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    Naughty Girls DS - Akira vs Ama

    Clip Description

    Ama is looking at her phone. Akira comes up behind Ama and chloroforms her.

    Ama and Akira are on the bed. Ama is confused. Akira fondles Amas body. Akira chloroforms Ama a bit more. Akira tongue kisses Ama.

    Akira is on the phone, trying to sell Ama. Ama wakes up and chloroforms Akira. Ama squeezes Akira beautiful breasts. Ama deep tongue kisses Akira. Ama leaves Akira alone.

    Akira wakes up and hides. When Ama comes back she cannot find Akira. Akira sneaks up on Ama and chloroforms her to unconsciousness. Akira enjoys Amas naked body and sucks on her large breasts. Akira tongue kisses Ama, fondles her breasts, and puts to her to sleep one last time.

    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
    Format Size
    mp41234.34 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Naughty Girls DS - Akira vs Ama

    Naughty Girls DS - Akira vs Ama

    Naughty Girls DS - Akira vs Ama

    Naughty Girls DS - Akira vs Ama

    Naughty Girls DS - Akira vs Ama

    Naughty Girls DS - Akira vs Ama
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    Sonia the Thief - Sonia breaks into Emilias apartment.  Emilia is sleepying in bed.  Sonia chloroforms Emilia.  She exposes Emilias breasts and fondles her body.  Emilia tries to wake up but she is chloroformed and kissed and fondled multiple times.

The next scene Emilia is coming out of the shower and is caught by Sonia.  She is chloroformed and disrobed.  She is thrown on the bed afterwards.

Emilia tries to escape but Sonia grabs her by the hair and chloroforms her.  She is thrown on the bed again and chloroformed and kissed multiple times.

Next scene Sonia enters through the doors.  Emilia jumps up and defiant that she wont get chloroformed again.  Sonia pins her against the wall and chloroforms her.  Sonia pulls down her top and fondles her breast.  Emilia is fondled, kissed and chloroformed multiple times.

The last scene Emilia is on the bed and a chloroform cloth is tied over her mouth.  Sonia discusses with a potential buyer about how gorgeous Emilia is, while Emilia moans and cannot escape.

    Morgana vs Alanis - Alanis is busy doing her work.  Morgana sneaks up behind her and chloroforms her.  Alanis protests but eventually succumbs to the chloroform.  She is kissed multiple times with the cloth being put back each time.

Alanis is on the bed.  Morgana handgags Alanis while she sucks on her breasts.  Morgana also tongue kisses the beautiful Alanis.

Alanis tries to get away, but is chloroformed again.  Morgana continues to enjoy Alanis breasts and mouth with her tongue.

    Gia Love vs Terra Mizu Round 2 - Gia and Terra approach each other, prepared to fight each other.  Terra gets a plastic knife to Gia's neck and controls her.  Terra bends Gia over the table.  With her hands behind her back, Terra chloroforms Gia until she passes out.

Gia is topless, lying on a bed.  Gia wakes up and fights Terra and gets the chloroform cloth.  Unfortunately, Terra knows Gias weakness.  Terra sucks on Gias breasts and while she is weakened she gets the cloth back off her.  Terra starts chloroformings Gia and sucks on her breasts at the same time.

Next scene, Gia is doing exercises.  Terra comes in and pours a drug liquid into Gias mouth.  The drug makes Gia weak.  Terra pulls up Gia top and bra, showing her breasts.  Terra sucks on Gias breasts.  Terra comes up beside Gia and tongue kisses her and sucks on her tongue.  She eventually chloroforms and fondles Gia out.

    Moron Policewoman Courtney fails again - Courtney the Policewoman is once again attempting to apprehend a new criminal, this time Adara.  Unfortunately Adara gets the jump on her and takes her down.

The next scene, Policewoman Courtney makes another attempt to take the evil Adara to jail but is taken down while trying to handcuff Adara.

The last scene, Policewoman Courtney is doing desk work, talking about her failure to get Adara.  Adara surprises Policewoman Courtney and kisses her.  Adara undresses Policewoman Courtney, fondles and squeezes her breasts.  Adara chloroforms Policewoman Courtney one last time.

    Dacey and Akira vs Irene - Irene has been chloroformed by Dacey and Akira before.  Today she finds out those two girls work together.  She is mad. Irene tries to get revenge but fails.  Akira handgags Irene and Dacey chloroforms her.  Akira and Dacey both enjoy fondling and sucking on Irenes breasts. Akira tongue kisses Irene.

Irene awakes and fights Akira, but Dacey is able to chloroform her.  Akira sucks on Irenes breasts while Dacey chloroforms her. Irene is undressed a little.  Dacey sucks on Irenes breasts while Akira chloroforms her.  Akira tongue kisses Irene.

Irene awakes and fights Dacey, but Akira is able to chloroform her.  Dacey fondles Irenes breasts.  Dacey also sucks on Irenes breasts as Akira is chloroforming her. Irene is undressed a little more.  Dacey and Akira both suck on Irenes breasts.

