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Erotic Horror

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    Crimson Rapture - College Girls Chloroform  Suffocate

    Clip Description

    Brandy is napping after a long day at college cramming for entrance exams. Rowan, an enemy from a rival school; breaks in, sneaks over to Brandy, and chloroforms her very hard. Brandy thrashes and kicks violently, but its no use, the chloroform takes her under its sleepy spell. After Brandy is asleep, Rowan plays with her nose (pinching, holding, squeezing). She plays with Brandy's limp limbs like a rag doll. After awhile, Brandy wakes up an begins to scream. Rowan hand-gags her and brutally forces a ball-gag into her mouth.

    Rowan then hogties Brandy and binds her in a chair to enjoy playing with her nose some more, though Brandy is awake this time around. She pinches the left nostril shut and then the right nostril, then squeezes both, completely denying Brandy air while the ball-gag is still in her mouth. Eventually Brandy passes out from lack of oxygen and Rowan carries her back over to the day bed.

    Rowan places Brandy down on the day bed and Brandy begins to slowly regain consciousness. As she does. Rowan attempts to chloroform her again but this time, Brandy fights back. Brandy and Rowan begin to wrestle each other in an exciting match on the day bed for the chloroform rag, but Brandy manages to wrench it away from Rowan to quickly use it against her.

    Rowan falls prey to her own chloroform rag as Brandy turns the fight in her favor and climbs atop Rowan for more control. Rowan fights against the chemical but it is too strong, her limbs go limp as her eyes roll into the back of her head. Brandy likes to treat Rowan like a doll and pose her and manipulate her limp limbs. Now Brandy plays with Rowan's nose this time, denying Rowan air in her sleep. Rowan wakes up and wants to scream, but Brandy starts hand-gagging her very hard and puts tape over her mouth.

    Now she plays with Rowan's nose like the same way as she did before, though this time Rowan is conscious and bound. Brandy tortures Rowan some more with breath control before she decides to prepare a "sleeping drink". She pulls the tape off of Rowan's mouth and forces Rowan's to open wide to put the sleeping drink into her mouth.

    Rowan fights against this drink but Brandy cruelly forces the drink in her mouth. After Rowan is asleep, without remorse, Brandy smothers her to death with a throw pillow! After Rowan is dead, Brandy checks Rowan for any pulse or breathing to confirm her kill. Rowan lays there quietly, staring up at Brandy with empty eyes. Brandy is obviously very pleased and feels accomplished with her kill, so she feels its a good time to complete her homework.

    Lots of great noseplay, eye rolls, teasing upskirt shots, and breath denial.

    ~ 2 Girl! ~
    ~ Upskirt Tease ~

    Features: Multi-Girl, 2 Girl, Chloroform, Noseplay, Asphyxiation, Suffocation, Breath Play, Smother, Gasping, Bondage, Hogtie, Limp Play, Ragdoll, Schoolgirl, Face Play, Hair Play, Limp Limb Manipulation, Upskirt, Sleepy, Eye Roll, Death Stare

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    avi357.75 MB

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    Crimson Rapture - College Girls Chloroform  Suffocate

    Crimson Rapture - College Girls Chloroform  Suffocate

    Crimson Rapture - College Girls Chloroform  Suffocate

    Crimson Rapture - College Girls Chloroform  Suffocate

    Crimson Rapture - College Girls Chloroform  Suffocate

    Crimson Rapture - College Girls Chloroform  Suffocate
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