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    34 minutes

Sylvia w/ Chris B.

Chris is out of town on business and wants a call girl for some pleasure time. He phones his favorite service and asks for his usual. He is pleased that the call goes well and that his new escort will be there shortly to his hotel room. When she arrives the door is ajar, and he is still in the bathroom. She sits and waits for him to come out of the bathroom. They introduce, and he asks her a few questions, she answers and quickly wants to see the money. She seems aloof, and not too much of a pleasing type. He asks her to put on his favorite type of thigh high stockings. She gets undressed and puts on the black, lace top thigh highs. He helps her finish, getting them high and tight, then checks out her sexy feet. He tells her what he likes, and she looks at the clock and says, "well you have 43 minutes left in your hour." He is stunned, but tries to get her to listen and be what he wants. He wants control, but she is also trying to control the situation. She is wasting his time arguing about time, so he gets infuriated and knocks her out cold with an elbow to the top of the head. She goes down like a ragdoll, and he starts to do as he pleases, treating her like trash and flopping her around. He is still a bit upset, but starting to calm down and come to his senses. He knows what he must do, and when she is dead, strangled to death, then he can be in control with no back talk. He drags her around the bed a bit, then carries her to the head of the bead. He grabs some pantyhose under the pillow. He takes off her necklace and places it on the nightstand, then moves her long hair so he can tie the pantyhose around her neck. He gets her in position and the hosiery wrapped around his hands. He gives her a pinch of smelling salts from his pocket and slaps her awake. She comes to slowly, but as he pulls hard on the hosiery, she springs to life, choking and gasping, slapping his face, and clawing at the pantyhose digging in her neck. She bucks and tries to crawl and weave away but he pins her hard with the pantyhose. He is choking her hard, pulling with all his might as she fights to stay alive. She kicks out and twitches her black thigh high clad feet and legs. He mound bucking up digging her panties into her pussy, and she has no chance. He is dug in and she can only wind down with each grunt and pull. After a long hard bout, she sticks her tongue out and bugs her eyes, they flutter, then go still, dead, empty. She is dead. He pushes her off of him like a bag of trash. he flops her on the bed and rolls her over, he checks her out some before he decides to move aside her panties and fuck her warm, dead, body. He pulls her thin frame towards him, thrusting quickly, slamming her tiny body hard and fast. He cums inside her, and then discards her on the bed like she is nothing to him. He goes to get cleaned up after positioning her on the bed. He still has his cash, and no more bitchy, cold, call girl to run her mouth. 

Sylvia did a great job for her first strangle and acting ever. Thanks for checking it out, and enjoy the classic Chris Corner set up. Only on Chris' Corner and Taboo Cinema.

Run Time: 33:20 minutes
File Size: 330 MB	Format: .WMV
    33 minutes

Starring: Coco and Belle Fatale w/ Rex

Two city gals take some friend's advice and heads to a secluded beach on the Windy River, not knowing it would be rocky and no public services for miles. As they rub tanning oil on, then removing their tops to avoid tan lines, Belle has to pee, but doesn't like the outdoors, or bugs in her hoo ha, but after some coaxing heads to the treeline to piss. As they are sunbathing a man watches from the edge of the brush, dressed in green and brown to camouflage himself from anyone. As Belle approaches he readies his CHLOROFORM RAG, when she squats he takes her from behind with a strong dose, she flinches for a moment, then goes limp. He drags her to a grove, then bounces back to the tree line for the hot friend. Coco heads to see where Coco heads over and to cops a squat herself, but when she turns to look down the tree line for any sign of her friend Belle, the man chloroforms her too, this one fights harder and takes longer to succumb to the vapors. She eventually goes limp and he takes her to the grove. He stages them in the grove so he can carry them up the draw to his back yard, then to his bedroom. He carries the two gals, one by one through the woods to the bedroom, tossing them onto the bed and starting to fondle them. He fondles, plays with their limp knocked out bodies, inspecting their limp arms, feet, soles, and necks, kissing them on the mouth, breasts, and pussy. He moves them around on the bed, undressing them slowly and methodically before he gets the urge to start having sex with them. As he positions them together on the bed side to side, he sees Coco is starting to wake, he waits a second for her to come to, then covers her mouth, smothering her as she kicks and bucks her ass. She is getting a bit out of control so he takes his forearm to her neck and pushes down, she chokes harder and he grunts loud, crushing her windpipe, killing her instantly. She kicks out and goes limp, eyes wide open. Belle is in a deep chloro sleep so he heads to her, sitting behind her and getting in position. He puts his arm around her neck and starts to slap her awake, then choking her out with his arm, she tries to escape but is feeble in her attempts so he just flexes hard and cracks her little neck, she goes limp and still, eyes wide open. Now it is time to have his way with the two perfect hot girls. He plays with them, kissing and licking their pussies before he sticks his dick in them, he fucks both dead bodies jerking his dick in between, being so aroused by the hotness and the fact that they are in his room, at his disposal. He screws them both before he flips them face down, ass up and fucks them a bit from behind. This angle makes it hard for him to contain himself so he pulls his cock out of Coco's pussy and shoots his load all over the two hot girl's asses. He shoots and covers both cheeks of both dead sluts. He leaves the room to get something to clean them both up. He comes back after a few pans of the cum soaked hot asses with a towel. He cleans them up, including the large amount in Belle's hair from being so explosive, and built up sexual frustrations of living in the woods. He positions the two bodies, eyes wide open, holding hands and nestled up to one another. Their sexy foot soles in plain view, he exits for the river to do some fishing for dinner, then he will go again. Body pans and views of the incredibly hot dead gals follow.