Irene is chloroformed one last time and left by both girls.

    Lora vs Peyton - Lora surprises Peyton with chloroform
Lora enjoys rubbing Peytons breast and tongue kissing her
Lora has left so Peytons goes to leave but Lora surprises her again.
Lora enjoys fondling Peytons breasts
Later, while Lora is enjoying sucking Peytons breasts, Peyton is able to surprise Lora with the cloth
Peyton leaves Lora lying on the ground

    Akira vs Sage - Sage is taking selfies.  Akira surprises Sage and chloroforms her.
Next, Sage is completely naked in Akiras lap.  Akira is fondling Sages breasts.  Akira chloroforms the naked Sage
Akira is trying to sell Sage. Sage surprises Akira and gets her out.
Akira hides and waits for Sage.  Akira catches Sage again.  Akira fondles Sages breasts.  Akira licks and sucks Sages breasts

    AKira vs Irene - Akira vs Irene

Irene is on the phone, checking her Instagram.  Akira sneaks up on her and chloroforms her.  She chloroforms her until she is weak and then she tongue kisses Irenes mouth.  She then chloroforms her completely.

The next scene Irene is naked on the bed. Akira chloroforms Irene on the bed.  Akira fondles Irenes breasts while chloroforming her.  Akira tongue kisses Irenes mouth.  She then puts the chloroform over Irene mouth and continues to fondle her breasts.  This repeats a few times.

Next, while Akira is discussing Irenes price, Irene is able to give Akira the chloroform, and Irene gives Akira a good tongue kiss, looking into the camera.  After Irene puts Akira out she leaves, but Akira wakes up and hides behind the curtains and waits for her.

When Irene returns her hands are pulled behind her back.  Akira pulls her hair and deep kisses Irene.  Akira completely chloroforms Irene out.

    Melanie Detective Captured - Melanie Detective is disguised.  Hiding.  Graycee discovers her.  Graycee captured her in the dark room.  She is chloroformed and she cannot fight.  Melanies breasts are squeezed and fondled.

Melanie is in bed.  Graycee is talking about the auction.  Melanie tries to run, but Graycee gets her.  Graycee tongue kisses Melanie.  Graycee sucks on Melanies breasts.

Graycee and Melanie are on the bed.  Graycee is talking about her auction.  Melanie fights Graycee.  Melanie straddles Graycee.  Melanie chloroforms Graycee.  Melanie makes Graycee suck her breasts.  Melanie tongue kisses Graycee.  Graycee surprises Melanie and is able to straddle Melanie.  Graycee chloroforms Melanie.

Graycee sells Melanie at auction.  Graycee shows buyers that they can kiss Melanie, fondle Melanies breasts.  Graycee gets a good price for Melanie.

Graycee chloroforms Melanie one last time.

    Dacey Evil Talent Scout 2 - Irene has came in to get an acting job, unfortunately she has gone to the wrong kind of agent.  Dacey, no longer the evil maid, is posing as a talent scout to capture beautiful, but not too bright girls and to sell them to her wealthy clients.

Dacey convinces Irene to "practice" a chloroform scene. Irene struggles with the chloroform cloth over her mouth and after she is out Dacey pulls down her dress, exposing her breasts.  Dacey plays with Irenes breasts a little and sucks them too.

In the next scene, it seems like Irene hasn't realised she was chloroformed and taken advantage of, since she turns up to the office and asks about any roles for movies Dacey has found her. Dacey is able to fool her again and explains she should audition for a scene that involves chloroforming.  Once again, Dacey is able to easy take advantage of Irene and chloroform her out.  This time, unzipping her top while she is being chloroformed.  After Irene is out Dacey sucks on Irenes beautiful big breasts.

The last scene, Irene is tied to a chair, wondering if she is going to be famous.  Dacey says she will be and ties a chloroform cloth over her face.  As the chloroform is slowly taking affect Dacey is talking on the phone with her potential client.  As Dacey is selling her on the phone she fondles Irenes breasts and occasionally sucks on her breasts and nipples.

    Akira vs Anastasia - Anastasia is taking naked selfies in the mirror.  Akira sneaks up on her and chloroforms her.  She chloroforms her until she is weak and then mouth kisses her.  She chloroforms and kisses her multiple times.

The next scene Akira has Anastasia on the bed.  Fondling her breasts.  She chloroforms her and enjoys tongue kissing her multiple times.

While Akira is discussing Anastasia's price Anastasia is able to give Akira a quick chloroform, but it doesn't last long.  After Anastasia leaves Akira hides behind a bed and waits for her.

When Anastasia returns she is chloroformed and deep kissed by Akira in one last scene.

This is a very sexy video with a lot of chloroform, fondling and straight up tongue kissing.  Enjoy!

    Dacey the Evil Maid 2 - Dacey the Evil Maid 2

Irene arrives at her room to be serviced by Dacey the Evil Maid and, as expected, received terrible service.  Dacey demands a tip, but Irene sets her straight

While Irene is sleeping Dacey sneaks in and chloroforms her.  Irene struggles against the chloroform but eventually goes out

The next scene the Evil Maid (Dacey) surprises Irene with chloroform, hidden under some towels.  Dacey fondles Irene breasts as she is getting chloroformed.

