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    Clip Description

    Starring: Genetica w/ Masked Killer

    **FULL 1920X1080 HD**

    It's another night alone for this young professional woman who constantly strives for greatness, working long hours at the firm, so when she relaxes, she likes to do it to the best of her ability. Tonight is the night she gets to unwind, take some medication with her cocktail, and have her orgasmic dream about a tall dark faceless figure, who comes in and strangles her to death, then helps himself to her body afterwards. As she saunters into her bedroom slowly, nursing a whiskey sour, she stops at the nightstand to smell the potent and beautiful lilies in the vase. As she takes in the lovely scent she plays with her open toed high heels, flexing her calf muscles and feet in her shoes. She slowly moves up on to the bed, showing her legs and taking her shoes off with some playfulness and rubs her soles and toes from her long day at the office. She wore her sexy matching red bra and thong, because she knows it is her killer's favorite color. She reaches in the nightstand and takes out a bottle of pills, taking one of the tiny white pills and chasing it with her mixed drink. She knows her sleeping meds work pretty quickly so she starts to get herself more in the mood. She caresses her neck rubbing her long neck and massaging the tendons in a choke posture, knowing what she wants it to feel like. She unbuttons the top buttons on her blouse revealing more cleavage she knows will drive the killer wild and make him do naughty things to her corpse. As she closes her eyes and starts to rest she gets into position so the killer will have easy access. She imagines the killer and his powerful hands. Soon she is out and on her way to dreamland. The killer moves slowly into the room, knowing exactly why he is here and what he is to do. He touches her sexy neck and removes his leather belt slowly. He fashions the belt around her neck and loops it through the buckle so he can use one hand at some point and grope her with the other. Once it is snug and secure he pulls tight. At first she writhes slowly with her eyes closed, still transitioning from imagination to fantasy and reality when she looks up and sees the tall dark figure with a black mask and hood. She grasps at her neck and the belt but finds her hands exploring her own body, rubbing her breasts and thighs as she takes in the strangle. Her eyes go wide in terror as she looks up and sees the brutal killer. She kicks her feet and legs trying to fight, exploring her own body more with each tug. As she fights for air she chokes, her tongue protrudes and curls fishing for air. The strangler bears down on her neck pulling tight on the belt which causes her to choke more and gasp less, her face turns many shades from pink to purple as she fights for air. The killer uses his off hand to grope her sexy breasts, grabbing them firmly as he pulls on the belt like a noose with the other. She continues to fight him but now her perfect breasts are out bouncing around as she fights her dream killer. She slows a little at a time a she fights to stay alive, rubbing herself in different places as she fights off her killer. After a long strangle and many different angles, her fighting perfect body slows and starts to twitch and shudder. The killer pulls extra hard to make sure he finishes the job. She dies eyes wide open, mouth slightly open and still. The killer lets go of the long leather belt and rolls her over on to her tummy so he can check out her ass. He feels her ass and then rolls her again to show her tits. He moves closer to her corpse and fondles her breasts, harder and harder. He pinches her hard nipples and pulls her thong aside to see her juicy pussy that has worked itself up during the struggle. He looks closely from his perspective and takes the time to caress her perfect skin head to toe, taking extra time with her ass, pussy and tits. After a long groping and panning of the sexy corpse, he scoops her up and tosses her head to the pillows on her bed as if she is sleeping. He positions her spread eagle and moves her panties aside for easy access. Her panties are stained from her cum from when she was strangled. Her death stare is pure and long. After the killer leaves and her body is viewed and panned, we fade into her laying there in the same position, eyes closed, breathing. She starts to rub herself, pinching her nipples and rubbing her pussy as she still lingers in the imagination before waking up, rubbing herself more, and especially her neck, feeling where the belt was, wondering if it really happened or not. She feels like she wants something else to happen so grabs a pillow and rolls over to sleep more, hoping for another dream where the killer comes back and has his way with her fresh corpse.

