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    Clip Description

    Starring: Ryanne, Lexxi, Ashley Lane

    Rex comes home to his apartment to find 3 dead chicks on his couch, they are all so hot that he calls his friend and tells him to come over with beer. In the mean time he strips, fondles, sucks breasts, then removes panties and fondles them, then removes their boots, except for Lexxi who is already bare foot. He checks out their lovely feet as he moves around playing with each one. He poses them and waits for his friend and we see body pans and views of the naked, hot, spies.

    This was after we finished a custom request that had no nudity, s we made some nudity..Fun cool story and the gals are all so top notch ad sexy.

    Run Time: 8:00 minutes
    File Size: 140 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      8 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4154.13 MB

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Starring: Ashley Lane
w/ Rex

After the great war of 2020 has ended,(2025) the E.U. has sent agents to eradicate the Chinese assassins that have been hiding in the hills, and not surrendered to the Union. This is Astrid's first mission in the field, but she is fully trained. She worked in the Secretary Of War's office in Denmark, then was sent on a mission as a rep from the N.U.(Nordic Union)

As she ascends the hill south of her drop point, she tries her radio, but it is jammed, so she moves up the hill, smelling smoke. In the trees, off in the distance, the assassin is hiding and is stalking her waiting for his moment. He is masked to hide his identity, should she get the upper hand but that is not likely for this martial artist and assassin of the Chinese faction. She sees the smoke coming from the home in the woods and moves quickly as she is cold. She holds her gun tight and ready to battle. She checks the back door and enters the home. She sees no one is home so she goes to the wood stove, she warms her hands with the fire after removing her coat and setting down her gun. She is dressed in leggings, a tight turtleneck and boots, with her beenie. The masked assassin sneaks in behind her and sneaks up on her. She sees him, looks at the gun but goes for the door, running scared, or into an open place for hand to hand combat, and as soon as he catches up with her in the meadow, he tries to grab her but she throws him to the turf he bounces up ready to fight, beckoning her to come at him. She does so and tries to get him but he punches her. They fight back and forth but he gets the upper hand using his Wing Chung to take her out, breaking her arm, then snapping her leg before he breaks her back twice, then snaps her neck twice, she is drooling and dead and he slams her to the ground. He scoops her up and takes her to his car through the woods and down a trail. He puts her in the hatchback of the car and drives her body to his hideout, where he takes her to his wooded spot, with a tarp on the ground and starts to mess with her, he punches her body a few times as she jerks and sloshes around as he beats her body. He beats her tummy and she releases her bladder on the tarp and he sniffs her feet, the one sock is dirty from the fight, so he takes the other boot off and fucks her dead body in many positions, fucking her hard, and moving her dead body around the spot in the woods. After he fucks her hard and cums, he lets her fall like trash, then scoops her up. He takes her to the Dog run and hangs her from the fence like the dog she is. He hangs her by rope on to the chain link gate. After he is done he takes off leaving her boots by her side and hanging from the gate. Body pans of the dead soldier spy are seen from front and her fabulous rear.

Holy wow! This stuff is amazing, I am back in the fight game!!! Amazing fight scene and breaks!! Enjoy this gem for the dough! Thanks! CB

Run Time: 15:00 minutes
File Size: 620 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Genetica w/ Chris B.


