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    Clip Description

    Starring: Genetica w/ Jigsy and Puck

    Rico is a pimp and a drug lord. he makes most of his money running hot prostitutes on every corner in town. He is a very strange guy and when one of his hos doesn't have his money, he puts the Mack hand down. Rico sent his right hand man Kevin to go find Trixie and bring her back by telling her he has a surprise for her. When Kevin gets back with Trixie, he tells her how hot she looks in her super short skirt, high heels and a button down top that is tied up above the waist to make the boobs pop out. She looks hot and ready. He feels her up as he asks how she has been doing and suggesting she must be making tons of money. She stutters a bit, telling Kevin that things are weird and guys haven't been paying what she wants. All the while Rico is listening in the other room and as she spills the beans about not having Rico's money, he pops out and says hi. He is chewing on some other person's left over body part, a leg or something and asks Trixie where his fucking money is. She stammers and stutters into him as Kevin pulls out his .357 magnum and points it at her. She doesn't have a clear answer but she knows she can get her way out of it like she has before. She tells Rico she will do anything he wishes and then some. Rico just suggests they eat and leads her to the kitchen where there is a table, covered in plastic and a set of knives. She is really nervous clacking her heels on the floor walking towards the kitchen. Kevin slams her to the table and they interrogate her about the money and how many Johns she had taken without cash. Rico has had enough and says he is going to make her into sausage. He starts by having Kevin remove her clothes and then he tosses her back on the table. He holds her legs spread open as Rico orders him to punch her in the face a few times. He punches her hard and Rico punches her in the pussy hard, over and over again. They abuse her pussy pounding her hard over and over. She gasps and moans and screams in pain as they beat her pussy with their fists. After she finally tells Rico she doesn't have his money but will get it soon, he decides he wants to scramble her up inside so he plays a game, having her pick the bullet that will take her pussy out. He spins the cylinder and flips it back in then hands it to Kevin. "Shoot her in the pussy", "Right here" Rico points at her MONS PUBIS, centering it on her. Kevin pulls the trigger and "click" no shot is fired but you wouldn't know it by Trixies reaction she lets out a yell and pisses herself. As she pees all over the table and it starts to dribble down to the floor, He tells Kevin to spin the barrel and he does, he points the gun to the same spot and "POW", pops her right in the pubic mound, making her buck up and down, she grasps down at her mound and blood starts to come out and a lot of it. She screams in pain and pleasure as Rico insists she says she likes it. As they hold her down and she writhes in severe pain he tells him to load up the second round. He does and chambers the round, unbeknownst to trixie. Kevin sticks the barrel right in between her labia majora and pulls the trigger. The bullet causes immediate blood to flow and now she is hit deep inside her cunt and her mound. As she bleeds and bucks and kicks in pain, Rico pulls out his cock and starts to fuck her bloody. As her pain intensifies he pounds her harder making her moan and scream in pain while Kevin makes her look at what Rico is doing to her. Rico doesn't take long to finish and cums inside her. He puts his bloody dick away and pulls his pants up and loads the rest of the 4 rounds into the gun. As she writhes in pain asking to be taken to the hospital, the two men laugh and Rico tells her, your pussy is destroyed, you are no use to me anymore. He spins the cylinder of the magnum revolver and hands it to Kevin, who asks what he should do with her. Rico flies off the handle and yells at Kevin, telling him he wasn't talking to him so why is he talking at all. Kevin is pissed but still follows instructions from his psycho boss and pulls her up to her ass as she screams in pain. He puts the gun point blank to her right breast, teasing her for a minute before he pulls the trigger, leaving a big bloody hole in her tit. It knocks her to the table but he grabs her back up to sitting. Rico tells Kevin to finish her, but Kevin is disgusted that he would ruin such a hot piece of ass so he raises his hands up, saying, you do it. Rico snatches the gun from him and tells him to go away, but Kevin holds the hooker down while Rico finishes his job. He teases her by yelling bang as he fakes pulling the trigger, but then soon after pulls it for real, popping a gushing hole through her left breast and her heart. She slams to the table, kicking and bleeding out of all 4 holes and through her mouth. Blood gushes on to the table and on to her face. She lays in a pool of her own blood and urine as she shutters and twitches, kicking her legs and high heels that are still on her feet. She bucks hard and as she is dying Rico grabs her face and Kevins head averting his eyes to hers, "watch her die Kevin". Kevin is already done with this and starts to leave, but Rico shoots him between the eyes and he hits the floor dead. Rico surveys the damage he did to Trixie and then exits for pans of the dead, sexy, pussy abused, prostitute who was short on her money. Kevin lays on the floor dead from a gunshot to the head. Body pans follow.

    This is a brutal one. The actors and model always do their best top make things better. They did so well on this, not your average clip or film, but it has so many elements and of course the PUSSY ABUSE and PUSSY SHOTS are key to the story. I was shooting customs the other day and this script was confused with another one that is similar, and same actress...oops guess i have to do the other one next. Happy Holidays! CB

    Run Time: 19:13 minutes
    File Size: 399 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v399.43 MB

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