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Erotic Horror

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    Crimson Rapture - Agent Io Silver Ass Fetish Shooting

    Clip Description

    Agent Io is on the case again! This time in skin tight silver pants with no panties on underneath, back laced, metal heeled, knee high boots, and a cropped top with no bra that bares her sexy tummy. She picks the lock with a bobby pin and breaks into an apartment via the rooftop deck on a mission to take out a dangerous threat to an important peace maker.

    Lots of body action in this one as the sexy Io slithers around the apartment from room to room scanning for her target. At one point she slowly slinks down the stairs ass first where you get the best view, from the bottom up. There are lots of views in this film from that angle so you can get the best view of Io's killer curves and sexy cameltoe.

    When Io reaches the bottom of the stairs she peeks into a nearby bathroom for the killer. No one there. The moment she turns around, he is standing there smiling, gun pointed. Before she can react, the skilled assassin fires and buries a fatal bullet deep into Io's bare belly, just below her bellybutton.

    Io's heels give out as she collapses and crashes to stairs behind her violently. She cries and begs for help, but none will come. She slides down the stairs and rolls onto her tummy, where she writhes in a pool of her own quickly collecting blood. She has a lovely ass kneading pre-death orgasm and dies right there face down on the floor. A few little death twitches, extended death stare with a single black mascara tear, and post-mortem pans for good fun.

    Lots of enjoyable angles in this one. You surely don't want to miss this!

    ~ Blood & Gore ~

    Features: Shooting, Gun, Blood & Gore, Bellybutt, Bullet Wound, Muzzle Flash, Cameltoe, Skin Tight Pants, Knee High Boots, Face Down, Writhing, Moaning, Ass Kneading, Death Orgasm, Death Twitch, Blood Pooling, Death Stare, Body Pan, Mouth Blood, Post-Mortem

    Clip Duration:      22 minutes
    Format Size
    avi336.57 MB

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    Crimson Rapture - Agent Io Silver Ass Fetish Shooting

    Crimson Rapture - Agent Io Silver Ass Fetish Shooting

    Crimson Rapture - Agent Io Silver Ass Fetish Shooting

    Crimson Rapture - Agent Io Silver Ass Fetish Shooting
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