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    Naughty Girls DS - Lora sells Ama Rio

    Clip Description

    Lora surprises Ama Rio in bed and chloroforms her
    Lora undresses Ama Rio and explores her naked body
    Ama Rio is wearing just a towel as she comes out of the shower
    Lora surprises her again and gases her, removing the towel
    The last scene Lora sells Ama Rio as a slave, gassing her to keep her compliant

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp42214.29 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Naughty Girls DS - Lora sells Ama Rio

    Naughty Girls DS - Lora sells Ama Rio

    Naughty Girls DS - Lora sells Ama Rio

    Naughty Girls DS - Lora sells Ama Rio

    Naughty Girls DS - Lora sells Ama Rio

    Naughty Girls DS - Lora sells Ama Rio
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    Melanie Detective Captured - Melanie Detective is disguised.  Hiding.  Graycee discovers her.  Graycee captured her in the dark room.  She is chloroformed and she cannot fight.  Melanies breasts are squeezed and fondled.

Melanie is in bed.  Graycee is talking about the auction.  Melanie tries to run, but Graycee gets her.  Graycee tongue kisses Melanie.  Graycee sucks on Melanies breasts.

Graycee and Melanie are on the bed.  Graycee is talking about her auction.  Melanie fights Graycee.  Melanie straddles Graycee.  Melanie chloroforms Graycee.  Melanie makes Graycee suck her breasts.  Melanie tongue kisses Graycee.  Graycee surprises Melanie and is able to straddle Melanie.  Graycee chloroforms Melanie.

Graycee sells Melanie at auction.  Graycee shows buyers that they can kiss Melanie, fondle Melanies breasts.  Graycee gets a good price for Melanie.

Graycee chloroforms Melanie one last time.

    Lora vs Peyton and Ryan - Ryan and Peyton are hanging out.  They are talking about being chloroformed by Lora
After the talk Peyton is walking through the house.  Lora pulls her into a room and handgags her
Ryan notices Peyton is missing and calls out but Lora has her.  Ryan leaves
Lora continues to chloroforming Peyton.
Eventually, Ryan discovers Peyton being chloroformed by Lora
Ryan secretly enjoys Peyton with Lora
Later, Ryan is walking though the house.  Lora pulls her into a room and handgags her
Peyton notices Ryan has gone missing
Eventually, Peyton discovers Ryan being chloroformed by Lora
Peyton enjoys Ryan with Lora, making Ryan suck her breasts
While Peyton is enjoying herself too much Lora is able to get behind her and chloroform her
The last scene, both girls have chloroform cloths tied over their mouths

    Sage Pillar vs Detective Ama Rio - Ama Rio is a detective, going to bring Sage Pillar to justice.
Unfortunately, Sage Pillar is able to sneak up on Ama Rio and chloroform her.
Next, Sage Pillar is able to surprise Ama Rio in her robe
With the gun to her stomach she is able to undress Ama Rio and then chloroform her
The next scene Sage Pillar surprises Ama Rio but Ama Rio fights with Sage Pillar try to get the gun off her but Sage Pillar starts fondling Ama Rios breasts
and is able to chloroform Ama Rio
The very last section Ama Rio is talking to her superiors about how she "did not" fail in her mission

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