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    Naughty Girls DS - Sonia and Taylor

    Clip Description

    Taylor walks in and Sonia comes up behind her quickly hand gagging her. Sonia tell Taylor she will chloroform her and she then chloroforms her. During the chloroforming she is kissed, fondled and undressed

    Later Sonia attacks Taylor in her nightgown and chloroforms her. She is kissed, undressed and taken to the bed

    On the bed she is kissed more and chloroformed more. Sonia rubs Taylors pussy and Sonia gets Taylor to suck on her breasts

    Later she is caught on the bed again and chloroformed. Taylor rubs her pussy. She ties a chloro cloth over her mouth and rubs her pussy more. She straps on a dildo and fucks Tayllor (not visible)

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4936.94 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Naughty Girls DS - Sonia and Taylor

    Naughty Girls DS - Sonia and Taylor

    Naughty Girls DS - Sonia and Taylor

    Naughty Girls DS - Sonia and Taylor

    Naughty Girls DS - Sonia and Taylor

    Naughty Girls DS - Sonia and Taylor
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    Elektra vs Morgana - Morgana is boosting how many girls she has chloroformed.  After talking about her plans she leaves the room but Elektra sneaks in and steals her chloroform.

Morgana sits down again and continues to boost but Elektra sneaks up behind her and gives her the chloroform.  As Morgana is moaning Elektra pulls down Morganas top and fondles and squeezes her breasts.

The next scene Morgana is asleep in bed.  Elektra sneaks in and chloroforms Morgana.  She pulls down her top and fondles her breasts as she is being chloroformed.

The last scene Morgana is on the sofa, a little drowsy from the chloroforming.  Elektra comes in and sticks her fingers into Morganas mouth and masturbates her.

    Morgana Gets Revenge - This is kind of a continuation of "Elektra vs Morgana".

This time Morgana sets a trap for Elektra by pretending to be asleep, with her boob out.  Elektra fools for it and as she is sucking on Morganas breast Morgana quickly chloroforms her.  In a weakened state Morgana enjoys her victims breasts and body.

In the next scene Elektra tries surprising Morgana but is overpowered and chloroformed.  Elektras breasts get a good sucking by Morgana.

Next scene Elektra tries again to chloroform Morgana by confronting Morgana directly but Morgana is able to seduce her with her body and eventually is able to steal the chloro cloth from her hand and chloroforms Elektra.  As Morgana chloroforms her she fondles her breasts and body, even making Elektra suck Morganas breasts as punishment.

Last scene Morgana has Elektra mostly naked and enjoys chloroforming and fondling her

    Taylor choroforms Phoenix - Phoenix is sitting at home and there is a knock on the door.  Phoenix opens the door and Taylor bursts in pinning Phoenix against the wall.

Taylor chloroforms Phoenix and later places her on the bed and undresses her.

Phoenix tries to get away but Taylor is on top of her and chloroforms her multiple times.

At the end, in a drugged stupor, Phoenix reveals that she has a roommate and Taylor finds a picture of her and finds her quite sexy.  She chloroforms Phoenix but says she will return

    Sonia the Thief - Sonia breaks into Emilias apartment.  Emilia is sleepying in bed.  Sonia chloroforms Emilia.  She exposes Emilias breasts and fondles her body.  Emilia tries to wake up but she is chloroformed and kissed and fondled multiple times.

The next scene Emilia is coming out of the shower and is caught by Sonia.  She is chloroformed and disrobed.  She is thrown on the bed afterwards.

Emilia tries to escape but Sonia grabs her by the hair and chloroforms her.  She is thrown on the bed again and chloroformed and kissed multiple times.

Next scene Sonia enters through the doors.  Emilia jumps up and defiant that she wont get chloroformed again.  Sonia pins her against the wall and chloroforms her.  Sonia pulls down her top and fondles her breast.  Emilia is fondled, kissed and chloroformed multiple times.

The last scene Emilia is on the bed and a chloroform cloth is tied over her mouth.  Sonia discusses with a potential buyer about how gorgeous Emilia is, while Emilia moans and cannot escape.

    Dacey the Evil Maid 3 - Scarlett arrives at her room to be serviced by Dacey the Evil Maid and, as expected, received terrible service.  Dacey demands a tip, but Scarlett lets her know how she feels

While Scarlett is sleeping Dacey sneaks in and chloroforms her.  Scarlett struggles against the chloroform but eventually goes out

The next scene the Evil Maid (Dacey) surprises Scarlett with chloroform, hidden under some towels.

