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Erotic Horror

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    Crimson Rapture - Brunette Mowed Down by Machine Gun

    Clip Description

    Super sexy minx Brandy is on the prowl again, this time she is fully immersed in an enemy encampment trying to find their weapon stores. She tips toes quietly in her sexy pointed Italian leather boots, cropped gloves, studded corset, and skin tight shiny pants armed with her trusty little handgun. She enters a small storage shed and finds their stash but to her dismay, she is met with hundreds upon hundreds of machine gun blasts upon exiting the shed carelessly. Brandy’s sexy body and perky breasts are jolted and jiggled by bullets over and over again violently. We get a great POV of the killer’s view on the kill and the body after the kill. Lots of gorgeous body pans, perfect death stares, and plenty of sweet shots of Brandy’s pretty pussy in revealing, painted on pants without panties on underneath.

    Note: Though there are SPFX of blasting muzzle flashes and blood exploding FX, there is no real lasting bullet wounds or blood on the body, as this was a custom movie request.

    Features: Shootings, Gun, Machine Gun, Breast Shooting, Lower Belly, Heart Shooting, Bellybutt, Bellybutton Shooting, Back Shooting, Shiny, Leather Gloves, Leather Boots, Blood & Gore, Muzzle Flash, Cameltoe, Death Stare, Dead Body Pans, POV, Brandy

    Clip Duration:      7 minutes
    Format Size
    avi125.31 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crimson Rapture - Brunette Mowed Down by Machine Gun

    Crimson Rapture - Brunette Mowed Down by Machine Gun

    Crimson Rapture - Brunette Mowed Down by Machine Gun

    Crimson Rapture - Brunette Mowed Down by Machine Gun

    Crimson Rapture - Brunette Mowed Down by Machine Gun

    Crimson Rapture - Brunette Mowed Down by Machine Gun
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    The Hanging and Bagging Biz Part 2 - Last time we saw our two naughty business women, we left off with Brandy's exquisite corpse laying there, eyes staring vacantly after a vicious bagging. The killer lifts Brandy up and throws her over his shoulder for an over the shoulder carry for grea views of Brandy's gorgeous ass and legs. He then looks at Chloe. "If you don't want the same thing to happen to you, you will tell me what I want to know, when I get back."

He begin carrying Brandy's body out of the room. Next we see her laying lifeless on a couch, the killer slowly and languidly undresses her. He takes his time to fondle and enjoy her perfect body. He runs his hands over her torso, breasts, and long legs. He removes her shoes and caresses her still, stockinged feet. He grabs Brandy and throws her over his shoulder for yet another carry scene, this time Brandy in her barely there lingerie.
All the while Chole is still bound and gagged where he left her. Chloe's eyes dart around the room. Chloe is panicked, trying to find something to help her. She sees a cell phone not that far away. Chloe begins trying to work her way off the couch, as he comes back in.

The killer has a gun pointed at Chloe as she climbs a flight a stairs. "Look, we lost the disc, someone stole it from us, you have to believe me." Chloe pleads, as she begins to realize someone else at the work place had figured it out. Then had set her, and Brandy up to take the fall, after stealing the data disc for themselves! "Please I can help you find it!!" Chloe tries as he helps her up, and guides her, to where he has a length of rope.

Chloe begs, and pleads as he works it around her neck, then begins to hang Chloe.
Chloe's feet are high off the ground, as she struggles, kicks, and gags, while trying to beg for her life. Slowly her struggle weakens, and with a last sagging of her body, Chloe is dead as well. He holds watches her dangle in position for a little bit more to be sure. The killer enjoys fantastic views up Chloe's skirt, then he cuts her to the floor with a sickening thud.

"What a waste."

Pans of Chloe as she lays dead, eyes staring back at him, yet not seeing him. He grabs her body, and begins dragging her out of the room as well.

To be continued... with Chloe Excalibur's carry scene, strip search, body bagging, and dumpster disposal of the two women's bodies...

~ 2 Girl! ~

Features: Hanging, Over The Shoulder, Carry, Strip, Frisk, Noose, Bagging, Strangulation, Asphyxiation, Choking, Coughing, Gasping, Garrote, Catch & Release, Gun, Eye Roll, Bondage, Ball Gag, Death Stare, Lingerie, Garter Belts, Stockings, Foot, Upskirt

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