Run Time: 35:00 minutes
File Size: 800 MB 	Format: .WMV
     TRAVEL SLAUGHTER Tiffany Adams
    21 minutes

Starring: Tiffany Adams w/ SaraLiz

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Two young professionals on a tour of conferences and training seminars relax after a long day. They figit quietly on the bed checking their phones and playing with their hair, stretching their legs and toes, waiting for the other to break the silence. Sara speaks up inquiring about dinner plans and what they should do. Neither of them really want to hassle with crowds, or getting hit on at the bar, so they decide to stay in and order room service. First Sara wants to ask Tiffany some questions concerning a role play activity she wants to try with her. The two discuss the animal slaughter and Tiffany trusts Sara and decides she wants to participate. The two gals retreat to the bath where they undress each other and Sara compliments Tiffany on her stunning figure and long sexy hair. She instructs her to take off her dress for her and both sexy ladies are nude. Sara compliments Tiffany on hers sexy neck and looks forward to sitting her down and getting her tied up. Sara sits her down and grabs the rope tying her hands behind her back then her feet together. They talk about the slaughter and Sara plays with Tiffany's neck over and over like a blade before she grabs the long sharp cimetar from the counter. She plays with her gently getting some deep sighs and light moans out of the sexy young woman new to the slaughter role. After a while of playing the knife cuts Tiffany's throat deep and she bleeds on to the floor, her neck and torso arched forward to drain the blood. After she is drained Sara leans her back and unties her, checking her out, kissing and petting her face. After she unties her she lays her back on the seat, in a peaceful position. She gathers her stuff and leaves the scene for us to view, sexy Tiffany wide eyed and beautiful, throat sliced and bled like a sweet piece of meat.

What a hot pair, I just can't get over how glamorous and beautifully they move and speak. Thanks for Tiffany for stopping in, looking forward to having her back in September. CB

Run Time: 20:28 minutes
File Size: 650 MB 	Format: .MP4
    36 minutes

Starring: Ryanne w/ Chris B.

Chris is trying to sell his condo on the south side of town and he got a great reference from his friend about this hot, young, real estate broker that can help him sell for a good price. She comes over and talks to Chris about the place and prices, when they go upstairs to discuss the terms and see the bedroom she catches him in a lie, saying he is a bachelor, when there are woman's clothing in his closet. He tells her his girlfriend disappeared and they have not been able to find her, and she freaks, wanting to leave, and he knocks her out. He plays with her body, undressing her slowly, starting with her shirt, then her shoes, stockings and bra, her breasts are so nice to touch and feel, but he sees that neck and wants to strangle her before he can have his way with her. After more flopping and limp play Chris gets behind her, wrapping one of the stockings around her neck, crossing it in the back and getting it tight before he wakes her up, when she comes tyo and sees where she is she freaks and throws a fit, thrashing about, slapping his face, and trying to claw him. She fights long and hard, he keeps her upright for a great deal, but she is a hard fighter and goes for a long while till her pretty death stare shows up like the sun. She is so beautiful with the mark of the stocking on her neck, blended with the blue eyes, and red hair. Chris new this would look great on the green sheets, so he had a great plan. After she is dead, he plays with her body, finishing undressing, and playing with her bush and hot tits. Then when he is ready he fucks her dead body until he cums inside her. then he leaves her there after more kissing and caressing of the body. He is all his tonight so he positions her to lay spread eagle on the bed till he returns.


