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    Clip Description

    Starring: Freya w/ Chris B.

    A hot young woman is on a long road trip to visit a boy. She just bought a used car for cheap she could trash on her journey. She takes a long windy cut off road towards the valley, but her car dies on breakdown ridge and she is stuck. She looks under the hood to see what is wrong but has no clue, and no service on her phone. After a couple minutes a man walks down the road towards her. She asks him for help and he is very courteous and soft spoken. He tries to start the car but it won't go so he tells her he will hike back to his place and get his truck to tow her to a fix. He tells her to sit on the car and wait for him to return because she is in high heels and a short skirt. She is so happy that he is doing her a favor, she is also blown away by the trees and the beautiful scenery so when he points out his favorite tree and she stares off at it in the distance, he surprises her with a clear plastic bag quickly over her head and cutting off her air. She goes into a completely crazy, frenzy to get free, but he is so strong and has done this before. She bucks and kicks on the hood of the car, causing dents in the hood as she bounces up and down, her legs spreading wide and kicking, then rolling on the hood so her ass is totally visible, and her panties show. She fights him hard all over the hood of the car, her high heels clacking on the gravel road as she fights for anything, but gets nothing, no air to breathe. She rolls all over fighting hard but to no avail, he finishes her off and takes a bit extra just in case. His goal is to get her while she is still warm and wet so he flops her around like a ragdoll on the hood after he removes the bag from her face. He strips her down, removing her tight sweater and sexy panties and bra so he can have his way with her before he leaves her on Breakdown ridge to be found. After he gets her nude he plays with her body limp playing with her ragdolling her on the hood of the car. He sucks her pussy and tits to get hard then whips out his cock and plunges straight into her wet pussy. He fucks her corpse slowly, then rapidly until he cums inside of her. After getting all of it out, he pulls his wet dick out and puts it back in his pants, then uses his shirt to wipe off the cum from her pussy. He rag dolls her on the hood of the car more, then starts to re dress her to set up the scene. He sloppily gets her dressed enough to make due, then carries her back to the car and sits her up in the seat. He puts one of her hands into her panties, and one on her breast, then puts the bag back on her head to make it look like she did herself in AutoErotic style. He gives one last bit of wisdom then heads back up the road to his cabin. Her body and bagged face are viewed and panned from many angles. The death stare through the bag. Wow!

    Man, I really love Freya, can't work with her enough. We are working on a very cool scene we will release in a few weeks with lots of hardcore, etc. Thanks! CB

    Run Time: 20:00 minutes
    File Size: 670 MB Format: .MP4

    Clip Duration:      20 minutes
    Format Size
    m4v694.8 MB

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Starring: Freya and Kiki

Coco's sister and Detective Freya, is hunting down her sister's killer and has a great lead. She was pointed towards a serial killer Kiki by local law enforcement who say they are too busy to catch up with Kiki, who is very elusive. Freya sneaks up on Kiki's hideout, with her pistol, and a switch blade knife, using the knife to pick the deadbolt, then heading through the door quietly trying to sneak up on Kiki. Kiki is sitting in her living room finishing her coffee as Freya approaches gun drawn. Her high heels click clack on the hardwood floor as she approaches. Kiki stands up and Freya confronts her about killing Coco. "Which one was she? Oh I remember, yeah she was fun to kill, and if you didn't have that gun or knife, you would end up the same." The detective thinks about it, and as if it were a challenge. She sets her gun down then the knife and starts to up and down Kiki as they pace each other around the table, talking smack on how they are going to kill one another. Kiki suggests Freya remove her high heels or Kiki would have an unfair advantage. Kiki acts nonchalant but bum rushes Freya, who uses her training to deflect and put Kiki in a choke hold. Kiki has always choked her victims by hand, and is how she has killed all of her victims. Freya would love nothing more than to inflict the same demise on Kiki. The struggle ensues and each girl gets the upper hand and there is lots of change of power, with Freya on top choking Kiki, then Kiki choking Freya with lots of hands on slapping and clawing of the arms trying to free themselves. Freya gets Kiki good and has her for a long hold and both hands wrapped around her neck. After a long battle Kiki retains the upper hand, breaking free and wrestling Freya to the table, then kicking Freya in the pussy to stun her so she can catch her breath. Freya leans back into the sofa, bucking her hips in pain, and at the same time grabs a long cord from the sofa. She pounces hard and gets some great choking in, Freya dropping the cord just out of reach, but after some struggle, hair pulling and wrestling, Freya has Kiki across the table, straddling her and choking her hard with two hands. She chokes Kiki hard and kiki fights but she loses the battle, going out and limp. Frey celebrates her victory by raising her arms in the air and saying Yes, it's done. She does not see Kiki has grabbed the long cord as she was pretending to lose, and just when Freya least expects it, Kiki flings the long cord up and wraps it around Freya's neck. She takes control, like the reins of a horse, hanging on tight and picking Freya up by the cord and getting her to the cou7ch. She strangles her with the cord as she straddles Freya, telling her she can't wait for her to die to compare her tits and pussy to Coco's. After she strangles her a while with the cord she let's it go, and Freya gets a deep breath in before Kiki hand throttles her hard with both hands. She goes hard pinning her down she she can't fight as much, as well as talking smack. Freya struggles, bucking her hips spreading her toes, sticking her sexy pussy mound in to the air.  She slows down to just twitches and her eyes flutter as her death rattle approaches and she goes limp. Kiki is not done with her and starts to undress her a bit to compare and yes she has better tits than her sister, she checks her pussy and confirms the same thing. She flops her around and checks her out feeling her up and letting the dead hands caress her breasts too. What a phenomenal struggle that ends in another one down to the serial Killer Kiki.

Whoa what a great struggle and fight scene. You already know Kiki is a fighter but Freya will have to go down a few times. Looking forward to some other fight movies with more punching and such(Fight Club style) coming soon! One more custom video down making the list grow shorter! CB

Run Time: 17:46 minutes
File Size: 425 MB 	Format: .MP4
Category: CATFIGHT/Multi Strangle/NECRO

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