The company calls different agents to assassinate high level officials and operatives that have marked many hits. Genetica is a school girl assassin, dressed in pig tails, plaid skirt, white button down shirt, tall black socks and Mary Jane's. She is called by the company and given a name of a retired killer she is to eliminate. She tells the director, "it will be easy, boys are always easy." She doesn't know that the retired spy she is after is very wise and has friend's in high places. They call him and alert him that there might be a disguised assassin sent to eliminate him. He gets cleaned up and dressed so he is sharp and ready for whatever happens. As there is a knock at the door he answers, it is a very sexy school girl taking a survey for her class and would love to ask some questions of him. He invites her in and she sits across from him on the sofa, crossing her legs and asking him some questions, her backpack with her knife and gun next to her. She asks him some questions then starts to flirt a bit, unbuttoning her blouse a button or two saying it is stuffy and hot. He offers her water and heads to grab a glass. He notices out of the corner of his eye that she reaches into her backpack and hides something in her skirt. He sets his special watch to a certain time and heads back to the living room with the water and she gulps it down. She stands and sits closer to him putting her hand on his knee telling him she knows he wants her, which he doesn't disagree with. She stands and pulls up her shirt to reveal her navel asking if he wants to kiss it. "absolutely" he does and starts to kiss on her belly. She reacts with pleasure, licking her lips and caressing his shoulder, while reaching for the sharp knife in the other hand. As she goes up with the knife about to stab him in the neck, he taps his watch and freezes time. She is stuck there arm up and extended with the sharp blade in hand. He sets her up and makes so she is leaning over the sofa and the knife is sticking in her navel so when he taps his watch, she falls on the knife and guts her belly button. She is in pain and shock as she looks up at him, sliding off the sofa but climbing back up writhing in pain and screaming, "what the fuck?" She can't believe she is the one stuck like a pig bleeding out of her belly button. She rolls around holding the knife in her belly as it bleeds, but pulls it out knowing she needs to figure out her plan B. She tosses the knife and reaches into her pack to grab a shiny revolver, she pulls it out and tries to lift it but the pain makes it slow. The man moves back towards the wall getting some distance between them. She lifts and fires two quick rounds but he freezes time and stops the bullets from hitting him. He goes to her and removes the gun from her hand and grabs her up standing and moving her to where the bullets will land. He opens her shirt, ripping the buttons off, then uses her hands to hold open the shirt, and moving her pig tails to the back so they don't get messed up. He gets her lined up then moves out of the way, tapping his watch and her bra popping off and springing to the floor as two breast shots appear knocking her back into the wall instantly. As she slides down the wall she grunts and groans. She is in pain and can't believe she is hurting like this. She thought it would be a routine fuck and kill. Not this time honey. She writhes around groaning in pain, he drags her to the sofa and throws her on the lounger. He pulls down her skirt and rips her panties off. He bends her up and forces his cock inside her. She fights and screams pleading he is a virgin but that seems to excite him more and he goes in harder. He fucks her hard for a while pounding her and smelling her socks. He screws her hard and after he gets close to cumming he stops and grabs her throwing her on top of him so she is riding him on the sofa. As he fucks her he tells her she will be having her first and last orgasm soon, but not from his cock. He uses his powers to summon the knife to his hand and it lands in his palm like it was a magnet and his hand steel. As she rides him and enjoys herself while in pain from her demise, he freezes her on her upstroke. He gets the knife in place of his dick and then taps on the watch again. She goes down and lands right on the blade in her pussy and as she goes harder and harder she orgasms and then collapses dead on top of him. He scoops her up and climbs out from under her. She slides to the floor but he scoops her on to the chase lounger. He knows it is time to fuck her more as she bleeds from her pussy. He pounds her hard and feels her up as he fucks her hard. He cums all over her belly and bloody wounds and he leaves her there as he goes to clean up the mess. He comes back and poses her on the chase with her pussy lips spread and bleeding out. He tells her he had fun and now it is time to go. Body pans follow with many different angles and views of the beautiful dead recently devirginized school girl. Don't ever mess with a retired operative, unless you want to be humiliated and dead.

Gosh Genetica is hot. So damn sexy! What shall we do to her next? Thanks everyone! CB

Run Time: 24:20 minutes
File Size: 450 MB 	Format: .MP4

Introducing: Genetica V. w/ Puck

Full 1920x1080 HD

A professional woman, in the privacy of her backyard cools off after a long day, drinking a frosty pint of ale, dressed in bra and panties and her button down dress shirt open. As she relaxes and contemplates, a crazy lunatic has escaped from the mental institute, and sneaks up on her in her lounge chair, and with a quick strike he wraps a very thin garrote around her neck and pulls tight. She fights hard but he enjoys pulling it tight and seeing the cord dig into her neck. He strangles her as she bucks, kicks and spreads her sexy toes in the grass. She fights for a while but eventually he wins the battle and she is dead, mouth open and a bit of tongue showing. He is in a hurry so he quickly takes off her top and he is mesmerized by her sexiness and beauty. He sucks her perfect breasts, he removes her panties and fucks her hard and fast, slamming her in the chair as she lays there dead, eyes wide open. after he cums inside her, he gathers himself and runs away, taking the panties with him. After he is gone her sexy dead body, strangled and fucked, is panned and viewed.

