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    Asphyxia Club - Closet Bikini

    Clip Description

    Closet scene with four different performances in one video. Includes slow motion sections.

    Clip Duration:      3 minutes
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    mp4157.88 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Asphyxia Club - Closet Bikini

    Asphyxia Club - Closet Bikini

    Asphyxia Club - Closet Bikini

    Asphyxia Club - Closet Bikini

    Asphyxia Club - Closet Bikini

    Asphyxia Club - Closet Bikini
    Customers who bought this Video also purchased:

    Abandoned House Part 1 - Three hanging from two different angles, including an undershot. In the first hanging, she's wearing a black bra, yoga pants, and brown moccasins. She struggles and pulls at the noose for a sort time and then is let down.

In the next hanging, she's stripped off her moccasins and bra, and hangs with her bare breasts peeking out from behind her arms. The undershot captures her feet as they dangle and dance.

Finally, she's hung with her legs tied together in lattic-style bondage.

    Country Girl - Footage from the archives.

One more performance from everyone\'s favorite gallows dancer -- this time, with a country twang.

Three separate hangings, strung together to make a whole.

    Closet Corset - Another air dancing session in the upper half of a corset. This clip includes three air dancing scenes, and slow motion renders of each.

    Abandoned House Part 2 - *TOP ASPHYXIA CLUB PICK*

The clip begins with some behind the scenes footage of our lovely model tying herself up in a lovely lattice-style bondage knot up her legs. During both her hangings, she wears nothing but yoga pants. She passes out during both hangings, which are captured from the front and under by two cameras. Although she passes out pretty quick, you can see her face contort as she gurgles on the end of the rope. Tied up too well to escape.

    Casual Hanging - Three different parts, includes slow motion renders of each.

    Closet Naked - Three naked hangings from two different angles, including a slow motion render at the end!

In the first clip, her hands are tied behind her back . She dances on the end of her noose for a short time and then is let down.

After that she hangs and kicks holding herself up to try to catch some breath, but she is let down as her face turns red.

In the final part she hangs, holding herself up and kicking as she gasps for air.

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