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    ENUFF SNUFF - Valentina Bianco FJ Assault

    Clip Description

    Valentina comes back home; she didn't notice a creep is following her. Once she gets through her door, the creep rushes in and ties her wrists and ankles up. She lays on the ground and cannot escape now, just protest and swear at him.
    He takes off her sneakers and gropes her feet, sniffs them. He slowly removes her socks and worships her soles and toes.

    Valentina keeps protesting, and at some point the creep decides to chloroform in order to have some peace; after that, he goes on groping and worshipping her limp feet... he starts fucking her soles by sliding his penis between them, but after a while she wakes up, and starts protesting again. He seems to be turned on by her pleads and goes on fucking her powerless feet, as she goes on protesting. He goes on fucking her soles and slapping his dick on them, until he cums all over them, leaving her tied up in a big mess.

    Time to go, but she has seen his face, so before leaving he gets the other end of the wrist rope, and strangles her to death. Valentina beautifully struggles for a while, but she's still tied up so there is nothing she can do and eventually she is dead. he leaves, and the camera pans on her dead body and soles still wet with cum.

    Clip Duration:      28 minutes
    Format Size
    mp4533.25 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    ENUFF SNUFF - Valentina Bianco FJ Assault

    ENUFF SNUFF - Valentina Bianco FJ Assault

    ENUFF SNUFF - Valentina Bianco FJ Assault

    ENUFF SNUFF - Valentina Bianco FJ Assault

    ENUFF SNUFF - Valentina Bianco FJ Assault

    ENUFF SNUFF - Valentina Bianco FJ Assault
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    FAYE FOOTABUSED STRANGLED BY CAT - Faye is very tired; she has a short phone call with her boyfriend while the camera pans on her feet, and then goes to sleep. She doesn't know that the evil foot fetishist CatSiren is there!
Once Faye is asleep, CatSiren sneaks at the feet of the bed, moves the duvet and gets free access to her sleepy feet. She worships them for about 5 minutes, after which Faye wakes up and catches her in the act. She is assaulted (implied)
Scene fades back in showing Faye stripped naked, tied up and gagged by evil Catsiren. She is now fully awake and struggling, while the masked girl keeps groping and worshipping her soles! That goes on for a while, and finally CatSiren decides to put this to an end: she grabs a stocking and strangles poor Faye to death. Faye struggles in the bondage, but there is little she can do and soon she is dead.
before Leaving, Catsiren keeps worshipping the dead feet for a bit.

Starring: AltSiren, Faye
Keywords: Bondage, Feet, Lesbian, Limp_play, Strangling,

    SCANNING SHAYS DEAD BODY - I need to scan Shay's body as it contains vital information about something important. So I have a plan: I eat a banana when she's not in; I put the peel on the floor and leave; later, she walks in and doesn't see it; she walks on it, slides, falls and breaks her neck.
In fact, when I come back I find her dead body on the floor with a broken neck; I make sure she's dead and close her eyes. Then I take out a laser scanner and a body ruler. I measure her waist, her tights etc. Then I begin scanning her tattoos, her mouth, her fingerprints and her soles... Looking all around her body to make sure I don't miss any tattoos, rolling her body, doing limp play with it, and spending a long time on her soles in order to get a perfect scan of her feet, also delivering amazing closeups...

Starring: Shay Hendrix
Keywords: Face play, Feet, Handling, Inspection, Limp play, Necksnap

    BELT SELF STRANGLE STELLA - This series is focused on self strangling as an erotic act, with a focus on foot fetish. The model pulls a belt around her neck while offering her feet for worship to the POV camera. Great shots of soles with face in the background.
She strangles herself during all the time, which causes her soles and toes to squirm in front of the camera.
The video ends with a lower angle of the model finishing to strangle herself until dead, as her toes squirm even more in stunning closeups.

Starring: Stella
Keywords: Feet, Reality_pov, Spasming, Strangling, Suicide, Willing

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