Starring: Ryanne and Chris B
Run Time: 35:00 minutes

File Size: 495 MB 	Format: .WMV
    21 minutes

Introducing: Stacie
Starring: Baby and Autumn

Three girls decide to have a toy party, since Autumn only invited her close friends, and only 2 showed up, she decides this is perfect to introduce fun for her. As Stacie tries her new toy, the other two girls get hot and help her, then when Autumn grabs the rope, it gets hotter, and hotter, and everyone is into it until Autumn gets that look in her eye and doesn't stop. She strangles Stacie and orders Baby to screw the strangling bitch with her toy. As she strangles Stacie to death, the two girls get even more charged up and horny. Autumn decides to get baby to do herself with The Dead Girl's Toy. She does and changes condoms on the dong. She goes deep, getting hot and bothered while Autumn grabs her neck, and fingering Baby's clit. After a bit, Baby sees that Autumn is not playing and fights, they fight hard, fallingf to the floor, rolling around, but Autumn is so strong and determined. She chokes baby to death, then piles the girls sitting up on the couch. She grabs the rope and needs to cum hard. She fingers herself, and then Stacie while she chokes herself, finally dying and going limp. We see all three hot girls, dead, strangled by Autumn.

Run Time: 21:00 minutes
File Size: 288 MB 	Format: .WMV
    15 minutes

Starring: Coco w/ Monster R

**FULL 1920x1080 HD**

Coco is laying outside on a blanket in the grass. She lives in a rural area so she doesn't worry about too many visitors or anyone bothering her. All that changes as soon as the monster emerges from the tree line surprising her as she relaxes. He gets up on her hissing and making a fuss, his pre rape ritual as he has done so many times before. He grabs on to her hips, playing with her tits and grabbing her. She gives in to him and he enters her as she writhes in pain and disgust. The monster constantly rapes her and menaces her much to her chagrin. Coco is so disgusted and turned off but she dare not try to fight or escape, only her face and movements show the torment she is going through at the time. Th monster is relentless banging her non stop the whole time as she goes through a gambit of emotions that show she is taking it, but not happily. The monster fucks her hard raising her leg to get deeper and fuck her with his monster cock. After he releases his venom and cums, he rund away back into the tree line disappearing. She lays there sobbing and eventually crawls away in pain finally getting to her feet as she leaves.

Coco is so hot and such a fine actress! Great job Monster R out in that heat, that costume is no joke! Thanks! Chris

Run Time: 14:52 minutes
File Size: 1000 MB 	Format: .MP4
    16 minutes

Starring: Joslyn w/ Chris B.

Well they met on matches dot com and Chris invites her over for a pre date drink, or smoke, or whatever. She shows up and is unimpressed, asking where his tie was. He tries to explain his situation, but she is stuck up and wants nothing to do with an unstable musician. He grabs his tie and says, "One drink". She obliges so he asks her how to tie a Windsor knot. She puts it around her neck and he inches slowly toward her before grabbing the tie and tightening it, taking her down to the couch where she struggles like mad and  goes crazy. She fights so hard to get under the tie with her nails but he is pulling so hard and furious she has no chance. The strangle goes all over the room in many positions for about eleven or more minutes.

This is a strangle only so no sex, only a good hard strangle for a stuck up broad that deserved it! 

