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    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Fake party

    Clip Description

    Bella puts on a pair of black leather gloves and calls Natasha on the phone, telling her there is a party with some male and female friends and she is a guest.
    When Natasha arrives, Bella talks with her. She understands there is something wrong, but it is too late. Bella pours the chloroform on a cloth and puts the cloth over Natasha's mouth and nose. Natasha struggles and she is forced to breath the substance. Bella removes and puts the cloth two times, handsmothering her too. In the last time she keeps it until Natasha faints.
    Natasha is stripped and tied up on a chair. When she wakes up, Bella explains to her there is no a fake party, but she is the party, so Bella wants to play with her. She puts her gloved hands over her mouth and nose several times, handsmothering her using different poses.
    Bella takes a plastic bag and puts it over Natasha's head. Then she pulls it. Natasha can't breath under it and Bella has fun to see the victim being suffocated. She keeps the bag until Natasha's death.

    Clip Duration:      18 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv683.55 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Fake party

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Fake party

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Fake party

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Fake party

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Fake party

    Crime Fetish Fantasies - Fake party
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