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    Electric City Productions - AOH Electro Interrogation of Anna Morales

    Clip Description

    The third disturbing footage has been sent to the FBI and it shows the poor female spy Anna Morales humiliated, forced to undress by herself and heavy tortured in a long session with an electric metal prod.
    She has been taken to another prison by the terrorists and they are continuing to torture the poor girl.
    Her resistance is still not in the breaking point but the voltage of the electric metal prod is so high. She is screaming in agony and the torturer is determined to
    destroy this beautiful girl. What they will do to her next is just a horrible mystery.

    Fetish Elements:

    Torture - Electricity - Footfetish - Arching Body - Screams - Vintage Footage -Army Interrogation - Breast Torture - Arms Over Head - FemaleTorture - Blindfold - Tied up - Ropes - Electric Prod - Full naked body -

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4692.08 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Electric City Productions - AOH Electro Interrogation of Anna Morales

    Electric City Productions - AOH Electro Interrogation of Anna Morales

    Electric City Productions - AOH Electro Interrogation of Anna Morales

    Electric City Productions - AOH Electro Interrogation of Anna Morales

    Electric City Productions - AOH Electro Interrogation of Anna Morales

    Electric City Productions - AOH Electro Interrogation of Anna Morales
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    Extreme Torture of Emilia Vega Pt 2 - THE EXTREME TORTURE OF EMILIA VEGA PT.2

Emilia Vega is a student leader of the protest against the dictator in Argentina
After several protests against the president she is sentenced to death.
During her escape she got caught by the Military Junta and taken to a secret prison.
The secret services of the dictator want to have fun with the poor girl before killing her.
The rare old footage shows the horrible Torture that Emilia is subjected.
They suspend her and apply current to her nipples and her vagina.
She screams in pain for hours and they make her pass out several times.
What else they will do to her?

Fetish Elements:
Electrotorture - Beatings - Whipping - Pussy insertion - Drool - Hard screams - Military - Torture - Cinematic footage - Electricity - Jumper Cables - Old Footage Effect

    Heavy Electric Shocks for Agent Morales - Anna has been kidnapped by the terrorists of Al-Hamzah after they discovered her involvment about
the illegal weapon traffic between Iraq and the U.S.
They are destroying her body giving Electric Shocks with a metal prod.
Her feet are arching hard after the shocks and the screams are gruesome.

From the bottom of the room: “Increase the voltage”
Yes Sir.

    Anna Morales Captured and Tortured - Russian secret service agent Anna Morales is investigating on the weapons traffic between Iraq terrorists and and the U.S. She was sent to a dangerous mission to get informations and documents to be delivered to Russian KGB. 
But something went wrong. 
When agent Morales was about to complete the mission, a phone interception tracked her position and a commando of terrorists found her and took her to Al-Hamzah prison. 
A video footage has been sent to the Russian Secret Agency showing Agent Morales tied, suspended and heavy Electro Tortured with high voltage with wires attached to her nipples and on the feet.

    Sophie Rogers Tortured Part 1 - Sophie Rogers is a female veteran sniper soldier. During the last mission, she was discovered by a group of soldiers from the enemy army and taken to headquarters for interrogation. Sophie was stripped and tied to a chair and tortured for days. Her screams could be heard throughout the building. The soldiers applied electrical cables to her breast and vagina giving electric shocks with a special box. The strong female soldier tries to resist but the soldiers increase the voltage and poor Sophie begins to throw foam from her mouth while her electrified body shakes in uncontrollable convulsions and spasms

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