    Genetica is a specimen of a human figure. She is perfect from head to toe and such a wonderful artist. I am really looking forward to working with her on some of her own stuff this coming year. Thanks! CB

    Run Time: 18:37 minutes
    File Size: 500 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      19 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v491.78 MB

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Starring: Ana Molly w/ J.D. Cameo by SaraLiz


Ana likes to be at home taking care of the house while her man works long days to bring home the bacon. As she straightens the living area of the place she notices a couple of her stockings in between the screen and keyboard of her man's laptop. When she opens the computer she sees something on the screen that shocks her and makes her take a seat. As she looks at the video on the screen she notices the woman(SaraLiz) is not moving and her eyes are wide open. She also has a stocking toed around her neck which is odd to her. As she continues to watch the video, she notices that the woman appears to be dead. She continues to watch as the woman's body is viewed naked and ravaged, from many angles. When she snaps out of her day dream she is playing with herself, pinching her nipples, and sticking her hands down her pants to play with her pussy. She knows, as a redhead she takes the cake when it comes to horny housewives. Sometimes her appetite for sex is so great she has to have it in the morning, afternoon, evening and in the middle of the night. Before long she finds herself getting very aroused. She has a plan that will serve her what she needs and give him a big surprise in his secret fantasy life needs. She undresses and heads to the bathroom where she puts on some make up and her sexy thong, leopard bra and nighty, along with some sexy heels that show off her painted toes. After some sexy red lip gloss she is ready to show him she can play dead too. She calls him telling him he must leave work immediately and come to her, she has a huge surprise for him when he gets home. After hanging up she opens the laptop and gets a refresher on how to tie the stocking around her neck and what pose to be in when he arrives from work. She lays on the rug in the room and positions herself to look dead, strangled, and ready to fuck. She gets into her position and stays that way, practicing until he gets home. When he walks in the door, he sets down his lunch box and smiles, saying alright in a this is a great surprise kind of tone. He kneels down and starts to grope her, his love and now fantasy playing dead wife. He gets a bit more aroused as he peels her nighty off, then her bra and panties. He sucks her nipples, and licks her pussy to get himself closer to being hard. He sits her up and rag dolls her a bit before he uses her hand to stroke his dick. He has to remind her to stay limp every couple of minutes but after a minute she gets the idea and stays still. He gets his dick harder as he gives himself a dead hand job.  As he kneels closer to see her face and his cock getting iron hard she breaks character with , "I can't take it anymore" as she grabs his cock into her mouth and starts sucking furiously. She sucks his dick so well, looking up at him as she spits on his rock hard dick, then licking his balls and shaft as she winks at him and uses her free hand to rub her pussy and finger herself deep. He loves a great BJ but she doesn't get that his fantasy is to have her dead face being fucked, so even though she is doing an A-1 job on the BJ, he tells her to play dead, so she lays back down and plays dead. He removes her shoes and kisses and sucks her toes as he enters her. He is hard as a brick so he starts to fuck her as she lays still, keeping her eyes open and not breaking character. He is holding her body like a corpse as he fucks her slowly getting full penetration, having to remind her to be still and not say a word so he can have his way. After a few minutes she starts to moan and can't stop telling him, "I want you to fuck me now!". He has tried but she doesn't get it so after she won't play dead for him like he wishes, he just grabs the ends of the stocking and pulls the ends tight as he detaches himself from her. She doesn't really understand what is happening until it's too late and he is behind her with the stocking ends wrapped around his fists and pulling tight so she can't get air. As she kicks and grasps at the stocking, he just pulls harder keeping his eye on the prize which is to necro fuck her fresh warm, twitching corpse. He sees her kick her legs and her painted, sexy toes straighten out, spread, and go limp after a long strangle. She is so intense and face red as her hair flowing on her head. He even goes a bit longer to make sure she is dead, digging the stocking in deep as she tries to mouth some air, but none is to be had. Now that she is dead, and her last twitches are vibrating, he looks down moving the stocking aside to see the lines the stocking dug into her freckled and fair neck. He moves her to a good position and is already hard as a rock so he goes right in after a little kissing and pussy licking. He gets on his knees and fucks her warm corpse, harder and faster, watching his dick go in and out of her mound as he builds up for a climax. He rams her hard and fast pumping her as he breathes heavy, not having to shush her or tell her to stay dead, she is one hundred percent dead and the thought of it make him pull out and cum all over her red bush. He finishes getting the cum out and then gets up to get dressed for work again, knowing that it was just a long lunch and he could come back after work for round two. As he gets dressed, her dead body is panned and viewed from all angles and after he leaves a bit more in peace and quiet. If she would have just stayed dead for him, he could have enjoyed her so many more times. Well, time to find another one.

Great acting and HOT BJ, SEX, AND CUM SHOT! Ana Molly is a hot one! It is nice to see natural beauty and natural looks. Thanks! CB

Run Time: 27:30 minutes
File Size: 1250 MB 	Format: .MP4

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