Next scene Scarlett is on the phone, making a complaint.  While Scarlett is on-hold Dacey sneaks up on her and chloroforms her.

The last scene Scarlett is tied up on the sofa, the Evil Maid comes in and ties a chloroform cloth over her mouth.  Scarlett struggles but finally goes out.

End of video Scarlett contacts Policewoman Courtney (not seen on camera) to let her know she knows who has been chloroforming sweet innocent girls - continued in our next video coming!

    Sonia Hacked and Blackmailed - Sonia has been hacked and locked out of her account.  She is blackmailed and has to follow the hackers instructions to get her account back.

Her first instruction is to drink what is delivered to her.  This knocks her out.  When she wakes up she is tied up.

The next instruction she is told to go to bed, but leave her door unlocked.  She goes to sleep but when she wakes up her clothes have been pulled down and she has a chloro cloth tied over her mouth.  She tries to fight the chloroform but she cannot.

The last instruction she needs to go to bed completely naked and leave her door unlocked again.  She wakes up again butterfly tied.  He feet are bound and her hands are tied behind her back.  She has a chloroform cloth tied over her mouth.  She tries to get free but the chloroform
is too much for her.

    Dani Makes Bobbi a Chloro Slave - Bobbi comes out of the bathroom, hoping shes not going to be drugged.  Unfortunately she is chloroformed and made groggy by Dani.  Dani gropes and undresses Bobbi.  The next scene Bobbi is captured by Dani again and her pants are pulled down and her naked breasts are fondled.  The last scene Bobbi is made to masturbate why Dani holds the chloroform cloth over her mouth

    Irene is back for Akira - Irene is back for revenge.  Irene and Akira fight.  Irene wins and gets the cloth over Akira.
Next Akira is able to use her super strength to hold the cloth over Irenes mouth and win.  Akira rubs and sucks on Irenes breasts.
Akira tongue kisses Irene.
Irene is naked next to Akira.  Irene straddles Akira and is able to get the upper hand.  Irene has her breasts sucked by Akira.
Akira surprises Irene again and gets her out one last time.

    Morgana Gets Paris - Paris is in the bathroom saying to herself that she "hopes she doesn't get drugged .. again".  As she leaves the bathroom she is chloroformed by Morgana.  As Paris is weak Morgana rubs her pussy.  Multiple chloroforms occur.

The next scene Paris comes home and is surprised by Morgana.  Paris is chloroformed.  Paris is stripped topless and fondled but her face is unfortunately out of view during the stripping scene.

The last scene Paris is trying to relax but Morgana comes in and punches her in the stomach pulls her hair and chloroforms her.  With the cloth still over her mouth Morgana strips Paris and puts her on the sofa for more chloroforming.  She is then continuously chloroformed half naked on the sofa while being fondled.

    Gia Love vs Terra Mizu Round 2 - Gia and Terra approach each other, prepared to fight each other.  Terra gets a plastic knife to Gia's neck and controls her.  Terra bends Gia over the table.  With her hands behind her back, Terra chloroforms Gia until she passes out.

Gia is topless, lying on a bed.  Gia wakes up and fights Terra and gets the chloroform cloth.  Unfortunately, Terra knows Gias weakness.  Terra sucks on Gias breasts and while she is weakened she gets the cloth back off her.  Terra starts chloroformings Gia and sucks on her breasts at the same time.

Next scene, Gia is doing exercises.  Terra comes in and pours a drug liquid into Gias mouth.  The drug makes Gia weak.  Terra pulls up Gia top and bra, showing her breasts.  Terra sucks on Gias breasts.  Terra comes up beside Gia and tongue kisses her and sucks on her tongue.  She eventually chloroforms and fondles Gia out.

    Make A Slave  Jessica - Jessica has left her door open.  Tyler sneaks in.  Tyler chloroforms Jessica in her bed while she is sleeping.  Tyler checks she has no appointments for the week and makes a copy of her house key.  The next she captures Jessica in her bathrobe and chloroforms her.  The next day she chloroforms her and Jessica give in.  Finally, Tyler ties a chloroform rag over Jessicas face and enjoys her sleepy limpness

    Morgana vs Velvet - Morgana and Velvet chloroform each other.

First scene, Morgana comes up behind Velvet and clasps her hand around her neck.  She chloroforms her until she is sleepy.  Morgana lifts up Velvets top and fondles her breasts and sucks and licks them.

Next scene, Velvet captures Morgana and chloroforms her.  She fondles her after she becomes limp and fondles and licks her breasts.