Run Time: 16:00 minutes
File Size: 400 MB 	Format: .WMV
    27 minutes

Starring: Coco and Belle Fatale

***FULL1920X1080 HD***

Two models are really trying to make ends meet by webcamming and modeling customs on the side. They start their normal show but it is a ghost town, so they need options. As they fix each other up, and mess with the equipment they devise a plan for some quick cash, especially after Coco dropped the bomb on Belle that the camera she got was from a loan and that payment is due too. They decide to do a custom for a client and after confirming with the client of the fetish points and role play he wants them to do with each other on camera. The two set things up, Coco works on the camera while Belle grabs what they need, rope, a sharp long blade, and a stool which they already have in the room as a prop. Belle takes the lead and they get in front of the camera, Belle caressing Coco and starting to undress her slowly removing her sexy lingerie little by little so she can feel her lovely body simultaneously. After she gets her lingerie off she instructs Coco to remove her clothing for her. Coco slowly undresses Belle and the two naked sexy gals are together, Coco on the stool and Belle behind her. Belle caresses coco slowly lifting her hair to put it up. She takes a long red rope and ties Coco's hands behind her back then runs the two ends of the rope through her ass cheeks and to each foot and the stool, her feet tied on both sides. Belle has her bound to the chair, Coco's ass is back on the stool, Belle pulls her hair and arches her neck. She plays with Coco's neck, and caresses her face and breasts, she takes her time and Coco responds, biting her lip and loving the sexy attention. Belle plays with Coco with her hands, then grabs the long curved blade to play with her neck a bit, then running it down her breasts and legs, then up to the neck. After lots of passes and kissing her ear as she runs the knife on her neck, Belle tells her to be calm and still. Belle does a couple of test runs before the blade is actually buried in the neck on the cut. This practice ensures a nice solid slice. It is still a custom role play session to Coco so when Belle actually pulls the razor sharp blade swiftly across the neck, it slices Coco hard and blood starts to pour out of her neck slice. She gags and gurgles as she is sliced from a few angles, then Belle holds her up while her tongue is out and her neck is losing blood. After a nice bit of twitches, choking and spasming, Coco is dead. Belle lays her on to the floor after getting her untied from the stool so she can get her to the floor. She gets her to the floor moving her head to see her face, caressing her after lifeless body and open eyed death stare. Coco is sexy with the throat sliced and perfect death stare. Belle plays with her body a bit kissing her and then exiting to get cleaned up. Coco had a problem with money and now there is one less mouth to feed.

Love these two ladies, they make everything sexy. Welcome back Coco!!! CB

Run Time: 27:20 minutes
File Size: 750 MB 	Format: .MP4
     FIGHT CLUB Failed Assassin
    10 minutes

      FIGHT CLUB Failed Assassin - FIGHT CLUB Failed Assassin
Starring: Lexxi as The Spy
and Nikko Jordan as The Assassin

Lexxi is a spy waiting at her base camp on her day off from mission x12. She is sitting at the computer in her bra, short shiny skirt, and panties relaxing. The assassin sneaks through the door behind her, very stealth, removing her heels. She closes the door quietly and moves in behind Lexxi who realizes too late the assassin is behind her and choking her as she sits on the stool. The assassin didn\'t do her homework and she has no idea Lexxi is heavily trained in the art of hand to hand combat and survival. Lexxi rears her head back and breaks Nikko\'s nose and the blood trickles out as Nikko hits the floor stunned. Lexxi gets up and squares up bouncing and delivers a right and a left, then one to the gut knocking the assassin down again. The assassin is tough and gets back up but Lexxi kicks her in her pussy hard, then puts the knees to her head and kicks her so she goes down. Lexxi straddles her and starts to unleash her fury of punches to the face. Lexxi lays into her punching her almost 15 times and then a couple more, trading right and left hands as her knuckles start to bruise. He big tits burst out of her bra as she punches. After she knocks her out with one last hard cross, as she straddles her, she gets up to get a weapon to finish her off with. As she is digging around for the perfect tool, the assassin gets up and comes at her again, quietly, grabbing the taller Spy by her hair and throwing her to the countertop, smashing her temple and blackening her eye. She pulls the spy up and punches her in the ribs, then to the face a few times with force, then another to the face before kicking her in the pussy, then kneeing her in the side of the head and a kick to the face knocking Lexxi out cold face down in the kitchen. She checks the spy, even rolling her over telling her she is finished and she should call her boss. She gets distracted by the tits and takes off Lexxi\'s bra, playing with her tits, then she stands and removes her own bra and top, revealing her big tits. She plays with them then goes to call the boss. Lexxi stealthily crawls on her hands and knees and just as Nikko is hanging up she rushes her, knocking her back with a couple Thai kicks to the ribs, then a couple of shots to the face. The right cross she tees off on her with spins her and knocks her stunned, but not out. Lexxi straddles her again and punches her repeatedly in the face over and over. She knocks her out and when she comes to she tries to get up but Lexxi kicks her in the side then in the face knocking her out again. She picks the assassin up by her hair and drags her to the couch. She caresses her face and tells her she is a whore and no assassin. The spy punches her a few more times with death punches, but the assassin is very tough. The spy knows there is only one way and that is to kill her. She drags the assassin by her hair to her knees from the sofa, then gets her head in her palms as the assassin begs for her life, then crack!! She slumps to the floor dead from an instant broken neck. The spy flips her over and checks to make sure, there is no doubt about it she is done, eyes wide open and dead. The spy heads to the showers in her panties, she will bury the whore who failed in her attempts later. The assassin is panned and viewed dead in her leather pants. The spy comes back to the room and moves the spy so we see her ass in the leather pants, showing a bit of ass crack.

