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    Clip Description

    Starring: Steevie w/ Jigsy

    **Absolutely brutal and sexual fantasy**

    Astrid's sister Ingrid has been missing her for a while, after joining the military and fighting for two years in a brutal war, trying to avenge her sisters brutal murder. After her duty she rejoined her death metal band and went on tour for a few months. Now, back in Norway she is having her coffee and listening to music. Her old boss calls her and she tells him not to worry, she has the password safe and it is on her person. After calming the guy down and assuring him that the password is safe, she turns on some music and goes to a cedar wood trunk that has her guitar from tour. She picks it up and caresses her guitar for a moment, strumming the strings, then setting it carefully on to the wall. She sits back down listening to her favorite song. She is unaware of a masked man that is coming for her. She stands up and yells at him asking why he is here in her house. He tells her that "dead women don't need to know why", he is there to punish her for what she did during the war, and to collect the password to the mainframe of the rebellion. she tells him if he wants money he can have the money and reaches in the sofa cushions, bringing out a pistol and the masked man who is trained to fight, knocks it far away to the floor. He goes in with a hard punch to the gut, she fights back punching him in the kidneys. They brawls hard, she takes many head shots and then some body shots. She is holding her own but he gets the upper hand, punching her hard in the face to the point of her not fighting as hard. Inrgid is in trouble and tries to fight back. The man grabs her leg and breaks it with a hard kick, then again on her knee, she screams in pain but won't stop fighting. She crawls for the gun and gets to the pistol and he steps on her hand tossing the gun to the other side of the floor. Then he stomps and punches the blonde sister. He grabs her by her hair and punches her, picking her up by her hair and seeing her broken leg trying to stand. He beats on her harder and harder, breaking her arm at the shoulder socket, the sounds of the breaks can be heard as breaks her bones. He knocks her face down on the sofa and punches her hard, breaking her neck each punch, little by little. He drags her up by her hair, her neck loose from multiple breaks and at least 25 punches that crunch, as she wobbles and her tongue is out eyes rolling in her head. He picks her up again by her hair after beating her more and uses his forearm to beat her neck from behind, then spins her around for a couple of big punches to the face. The biggest punch knocks her back into the cedar trunk, which is like a big box that she fits in perfectly. Her twitching body falls right into the box and her legs stick up showing her boots and white socks sticking out from them. She continues to twitch and jolt as she is dead from multiple neck breaks, but still twitches with her tongue out and eyes wide open. After a couple of different views of her in the box, the man dumps her out of the box so she rolls on the floor like a rag doll. He goes through the room looking for the password. He rifles through asking the corpse where he can find the password. He goes to the body that is still barely twitching from brutal death and rifles through her clothing, checking her pockets frantically, then he removes one of her boots, revealing the dirty soles on her white socks. He finds the password in her sock and smells his hand remarking about her feet and the smell, she needs to "clean herself bitch!" Now for his fun. He rag dolls her around rough dropping limbs and rolling her back and forth. He plays with her moth and then grabs her tongue, playing with the dead girls tongue for a while. Then he removes her jacket rag dolling her around the floor, smelling and biting her socked foot minus the boot, savoring her sock covered feet. He sits her up and sticks her dead hand in his pants and manually rubs his cock with her. He is getting very aroused as he plays with her sexy body. He flattens her out and removes her pants to her knees and bends her into a fucking position. His dick is hard and he is ready so he fucks her hard, in many different positions; missionary, legs over the shoulder, kissing the bootless foot in the sock, from behind, and then he removes the other boot, checking out her dirty soles of her socks. He fucks her socked feet for a while, rubbing his dick all over her soles and socks. After he fucks her harder and cums for the first time, he pulls his cock out and she pisses all over the sofa. He says something to the affect that it is disgusting and she is a dirty whore. When he is done he scoops her limp body up and heads to the bedroom where he tosses her down and falls asleep. He sleeps with her all night, she is still in her clothes and socks. When he wakes up he sees the hot corpse laying next to him and wants more. He puts her hand on his cock through his pants and has her rub him. He manually uses her dead hand to get him hard then he pulls her pants down to her knees, flings her over on her tummy, and plows her from behind flat on the bed hard for a short time, being so aroused from his dreams he cums hard. After he cums he rolls her over he checks out her body for a moment, then rolls her over to her back, playing with her mouth and sexy tongue that still sticks out from her mouth. After caressing her and playing with her a bit more he knows he has to leave to get supplies to dispose of her. He leaves and body pans follow. When he returns from gathering the supplies, after a few hours, he drags her across the bed and picks her up and carries her to the sofa again. Setting her so her legs and ass are on the sofa and her head and shoulders on the floor. When he sets her down and stands back for a moment she pisses herself again, making a puddle on the sofa. He comments that she is gross and should have finished earlier. He checks out her feet as he puts one of the boots back on so he can check her out for a bit before exposing disposal. Body pans of the dead sexy neck broken woman, Astrid's sister Ingrid. They were both fierce warriors that died brutal deaths for their war crimes, and paid dearly for them.

    This is extremely brutal and the bone breaking and mashing sounds are prevalent in the mix. So much wonderful content for the person that loves the brutal beating and fight scenes, limb play, rag dolling, moth and tongue play and after death twitching, cradle carrying, moving dropping, dragging, and bladder release x2. Sex, more sex, foot sex(with socks on). So much in this film. Great acting and production value. I love Steevie, she is freaking sizzling hot! CB

    Run Time: 28:03 minutes
    File Size: 650 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      28 minutes
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    m4v736.38 MB

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