Next scene, Velvet tries to capture Morgana but Morgana gets her hands down Velvets pants and rubs her pussy making Velvet defenseless.  Velvet is made to stick out her tongue while Morgana rubs her pussy and sucks on her breasts.  Morgana then chloroforms Velvet while rubbing her pussy.

Next scene, Velvet makes another attempt at chloroforming Morgana.  Morgana gets her hand down Velvets pants again and starts to rub Velvets pussy but Velvet keeps the chloroform cloth over Morganas mouth and Morgana slowly goes out while trying to keep rubbing Velvets pussy.

The last scene, Morgana is tied up on the sofa.  Velvet comes in and sits on her.  Velvet chloroforms her until she is dizzy and then makes Morgana suck on her breasts.

    Dacey captures Courtney - Courtney is a police girl trying to capture Dacey.  She enters the house but Dacey is waiting behind the door.  Dacey surprises Courtney and puts a chloroform rag over her mouth and holds her strong while the chloroform makes her weak.  When Courtney is weak Dacey fondles Courtneys breasts.

Next scene Courtney is doing exercises and Dacey surprises her again and puts a chloroform rag over her mouth.  This time when Courtney is weak Dacey unbuttons her shirt and fondles her naked breasts.  Dacey pulls down Courtneys pants.

Next scene Courtney is in her leopard robe.  Dacey is hiding behind the door.  Dacey surprises Courtney and handgags her.  Dacey pulls open Courtneys robe showing her breasts.  Dacey fondles Courtneys breasts.  Dacey puts Courtney on the bed and chloroforms her.  Dacey fondles Courtneys naked breasts.

The last scene Dacey captures Courtney and chloroforms her.  Dacey makes Courtney take parts of her cloths off.  Each time Courtney tries to escape but Dacey chloroforms her.  Finally, Dacey ties the chloroform cloth to Courtneys face and leaves her lying on the bed.

    Spy Capture - Melanie is trying to bring Morgana to justice, but gets chloroformed and her breasts fondled instead.  In Melanies second attempt she tries throwing kicks and punches and easily gives into being chloroformed by Morgana.  Another scene Morgana instructs Melanie to accept the chloroform and she reluctantly does and Morgana tongue kisses Melanie.  The next scene Morgana comes in and Melanie tries to fight back, and almost wins, but she is fondled into submission by Morgana and continuously chloroformed and kissed.  The final scene Morgana comes in while Melanie is sleeping naked in bed.  She chloroforms her and Morgana gets Melanie to suck on her breasts.  Melanie and Morgana both have amazing breasts and you won't be disappointed with this video.

    Luci captured and chloroformed - Luci is lying in bed.  Tyler jumps in and chloroforms her.  She resists but becomes groggy from the chloroform.  Tyler fondles her breasts, and kisses her.  The next scene she tries to escape but is captured again and chloroformed.  Tyler masturbates her while she is in a groggy state.  Next scene they are on the bed, Tyler gets the upper hand and chloroforms her.  The final scene Tyler has Luci under her complete control and Luci does as she is told.  This video is top quality and you will not be disappointed.

    Caught on the Sofa - Phoenix is caught on the sofa by Morgana and chloroformed.  Morgana enjoys the slaves sleepy body.  Morgana keeps her slave sleepy so she cannot escape.  Morgana makes her slave suck her breasts.  Morgana continues to torment her chloro slave on the sofa.

    Akira vs Anastasia - Anastasia is taking naked selfies in the mirror.  Akira sneaks up on her and chloroforms her.  She chloroforms her until she is weak and then mouth kisses her.  She chloroforms and kisses her multiple times.

The next scene Akira has Anastasia on the bed.  Fondling her breasts.  She chloroforms her and enjoys tongue kissing her multiple times.

While Akira is discussing Anastasia's price Anastasia is able to give Akira a quick chloroform, but it doesn't last long.  After Anastasia leaves Akira hides behind a bed and waits for her.

When Anastasia returns she is chloroformed and deep kissed by Akira in one last scene.

This is a very sexy video with a lot of chloroform, fondling and straight up tongue kissing.  Enjoy!

    Make Up Sales - Phoenix is selling make up to Taylor and convinces her to try a relaxing chloroform cloth.  After she is knocked out she fondles her breasts.  In the next scene Taylor is feeling tense  and wants the relaxing cloth again.  Phoenix puts her under again and enjoys fondling her breasts and rubbing her pussy.  The last scene Phoenix makes a surprise visit and chloros Taylor (partial scene loss).  She then puts on a strap on and fucks Taylor with the cloth over her face, unable to fight back

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