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  • Hanging In Red
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    Asphyxia Club - Lost Tapes

    Clip Description

    Five full, nude hanging scenes where she is wearing tied up, untied, and passes out at the end of a rope, cumming with pleasure several times. That's right, this model takes time to pleasure herself before and during several of her scenes. This is our most sexual hanging video, so be sure to buy it if you want to watch a girl pleasure herself before, and during hanging and choking on the end of a rope!

    This also includes some slow motion renders of several of the hanging scenes at the end of the video.

    Clip Duration:      5 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4211.84 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Asphyxia Club - Lost Tapes

    Asphyxia Club - Lost Tapes

    Asphyxia Club - Lost Tapes

    Asphyxia Club - Lost Tapes

    Asphyxia Club - Lost Tapes

    Asphyxia Club - Lost Tapes
    Customers who bought this Video also purchased:

    Hanging in Red Bonus Clips - These clips didn't quite make the cut for the longer video, but they're still great. She has her hands and feet bound in the first part, followed by a short hanging unbound. After the initial showing, there is a slow-motion render of both.

    Casual Hanging - Three different parts, includes slow motion renders of each.

    Country Girl - Footage from the archives.

One more performance from everyone\'s favorite gallows dancer -- this time, with a country twang.

Three separate hangings, strung together to make a whole.

    Slut Air Dancing - Featuring everyone favorite Asian air dancer, here's three brand new scenes from three different angles. This video times in at over 4 minutes and includes slow motion renders.

    Abandoned House Part 1 - Three hanging from two different angles, including an undershot. In the first hanging, she's wearing a black bra, yoga pants, and brown moccasins. She struggles and pulls at the noose for a sort time and then is let down.

In the next hanging, she's stripped off her moccasins and bra, and hangs with her bare breasts peeking out from behind her arms. The undershot captures her feet as they dangle and dance.

Finally, she's hung with her legs tied together in lattic-style bondage.

    Black Sock Hanging - Four hangings from three different angles, including an undershot.

In the first part she's wearing nothing but a pair of see-through black socks and dangles on the end of a rope until she passes out. After that her ankles. knees, and hands are tied. She dangles and chokes until she passes out again. In the third clip, her ankles are tied together and she tries to hold herself up. Eventually she loses her grip , hangs and passes out. In the final clip she's left to struggle and swing until she passes out, and is finally lowered to the ground.

This is followed by a complete, slow-motion render of all the previous hanging scenes

    White Sock Hanging - This is a custom video, specially requested, including black leggings, white ankle socks, a black sports bra, and a soft bag over her head! There are 4 hangings from three different angles, with a slow-motion render. The video comes out to just over 6 minutes in length.

In the first two parts, she keeps her whole outfit on, in the third part she removes her sports bra, and in the final part, she's wearing nothing but her white socks.

    School Girl Noosed - Three hangings from three different angles, including an undershot. In the first part she's wearing the full school girl outfit. In the scene after that she's taken off her skirt and underwear and has her ankles tied together. She passes out swinging at the end of the rope in both parts. During the third hanging, she's completely naked and tries to lift herself up, to no avail, she passes out and is lowered to the ground, unconscious.

    Party Slut Hanging In Black Socks - This video includes three hangings from three different angles. She takes her clothes off as the video goes on, she's tied up for every shot, and she passes out in every hanging. This video also includes a slow motion render at the end!

We just got back from a party and she was looking especially cute, so I thought it would be a great time to make a video. I love it when she's all tied up, passing out, and air dancing for me. I had her leave her little black socks on through the whole thing. Hanging a girl with her socks on is a great time for everyone!

Thank you so much for your generous support. We'll be back again soon with another video. I think we're going to stick with a two-video a week schedule!

    Test Footage Hanging - A collection of six behind-the-scenes test hangings with our models from Abandoned House Hanging and the Closet Hanging series.

    Abandoned House Part 2 - *TOP ASPHYXIA CLUB PICK*

The clip begins with some behind the scenes footage of our lovely model tying herself up in a lovely lattice-style bondage knot up her legs. During both her hangings, she wears nothing but yoga pants. She passes out during both hangings, which are captured from the front and under by two cameras. Although she passes out pretty quick, you can see her face contort as she gurgles on the end of the rope. Tied up too well to escape.

    Hanging in Red Parts 1 2 and 3 - Three different hanging clips; stitched together, along with a slow-motion render of all three at the end.

We wanted to try something a little more intimate, and voyeuristic, so I attached a metal hook to the ceiling. Now I can hang her any time that I want. Be on the lookout for more videos in the near future.

    Cheerleader Hanging in Black - Four hangings from two different angles. This video also includes an uninterrupted edit of each hanging at the end.

In the first hanging, she grips at the rope trying to lift herself up, but she's unable to as she chokes and struggles, her feet just off the floor. She continues to kick and struggle against the rope, spinning and huffing as she struggles for air.

In the next hanging, she's held higher off the ground. She kicks and squirms and convulses at the end of the rope, trying to find the ground beneath her feet. After a particularly long hanging, she is lowered to the ground.

In the third hanging her feet are bound together and her hands are tied in front as well.  She can't get her feet low enough to touch the floor and she chokes as feet dangle.

In the final clip her hands are tied behind her back, her ankles are bound together and she struggles to keep conscious.

    Closet Naked - Three naked hangings from two different angles, including a slow motion render at the end!

In the first clip, her hands are tied behind her back . She dances on the end of her noose for a short time and then is let down.

After that she hangs and kicks holding herself up to try to catch some breath, but she is let down as her face turns red.

In the final part she hangs, holding herself up and kicking as she gasps for air.

    First Time Hanging - *TOP ASPHYXIA CLUB PICK*

Three hangings from three different angles, including an undershot. Watch as the hangman takes another virgin neck.

She starts off wearing a skimpy swimsuit and dangles as the end of the rope until she passes out and starts choking and gurgling. In the next hanging her hands are tied behind her back and her feet are bound together. She dangles and then begins to gurgle as she passes out on the end of the rope.

In the final scene she holds herself up with her hands, but slips and gurgles until she passes out. The is then followed by a slow-motion render of the previous hanging scenes.

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