Next scene Irene is on the phone, making a complaint.  While Irene is on-hold Dacey sneaks up on her and chloroforms her.

The last scene Irene is tied up, the Evil Maid comes in and chloroforms her a little.  Dacey fondles her breasts and then ties the cloth over her mouth.

    Dacey Evil Talent Scout  Girls Compete - Both Maria and Misty think they will be famous.  They both want the same movie role and fight about it.  Dacey convinces both girl to do a "fake" chloroform scene, the best actress will get the role.  With both girls chloroformed, Dacey fondles and sucks on both girls breasts.

Next scene, Misty is saying she is a great actress.  Maria gets angry and chloroforms Misty.  Maria plays with Mistys large breasts.
Next, Misty wakes up and chloroforms Maria.  Misty pulls down Marias top.  Misty sucks hard on Marias breasts.
Maria wakes up and the girls fight, each chloroforming each other until they both fall unconscious

Final scene, both girls are tied up on the sofa.  Dacey chloroforms them both.  Dacey sucks on both girls breasts.

    Gia Love vs Terra Mizu  Final Round - Gia Love comes home and undresses.  She sleeps on her sofa.  Terra Mizu chloroforms her on the sofa.  Terra Mizu sucks on Gia Loves breasts.

Gia Love gets up.  She pretends to sleep.  She surprises Terra Mizu and chloroforms her.  Gia Love sucks on Terra Mizus breasts.

Gia Love enjoys the breast sucking too much and Terra Mizu is able to get her again.

    Dacey Evil Talent Scout 3 - Maria wants to be a model.  Unfortunately she has came to Dacey, the Evil Talent Scout.

Dacey convinces Maria to "practice" a chloroform scene. Maria struggles with the chloroform cloth over her mouth and sucks in the chloroform.  Good deep breaths.  Dacey grabs Marias breasts as she is chloroformed.

Once Dacey has Maria out on the sofa, Dacey sucks on her breasts and nipples.

On the sofa, Maria wakes up but Dacey handgags her quiet.  Dacey then chloroforms Maria.  Maria tries to fight but cannot.  Dacey enjoys Marias body a little more.

The last scene, Maria is tied to a chair thinking she is going to be famous.  Dacey ties a chloroform cloth over Marias mouth.  Dacey sells Maria to other clients.  Dacey also fondles and sucks Marias breasts.

    Sonia Hacked and Blackmailed - Sonia has been hacked and locked out of her account.  She is blackmailed and has to follow the hackers instructions to get her account back.

Her first instruction is to drink what is delivered to her.  This knocks her out.  When she wakes up she is tied up.

The next instruction she is told to go to bed, but leave her door unlocked.  She goes to sleep but when she wakes up her clothes have been pulled down and she has a chloro cloth tied over her mouth.  She tries to fight the chloroform but she cannot.

The last instruction she needs to go to bed completely naked and leave her door unlocked again.  She wakes up again butterfly tied.  He feet are bound and her hands are tied behind her back.  She has a chloroform cloth tied over her mouth.  She tries to get free but the chloroform
is too much for her.

    Lora vs Peyton and Ryan - Ryan and Peyton are hanging out.  They are talking about being chloroformed by Lora
After the talk Peyton is walking through the house.  Lora pulls her into a room and handgags her
Ryan notices Peyton is missing and calls out but Lora has her.  Ryan leaves
Lora continues to chloroforming Peyton.
Eventually, Ryan discovers Peyton being chloroformed by Lora
Ryan secretly enjoys Peyton with Lora
Later, Ryan is walking though the house.  Lora pulls her into a room and handgags her
Peyton notices Ryan has gone missing
Eventually, Peyton discovers Ryan being chloroformed by Lora
Peyton enjoys Ryan with Lora, making Ryan suck her breasts
While Peyton is enjoying herself too much Lora is able to get behind her and chloroform her
The last scene, both girls have chloroform cloths tied over their mouths

    Morgana Gets Revenge - This is kind of a continuation of "Elektra vs Morgana".

This time Morgana sets a trap for Elektra by pretending to be asleep, with her boob out.  Elektra fools for it and as she is sucking on Morganas breast Morgana quickly chloroforms her.  In a weakened state Morgana enjoys her victims breasts and body.

In the next scene Elektra tries surprising Morgana but is overpowered and chloroformed.  Elektras breasts get a good sucking by Morgana.

Next scene Elektra tries again to chloroform Morgana by confronting Morgana directly but Morgana is able to seduce her with her body and eventually is able to steal the chloro cloth from her hand and chloroforms Elektra.  As Morgana chloroforms her she fondles her breasts and body, even making Elektra suck Morganas breasts as punishment.

Last scene Morgana has Elektra mostly naked and enjoys chloroforming and fondling her

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