Very good fight! I wish it was longer but those are the breaks, just get it cheaper! ;-) CB

Run Time: 11:20 minutes
File Size: 250 MB 	Format: .MP4
    10 minutes

Starring: SaraLiz and Belle Fatale

FULL 1920X1080 HD

This is a new series of pantyhose clad females, killing pantyhose clad females, in different stages of dress, sheer toe suntan pantyhose, stocking masked, and fully encased for a few. If you love pantyhose and female killers, you will love these short and very aggressive ambush kills. 

FPK1. A frustrated wife takes her revenge out on her husbands mistress by sneaking into her place and killing her with a wide latex sheet over her face. The angry wife does not mess around, she sneaks in through a window, hiding in the bathroom as she slowly takes off her heels, revealing the suntan pantyhose, and puts another stocking over her face for a mask. She tiptoes around the place to find the mistress room. As she locates the room the front door opens and the mistress is talking on the phone to the killers hubby. The killer wife moves behind the bedroom door, waiting for her prey. The mistress comes in wearing business attire and suntan pantyhose, with black sexy heels. She kicks them off and sexy talks to the wifes hubby, she is glaring at her from behind the door with her latex sheet, ready to kill. As she hangs up after incriminating and humiliating herself, she is doomed. The killer wife comes behind her swiftly, wrapping the latex sheet over her face and pulling her back. They struggle and she pulls her on to the bed. She pulls hard and the two roll around kicking with their pantyhosed legs. The mistress breaks free and but is quickly caught by the killer using her legs like a clamp to grab and bring her back in to the bed. She fights but the killer uses the latex sheet well, pulling her back and keeping her pinned down. Their suntan pantyhose legs are interlocked, the mistress is tipsy but she is trying hard not to die and sucking the latex deep into her mouth trying to get air, her nose and eyes cut off from the latex resistance band. After fighting and winding down she is dead. The pantyhose, masked killer looks at her disgusted. "I don't even know what he saw in you, I am much hotter than you." Maybe it was the suntan pantyhose, maybe she didn't think of that? She exits the room after rolling the body on her tummy so her ass and feet are in full view. Body views and long pans of the pantyhose clad legs and ass.

I absolutely love to shoot pantyhose fetish, it is a wonderful crowd to work with, very nice folks. This was some fun stuff to do, with 3 more in this burst coming in the next few days, and several more in line for the greatest fans. Thanks again for everything! Chris

Run Time: 10:00 minutes
File Size: 327 MB 	Format: .MP4

    Random TABOO CINEMA Clips more
    20 minutes
Starring: Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Genetica, Ryanne, Kiki w/ Jigsy

