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    Electric City Productions - Female Marine Sophie Rogers Heavy  Tortured

    Clip Description

    Sophie Rogers is still in the hands of the terrorist.
    They are keeping her by months in an unknown prison in Afghanistan and she's daily subjected to horrible tortures and endless interrogations.
    She's a strong marine soldier but they are doing everything to make her talk.
    This time they have fun with the poor young soldier alternating different voltages and enjoying her screaming in different ways.

    In the end they rise up the voltage at the max level and the poor Sophie starts to throw foam and moans in an uncontrollably spasms reaction..

    Realistic Footage - Electro Torture - Military Interrogation - - Crying - Realistic Screaming - electricity - fear - psychological torture

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4569.93 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Electric City Productions - Female Marine Sophie Rogers Heavy  Tortured

    Electric City Productions - Female Marine Sophie Rogers Heavy  Tortured

    Electric City Productions - Female Marine Sophie Rogers Heavy  Tortured

    Electric City Productions - Female Marine Sophie Rogers Heavy  Tortured

    Electric City Productions - Female Marine Sophie Rogers Heavy  Tortured

    Electric City Productions - Female Marine Sophie Rogers Heavy  Tortured
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    Interrogation of Emilia Vega - Emilia Vega, the young rebel student leader of the protest against the dictator in Argentina, is still in the hands of her captors.
After weeks of unimagibable torture (Electric Shocks, Whipping, Beating, Burning, Psycological Torture, Suspension etc) she is still alive and they want to keep her as an example of what's happening to those who are fighting the power.
Several videos has been sent to the proterster headquarters and Emilia is the most horrible chapter.

In the fifth horrible footage they spread her arms and legs on the wall. Emilia has bruises all over her tender body and wires attached to her breasts and clips on her genitals. Also another jumper cable is attached to the chain that secure her wrist.

The interrogator shouts on her: TALK, TALK!  She has still the strenght to refuse to talk and her destiniy is getting harder and harder.
The voltage increases and the poor Emilia screams loudly. In the prison everyone can hear her horrible screams of pain.
She passes out and the interrogator wakes her up. He starts to beat her violently pn her face and then he decides to take a metal prod attached to a higher voltage device. The pain increases and the poor Emilia can't get anymore...
They don'y care. The torture goes on and on, the walls of the prison are constantly echoing the sounds of her screams of agony. Emilia is a strong teenager rebel girl, but they want to break her resistance at any cost.

    Electro Anal Torture and Suffocation for Sophie Rogers HD - WARNING: (VERY HARD VIDEO)

The young female marine Sophie Rogers, has been captured and brought to the secret prisons in Afghanistan where they torture and interrogate prisoners in every horrible ways.

After beatings, suspensions, various electric tortures and burnings on her body they decided to break her little holes penetreting them with a metal frame attached 
to jumper cables and connected to an electric device used to torture prisoners.

Her screams could be heard throughout the building.
If she will not talk, they will kill her.

Fetish Elements:

Anal View -  Painful Anal Penetration - Military Torture - Electricity - Screams - Crying and Begging - Pussy Shocked - Feet View - Metal Frame insertion - Suspension and Chocking

    Anna Morales Raped and Electro Tortured - Agent Anna Morales is in the hands of the terrorists by more than on month. The strong young woman endures heavy tortures every day but she still refuses to talk. 
After a heavy session of Electric Torture the torturer decided to rape her and record a video. 
The screams and moans of the poor girl are terrible and the agony is infinte.. Will she give up?

    Anna Morales Captured and Tortured - Russian secret service agent Anna Morales is investigating on the weapons traffic between Iraq terrorists and and the U.S. She was sent to a dangerous mission to get informations and documents to be delivered to Russian KGB. 
But something went wrong. 
When agent Morales was about to complete the mission, a phone interception tracked her position and a commando of terrorists found her and took her to Al-Hamzah prison. 
A video footage has been sent to the Russian Secret Agency showing Agent Morales tied, suspended and heavy electro tortured with high voltage with wires attached to her nipples and on the feet. 

Fetish Elements:
Electric torture- Interrogation- Drool - Hard screams - Military - Torture - Cinematic footage - Electricity - Jumper Cables -

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