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    Wanda fantasy production - Not so ordinary girl 2

    Clip Description

    Our mysterious hit-woman from first episode gets another job to do but past catches up to her.

    Police officer sneaks behind her and K.O. her by hitting her head. He puts her on the chair and starts asking question but she wont talk. He decided to garrote her to death. It is not an easy task to kill her but after very long strangling her neck breaks and she seems gone. She revives from the dead only to get stabbed to the belly and heart. She seems de again but no, she is not and she shot down the cop. After that gang of thieves got info that this hit-woman got the job to kill them all. they attack her in her own apartment shot her down with 3 shots - belly, left breast and heart. In the process she managed kill almost all of them. She was just messing with them. She cant die because she is powerful ancient vampire queen. She stands up with laugh and kills last member of the gang. She calls to the boss that job is done but after the call mysterious man shows up and shot her with magic arrow in her left breast. She is in shock. He is a vampire hunter who wants her dead for a long time. The arrow is sucking her power. She must pull it out soon, before is too late but the hunter is ready for her. When she pulls the arrow our of her, she is weaken by the arrow and hunter easily drives the wooden stake between her perky tits right in to her evil black heart. He twists the stake few times and breaks some bones in her chest then she pulls the stake out after that she stake her 2 more times and then she finally meets her demise or not? Lets see...

    elements: K.O. by hit to the head, strangling, garroting, stabbing, shooting, arrowing, staking, digital blood, fake blood, long agonies, 4 death scenes, fake deaths, surprise end and more.

    Clip Duration:      24 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41790.34 MB

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    Wanda fantasy production - Not so ordinary girl 2

    Wanda fantasy production - Not so ordinary girl 2

    Wanda fantasy production - Not so ordinary girl 2

    Wanda fantasy production - Not so ordinary girl 2

    Wanda fantasy production - Not so ordinary girl 2

    Wanda fantasy production - Not so ordinary girl 2
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