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    Clip Description

    Starring: SaraLiz w/ Chris B.

    FULL 1920X1080HD

    A super sexy model is at home in the kitchen waiting or her man to come home. She plays with and caresses her belly button as she hangs out in her panties and a button down shirt, tie up so it exposes her entire midsection. She teases the camera with her sexy looks and the belly button play. When her man finally comes into the kitchen he is curious about a few things and asks her a question, "Why did you cheat on me?" Her reply, with a flippant laugh, "because I can...hahahaha". He already has plans to kill her, he just wanted to know the reason. The deed is done. He lets her get her jolly for a minute, thinking she has the upper hand but when the knife comes out from behind his back, she is stunned, she looks at him like what? She thinks he is joking for a moment until she realizes he is serious. He puts the knife inside of her belly button, barely piercing her skin so she can feel what is about to happen. After a second he does not wait, he stabs her deep inside her belly. She stands on her tippy toes as he plunges it deeper. She looks at him in pain and terror, saying, "why?" He explains why as he tells her to hold the handle as he backs away. She is shocked and scared, obviously in pain. She looks down and sees the blood pouring out around the knife and she starts to panic. She is in shock and pain as she slides down the fridge, slowly, holding the handle of the blade. Blood leaks from the wound and she finally hits the floor on her butt against the fridge. He explains why, and why he is doing it the slowest way. Because she took away her love, and he wanted her to feel the same pain. He also wanted to make sure she would never do this to anyone else. As she slides all the way to the floor, on her back he tells her it is time to remove it so she can bleed out. She cries out to him not to, but he helps the knife out and the blood pours from her button hole. She rolls on her side for a bit grasping and clutching, then looking at the blood and becoming more frantic. She is mortally wounded and her guts are done. She slowly dies, her eyes widen, then go limp with the rest of her body. She is dead and still and her man exits the scene. Body views and pans of the sexy dead cheater follow.

    Wow, SaraLiz is so sexy and gorgeous, she is almost unreal. Her acting is so spot on too. Love SaraLiz! CB

    Run Time: 13:00 minutes
    File Size: 500 MB Format: .MP4
    Category: BELLY STAB

    Clip Duration:      13 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v504.81 MB

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Starring: Ryanne w/ Jigsy

**FULL 1920X1080HD**


A masked car mugger is checking door handles in a rural neighborhood looking for some loot, he has also seen the hot real estate agent who comes to show the property is there sometimes and what she drives. He finds her white SUV and checks the door handles, the back seat is open so he climbs in and shuts the door. Moments later the sexy real estate agent is coming out of the house, purse over shoulder, dressing in a tight skirt and button down white sheer blouse, and black high heels. She walks on the gravel to her vehicle and opens the door, climbing in looking in her purse for her keys. As she digs through the pile in her purse, she doesn't notice the masked man behind her holding a length of very thin rope coming from the backseat and over the headrest snaring her up and pulling back hard. She reacts confused and fearful but starts to fight. The mugger says nothing as he is there to get what she has and leave, but he has to get her secure first. She claws at the rope that is digging into her neck, unable to vocalize anything but choking sounds, not even a gasp, but she kicks and fights harder, kicking off one her her heels outside the door that is still open from her getting in. She bucks as he enjoys his time strangling her, but he needs to get some business done, and he figures she is a good mark so he makes a fancy knot behind the headrest and secures her fairly tight to the headrest of the seat. He checks to see if it is tight and climbs out the passenger rear door and climbs into the passenger front seat and closes the door. He grabs her purse and rifles through it as she violently thrashes. He finds nothing as she kicks her one shoe on one shoe off in at the gas and brake pedals trying to free herself, but only digging deeper. As she tries to fight him off with her right hand and claw at the rope on her neck at the same time, he sees a ring on her finger and removes it as she squirms. He rips her necklace off only to find it is cheap garbage. He knows this is just relieving some sexual tension and fun now so he looks over and grabs her breasts, hard and smashing them, kneading them like dough and grabbing them hard as she chokes to death, fighting and kicking. He wants more so he rips the shirt open and the buttons fly everywhere. He grabs her bra and big tits hard grasping and rubbing them, He rubs his crotch and continues to abuse her tits as he watches her squirm and buck. He rubs her belly and shoulders then rips her bra open between her tits with vigor and she chokes harder as she slumps a bit, a tear rolls down her face from the pain and anguish. The man is relentless and wants more, he pulls the shirt down a bit so it is harder for her to fight and he can get to her perfect tits. He lifts the mask only for a moment to suck her tits and bite her nipples then replaces the mask just in case someone comes and he has to flee. He is horny as hell and this is a rare opportunity to fondle and fuck with such a sexy woman. Especially for a regular car burglar. She still jerks and bucks trying to get just a bit of air as she slams back on the seat. She winds down some but still has some fight. The man reaches down her skirt and fondles her pussy over her sexy satin panties that are soaked from her juices. He lifts the skirt a bit to check out her wetness and continues to grab her tits. He is thinking she is taking too long to die so her grabs her by her throat up by the rope and manually chokes her hard, her face turns red and she sheds a few more tears, her tongue protruding out covering her whole airway in her mouth. He throttles her hard and she shimmys and rattles and twitches, face red and then darker getting closer and closer to her death. He still feels her up with his off hand and after she moves no more, he still grabs her neck and holds it hard. Shaking it just a bit to go harder. She is wide eyed, tear stained, and dead to the world. Hot dead redhead real estate agent hanging by a thin rope from the headrest, so he fondles her more, checking out her wet panties rubbing her crotch then again on her tits, fondling them roughly and getting his fill before he exits and leaves her there with the drivers door still wide open. The dead woman hangs from her chair and stares into the abyss. Her body is panned and viewed with care from every angle.

This is such a gem and in full resolution. I am really looking toward the summer months when we have so much vibrant color mixed in with our beautiful ladies. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 11:00 minutes
File Size: 490 MB 	Format: .MP4

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