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Erotic Horror

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    Crimson Rapture - Sexy Swimmer Stabbed

    Clip Description

    A sexy little swimmer just finishing up her laps around the pool and ready to tan her perfect body in the sun. She dries off her drenched, skin tight swimsuit clad body and lays down to relax. A short while later, her boyfriend arrives on the roof top livid about Brandy going through his computer. When Brandy plays dumb and denies her trespassing, it only infuriates him to the point of insanity. He pulls out a knife and stabs the lithe swimmer over and over until she gurgles blood from her mouth and keels over!

    Lots of camel toe and super tight pussy shots in this one. Not to be missed!!!

    Features: Multiple Stabbings, Skin Tight, No Makeup, Cute Girl, Spying, Psychotic Behavior, Blood & Gore, Wet Swimsuit, Crotch Shots, Mouth Blood, Blood Pooling, Bellybutt, Belly Stabs, Gut Wounds, Knife, Writhing, Camel Toe, Long Dead Body Pans

    Clip Duration:      10 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv560.55 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crimson Rapture - Sexy Swimmer Stabbed

    Crimson Rapture - Sexy Swimmer Stabbed

    Crimson Rapture - Sexy Swimmer Stabbed

    Crimson Rapture - Sexy Swimmer Stabbed

    Crimson Rapture - Sexy Swimmer Stabbed

    Crimson Rapture - Sexy Swimmer Stabbed
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