A sexy house full of coeds is sitting in the living room discussing their plans for the evening. They each talk about what they are going to do, even joking with each other and poking fun at their characteristics. Each young sexy woman goes to get ready in their own spaces, while Belle goes to the kitchen to eat ice cream. Kiki goes out to her smoking room to smoke weed and rub one out, Ryanne heads to the bathroom to shower and wash her tits and pussy, shave her legs. Genetica and Hannah get ready in their room listening to music. As they all do their thing a drugged out, tweaking, dirty vice cop comes through the door and heads to Belle in the kitchen who thinks it is Kiki until he yells at her, "Where is Tony?" He is obviously drugged out and jonesing for a fix and thinks he is at a location where a drug lord resides. He thinks these are his girls and that they will lie to him. He asks Belle again as he gets close choking her and waving his gun at her, when she says she doesn't know he pops her in the belly button with his pistol. She hits the floor and writhes in pain and shock. He goes nuts and heads to the bathroom where Ryanne has been showering but is now toweling off. When he busts in the door waving his gun talking gibberish, she raises her hands and the towel drops. He yells in her face and asks where is Tony again and she acts dumb, so he thinks so he pops her twice, once in each breast the second being a heart shot. She clutches her wounds and slides down the wall of the shower and into the tub. She tries to climb out but is losing blood and spitting it up. She twitches and bucks then goes limp and wide eyed. Belle is still writhing on the kitchen floor in excruciating pain, the dirty vice cop comes out of the bathroom scratching his head and talking nonsense. Hannah comes out of her room to ask Ryanne a question and sees her shot and dead in the tub, she screams and tries to run but the cop is right there and busts her twice, once in the breast and one through her tummy and through the black pantyhose she is wearing. She hits the door and slides to the floor hard, going nuts as her body reacts to the hydro static shock of the 40s&w rounds. She flops and her pantyhosed feet kick the door, and she bleeds from the mouth, eventually going still. The cop is so angry nobody is telling him what he wants to hear and emerging from a good orgasm and a bong hit, Kiki comes through the door and he grabs her tossing her on the floor and asking the same question that nobody knows the answer to. "Wheres Tony, or is it Tommy", grabbing his head in his hands from the voices inside. He pops Kiki as he tosses her to the floor, once in the tit and the other one in the throat, she gurgles and coughs going hard as her eyes go wide and she twitches to death. Belle is still writhing but the pain and the deaths of her friends cause her to pass out from shock. It is complete chaos and Genetica storms out of the room surveying the damage in total shock. As she tries to escape the dirty cop pops her in the head and the breast, she falls to the floor bashing her dead and twitching head against the front door. She twitches her feet but goes limp instantly from the head shot. The cop is frazzled and still looking around for Tony or his stash. He drags all the victims into the kitchen. As he carries and drags the bodies to a pile in the kitchen, he also fondles them, checking out their tits especially the ones oozing blood from them, lusting for the dead broads as he thinks about his next move. Just as he arranges the last one Belle wakes up and starts to scream but he immediately pops her in between the yes and she dies instantly, right next to kiki who is wide eyed and dead. They are all dead in a pile now so he checks out their tits again squeezing them. His phone then rings and he stands up to answer it. It is his partner who is wondering where he is and why he didn't follow the plan. The dirt cop is so frustrated and asks if the drug dealer is there and storms out, obviously needing his fix. Meanwhile the hot dead, sexy gals are laying in a body pile, bleeding from their wounds, eyes wide open and still. Many angles and body pans, views follow.

I am so fortunate to have the best luck getting quality acting, making it way easier to make action and great film pacing happen. I take pride in the way these shoots turn out, even though they may not be for everyone. Thanks so much for checking this out. Putting it on Taboo Cinema to give that store a boost, it is just as good as any of Chris' Corner shootings. Thanks for your support. Chris

Run Time: 19:30 minutes
File Size: 420 MB 	Format: .MP4
    16 minutes
Starring: Ryanne w/ Monster R.

**FULL 1920X1080 HD**

Ryanne is nude sunbathing on her farm, soaking in the rays on a blanket in the meadow. Listening to the birds and bees, and her chickens working in the yard. She is in bliss, and doesn't hear or see the Monster coming out of the woods. He stalks up on her and leaps on top of her, pinning her down and clawing at her breasts. The monster enters her with his green manhood, pushing and pumping slowly at first, then harder. He ravages her to her disgust, dismay, and disbelief.  She doesn't fight him too much she wants him to be done and leave and she does not want to die. The monster is powerful and dominating in every way shape and form. She succumbs to his ways and is disgusted and afraid, the monster continues to pound her as he claws at her tits and menaces her over and over. He screws her ragged for a long time until he climaxes and heads back into the woods. She lays there for a moment pretending to be submissive until she sees he is gone, she grabs her robe covers up as she frantically looks around for her monster rapist. She runs towards her house to shower away the monster and hide from his ways.

Epic outdoor monster rape scene. Nice and long and Ryanne is so hot. Okay back to work. Trying to get more videos out for you all to enjoy. Another happy custom. CB
Price: 15.00
Run Time: 16:25 minutes
File Size: 800 MB 	Format: .MP4
     COWGIRLS ONLYdot com
    14 minutes
      COWGIRLS ONLYdot com - COWGIRLS ONLY(dot com)
Starring: Genetica w/ Chris B.

