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    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Right or wrong

    Clip Description

    Keri suggests a game to Cadence. There are two rags on the table and one of them is soaked with chloroform. If Cadence chooses the rag with chloro, she will be the domina in the next phase of game. If she chooses the rag without chloro, Keri will tie and gag her.
    Cadence takes one cloth and puts it over Keri's mouth and nose. Keri struggles and tries to scream, but Cadence keeps the cloth with her gloved hands for long time, making Keri unconscious. Cadence is excited because she think she will be the domina. Keri takes the other cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. She cheated on Cadence, simulating a fake faint. She holds the cloth with chloro, while Cadence understands her cheat and struggles. Cadence passes out.
    Following the rules of the game, Keri ties and gags Cadence on the chair. She starts with a breath control technique, called bagging. She takes a nylon bag and puts it over Cadence's head. She occasionally puts her leather gloved hand over the bag and Cadence's mouth, to make the smother game very hard.
    After a bad lesson, Keri continues the domination game, putting an arm over her neck and handsmothering her with other gloved hand. She keep the arm and gloved hand for very long time, until her death.

    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
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    wmv396.19 MB

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    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Right or wrong

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Right or wrong

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Right or wrong

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Right or wrong

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Right or wrong

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Right or wrong
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    Sleep therapy - Reily suffers from Insomnia, so she goes to Cali's surgery. Cali knows an alternative method to heal the insomnia. She has to put to sleep the patient with chloroform several times. Before the patient faints, she has to hold her breath, to be sure the substance takes effect and re-establish the normal sleep cycle.
Cali ties up Reily on the bed, because the chloroform has a strong smell and Reily could remove the cloth from her mouth. In this case, the therapy would have no effect.
Cali pours the chloroform on a cloth and puts it over Reily's mouth. Reily makes muffled screams, until the substance takes effect. Cali pinches her nose, holding her breath. Reily passes out.
The true intention of Cali is not healing the insomnia, but play with limp body of Reily. She fondles it, touches her breasts and kisses her. Every time Reily wakes up, Cali chloroforms her and play lesbian games while she is sleeping.
The nurse puts her stinky feet over Reily's face. This time, the patient wakes up before the expected time. Reily asks to Cali why she just put her stinky feet over her face. Reily understands Cali is a perverted nurse who likes playing with her patients.
Cali takes a plastic bag and puts it over Reily's head. Then she handgags her, to be sure she can't breath under the bag. Cali suffocates Reily for long time, until her death.

    The tax collector - The bell rings. Diana opens the door. There is Jamie, a tax collector who comes for a tax assessment. She invites Diana to show all her bill of last years.
Diana goes to her studio, but she doesn't take bills. She puts on a pair of black leather gloves and pours the chloroform on a cloth. She comes back to the living room and puts the cloth over Jamie's mouth and nose. Jamie struggles and tries to remove the cloth from her mouth. The substance takes its effect and Jamie passes out.
Jamie wakes up, tied up and gagged on the couch. Diana takes a piece of duct tape and puts it over Jamie's nose. Diana laughs, seeing poor Jamie can't breath under the tape.
Diana removes the tape, but she immediately puts both hands over Jamie's mouth and nose, handsmothering her. She has fun to see her victim can't breath under her gloved hands.
Diana decides to finish Jamie. She takes a belt and puts it over her neck. This is the final strangulation scene. Diana pulls the belt for long time, waiting for Jamie's death.

    The wrong victim - Eleonore tries to steal in the Ivy's apartment. She puts her to sleep with a chloro cloth and searches everywhere.
She don't know that Ivy is a sadistic mistress who loves to torture hard her victims. When she wakes up, she grabs Eleonore from behind, handsmothering her until she passes out.
Ivy puts Eleonore into bondage on the bed. She has fun to strangling and tickling her, while the robber Eleonore is tied and gagged.
Ivy suffocates the poor Eleonore with a cellophane over her face for long time until her death and goes away.

    Perversion 3 - Bella is a perverted woman who loves molesting other women. She is attracted by female feet. She breaks into Maria's apartment, wearing a pair of long black leather gloves and holding a gun.
When Maria comes back to home, Bella points the gun to her head, telling her real intentions. She drags her to the couch and holds her breath with a tight handsmother. Bella wants smelling Maria's stinky feet so she puts her to sleep with a chloro cloth to make her perverted game without disturb.
Maria is sleeping, so Bella can do it. She takes off her shoes and sniffs deeply her stinky socks. Then she removes them too and smells and licks her stinky feet, sucking her toes too. When maria wakes up, Bella chloroforms her again.
Bella puts her victim in bondage. She tortures her with some hand over mouth smother. Then she takes off her shoes and forces Maria to smell her stinky feet, keeping the toes over her nose.
In the last scene, Bella takes a nylon bag and puts it over Maria's head. A long suffocation action, who continues for over two minutes and terminated with Maria's death.

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