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Under Water


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    Gallows Games - Home Invader

    Clip Description

    Featuring: Pandora Jones

    He breaks in through the back door. He slowly walks through the homes searching for his prey. He finds her on the couch. Slowly he approaches with the gun ready. He presses the barrel against her head and Pandora screams. As Pandora begs he forces her against the wall and forces her to undress. Next he leads her upstairs as she continues to beg for her life, and then forces her into the bedroom. Later they emerge with Pandora only wearing her white nylon stockings and a piece of duct tape over her mouth. Pandora is led to the basement where she is tied to a pole. The tape is removed and he begins to slowly garrote Pandora. Her tongue protrudes as the cord is twisted tighter until finally Pandora's eyes bulge and spit drips from her mouth as she finally strangles. Pandora is untied and carried away.

    Features: Garroting, strangling, gun play, undressing, women in peril, nylon stockings, heels, rope bondage, full nudity, and begging

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    mp4865.59 MB

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    Gallows Games - Home Invader

    Gallows Games - Home Invader

    Gallows Games - Home Invader

    Gallows Games - Home Invader

    Gallows Games - Home Invader

    Gallows Games - Home Invader
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