No animals or humans were crushed or harmed in this movie....... ;-)

Chris has had the worst luck trying to find a good honest woman without a stick up her ass and a skewed vision of what a cowgirl really is, and the new one is the worst. As he cleans up the manure in the pen, he tries to get her to help, even collecting eggs is gross to her. Chris pleads with her a few times but her responses just send him through the roof with anger. After she won't leave and is trying to chase his favorite bantams, he says she has to go. He comes up behind her and gets her in a choke hold, taking her to the ground on top of him and continuing to apply pressure to her throat while she kicks in her daisy dukes, knee high brown boots with tall socks underneath, white lace top with no bra, white sheer panties. He chokes her out hard but she kicks in the manure and dirt getting the boots all mucked up. After a nice struggle, she starts to wind down and eventually goes limp, eyes open, and tongue barely out. He catches his breath while he slowly sits her up and gets out from under her. He stands up and drags her to the gate, and eventually carries her to a nice shady patch of soft grass so he can enjoy the now quiet wannabee cowgirl. He plays with her limp body, hiking her shirt to see her perfect breasts and beautiful tummy. He rubs her crotch and legs then slowly removes one of the boots, noticing the sole of the sock is a bit dirty, he smells her feet anyway. He takes it all in, whiffing her sexy feet in long socks. He removes the other boot and smells the next foot, then both, then notices her sexy crotch. rubs and caresses her then rolls her on to her tummy so he can check out her ass and feet. He pulls her shorts down a bit so he can see her ass and feels her up, then rolls her back to grab her tits and finally get some pussy. He lifts up her panties and puts the socked feet over his shoulder. He unzips and sticks his dick in the warm fake cowgirl starting slowly and finishing pretty quickly from all the excitement. After cumming and giving her the cowboy cuddle, he gets up and gets her straightened out. He pics her up and carries her around the pasture to the back porch where he lays her on a chair and sets her up so we can see her sexy face, tits, and sexy legs in knee high socks. He brushes the pine needles and lichen off of her face and legs so she is just as pristine as when he met her, before she spoke of course...

Body views, pans and sock views follow.

We love to mix it up and have fun, it was too hot to shoot inside so we made a fun bit out of it, make sure to check out the outtakes..funny stuff. Where else can you get this type of action? Nowhere but here on Taboo Cinema, Chris' Corner, and Will's Kills. Thanks so much everyone. CB

Run Time: 14:00 minutes
File Size: 550 MB 	Format: .MP4
    17 minutes
Starring: Freya and Mercy West

Two roommates are making dinner plans and find a steak in the freezer which brings up a conversation about their upbringing, and animal slaughter. Mercy knowing the most about it in her experiences takes the lead on explaining what it is about and how it is done. She feels a demonstration is in order and Freya is skeptical but follows through anyway. Freya is turned on by the idea so Mercy grabs the long, sharp knife, some rope, and undresses Freya. She removes her own clothes and Mercy grabs a stool for Freya to sit on while she caresses her neck and runs the knife over her body making Freya go wild with sensitive reactions to the blade, and Mercys sexy voice. She grabs the rope and ties Freyas arms behind her, then her feet, each to a stool leg. Freya is getting hot as Mercy arches her neck and plays some more with the knife on her breasts. After lots of foreplay and buildup, Mercy slices Freyas throat and lets her bleed out on to the kitchen floor. Freya dies instantly and her death stare is wide eyed and still. The blood drips from her wound as Mercy unties her slaughter and lays her on the floor to admire, kissing her breasts and neck, caressing the sexy slaughters body until she knows its time to hit the showers. She leaves Freyas corpse on the floor as she goes to clean her self up. Body pans and views of the sexy dead slaughter, and her beautiful eyes.

Great match up. Love these two, Freya is amazing, one of my favs! CB

Run Time: 16;00 minutes
File Size: 350 MB 	Format: .MP4
    21 minutes
Starring: Coco w/ Ryan Renault

FULL 1920X1080 HD

This is a 2 part custom film written by the same author as "RagDoll Girlfriend series and all about limp play, rag doll, foot fetish, high heel fetish and shoe play. Coco is amazing as always and this is a peach of a film!