Lord have mercy!!!! This young lady is so gorgeous. NO TATTOOS NO PIERCINGS ABSOLUTELY NATURAL!! SHE ALSO DOES HARDCORE!!! Wow! Thank the heavens for this new and willing angel. She is ready to work! CB

Run Time: 7:00 minutes
File Size: 300 MB 	Format: .MP4

Pt. 1
Starring: Belle Fatale and Stacie

A rogue spy is working her way through the compound, one by one she knocks out, molests, and sensually plays with the guard. Stacie is posted in a room pacing back and forth with her pistol, keeping an eye out, Belle stealthily slides through the door and punches her in the back of the head, knocking her out cold, as she falls to the floor, Belle is devising plans to have fun with her body. Kissing, fondling, biting her ears, and squeezing her large tits. She drags the guard into the main room, that is cleared, she plays with her breasts, sucking them, then her belly, and kissing her lips, fondling her tits, and groping her belly. She also bites and sucks her nipples, running her hair across them to sensually tease the unconscious guard. The guard is semi-responsive and unconsciously returns kisses, slightly panting and responding to touch. After a long time, rolling her over and playing with her ass before showing her face again after a good straddle kiss session. Then the spy gets behind the guard and pats her neck back and forth, she gets her ready and then quickly snaps her neck from behind. The the guard is now dead and her face is kicked slightly with Belle's boot. She is flipped over, pans, and views of the dead, hot guard on the hard wood floors. Great views of the soles and the full body.

Run Time: 16:00 minutes
File Size: 240 MB 	Format: .WMV

    IN THE PUSSY Out The Belly - IN THE PUSSY Out The Belly
Starring: Dani and her favorite toy

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**


Dani is alone again and wants to set up her camera and play with her favorite toy. As she streams for the fans that love to watch her do a strip tease on the bed with her M190 pistol, fully loaded with nothing in the chamber. She tells her fans she is loving her favorite toy tonight and rubs her hard nipples with the barrel of the pistol, then her belly and her pussy. She licks the barrel of the gun in her sexy bed dance getting more comfortable, removing her button down shirt with the pistol. She is in just lingerie now, and a sexy silver necklace. The lingerie is very revealing, showing her breasts and just a sliver of lace in the crotch. She rubs her breasts and pussy moaning lightly and smiling into the camera as she does a daring slide back, chambering a round in gun with a smile and a wink. She gets into a different position laying back and moaning more and more as the gun rubs over her clit getting her wet. She is so hot knowing there is a bullet in the chamber and using the gun to stimulate herself getting close to losing it and climaxing, as she turns the gun towards her and into her pussy she goes insane jolting and accidentally pulling the trigger and positioning the gun just right enough to shoot through her pussy and out her belly, above her mound and below her navel leaving a huge bleeding hole. She is in shock at first still letting out grunts moans and cries of pain from being shot through the pussy and out the belly. She writes and grasps clutching the belly wound as it pours blood through her fingers, spilling all over her hands and into her sexy lacy underwear. She is in shock but writhes around in great pain moaning and moving around the bed crying and moaning from the pain of the burning wound. She gets to her knees and it starts to pour out of her belly, she grunts and moans more as she realizes she is leaking heavily in that position but it feels better, if it could at all. She tries to stay hunching and convulsing as she tries to maintain with some hope, but she knows she is going to die a long, slow, painful suffering death. She looks toward the camera extending her bloody hand out as if to ask a fan for help but they have nothing to offer, she is slowly dying on her bed she made, and is lying in writhing slower and slower, her responses and breaths become weaker and less frequent. She tries to stop the bleeding but it is too late, and the blood continues to leak out, every time she tries to look at the wound it boils up blood. She tries to keep it sealed but she is getting weaker and weaker until she eventually dies with only a twitch of anything left, expelling all of her final breath slowly eyes wide and then relaxed. Dead after an agonizing, long, and bloody gut shot wound. As her body is viewed by her camera, and other views and pans, the blood is still seeping out, but the body is still. Her face stays the same with the death stare and eyes that went from tragedy, to nothingness.

