoyu Empty Lung Film Dressing Blackout

    Xiaoyu Empty Lung Film Dressing Blackout

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      Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout

    Xiaoyu Extreme Anaerobic Exercise and Pinhole Hood Near Blackout

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      Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay

    Xiaomeng Latex Doll Vibrated Breathplay

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      Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes

    Xiaomeng Near Blackout Experience and Handcuff Escapes

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      Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

    Xiaoyu Anaerobic Exercise Till Blackout

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      Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay

    Xiaomeng Latex Kitty Breathplay

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      Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood

    Xiaomeng in New Black Latex Suit and Pinhole Hood

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      Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

    Xiaoyu Bagged Breathplay as Hinata

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