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  • April Dawn Drugged
  • Dolce Vandela
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  • Lora Vs Mia
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  • Amelia Vs Mabel
  • Anastasia Short 1
  • Caught On The Sofa
  • Dacey The Evil
  • Lora Vs Charlie
  • Lora Vs Peyton
  • Nathalia Vs Ama Rio
  • Short Dacey
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     Akira vs April Dawn
    15 minutes

      Akira vs April Dawn - April is on her phone.  Akira surprises April and chloroforms her.  Akira fondles Aprils huge breasts.
Next, April is completely naked in Akiras lap.  Akira is fondling Aprils breasts.  Akira chloroforms the naked April.
Akira is trying to sell April. April surprises Akira and gets her out.  April kisses Akira.
Akira hides and waits for April.  Akira catches April again.  Akira kisses April.  Akira puts April out.  Dacey in Pon farr with Maria
    14 minutes

      Dacey in Pon farr with Maria - Dacey is a Vulcan.  She is in Pon farr.
She takes over the ship and directs it to her planet Vulcan.
Maria tries to stop her
Maria and Dacey fight
Dacey nerve pinches Maria
Dacey sucks on Marias tits
Maria tries to chloroform Dacey but gets chloroformed herself
Dacey ties up Maria to use her for Pon farr
Dacey sucks and licks Marias tits
     Akira and Irene in Private Dancer
    15 minutes

      Akira and Irene in Private Dancer - Akira has hired Irene as a private dancer
Irene does a sexy dance for Akira
Akira pays her in $1 bills
Akira touches Irenes butt
There is an argument and Akira chloroforms Irene
Akira sucks on Irenes breasts
Akira takes all her money back

The next scene Irene comes back and snatches the money back
Akira tries to chloroform Irene but fails and gets chloroformed herself
Irene tongue kisses Akira
Irene makes Akira suck her breasts

While Irene is enjoying herself Akira is able to surprise Irene with chloroform
After some breast sucking and tongue kissing gets all her money back again!  Crooked Cop Lora vs Porn Pirate Annabelle
    15 minutes

      Crooked Cop Lora vs Porn Pirate Annabelle - Crooked Cop Lora presented Porn Pirate Annabelle with a list of crimes
Lora grabs the scared Annabelle and tongue kisses her
Unknown to Lora, Annabelle loves chloroform porn
Annabelle surprises Lora with chloroform
Later when Lora wakes up she grabs Annabelle and bends her over
She handcuffs Annabelle and covers her mouth with the same chloroform cloth
Lora pulls up Annabelles top and fondles her large breasts
Lora tongue kisses Annabelle
Lora sucks on Annabelles large breasts
While Lora is on the phone Annabelle gets free and chloroforms Lora
Annabelle "forces" Lora to sucks her larges breasts
Lora is able to get on top of Annabelle and chloroform her
Annabelle is going to jail
     Nathalia vs Ama Rio
    16 minutes

      Nathalia vs Ama Rio - Ama Rio is a detective, going to bring Nathalia to justice.
Unfortunately, Nathalia is able to sneak up on Ama Rio and chloroform her.
Next Nathalia is able to surprise Ama Rio in her robe
With the gun to her stomach she is able to undress Ama Rio and then chloroform her
The last scene Nathalia surprises Ama Rio but Ama Rio has her gun ready and prepared to defend herself
But Nathalia starts fondling Ama Rios breasts and body and Ama Rio succumbs to the pleasure and later succumbs to the chloroform
The very last section Ama Rio is talking to her superiors about how she "did not" fail in her mission  Investigative Reporter
    12 minutes

      Investigative Reporter - Katie is an investigative reporter, trying to get the scoop on some sinister lady chloroforming innocent girls
Unfortunately during the interview she gets chloroformed
Melanie pulls down Katies top, tongue kissing her
Later, Katie is able to get the upper hand
Finally Melanie is able to surprise Katie while Katie is distracted
The last scene Melanie mocks Katie with her microphone
Katie is left
     Lora vs Annabelle Pync
    15 minutes

      Lora vs Annabelle Pync - Lora surprises Annabelle with chloroform
Lora enjoys tongue kissing Annabelle after the cloth
Lora has left so Annabelle gets to leave but Lora surprises her again. Lora chloroforms Annabelle
Lora enjoys fondling Annabelles large breasts
Later, while Lora is enjoying kissing Annabelle, Annabelle is able to surprise Lora with the cloth
Annabelle leaves Lora lying on the ground and runs off  Dacey the Evil Maid 4
    21 minutes

      Dacey the Evil Maid 4 - Misty arrives at her room to be serviced by Dacey, the Evil Maid, and as expected, received terrible service.  Dacey demands a tip, but Misty sets her straight

While Misty is sleeping Dacey sneaks in and chloroforms her.  Misty struggles against the chloroform but eventually goes out

The next scene the Evil Maid (Dacey) surprises Misty with chloroform, hidden under some towels.  Dacey fondles Mistys breasts as she is getting chloroformed.

Next scene Misty is on the phone, making a complaint.  While Misty is on-hold Dacey sneaks up on her and chloroforms her.