This was a special request that I think turned out well. The acting is absolutely believable and the blood and production work is top notch. Long death scene with a bunch of blood focused on the belly and pussy. Enjoy!! CB

Run Time: 16:20 minutes
File Size: 480 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Chris B

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Focus on Black stockings and extreme strangling in multiple positions...

A.D.A. Belle Pearson is on a drawn out, arduous, and very sensitive case. She is prosecuting a long time mafia ring leader Pasqual Marquez and he has been pulling all kinds of stunts; rigging the jury, eliminating witnesses, putting out high dollar hits on the D.A.'s office and even trying to bribe the judge, but crime rules in this setting, where the crooked get their way and the righteous, ethical folks get the raw end of the deal. After a long week of cross examinations and acute recesses, the court will re adjourn after the holiday weekend and hopefully A.D.A. Pearson will be able to be there, now that her star witness has disappeared. After court she is whisked away in a separate car to the airport where she will take a rental and hide out, leaving a large police detail on her house in the city so Marquez thinks her and her husband are home. She doesn't know how close to her the mafia is and knows her every move.

A.D.A. Pearson is now at her cabin upstate, acting paranoid and looking through the window, she is dressed in business attire, skirt, top, blazer, and her favorite lace top thigh highs of which she has an obsession with. She calls her hubby who is still in town working as a public defender and plans to meet her at the cabin later. She tells him she has a hit out on her and not to worry, they are the only ones that know about the cabin and she will be happy to see him soon when he arrives. She constantly rubs her tired, stocking covered feet and obsesses over the stockings and how her legs look in them. The rain comes down harder and harder outside as the she hangs up with her hubby and starts to get comfortable, undressing so she is only in her sexy black, lace top sheer thigh high stockings. She takes another new pair and starts to play with them on the lounger, rubbing them on the soles of her sexy stocking covered feet as she lifts her legs in the air, showing off her perfect body and sexy little pussy, pantiless, only wearing thigh highs. As she pulls and stretches the new stockings she is playing with, she starts to get hot, rubbing them new stockings through her pussy and ass, getting her wet. As she is getting into it, losing her focus on the trial and Marquez, she doesn't realize there is a hit man peering down the hall, slowly putting on his tight black leather gloves, and moving stealthily towards her as she plays with the stretched out nylon stocking. Before she knows what is coming the hit man who's every move is fluid and calculated, like he has strangled many before her. He grabs the stocking as close to the ends as he can and wraps the middle around her neck crossing the nylon in the rear so it will clamp down on her airway. He is professional and is all about the passion of the kill. She springs up and immediately starts to fight, like she knew she was ready but didn't act until she felt the ligature around her neck squeezing. She fights him, slapping his face, grasping at the tightly wound stocking and kicking her stocking covered legs and feet(LOTS OF FOOT VIEWS) As she fights for her life with much vigor and enthusiasm, he takes her on a strangle journey that will last almost ten minutes and many different positions, almost like he was taking her on a sexual tour, but all business in strangle positions with lots of POV and intimate views of her demise. All the while she is wide eyed, tongue way out, trying with every ounce of energy and real live sweat that she wants to live. If this hit man wasn't so seasoned and seamless in his attack, she might prevail. After he gets her almost to the point of no return, he gets her in a comfortable position so he can enjoy her ass slamming down on to his cock and balls, and the closest thing he will get to having sexual fun with her. This killer is all business and can not contaminate the crime scene with his DNA. If it was one of those turn and burn the body jobs, it would be a sure thing, but this is a hit, made to look like the mafia did it, when in reality, it was probably ordered by the judge who is now richer than most CEO's. A.D.A. Pearson is dead and her last failed attempt to live is thwarted by a tighter garrote and more intensity. The Attorney is dead and her twitching subsides and he releases the stocking. A large bruise and redness is there where the stocking was on her neck and he sits her up from laying on him. He flops her around and on to the floor where he scoops her up in a cradle and sets her on the lounger. He positions her to be facing the door for when her husband arrives, and he moves her around the lounger into different positions until he is satisfied. He says a couple words and chuckles as he leaves the body to be found by the hubby in a very short while. The hit man exits into the stormy dark night as the sexy corpse of the A.D.A. lays positioned on the sofa lounger with her sexy stocking clad soles exposed and her pussy wide open to inspect. Soon the husband will find her and spend some time with her body, mourning the loss of such a powerful, sexy, stocking obsessed A.D.A.

