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Under Water


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    Gallows Games - Blue Jeans Hangin

    Clip Description

    Featuring Elena

    Elena enters her bedroom after a long day at work and lies down for a nap. She is not alone. The Hangman jumps on the bed beside her and wraps a rope around her neck before she can react. She fights hard, but within seconds her body goes limp as she slips into unconsciousness. The Hangman makes sure she is out and then pulls down her shirt to expose her beautiful breasts. Satisfied with his latest victim, he takes off her socks to play with her feet. He loves her black toe polish, so he puts a pair of thong sandals on her feet and then carries her off to the gallows. When Elena wakes up the noose is already around her neck. The Hangman enters and as she begs for her life, he pulls her up so that she is on her tiptoes. He lets Elena struggle on her tiptoes for a few minutes and then hoists her off the ground by her neck. Her eyes bulge, and her tongue sticks out as she struggles for air. Finally, her body goes limp with her tongue hanging out. The Hangman makes sure she's finished before taking her down. He places Elena on the couch and begins to pose her body. Finally, he takes off her sandals to play with her feet.

    Featuring: Hanging, strangling, topless nudity, posing, body pans, fondling, begging, sandal and foot shots.

    Clip Duration:      15 minutes
    Format Size
    mp43447.56 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Gallows Games - Blue Jeans Hangin

    Gallows Games - Blue Jeans Hangin

    Gallows Games - Blue Jeans Hangin

    Gallows Games - Blue Jeans Hangin

    Gallows Games - Blue Jeans Hangin

    Gallows Games - Blue Jeans Hangin
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