The last scene Misty is tied up, the Evil Maid comes in and ties a chloroform cloth over her mouth.  Misty is left and finally goes out
     Lora vs Peyton and Ryan
    16 minutes

      Lora vs Peyton and Ryan - Ryan and Peyton are hanging out.  They are talking about being chloroformed by Lora
After the talk Peyton is walking through the house.  Lora pulls her into a room and handgags her
Ryan notices Peyton is missing and calls out but Lora has her.  Ryan leaves
Lora continues to chloroforming Peyton.
Eventually, Ryan discovers Peyton being chloroformed by Lora
Ryan secretly enjoys Peyton with Lora
Later, Ryan is walking though the house.  Lora pulls her into a room and handgags her
Peyton notices Ryan has gone missing
Eventually, Peyton discovers Ryan being chloroformed by Lora
Peyton enjoys Ryan with Lora, making Ryan suck her breasts
While Peyton is enjoying herself too much Lora is able to get behind her and chloroform her
The last scene, both girls have chloroform cloths tied over their mouths  Lora vs Mia
    21 minutes

      Lora vs Mia - Lora breaks into Mias house
Lora chloroforms Mia in bed
Lora takes a copy of Mias house key
Mia comes out of the shower but Lora is waiting
Lora chloroforms Mia after she has stripped her
Mia tries to escape but fails
Next, Lora visits Mia again.  This time holding her against the wall and chloroforming her
Final scene, Lora ties a chloroform cloth over Mia mouth.  After that she contacts someone to sell Mia

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     Lora vs Ryan
    17 minutes
      Lora vs Ryan - Lora turns up at Ryans house, delivering a special package, chloroform
Ryan does not want it but Lora surprises her
On the bed, Ryan is given the cloth a couple more times and kissed and her breasts fondled
Ryan is tied to the chair, Ryan is given the cloth again
Lora leaves  Lora vs Peyton
    15 minutes
      Lora vs Peyton - Lora surprises Peyton with chloroform
Lora enjoys rubbing Peytons breast and tongue kissing her
Lora has left so Peytons goes to leave but Lora surprises her again.
Lora enjoys fondling Peytons breasts
Later, while Lora is enjoying sucking Peytons breasts, Peyton is able to surprise Lora with the cloth
Peyton leaves Lora lying on the ground
     Morgana vs Autumn
    16 minutes
      Morgana vs Autumn - Autumn comes up behind Morgana and easy chloroforms her from behind.  As Morgana sucks in the chloroform Autumn caresses her body, and finally places her on the sofa.

On the sofa, Autumn pulls Morganas top down.  Autumn fondles Morganas breasts, keeping her quiet with her hand tight over Morganas mouth.

Autumn lays Morgana down on the sofa and sucks on Morganas nipples.  Autumn keeps Morgana under control by chloroforming her when she gets too restless.  Dani Makes Bobbi a Chloro Slave
    29 minutes
      Dani Makes Bobbi a Chloro Slave - Bobbi comes out of the bathroom, hoping shes not going to be drugged.  Unfortunately she is chloroformed and made groggy by Dani.  Dani gropes and undresses Bobbi.  The next scene Bobbi is captured by Dani again and her pants are pulled down and her naked breasts are fondled.  The last scene Bobbi is made to masturbate why Dani holds the chloroform cloth over her mouth
     Channy chloroforms and kisses Melanie repeated
    1 minutes
      Channy chloroforms and kisses Melanie repeated - Channy kisses and chloroforms Melanie on the bed.  The scene is looped again and again for 4 minutes  Dacey captures Courtney
    17 minutes
      Dacey captures Courtney - Courtney is a police girl trying to capture Dacey.  She enters the house but Dacey is waiting behind the door.  Dacey surprises Courtney and puts a chloroform rag over her mouth and holds her strong while the chloroform makes her weak.  When Courtney is weak Dacey fondles Courtneys breasts.

Next scene Courtney is doing exercises and Dacey surprises her again and puts a chloroform rag over her mouth.  This time when Courtney is weak Dacey unbuttons her shirt and fondles her naked breasts.  Dacey pulls down Courtneys pants.

Next scene Courtney is in her leopard robe.  Dacey is hiding behind the door.  Dacey surprises Courtney and handgags her.  Dacey pulls open Courtneys robe showing her breasts.  Dacey fondles Courtneys breasts.  Dacey puts Courtney on the bed and chloroforms her.  Dacey fondles Courtneys naked breasts.

The last scene Dacey captures Courtney and chloroforms her.  Dacey makes Courtney take parts of her cloths off.  Each time Courtney tries to escape but Dacey chloroforms her.  Finally, Dacey ties the chloroform cloth to Courtneys face and leaves her lying on the bed.

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      Akira vs April Dawn

    Akira vs April Dawn

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      Dacey in Pon farr with Maria

    Dacey in Pon farr with Maria

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      Akira and Irene in Private Dancer

    Akira and Irene in Private Dancer

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      Crooked Cop Lora vs Porn Pirate Annabelle

    Crooked Cop Lora vs Porn Pirate Annabelle

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      Nathalia vs Ama Rio

    Nathalia vs Ama Rio

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      Investigative Reporter

    Investigative Reporter

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      Lora vs Annabelle Pync

    Lora vs Annabelle Pync

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      Dacey the Evil Maid 4

    Dacey the Evil Maid 4

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      Lora vs Peyton and Ryan

    Lora vs Peyton and Ryan

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      Lora vs Mia

    Lora vs Mia

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      Irene is back for Akira

    Irene is back for Akira

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      Channy chloroforms and kisses Melanie repeated

    Channy chloroforms and kisses Melanie repeated

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      Thief Lora vs Bella Rossi

    Thief Lora vs Bella Rossi

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      Melanies Gambling Debt Ultrawide Double Camera Version

    Melanies Gambling Debt  Ultrawide Double Camera Version

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      Melanies Gambling Debt

    Melanies Gambling Debt

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