Coco comes home from a night out drinking with the girls. She still looks hot and is in tight jeans, tight top tied to show midriff section, and rolled up jeans make way for the lace up high heels, very showy and strappy. She gets out of her car and stumbles towards the door, ready to clean up and get some grub in her, maybe even hair of the dog. As she is pulling in unbeknown to her is an intruder climbing through a window that was left open. He has a baseball bat covered in black electrical tape. He is there to burglarize her stuff. He makes it to her bedroom as she comes in the front door and sits on the couch, starting to untie one of the tall lace up high heels. She doesn't notice the burglar sneaking up to her with the bat and coming down hard smacking her in the head and sending her face first to the floor hard. She is out cold. He goes to work dropping her limp arms, removing her sweater to see her smooth skin. He lets her body drop to the floor. He lifts her body up by the arms and lets her body drop to the floor, several times, to the right side, to the left side. He takes his time rolling her over, dragging her around the room, dropping her limbs and if the untied shoe comes off, he replaces it and tightens it down, but doesn't mind if it slides off, he will just get to play with her feet. He is foot obsessed and loves her limp body he continues to rag doll, drag, and flop all over the living room. He drags her around a few times on her belly and her back then flops her down and checks her eyes to see how she is doing. After having a bit of fun he scoops her up and holds her with her back to him, feet off the ground so the shoe falls off when he swings her around swaying back and forth so the feet hand down. He then walks with her body against him to her bedroom and tosses her on to the bed, one of her shoes that was untied falls off in the living room but he then rag dolls and rolls her around, checking her feet and shoe, then tightening the shoe up again so it is straight. He caresses her feet and her face, her body he likes her perfect figure in the tight jeans. One shoe on one off. He sits her up on her knees and flops her to the bed, checking her limp wrists, pulling her up then letting her down to the bed. After having fun with her, he knows he needs to get back to his job which is being a burglar. He leaves her on the bed knowing that she will get up soon and be disoriented and he would love to be done and gone by then to avoid any accidents. He goes to the living room and starts to look for loot to pilfer. After a minute she starts to stir, as her body is being panned, she is in pain with a lump on her head, disoriented, not knowing what hit her. She gets up slowly and slides off the bed with one shoe on, disoriented. She hobbles to the living room and when she hears a noise and looks up, it is the intruder and he gets to her quickly as she turns to go to the bedroom to flee, but he is right behind her with a choke hold and she tries to grip the door casing but to no avail. He pulls her back as she fights, even getting her feet off the ground. He takes her back to the couch where she falls in his lap. She fights but passes out again from lack of oxygen. After he knows she is out he flops her on to the floor like trash. He grabs her shoe that is off and on the floor and replaces it, lacing it up and tying her ankles together with the straps of the shoes, so if she gets up again she can not run. He drops her limp, tied legs and feet to the floor a few times, then grabs her by her arms dragging her into her bedroom again. He looks up and notices she has posted on her dry erase board, "Girl's Hot Yoga" at 6pm, so he has an idea to keep her from thinking it was more than a bad dream after she hit her head.

To be continued in part 2....

Coco is just amazing, and with the addition of some great new actors, some of the best content of my life. The Chris B

Run Time: 21:00 minutes
File Size: 680 MB 	Format: .MP4
    34 minutes
Starring: Lexxi w/ Chris B.


After meeting at a fetish event, Chris and Lexxi decide to take it to a whole another level and hang out together in the real world to have some fun. Lexxi shows up to his place in daisy duke's, flip flops, and a top, looking so sexy. he invites her in and they hit it off talking about the fun they have had and will have. Lexxi is obviously as horny as Chris so they start to make out and get pretty heavy, fast. Before long, after some major groping and handling, Chris puts his cock inside her and she rides him, it is a wild one too. They fuck hard and fast and lots of moans when they both climax for a long time, and then holding each other as they finish. They make out some more and Chris sends her to get cleaned up before they Role Play. When she comes back he is in the kitchen with his ropes, knife and a pad for her to kneel on. he talks to her and explains, she is hot and horny and wants more. He plays with her and ties her up, hands together, feet together, then connected with a third rope to hog tie her. He toys with her kissing her neck and extending it as he pulls her hair. He caresses her and then grabs the knife, she is so turned on by him and his slaughter fantasy. He plays with her more teasing her over and over with her neck extended playing with the sharp knife. After much teasing he goes through with it, slicing her throat deep, over and over to make sure he is all the way through the windpipe. She bleeds out as he extends her to the floor, then to her side. He removes the ropes after she is completely dead, then kisses and caresses her body before positioning her and then exiting for body views and pans of the sexy, beautiful, dead Lexxi.

Wow i had fun, lets just say that! This is a really great, and sexually explicit clip, enjoy! CB

Run Time: 33:58 minutes
File Size: 600 MB 	Format: .MP4

    Welcome to TABOO CINEMA
    Hello and welcome to Candee and Chris B.’s new collaboration of strange, off the wall, and intriguing fantasy erotica, including Taboo, Death fetish, Necro fantasy, Bondage and Domination, Romantic Death erotica, GG and BG fantasy death scenarios, and lot’s more, with no limits to where the reaches of the mind will travel, and all for a great value... If you love Fantasy Erotica, and are on a budget. This is where you get real quality.

    Featuring 65 Clips / 1208 minutes of video!

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