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    Clip Description

    Starring: Freya and Mercy West

    Two roommates are making dinner plans and find a steak in the freezer which brings up a conversation about their upbringing, and animal slaughter. Mercy knowing the most about it in her experiences takes the lead on explaining what it is about and how it is done. She feels a demonstration is in order and Freya is skeptical but follows through anyway. Freya is turned on by the idea so Mercy grabs the long, sharp knife, some rope, and undresses Freya. She removes her own clothes and Mercy grabs a stool for Freya to sit on while she caresses her neck and runs the knife over her body making Freya go wild with sensitive reactions to the blade, and Mercys sexy voice. She grabs the rope and ties Freyas arms behind her, then her feet, each to a stool leg. Freya is getting hot as Mercy arches her neck and plays some more with the knife on her breasts. After lots of foreplay and buildup, Mercy slices Freyas throat and lets her bleed out on to the kitchen floor. Freya dies instantly and her death stare is wide eyed and still. The blood drips from her wound as Mercy unties her slaughter and lays her on the floor to admire, kissing her breasts and neck, caressing the sexy slaughters body until she knows its time to hit the showers. She leaves Freyas corpse on the floor as she goes to clean her self up. Body pans and views of the sexy dead slaughter, and her beautiful eyes.

    Great match up. Love these two, Freya is amazing, one of my favs! CB

    Run Time: 16;00 minutes
    File Size: 350 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      17 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4356.75 MB

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Starring: Belle Fatale and Ryanne
w/ Jackson

**FULL 1920x1080 HD**

Two conservation core workers are supplying water to soldiers in a remote area and are holed up in a house that has a supply pond, they have to change the filters every 8 hours and it is time for their shift. As they gather the filters and supplies they talk about a sniper that has taken out some core members at another base to cut off the water supply. They grab a sidearm and first aid kit just in case and head out to the pond, one tending the filter and the other covering her. As she is getting close to having it done, the gal who is covering takes a bullet from long range in the right breast close to the nipple, it knocks her back and to the deck, pistol flying. The other core member hurries to her rescue, pulling her into a doorway for cover. As she gets her set in the doorway and goes for the first aid and the radio, there is no first aid kit. She applies pressure to the wound and Ryanne is in agony bucking in her camouflage shorts, tall boots and drab tee, bloody hole leaking from her breast. Her eyes are rolling back in her head as Belle calls for a core man medic to come assist, but no reply. She tries to keep pressure on the wound trying to pinch it closed and at the same time stroke her head and face. When she goes to stop bleeding with both hands she hears the crack of a rifle and Ryanne's body flails as she takes a shot between the eyes in her forehead. She dies instantly with a couple of twitches, blood starts to leak from her head as Belle lifts her head to look at her, seeing her dead stare. Belle starts to freak out trying to move back and get into the house before she takes fire, but as soon as she reaches for the door, she takes a shot to the left breast just missing the heart, but she falls to her butt and her tall boots flail as she writhes in pain from the hot lead. As she is focusing on the dead friend and coworker and her own pain and near death a shot takes her in the head, almost exactly where her partner got one. Here head flails and she is wide eyed and blood trickles from her head down her nose and face. After a few moments a young core worker arrives, he is not a medic but heard the call and raced to the scene. He looks around and checks their pulse before dragging them inside for cover. He gets their boots moved through the door and closes it, setting them up to examine and see if there is anymore damage than just the two shots. Knowing he has time he takes out his knife and cuts Ryanne's tee, then removes the shirt, checking out her wound and feeling up her tits. As he squeezes the wound breast, blood trickles out and he loves the look of it, always wanting to be a medic. He goes to Belle and does the same cutting and ripping her shirt off then checking out her perfect tits with a hole, he squeezes and blood trickles out. He wants to check for more trauma for his report so he pulls their shorts down to their knees, and comments on the fact that standard issue cotton panties finally have a bit of lace on the top. He straightens their panties so he doesn't get in trouble even though he is having his jollies justified by trying to be a good core man. He is too honest to defile them any more than he already has so he straightens them up and leaves to get help, and avoid the sniper. Body pans and long views of the sexy dead core women in their tall black boots and bullet wounds, with sexy beautiful death stares.