Okay the second part of this awesome strangle film is up next, with all the necro elements and lots of carrying, even in the rain outside at night....How sexy I love to strangle Belle she is always making up new faces and positions of demise. CB

Run Time: 15:30 minutes
File Size: 670 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Ashley Lane & Mercy West w/ Jake

Two girls have been home invaded by a psychopath; drugged, raped, psychologically tormented, and abused for most of the night and day, and now they wake up to being tied up again, but this time together, back to back, arms interlocked with rope, and tied neck to neck, gag to gag, which this crazy guy just used their wet, soiled panties, to keep them from annoying him with more than just whining and screaming, muffled by the wet lacy panties. They struggle to get free, he is not around but they know he is nearby, they can hear the banging of tools and the closing of a truck bed gate. They have already been told they will be used and killed, so the torment of not knowing how drives them utterly mad. He comes in from the garage and smiles as he kneels down, they get very nervous and even more scared as they see and hear him come in. He is all smiles and dressed for digging, he tells them he is the best they have ever had as a lover, and how they liked every second of what he blessed them with. When they scream louder, he pulls their hair and heads back, then talks himself up more. When he gets more of the fondling and kissing he wants, and he has his fill, he tells them he is done with them and it is time. They start screaming even louder through the soaked panties, and they try harder to escape, but he reminds them of the lack of neighbors in the proximity, and how they can scream loud as they want so he removes the panties as they gasp and scream loud, but then he lays them on their sides together real fast and throws a very long, eight foot by four foot sheet of clear plastic over their heads and holds it together getting it wrapped up tight so they can't breath. Soon the screams turn to muffled and then to just gagging and noises of fishing for air through the plastic sheathing. Since he did not tie their legs, they both struggle and kick hard, pointing and flexing their sexy toes, and scrunching their soles as they fight for their lives. He sits them up and continues to make sure they cannot get air, even sometimes choking them at the base with two hands to help it along. He looks at them and squeezes them tight as they fade and buck, kick and try to free themselves from their bounds. They wind down fairly quickly but he does not let them have anything except a clear view of what death looks like through clear plastic, and how trying to get air when their is none is a brutal task. Each girl dies one at a time, their last rattle and fight for nothing but plastic is futile, but beautiful. their eyes stay wide, mouths open, and one of them, her tongue keeps trying to push the plastic away, but instead it just sucks back in with every failed breath. They both twitch and their feet and legs go limp. After he knows they are dead, he wants to get rid of them, but first he will hang out with them a little and kiss, grasp and fondle them one last time when they are not drugged, fighting or somewhere in between. They are dead, he double checks after he removes the plastic from them. He unties them, then lays them down, grabbing each one and roughly moving them to the tarp's edge to wrap the bodies to dump. He moves them next to one another then throws the tarp over them, making them into a body shaped bag with his rope.

Crazy fun, and wow these gals Love this scenario! We will be doing this again but in a better setting with some real sex and necro, we just had no time! Here is an inexpensive clip so you can see how these two die together, and how Jake is the best psycho killer we have had, even better than chris

Run Time: 11:00 minutes
File Size: 275 MB 	Format: .MP4

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