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    Clip Description

    Starring: Lexxi and Freya

    Lexxi is the champion after Coco and Kiki disappeared from the club, but the new kid in town, known for her glass jaw, but tough and resilient stance, and always able to come back for the win. Lexxi is so confident that she will win, she schedules a meeting at a hotel suite. She stretches and then gets a call from Freya who is downstairs in the lobby. Freya arrives and Lexxi locks the door behind them then shows Freya to the room where they will fight. As Lexxi explains the rules she tells Freya she has to take off her shoes, and after much jawing and resistance, she removes her shoes, and right after she's about to remove the second shoe, Lexxi knees her right in the cunt, dropping her, but Freya is tough and gets back up to square up with Lexxi. She gets Lexxi with a couple shots then a shot to the body, doubling her over and Freya knocks her to the floor. Lexxi tries to hold her own but Freya is getting the best of her, making better connections with her punches, and after getting knocked to the floor and couch a couple times, Lexxi seems stunned. Frey turns to walk away but Lexxi catches her leg and pulls her to the floor. She gets her up and punches her more, kicking her too, after landing a few rights, she has Frey on the floor by her hair and knocks her out cold. Frey's eyes flutter back into her head before she goes out. Lexxi climbs on the unconscious fighter and starts to undress her, removing the sports bra, then playing roughly with her tits, slapping and squeezing them, roughing them up a bit. She rolls the limp fighter over ragdolling her and removing her yoga shorts, then slapping and kneading her ass like bread dough. She stands up and takes off her attire too, leaving them both in only a thong. She gets back on top of her and slaps her awake. Freya pretends to be stunned and attacks Lexxi getting her to the floor quickly, then picking her up by her hair, punching her down then again, then kicking her in her ribs a few times. Lexxi trips her up again and they are on the floor but Lexxi springs up into action, knocking Freya down again with a right hook. Freya gets up slow but then comes with a combo knocking Lexxi back to the small love seat, then pounding on her over and over, wailing on her. She snatches her up off the sofa by her hair to the floor then straddling her punching her face with right, then left, then a final punch to knock Lexxi out cold. As she is out Freya smacks Lexxi's tits around a bit, grabbing and squeezing them too. She ragdolls her rolling her over smacking her ass and playing with her limp body. After playing with her a bit, she slaps her awake and lest her know its round three. Lexxi is visibly stunned but a veteran so she bounces back throwing a couple big punches and landing them. She trades blows with the new gal, getting her on the floor and on top of her straddling her punching in the face back and forth, slamming her head to the floor a few times until Freya gets a second wind and flips Lexxi over punching her down then snatching her up by her pony tail, leading her to her demise. She stands her up and tees off on her with a right, knocking her out cold to the floor(shown two different times, different takes and angles). After knocking Lexxi out cold again, she knows it is time for death so she drags her by her arms to the sofa, sitting with Lexxi in a choke hold and as soon as Lexxi wakes up, she breaks her neck, making her go immediately limp. Lexxi is dead, butt on the floor neck back, and Freya wants to make sure, so she stands over her, grabbing her chin and head from the front and breaking her neck again, with a loud crunch. She quickly takes off, seeing her sexy ass as she leaves Lexxi there to be body panned.

    It has been a while so i apologize for any issues with the fight. I have not been at my best lately but promise to do better when my health improves. Great KOs, hot gals, great fight! Thanks CB

    Run Time: 18:28 minutes
    File Size: 413 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v413.42 MB

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    FIGHT CLUB Failed Assassin - FIGHT CLUB Failed Assassin
Starring: Lexxi as The Spy
and Nikko Jordan as The Assassin

Lexxi is a spy waiting at her base camp on her day off from mission x12. She is sitting at the computer in her bra, short shiny skirt, and panties relaxing. The assassin sneaks through the door behind her, very stealth, removing her heels. She closes the door quietly and moves in behind Lexxi who realizes too late the assassin is behind her and choking her as she sits on the stool. The assassin didn\'t do her homework and she has no idea Lexxi is heavily trained in the art of hand to hand combat and survival. Lexxi rears her head back and breaks Nikko\'s nose and the blood trickles out as Nikko hits the floor stunned. Lexxi gets up and squares up bouncing and delivers a right and a left, then one to the gut knocking the assassin down again. The assassin is tough and gets back up but Lexxi kicks her in her pussy hard, then puts the knees to her head and kicks her so she goes down. Lexxi straddles her and starts to unleash her fury of punches to the face. Lexxi lays into her punching her almost 15 times and then a couple more, trading right and left hands as her knuckles start to bruise. He big tits burst out of her bra as she punches. After she knocks her out with one last hard cross, as she straddles her, she gets up to get a weapon to finish her off with. As she is digging around for the perfect tool, the assassin gets up and comes at her again, quietly, grabbing the taller Spy by her hair and throwing her to the countertop, smashing her temple and blackening her eye. She pulls the spy up and punches her in the ribs, then to the face a few times with force, then another to the face before kicking her in the pussy, then kneeing her in the side of the head and a kick to the face knocking Lexxi out cold face down in the kitchen. She checks the spy, even rolling her over telling her she is finished and she should call her boss. She gets distracted by the tits and takes off Lexxi\'s bra, playing with her tits, then she stands and removes her own bra and top, revealing her big tits. She plays with them then goes to call the boss. Lexxi stealthily crawls on her hands and knees and just as Nikko is hanging up she rushes her, knocking her back with a couple Thai kicks to the ribs, then a couple of shots to the face. The right cross she tees off on her with spins her and knocks her stunned, but not out. Lexxi straddles her again and punches her repeatedly in the face over and over. She knocks her out and when she comes to she tries to get up but Lexxi kicks her in the side then in the face knocking her out again. She picks the assassin up by her hair and drags her to the couch. She caresses her face and tells her she is a whore and no assassin. The spy punches her a few more times with death punches, but the assassin is very tough. The spy knows there is only one way and that is to kill her. She drags the assassin by her hair to her knees from the sofa, then gets her head in her palms as the assassin begs for her life, then crack!! She slumps to the floor dead from an instant broken neck. The spy flips her over and checks to make sure, there is no doubt about it she is done, eyes wide open and dead. The spy heads to the showers in her panties, she will bury the whore who failed in her attempts later. The assassin is panned and viewed dead in her leather pants. The spy comes back to the room and moves the spy so we see her ass in the leather pants, showing a bit of ass crack.

Very good fight! I wish it was longer but those are the breaks, just get it cheaper! ;-) CB

Run Time: 11:20 minutes
File Size: 250 MB 	Format: .MP4

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