What phenomenal actors and models I get the pleasure of working with on a regular basis, I never get tired of great performances, perfect bodies, and spectacular looks. Full HD and sound blood fx for the fans. CB

Run Time: 12:00 minutes
File Size: 500 MB 	Format: .MP4

Starring: Awesome w/ Rex

A young college gal is having problems with her crazy boyfriend. She takes a special dagger and some advice from her friend, and if she finds the spell that turns her into an Amazon Warrior, she will be able to take him on. He calls and says he is coming over which makes her even more angry. As she quickly combs the internet in her tight tshirt and tiny g-string, she stumbles across the spell. She must cut her finger and draw blood, while chanting: "K lattu Verata Nictuu" 3 times in a row. She grabs the dagger and cuts her finger, chanting the phrase three times. She waits for a second but nothing happens. She gets down from her chair and looks at the dagger and smiles, thinking that it is a superstition. When she thinks it is fake and relaxes, she starts to go into a frenzy. She starts to sweat hard, she is getting body rushes, grabbing herself, flexing her ribs and arching. She falls to the floor convulsing and arching her back as she is transforming into a warrior. She spasms for a bit and ends up passed out, breathing and sweating heavily as she lies on the floor. She goes limp and lifeless for a few seconds, then wakes up, not knowing where she is at. She is sweating even more, she rises to her feet quickly and looks around, she starts to play with her nipples and ribs, she walks around, then back to the knife. She grabs the knife playing with her body, running it up and down her sweaty body and belly. She loses focus and quickly moves towards the bathroom mirror. She looks at herself, then applies warpaint an her face like an Amazon Warrior. She checks out her sweaty body and crazy wild hair, green eye shadow and blue eyes. She heads back to the dining room and hears a noise she has never heard before, it is the door bell and in walks her crazy ex boyfriend. She stares at him like meat, he comments on how she got made up like an Amazon just to please him. He comes towards her and starts to touch her sweaty body, playing with her nipples, and stroking her sexy body and ribs. He gets her pinned up against the rack and he chimes in about how she should kiss him before he fucks her, but she headbutts his face sending him back up against the table. He calls her a mad slut and comes at her again but she kicks him in the balls hard. He falls to his knees and she slaps him to the floor. He is stunned but he gets back to his feet coming at her, she kicks him in the chest sending him to the table but this time he grabs the dagger. She doesn't notice and lets out a loud warrior cry and lunges at him, right into the dagger, right in her belly button. She is in shock and looks at him in pain and disbelief. She falls back on to the floor and starts to buck and arch her back, bleeding from her navel, sweating and bucking her hips up in the air as her ribs poke out. She groans and grunts in pain but she is fearless. He wastes no time and grabs her by her hair lifting her up to him. He puts his arm around her neck and she does the same trying to gain leverage, but he takes the dagger and places it between the ribs on her side and plunges it in, quickly removing it, and the blood and gash in her side pours out. He lest her slide to the floor as she bucks and heaves, arching her back and flexing her muscles as she is dying from the stabs. She coughs up blood and spews it on herself from the punctured lung. She is groaning and coughing blood as she bucks and arches herself. She lets out a broken warrior cry as she goes still and dies. Her blue eyes wide open, and the look of battle in her eyes. He wipes the knife off on her shirt and places it in her hand. As he leaves he comments on the fact this is why he never wanted her to meet his parents. Her motionless, bloody, and sweaty body lie motionless on the floor, and is panned and viewed from all angles.

What a hot video, awesome is just that what a great talent. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 14:45 minutes
File Size: 291 MB	Format: .WMV

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