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    Gallows Games - Double Struggle

    Clip Description

    Double Struggle
    Featuring: Candle Boxxx, and Pandora

    Candle and Pandora are knocked out and in the dungeon of the hangman. When he enters he pulls down their shirts to have a look at their lovely breast. After posing them a bit his attention turns to the heels on their feet. He removes their high heeled sandals and replaces them with the flats he loves. Then it\\\'s off to the gallows. When they wake up they are standing on the gallows. Candle and Pandora beg for their lives and offer to blow the hangman in exchange for their lives. The hangman prefers to see them struggle at the end of a rope. He kicks the crates out from under their feet and they begin to kick. They struggle for a long time with the ropes biting into their necks. Their tongues protrude and their eyes bulge. The hangman pulls on their legs when he tires of the show. When he takes them down he decides to play with their naked bodies.

    Features: hanging, strangling, full nudity, undressing, posing, sleepy, high heels, sandal, and foot shots

    Clip Duration:      21 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4577.38 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Double Struggle

    Gallows Games - Double Struggle

    Gallows Games - Double Struggle

    Gallows Games - Double Struggle

    Gallows Games - Double Struggle

    Gallows Games - Double Struggle
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